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Microsoft Surface Laptop i5 256GB $998 | Microsoft Surface Pro 5 i5 256GB $998 (Instore Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Key Features:

  • 13.5” PixelSense™ Display
  • 2256 x 1504 (201 PPI) resolution
  • 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • Intel® HD 620
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 720p HD web camera
  • Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
  • Omnisonic speakers with Dolby® Audio™ Premium

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 5 i5 256GB

  • 12.3” PixelSense™ Display

  • 2736 x 1824 (267 PPI) Resolution
  • 10 Point Multi-touch with 6th Generation Microsoft Touch Architecture
  • Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4
  • 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7300U
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Dolby® Audio™ Premium
  • 5.0MP front-facing camera with 1080p Skype HD video
  • 8.0MP rear-facing autofocus camera with 1080p Full HD video
  • Windows 10 Pro

Seems to be clearance pricing. Brisbane CBD has stock showing. Adelaide coming up as well.

Credit to Pricehipster

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    Broken link for the Surface Pro

    • +1

      Cheers. Thanks for the heads up. Link updated.

  • Is this a good option for a high school student? Daughter needs something like this for next year?

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      That is definitely a useful gadget and can replace notebooks for take noting

      • +17

        You can opt out from s mode for free

    • I would ask the school as they often have specific requirements or do group buys, so you receive a good price and all students have the same. It may be that this is suitable for home use but better off taking a tablet for classes.

    • +1


      Regular $500 laptop would do just fine.

      • +1

        What regular $500 laptop would you suggest?

        It should be noted that a significant appeal of the Surface line-up is their thin and light form factor, high screen resolution and touch screen.

        • +2


          this one

          For high school use this is plenty. No use nearly spending double for kid that only needs to take notes/write assignments.

          • +1

            @Ahbal: Unless the kid is in year 7, I'd recommend i5 laptop for year 11 and 12. I hate seeing Uni students carrying i3 laptop. So slow.

            • +9

              @squall3031: Sorry but you dont understand. The 8th gen i3 is BETTER than the last gen i5.

              "i5" "i3" isnt the be all and end all, especially when you have the OS on an ssd.


              Do some research before you advise someone to spend double the money for no reason.

              You are on ozbargain, not an apple forum.

              • @Ahbal: Wow, thanks for the recommendation, this is a decent laptop for the price taking into account the CPU, RAM and storage, I guess the only loss is in the luxury of the Surface in aspects like high res touch screen, premium materials, and also better speakers, but this Acer is definitely a good offering as well as being thin and light.

                • @Gorian4: Yes exactly right. A high schooler wont get $400+ benefit from those materials/speaker etc in an education environment.

                  Spend that money on a comfy desk chair + desk for home study if they dont have one already.

                  Laptop/desk/desk chair can easily be had for the price of the surface.

                  I know this because I did this setup for my 2 younger siblings.

                  • @Ahbal: I have to actually follow up on this, as jasperdmx made a comment regarding weight and I think this needs to be addressed, at 1.8kg, while this laptop isn't heavy for a 15" laptop, it is much heavier than the 1.1kg that the Surface Pro weighs, and this needs to be taken into account if the laptop will be used by younger children who usually already have enough in their bag weighing them down.

              • @Ahbal: Did you not read what i wrote? I said for year 11 and 12 and I mentioned uni students too. It's obvious I was hinting at a little future proofing the laptop for higher education use. Quite often I see uni students wanting software like Adobe Creative Cloud, Autocad, SPSS, SAS, and Solidworks and choosing i3 is, i think, a mistake.

                While I don't know what year Gorian4's child is in, I did mention, "unless the kid is in year 7", go ahead and buy that i3 laptop.

                By the way, I never suggested to get this surface pro advertised above because I know that crap is too overpriced.
                At the end of the day, Gorian4 can buy whatever laptop he/she wants.

                • @squall3031: It can be a challenge keeping track of what it means for a CPU to be an i3, i5 etc. When I last bought an i3, it meant there was no turbo boost and 2c4t. Between 7th gen i5 and 8th gen i3, there's not a great deal of difference. The i3 in the Acer has a higher turbo boost speed which will make it feel more responsive. Speed over extended usage will be bounded by the power and cooling limits of each laptop. The Surface is cramming a lot more into a confined space and may perform comparatively worse in that use case.


                • +2

                  @squall3031: Hey @squall3031 , I would highly suggest you familiarise yourself with CPU Benchmarks. Passmark is the website I will most often use, and if you look at the results, because it's a newer 8th gen CPU, the i3-8145u laptop is more capable than the i5-7300u (7th gen) in the Surface Pro.

                  Link for comparison: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i5-7300U-vs-Intel...

                  As for me, these laptops are not really my taste, I've got an MSI GS65 with i7-9750H, RTX 2060, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, more of a performance laptop rather than a portable one.

                  What kind of laptop would you want to get squall?

