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Giordano Leather Belt $19.90 (RRP $129) + Other Styles - Free Shipping on Orders $50+ @ Giordano


I actually own this belt, I purchased it on sale a year ago, it is honestly great quality, I can't tell much of a difference between this and my Ferragamo belt Which was 25x more expensive.

Cow split layer leather(two layers of cowhide leather).
Automatic alloy buckle.
Water-resistant, wear-resistant.

They also have a wide range of other belts that are also on sale.

Pin buckle leather belt

Full list of accessories

I have also purchased Gym Tops and own 5 because I liked them so much, they are super breathable fit perfectly and are 2 for less than $30, I have just got 2 more and never wear my Adidas or Nike tops anymore, mostly because these make me feel bigger than I am!
These gym tops are $19
I wasn't a fan of the "fast max badge tee" it was poorly fitting on the arms, but the coolmax ones fit perfectly.

Its $15 shipping or free over $50
The website is rubbish and their customer service is meh.
They also have a strange way of modeling their models which doesn't appeal to a large audience.
They also bloat RRPs

But surprisingly their clothes are great!

Also if you are on desktop they have a non-mobile website that is slightly better

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  • +3 votes

    $129 RRP…ouch

  • +41 votes

    What a great post OP…honest, informative, not just a repeat of the seller's spiel
    Have an upvote.

      • Well done for hijacking the top-voted comment just so that yours gets more visibility. Isn't there a forum discussion you should be actively involved in?

    • this kind of comment that totally disregards the actual value of the deal and instead focuses on touting someone's 'great post' is the kind that lures others into buying into what Spackbace has revealed to be a cheap, chinese shipped and most importantly - actually is cheaper overall with free shipping on aliexpress belt at standard prices with no special deals.

    • Doing a post takes time and effort. I appreciate both @glub's efforts in doing this deal post and also @Spackbace's research and insight.
      The biggest issue for me is that the biggest size is XL size and it only fits a max 91cm waist.

  • I can't tell much of a difference between this and my Ferragamo belt Which was 25x more expensive

    You bought a $500 belt?!?!

    • +3 votes

      It was a gift 😢

      • Someone gave you a $500 belt?!?!

        • There's a huge difference

          I have an lv belt, hermes, coach and hugo boss.

          The build quality is different on all of them

          Its all in the detail and stitching, quality of leather etc

          Price ranges from 1k to $300

          • +20 votes

            @lltravel: You paid $1K for a belt? Lol

          • @lltravel: Hahahahaha holy shit, does a $1000 belt hold your pants up better than a $20 one? The detail and stitching. You could honestly buy a cow hide, pay someone to tan it, CNC machine the buckle out of titanium and put it all together by hand, and it would still cost less than $1000. You are literally paying for some idiots name that is on the belt. It's probably made by some 12 year old kid in Vietnam for $0.0005

            • @brendanm: Given your reply, it seems you have no knowledge of the luxury brand industry

              These items are hand made in places with higher labor rates.

              Take a look at Birkin Bags, these cost more than your average car and most of the time go up in value.
              Luxury watches such as Rolex most of the time keep, if not go up in value

              There are several reasons why they go up or hold value.

              I could go on and on but I am not going to spoon-feed you information.

              A cnc machine? Yes cause we all are trained well in CNC, sewing and melting titanium. I suggest you do your research before you make such a ridiculous comment.

              Keep to your $5 belts & aldi shopping list.

              • @lltravel: You don't need to melt titanium to CNC it, that's the point of CNC. You continue paying way too much for things that you think make you look successful.

                Those items go up in value because idiots think they are rare or special. It's like diamonds. No inherent value, high price.

                I could win $1 billion dollars and still not waste money on this overpriced, try hard status symbol garbage.

                • @brendanm: Sure, just like those lotto winners who claim to be going to work after winning 100million.

                  I don't buy those things to look successful, I buy them because I like them

                  I have no debts, properties in another country including Australia. I don't need to try hard.

                  There are people living outside of their means and that certainly isn't me

                  That's like saying a Toyota is the same as a Lamborgini, it goes from A to B but we all know that's not the case. Are you saying a person driving a 500k car is a try-hard?

