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WD ShareSpace 2TB NAS - $167 @ Officeworks


I was just in my local Officeworks at Dee Why and picked this up for $167. They still had the 4TB version on the shelf next to it for $699. Easy enough to buy two more drives to fill it up for another $100 or so. Checked on the Officeworks website and it's not listed there, so your mileage may vary at your local store. Hopefully the receipt can be used for price matching somewhere by someone though!

Specs of the ShareSpace are:
•Small-footprint, 4-bay system.
•Three USB 2.0 ports: Two USB ports on the back to connect additional USB hard drives for backup or additional network storage.
•One USB port on the front for push button transfer.
•Multiple RAID configurations for data protection and speed: RAID 0 (Striped), RAID 1 (Mirrored) and RAID 5.
•High-speed access, Ethernet connectivity: Provides data transfer rates up to 1000 Mbit/s when used in a GigE network.
•An intuitive set-up wizard and easy-to-use discovery tool makes installation a snap.
•Easy maintenance: Add or swap out drives quickly and easily. Cold swappable (power must be off).
•E-mail alert system: Monitors drive and system health, sending you an email if a problem is detected.
•Built in Media Server: Stream your music, photos and movies to any DLNA certified multimedia device such as Playstation® 3, Xbox 360®, wireless digital picture frames, and even connect audio receivers anywhere in your home. DLNA 1.5 & UPnP certified.
•iTunes® server support: Centralise your music collection and stream to a Mac® or Windows® PC using iTunes software.
•Automatic Network backup software: Set up continuous backup for the computers in your network using the included automatic backup software.
•Remote Access software: Access your files anywhere, anytime using MioNet® remote access services from WD.
•Download manager: Supports scheduled download through FTP and HTTP.
•Simultaneously manage multiple download tasks.
•Built-in FTP server: Set up your own FTP server. Manage the access authority and share your files with your friends or customers easily.
•WD GreenPower™ Technology: Equiped with WD Green drive, the Sharespace, with its efficient cooling architecture, and power saving mode, consumes up to 33% less power, is reliably cool, and remarkably quiet.
•Power failure protection: Connect the Sharespace to your Universal Power Supply (UPS). If a power failure occurs, the system will shut down gracefully, protecting you from data loss.
•Easy maintenance: Add or swap out drives quickly and easily.
•Network storage manager: Manage your system configuration, create user IDs, passwords, security permissions, and quotas.
•3 Year limited warranty.
•Dimensions: 199.2 (L) x 160.1 (W) x 196.2 (H).

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  • gotta go hunting for this, hopefully its not a single store only thing, or hope they pricematch

  • Interested how many are around.

    How prices have fallen.

  • +2 votes

    QX (X is Deleted line & Q is quit line) you see in the Receipt means GONE, NEVER AGAIN ! So basically you were lucky ! ;)

  • Yeah Blacktown NSW store has none, only the 4GB model (for $lots) and a new, different model for $299.

  • Will have to check my local Officeworks, don't hold out much hope tho

  • was just about to buy one of these.. and one question i couldnt get an answer too
    i was planning to plug this into a media player via usb.. is that possible? so i can access it via network to put video's in.. and then i can access it via my media player.. is that possible?
    i know the 2 usb at the back is for adding extra storage.
    if its not would u know of any that does this?
    thanks in advance

  • Thats a super deal.

  • I believe they're making it cheaper because of USB 3.0?

  • There are 4TB hard drives out already??

    • It seems like that issue was resolved. Go to page 11 and read the reply by WD, but still raises a good question, does anyone know how well this device performs in terms of speed?

      • I've had this device for 6 months now. It's my first NAS. It works pretty well. I Haven't had any issues with it yet. In terms of speed, I've been streaming HD via ethernet or 720 via wireless, without any issues.

        I bought mine for $300 and I am quite happy with it.

  • Does this 2tb version come with 1 x 2tb drive or 2 x 1tb like the older ozzbargain deal for this item from officeworks?


    • It comes with 2 x 1tb still.

    • as gibspmuh said, it's loaded with 2x 1tb drives. They are WD Caviar Green, which are the cheaper drives. It's recommended that you only use these drives on the manual.

  • No stock at North Sydney.

  • Nasty Nas in your area, about to cause mass hysteria!

  • None left in WA for anyone looking.

    Right now there is at least one left in each of these sydney stores Hoxton Park, West Ryde, Glebe, & Penrith. Call first to make sure, cannot be ordered over the phone or online.


    • Can confirm none of these stores have any. Mona Vale has one on the floor but it is broken and they don't want to sell it.

      I got the last one from OW Bondi for $50 as for some inexplicable reason it is the bare NAS only, ie no hdds, power cord, network cable or CD/Manuals.

      Was that a good deal? CD/Manuals I figure I can grab of the net, generic power cord will probably do the job, plenty spare network cables lying around, so the only real additional cost will be which HDDs I decide to put in it which Im guessing with the $117 saved I can buy 2 better drives than the one included?

  • Just went to Officeworks Richmond (VIC) and none left. On their computers they show 1 left in VIC, I believe it was Campblefield store, but he wasn't sure if it was actually in stock or damaged… Maybe worth someone to go check it out.

  • Went to Costco @ Sydney… they have real cheap stuff. I think the 2TB @ costco was also at $167… or was it 3TB :P
    any how great deals at costco!

    EDIT: confirmed the price: 3TB Western Digital MyBook USB hard drive, $169 in Costco Sydney

    • You really can't compare a USB HDD with a NAS. They are completely different products.

  • None in Wollongong