                • +1

                  @squall3031: Lol, asks me to read what you write but you didnt even see the benchmarks.

                  The i3 is literally better than the i5.

                  Dunno whats up with you man.

    • +2

      Based on my exp with my daughter at year 7, better get surface straight away. Dont buy $500 cheap laptop because the main reason is the weight, especially when high school student start independently go to school (by train or bus)
      $500 laptop so heavy, compare surface.
      I wish i bought surface for her before.

      • While the Surface is amongst the lighter end of the laptops, it does only have a 12.3" screen and at 1.1kg (with the Type Cover).

        I'm not sure exactly which $500 laptop you've bought, but with the extra screen size, the laptops are generally going to be heavier.

        By the way, what laptop did you buy?

    • +1

      its about 2 years old so you wont be getting the best specs but it would be a very fine laptop for school work. Unless youre on a tight budget ignore comments calling for you to get 15.6 inch 2 kg laptops. Its too big, too ugly and too heavy for a highschool student to get.

      • +1

        Thanks - Yeah, I got it. Figured me jumping on ozbargain just as this deal had been posted and just before JB Hifi was due to open was a sign, so went straight there and grabbed it. The sales guy literally laughed when I asked if they had any Surface Pro 5's left - Once I showed him the webpage he checked the system went out the back and came back in disbelief with what he says was the last one in the state! :P

        My daughter is heading into yr 7 next year and as you and others above have mentioned she needs something light and easy to use vs being heavy on the latest and greatest tech specs. This will do the job nicely and she is thrilled, so I'm happy with the purchase. :)

  • +5

    a dumb question : keyboard not included right ? $200

    • +4

      yup, and the stylus is extra too I believe. :(

    • +6

      This looks like a laptop and not 2 in 1 so it comes with non detachable keyboard.

      Edit: The surface pro 5 doesn't come with a keyboard.

    • Good pickup!
      WTF, a "laptop" without a keyboard? How generous of you Microsoft.

      • +2

        The laptop has a keyboard. The tablet doesn't, although you can pay extra for a detachable one.

  • What year did the laptop come out?
    Just comparing it to the one that came out recently.

  • It this Surface Laptop 1 or 2 .. ?

  • +6

    I had a SPro, but the Alcantara cover gets dirty so quickly and impossible to clean… I'm not sure why they chose this material

    • +2

      How's the battery life and overall built quality?

      • +3

        Probably not great, since it's an old battery that's been sitting there empty. The entire thing is glued together, and it's nearly impossible to replace the battery. I would not be buying this if I was expecting it to last.

      • +1

        Excellent build quality. Agree with the comments re alcantara being a waste of time but hey, makes it super light.

        Battery is good but not great. You can dial down the power to extend the battery life though which works well when you’re watching movies on planes etc

      • My mate used his whilst doing his masters last year and said it got him through a day at uni. So reasonable battery.

        • Yeah, i got a SPro6 and it lasts all day easily.

    • +7

      My SP with Alcantara held up great, even in a light colour (platinum) and I had no issues with long-term use. YMMV

      • Just make sure you wash your hands before use and warm damp cloth clean it occasionally.

      • +3

        Yeah mine is fine too, lol. This guy must be like wiping his dirty chicken wing grease across the keyboard.

    • Use baby wipes to clean easily without damaging

    • +1

      I've commented before and I'll comment again. Just cover it with a layer of sticker paper /book cover thing. I did it. Wayyy better and less worry about the fabric getting shittier since it's all covered up. I prefer it this way too since it feels smoother imo

  • +15

    these are dual-cores, compared to the 2018 quad cores

    • +2

      In addition to the above, 10th gen Intel processors have been released. 8th gen are quad cores, 7th Gen (this deal) are dual cores.

  • +9

    7 th Gen i5. Might as well buy an Atari 2600

    • +1

      LOL, but on a serious note, these CPU's are fine, as long as you're not paying $1000 for them, hahahaha

    • +1

      Better games on an Atari 2600 than the Microsoft Store! Space Invaders, HERO, Pitfall, Pitfall 2, River Raid, the list goes on and on.

    • +1

      Atari doesn't have 8gb RAM, but brings back more memories

      • Alright bro, good game, cya tomorrow

        Last turned on 27 years ago…

  • Just grabbed the Surface Pro from Ozzy Park (WA). Last one in the state apparently. :D Thx OP.

  • +2

    PSA: all the stores in Victoria have only Ex demos. Don't waste your time unless you want to spend 1000 aud on a laptop that's been running 24/7 on full brightness.

  • +1

    Just keep in mind the surface laptop 3 is coming out soon

  • +3

    It's quite crazy how slow this laptop is once you use chrome for a while. I mean, it's the specs I guess, dual core and 8GB ram. I think we've reached the point, sadly, where 8GB isn't enough for laptops, due to chrome's memory leaks. But the dual core must hurt too. Definitely nicely made hardware though, except for the charger which you should expect to break at least a few times in the first couple of years. They have no tension relief at the part it goes into the laptop, so they just kinda fray and short circuit. But once you buy a separate one, you'll always have one while the other one is in for warranty. For warranty they send a courier to your house to collect the package for free.