                  Work hard and reward yourself. Simple. If you get joy from wearing a 5 dollar belt and driving a Toyota, by all means, go ahead.

                  I would like to continue this debate with you further but it's clear you don't get it

                  Good luck with everything and winning that billion dollars.

                  • @lltravel: I wouldn't continue working if I won lotto.

                    Driving a Toyota is different to driving a Lamborghini. A $1000 belt holds up your pants in the same manner as a $5 belt.

                    I don't get joy from wearing a $5 belt. It's a belt. It holds up pants.

                    Spend your money however you like, I simply think it is overpriced. A few hundred for a one off? Sure I could see that, and the appeal of something unique. A semi-production line belt for $1000? As I said, it's literally just the name on it that leads to the price.

                    I understand paying stupid prices for things other people think are dumb, it's just that I pay stupid prices for things because they are actually difficult/costly to make, have a performance or feel benefit, not just because of a name.

                    Also, I'm well aware of the "luxury brand" industry. It is what it says on the box, you pay for the brand.

                • @brendanm: Are you Tall and like Poppy?

                  • @stockastics: Do you not understand what that saying means? Lltravel would be the tall poppy. Honestly, at least try to learn or think about what you're saying, it's embarrassing.

                    • @brendanm: Seems like you are berating him for wearing something he likes, even though it is expensive..either you are jealous of him or you don't respect his choice..it's embarassing that you have so much time to berate someone..maybe you need a lesson in some mannerism..

                      • @stockastics: No, seems like you need so english lessons. It's manners, not mannerism. I was not berating, simply stating that the only reason the belt costs that much, is that it has a brand name on it. I deal with people daily who spend many many multiples of the belt cost on stupid things, people spending money doesn't make me jealous.

                        It's embarrassing that you've found this 3 week old post to comment on for some reason.

                        • @brendanm: @brendanm @stockastics @glub
                          Off topic but just thought I'd thank you guys for highlighting this Ferragamo belt. I finally had a look at it after all the comments on it. Looks like a really nice belt to me actually.

                          Look at this one


                          Pretty distinctive buckle design. Will keep an eye out in op shops. 😁 Will also be a challenge to match the leather at my men's shed leather work class. 😁

              • @lltravel: If you feel a $1000 belt is better, you can afford it, sure buy it.

                But if you feel you need a $1000 belt to:
                - Be accepted by your friends
                - Feel better than others
                - Feel better about yourself
                - pretend life is good

                Then you lost the battle around good marketing techniques by those brands.
                Same as it was for doctors to smoke Marlboro cigarettes brand instead of another brand while doing consultations with patients.

            • @brendanm: There is a good chance this $1000 belt is made in a non-exploitive country, Italty or France. You and the 3000 other people that bought the $20 down to $8 belt are doing much more damage than this guy and his nice belt.

              • @Cral42: I didn't buy this belt. It simply doesn't cost $1000 to make a belt. The reason it's the price, is the name tag on it. If it had some actual engineering to it, Rolex, Ferrari etc, sure I can see the r&d cost. But this is a belt.

        • Probably paid $29.95 on sale.

  • +2 votes

    Tried to register, Firefox complains the website is not HTTPS. If that's the case then I'll pass.

    • +2 votes

      I know, the website isn't great.

      The desktop version is much better

      It costs almost nothing for a certificate too!

  • hahaha that RRP

  • ================================
    Server Error in '/' Application.
    The resource cannot be found.
    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.
    Requested URL: /AU/en-US/CatePage.aspx

    Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.0.30319.34274

    doing online business without having https site???,,

    • Is pretty crazy, very simple to purchase a security certificate.
      I was still keen to buy so by signing in with facebook and paying with paypal I'm trusting them to secure the details.
      (also I agree thats a completely made up RRP)

      • Friend, they're even free now days with letsencrypt.

      • Yeah, they are a legit company.
        They are pretty big in Asia but have a few stores in Sydney, however, the website is infuriating especially for someone who works in digital.

        I've ordered multiple times and been fine, Just always pay by PayPal when it is an option.

    • The security certificate seems to be working for me now, maybe they just updated it.

