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40% off Full Priced Items (Excludes 860v10, Echo, Roav, Basketball) @ New Balance


Part of Click Frenzy deal.

Full price items only. Some exclusions apply, but 990 are included in this sale.

Stack with Amex Offer.

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  • Full price items only.

  • Fuelcell propel/echo are a steal as a street runner or gym trainer at under $100. Highly recommend.

    • Echo is excluded unfortunately.

      Propel + a pair of socks = $167 - 40% off = $100.20 - $20 AmEx discount = $80.20 delivered. Great value for the latest FuelCell trainer.

      • Was wondering if you or anyone could help me out. I've seen it mentioned a few times in other threads - can you tell me how to get this AmEx discount on top?

        • This. I don't think you can enrol anymore. I just happened to have added it to my card, so that when I make a purchase over $80 at NewBalance I would get $20 cashback from AmEx.


        Do you know how Propel compares to 1080p?

        • I've never ran in FuelCell before. However from what I've read, FreshFoam (1080) would be firmer but more cushioned for long run, whereas FuelCell Propel is softer / more responsive. 1080 has a more traditional upper, whereas Propel has booty construction.

          Propel is a lot cheaper though.

          Also 1080v10 would be released soon with a new upper and Fresh Foam X.


            @scotty: cool thanks.
            You are an NB expert!

            Used to get NB from Factory outlet in Auburn when they had like 40% off sales once or twice a year. They don't do it anymore but it was good because discounts were added to already discounted prices. So you get 1080's for under $100.

  • Does anyone know if this will stack with Suncorp benefits 18% off e-voucher?

    • Pretty sure Suncorp e-voucher applies to full priced items only and doesn't stack with other promotions.

  • I filled an order to over $100 but couldn't get it to provide free shipping. Does anyone know if free shipping is possible?

  • Tks OP, my Liverpool Jersey end up cheaper than Rebel's 20% off.

  • Not quite the 50% it used to be but still a sizable saving. Saved $232 on two pairs of shoes and a tee. Plus another $22 from the 7% via Shopback!

  • Have to say NB has the worst website lol
    I have been buying from them for years and their confirmation of orders take days if they show at all
    … their newsletter certainly shows up quickly though.

  • Got my order today, crazy fast!

    • You're lucky. I ordered on the 12th, after hours, so they've now had 2 full days to prepare it to ship and it's still in "preparing to ship" status. Around the same time I ordered from platypus and I've already received it - so within 36 hours of ordering I received the order.