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Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise Console $249 Delivered @ The Gamesman eBay


[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise Console $249 Delivered

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Mod Note: Coupon Code has been replaced with POW15, and no longer eBay Plus exclusive.

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  • +5

    Cheapest price (not counting that ebay plus limited unit sale) so far.

    Jump on it if you want it.

    • +1

      Yeah and same as the recent Target deal. I'm stoked with mine which arrived a few days ago!

    • It was this price at Target last weekend

      • +1

        Meaning it's still the cheapest price!

  • +1

    9 stock left this will be gone fast .

    • It says there are 38 units available on my ebay.

    • They'll restock eventually. Not a huge rush

  • +1

    Thanks OP - I just jumped! Bought one a couple of minutes ago - stock showing as "limited quantity available"

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just got one as well.

  • +11

    This seems closer to what it's actually worth.

  • Interesting that Turquoise is the only one discounted.

  • Nice price.

  • +1

    Stupid question here. I haven't owned a switch before.

    I have 2 kids. 8 and 10.

    Both will want to play.

    Do i get a normal switch console for playing at home AND a switch Lite so that they can both play on the road?

    Not 100% sure the best way to tackle this.


    • +43

      Neither. Medical dictionary for both. Portable and hours of entertainment. Plus, investing in their future. Win win.

      • +1

        Haha my 10yr old would actually dig that

    • +3

      The normal switch can also be played on the road quite easily. The difference is the normal switch can be played on a TV, so if you want both kids to be able to play a multiplayer game on the TV go with the normal switch. If TV play doesn't matter get the switch lite.

    • Normal switch allows 2 players using Joy Cons. I think that'll be better value than having two systems also you dont have to buy the games twice. The new 'normal' switch version also has better battery life.

      • Only negative to this is if both kids want to both play single player games at the same time on the 1 switch. As someone who had to share the console with my younger brother growing up , this was painful.

        • Yeah I guess it's up OP but best bang for buck will be the normal switch. Then again two lites won't be too much but the games will be extra lol.

    • +3

      I have an og switch and just bought the kids a lite each for Xmas hoping they will look after them better if it's 'theirs'.

      We'll keep games in a 'library' to try limit fights. Any extra controllers you have for the real switch will work with the lite.

      If you have two TVs you could get two big switches so there is a dock at both as well.

      • -1

        I did this too. I got a switch for myself / living room TV. For any family multiplayer games we might want to play.

        But they're each getting a Lite for christmas. With a bunch of games. Only duplicate game I got is Minecraft so we can all play together.

        Spewing though. I ordered them at $294 from COTD a few weeks ago. Dropped a week later at Target.

    • +3

      I would vote get a single switch first and see how it goes. You will want the TV option and who knows you might just join in and kids will love playing with you (trust me im 20 and still enjoy getting mum and dad to play when I can) and they can split screen on the road but the experience isnt great… then if you find too often they want to both play single player at the same time then consider getting another

    • +1

      I have the OG Switch which both my boys love. I bought the Lite for my youngest but he still prefers the OG Switch because I’ve likes to play it on the TV, but even when he’s not he prefers it. I bought him the Lite so they can both have a Switch to play at the same time but turns out that doesn’t happen as much as I thought it was going to.

    • I believe the Lite has better battery, but as you seem aware the regular switch is the only one that can play on a TV.

      Sounds like a solid idea having one of each, though the kids seem pretty close in age so they might fight over having different ones. I'd personally just get them both the same knowing kids (have 3). It's the safer bet. The Lite's are pretty cool. We bought one for the middle as she isn't really in to games but likes some so for her use case it was perfect even if it was a different model to the eldest (who has regular), but if they were both into it i'd get them both Lites. I don't usually let them play on the TV personally and they always use handheld in my experience. Plus Dad was the TV for the PS4 or his switch eh

  • Great price.
    Will stick to my original switch though. Cant pass up the ability to play on a monitor or TV.

  • -1

    No gyro. And although i hate gyro, be aware Luigi's mansion control scheme sucks so badly, the best option needs the gyro

    TLDR; don't buy this for Luigi's mansion 3

    • +2

      AFAIK it does have gyro just not per hand gyro.

      Depending on what the game is doing the gyro should be fine?

      • Ok then. Yes, just needs a singular up and down

  • +2

    If you are 100% certain you will never want to connect your games to a tv this is a good deal. But for a little more, you get the best of both worlds.

    And don't forget the lite doesn't have any rumble at all and can't play the motion controlled games. Plus handheld mode scales back the graphics, effects and resolution to save on battery.

    • You know you can still pair joycons to the Lite right? People make it sound like owning a Lite is a dead end to having rumble and motion controls.

      • Why would you play with separate controllers on a screen the size of an ant?

        You're buying a lite to have a one piece solution.

  • +2

    I think it looks gorgeous.

    • Agreed. The smaller bezels make it look a lot better than the bigger Switch

  • Eb games selling switch lites $330 > $299. Wont be long before before they hover around the $200 mark.

  • Wow these deals have been coming quick… pity it sounds like there's still no easy way to keep games/saves in sync between Switches otherwise I'd jump on this as it's a little bit more portable.

  • Price has gone up to $279 with code

  • Thanks for highlighting this deal. Great xmas present for my son. I should have bought another one for myself!

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