      Or it's working on the mobile website only

  • $129 probably made from croc's leather lol

  • How does the sizing work? There's a gap for waist size of 76 to 86cm… Which is the most common. They don't even have it as part of their sizing chart…

  • +5 votes

    If anyone wants to see pictures of the belt I can post some to show the quality.

  • nice but $15 shipping kills it

    • It was dead already

    • It's coming from China, see my tracking details below:

      2019-11-10 01:35
      GUANGZHOU (CN), International departure - enroute to Australia

      2019-11-10 01:34
      GUANGZHOU (CN), International departure - enroute to Australia

      2019-11-09 21:17
      CN-, CHINA, Received item from Sender (Outbound)

  • Shame about the advertising on the buckle and part of the leather.

  • $129RRP lol. I didn't know giordano is still around?

  • No free shipping…

  • Any Click and Collect available?

  • One side is genuine leather, the other side is PU

    Im out

  • Something random and I usually don't judge on people's looks but that gym top model screams typical douche.

    • These t shirts are literally designed to stop you sweating/smelling when you are working out and they are from a brand that isn't well known that costs $19

      I would love your thoughts on stringers.

      Putting that aside, it definitely makes my arms look bigger when Im joging along Bondi protein shaker in hand pretending to drink it to tense my biceps

    • http://m.giordano.com/AU/en-US/Product/90028220001/09

      He sure knows how to wear a belt though.

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I have a feeling their main target audience is the Asian community.

  • Wtf @ their shipping rate. I'm out.

  • this is an embarassingly bad website

  • Thanks for the deal and the detailed post OP :)

  • Same same


    Will be US$15.14 during 11/11 sale - AU$21.95 Shipped

    All those impulse purchasers that didn't realise it's just a HK belt…

    • lel the brand name sells it, tbh $20 is a fair price for something like this but the $15 shipping is stupid and i'm not idiotic enough to give them $50 + dollars just for free shipping. Not a good deal at all.

      • I am that idiotic :(

        • rip.

          edit: high shipping fees are only ever justified when proportionate to the product it's minimal. For example if a GPU gets a $100 cut from a $600 RRP and shipping is $20 then sure shipping is expensive as hell but it's a $500 product so % wise it's not too bad. For something like this where it's mostly an impulse buy and the total shipping is 42.8% of the whole cost unless you spend roughly 150% more than you ever wanted to then it simply doesn't make sense unless you're an ozbargain noob or on drugs.

        • Sorry buddy, shame no one came along before and highlighted the cheaper price and stopped this hitting front page

      • And OP's $18.90 shirts are US$12.65 here which works out to AU$18.34 shipped, before any AE coupons.

        • Good find, but if you are buying multiple the shirts are 2 for $34. Add that with a belt and get free shipping.

          • @glub: Yes, which is just standard pricing.

            RRP is misleading, and misleading to prospective buyers on here. It's always that price on AE, there is no 'sale' going on here.

            Oh, and AE actually offers a better site and a proper returns system

            • @spackbace: I did state they bloat their RRPS but I paid more on my last order and have been waiting for the price to drop to order again.

              Doesn't AE say the RRP as the same?
              It's sold by the official Giordano store on AE.

              They also offer a 7 days return policy which if paid by PayPal is free.

              No excuse for the HTTPS certificate, it seems to be down again. They could be with netregistrey a few of my clients are having issues from their provider DNS messing up IP addresses which is causing them to cycle.

              I don't even know why im defending this so much, I just like the clothes they are great value and im bed bound today so have nothing better to do πŸ˜‚

    • They sent it from China. I was surprise thinking it was not Asian brand.

      • They have stores in Sydney just not sure of the pricing, I guess it's cheaper from them to ship from the China warehouse.

      • I confirm this, tracking details on the items I bought:

        2019-11-10 01:35
        GUANGZHOU (CN), International departure - enroute to Australia

        2019-11-10 01:34
        GUANGZHOU (CN), International departure - enroute to Australia

        2019-11-09 21:17
        CN-, CHINA, Received item from Sender (Outbound)

    • Thanks for this, I'm really fond of that buckle style stopper so I was going to add extra stuff and end up buying more for what I don't really need. Now this way I know I can pay a tiny bit more when the time comes where I might actually need it.

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