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$9 Cashback on a $4.90 40GB Catch Connect SIM @ Cashrewards (New Services)


Credit to lyl and Being Askhole for title and description.


40GB Data
Unlimited Standard National Talk & Text
200 Standard International Mins to 32 Selected Countries
30 Day Expiry
New Services Only
Optus Network
SIM must be activated within 30 days of purchase. Recharges are $49.90 unless you cancel / disable auto-recharge.

To ensure you receive the cashback:

click Shop Now from this link(cashrewards.com.au) and complete your purchase without leaving the Catch Connect website.
Cashrewards Special Terms:

Cashback is only eligible on the initial purchase of a new service.
Service must be activated within 30 days of purchase.
Cashback is ineligible when store credit or gift cards are redeemed (spent).
Cashback is ineligible when using coupon code/s not listed on Cashrewards.
Cashback is ineligible on recharges to an existing service.

To disable auto-recharge once the SIM has been activated:

Dashboard(catchconnect.com.au) > Check It Out > What Would You Like To Do > Manage auto-recharge > untick Auto recharge > Update > Finished

Referral Links

Referral: random (4035)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    • +1

      Check again mate, it's working fine.

    • +2

      Catch connect website is broken sometimes.
      Try multiple times.
      Clearing the cookies can help.

  • +1

    Unfortunately this offer is no longer available. Check out our current plans

    • +1

      try to clear the cookie or use a different browser. I just purchased one.

      • yeaps it works thanks

  • Worked like a charm. Received cashback email within 5 mins.

    Thanks, op.

  • -1

    Does anyone know what prepaid company offers the most data for cheap?

    • +10

      Giving you free money for signing up is as cheap as it gets mate.

      • +1

        They probably meant which company has the cheapest ongoing plan (rather than swapping SIMs as needed).

        But yeah, they need to narrow the choice to receive useful answers. They might want a data-only SIM, or a SIM with calls and data, and need to give some idea how much data they need: 1GB, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 40, 100, unlimited!? There's no point even attempting to answer without some filters in place first.

  • You must have less than 4 existing prepaid services to buy this product.. I have 4 at the moment. Will it still work?

    • Use new email id for Catch connect.

      • +2

        Uhm… how can you check how many existing prepaid services that currently on???

        • +1

          You don't bother checking. The 'rule' is as weak as the elastic in Michael Moore's old undies. Just ignore/say no, and/or use a different email address if you've already been with Catchconnect. And possibly a different CC too. (I just tried to pay for this with a debit card but Catchconnect rejected it. Not sure why - maybe I used the same card to pay for the similar deal a few days ago.)

  • +1

    Catch connect needs to fix their website before selling products.

    • +4

      These are the guys that took close to 4 years to advise their customers that they had been hacked and customer personal details had been stolen .. wouldn't hold your breath

  • +1

    I received the cashback for this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/493275. Do I still qualify for this cashback too?

  • Sorry in advance if this question is totally dumb… Could I used this sim in an iPad just for the data?

    • +5

      You can as long as the iPad is the cellular version and has a SIM slot

  • For those having problems with "offer no longer available", just log out and log back in. Happened to me last time and it worked after doing that. I had previously bought a 40GB sim a few months ago which may have been the issue. Although, right now I'm chasing up a failed track for the last $10 CR deal actually!

    • I had that. Just hitting back + forward in the browser cleared it up :)

  • Bummer just purchased earlier today from Shopback for $7 cashback…

  • What does shopback offer on this?

  • Yeah I keep saying offer not available anymore too, odd.

  • can i buy the sim twice through the same cash rewards account to received the cashback twice?

    • Yes - may need to use different email addresses with Catch Connect.

      • Just tried, it works + no need to use different email to catch connect :D

    • I checked this with TA. As long as someone meets the Catch Connect t&c's multiple CR cashbacks on this is fine.