    • +2

      Brave and Opera are good alternatives to Chrome. Both are Chromium-based and isn't as resourced hungry. Brave is a little more secure than Chrome is.

  • +2

    Advice from a former surface pro 4 and surface book 2 owner: Avoid surface products if you value longevity (more than 3 years). I refuse to buy another surface product until microsoft can design something that has a replaceable battery

    • +1

      I would agree with you. That is why I went to buy a new Lenovo X270. Lenovo Thinkpads are not sexy but they are built like a tank ready for years of beatings in corporate environments.

      • Dell latitude series are really good as well

    • +2

      To add to this, surface pro 3 owner here. MS push out dodgy firmware updates time to time. Managed to brick the bottom port so now I can't use the type cover.

      • +1

        Actually the same thing happened to me as well, after an update the type cover suddenly stopped working. So I went out and bought a new one only to realise it still didn't work. Really shady from Microsoft

        • oops

      • Surface Pro 3 here, battery still going strong and no issues with updates and physical ports. I've been very happy with it's longevity.

        However the same can't be said for my generation 1 Surface devices: Surface RT and Surface 3 (non-Pro), with issues where the Surface Connect port doesn't work with keyboard and battery is dead after 5min use.

        • The last firmware update killed my port. Have you updated recently?

  • $1k for 7th generation intel CPU? in a surface machine? hardly a bargain.

    get a dell latitude with 8tg gen CPU instead. that'll have 3 year warranty and will last much longer than that.

    • I agree except that ain't no (new) latitude going for 1k unless there's some bottom end model with a 720p screen or something lol
      7th gen dual cores are pretty poor these days

    • buying 2nd hand laptops isn't for everyone but if you do your research some good deals can be had. I bought a lenovo t480s for $700 and was in near new condition on gumtree which has 8th gen intel cpu & 1080 screen.

      • +1

        Wow, anyone still using Gumtree? The last time I tried I got 3 scam text messages to email the "buyer", deleted the ad, closed the profile.

      • buy from dell outlet. period. 3 year warranty, and it looks and feels like new. screw scamtree, buy there at your own risk. exception is ebay for top of the line latitude class 7000 laptops, I explained why in some other threads. I bought that, and other ppl did that on my recommendation, too. a hell of a lot of a laptop can be bought for $1000. not this crippled surface device designed to fail just out of warranty.

  • +3

    Buyer should note Surface laptop 2 has the 8th gen intel cpu which is a significant upgrade than the 7th gen this version has. Also 1st and 2nd gen surface laptop basically have zero repairability, unlike the latest 3rd gen which is more repair friendly.

  • +2

    Avoid. I am through to the 2nd Surface pro at work and EUC folks say these keep coming back for replacement. Try to connect wirelessly to the meeting room screens, they freeze. Try to plug in extended monitor, they freeze. Every CU comes through from Microsoft, they take an hour to install and restart - ruin your Mondays once every month.

    • +2

      yes I spoke about this almost every surface deal that surfaced no pun intended

      I look at the pile of dead and dying surfaces in the IT storage and sigh. people will never learn. at least we stopped buying them for people who refuse dell latitude. silly fanboys

      • +2

        Every time I open an additional excel worksheet or open the lid In a meeting room, I pray it doesn’t crash. Then it worries me that someone still buys this piece of c**p with hard earned money. :(

  • What's the difference between the Surface Pro and the Surface Go?

    • Pro: Bigger 12.3" screen, designed for a portability but also sufficient productivity, faster CPU
      Go: Smaller 10" screen, designed for extreme portability and minor productivity, slower CPU

      Both will run just fine, but I would encourage you to try out both and consider your circumstances, the Pro is alot more popular because it can be used all around while the Go is designed to be more of a supplement to your main computer for when a smaller Windows 10 tablet is essential

      • The Pro seems like a better deal all round. I mainly just want a handwritten note-taking device, but reckon the PRo would be a better option. Can the Pro use the same stylus? Instant on-off like a tablet?

        • +1

          I believe they can use the same stylus but you'll have to double-check.

          As for instant on-off, it should be just like any other Windows 10 device with an SSD in that you can put it into Sleep mode and have a pretty quick on-off experience, but shutting down or hibernating will not be instant, although still fairly quick, maybe less than 10 seconds

        • +2

          Pro uses the same Microsoft Surface Pen as Surface Go.

  • does anyone know if it's cheaper for me to just fix my macbook air of 6 and a half years or should I just get this

    I mean I already have a surface pro 4 but the battery is a travesty

    • What's wrong with your Air?

      • Disk can't be detected nor fixed even when I boot it up in recovery

        • Weird….

          Well, if simply a new SSD makes the thing work, and it still suits your situation, I would say it's worth saving your money

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