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50% off Nexgard/Comfortis/Drontal/Frontline Flea & Tick Meds for Cats & Dogs + 15% Brand Cashback @ PETstock


Don't forget 5.5% cashback from Shopback. Cashrewards is at 5% at the moment

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2019

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  • Very nice, thank you.
    just what we needed for the pooch and her summertime sadness :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Stocked up.

    P.s this click frenzy day has fleeced me for over $500.

    • ikr, the wallet is getting lighter before the frenzy has officially began

  • +4

    Legend! The wife has been asking me order it for a few weeks. Laziness pays

  • Thinking of stocking up on the Nexgard spectra, do they have expiry date?

    • Just had a quick google, appears to be 2 years from manufacture date. I guess I'll get 1.5 years worth.

    • +1

      I got Nexgard spectra 6 pack last week, which has an expiry date of 09/21

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    Wesbite getting hammered.

  • OzbargainEd?

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    website is so sloooooow

    • It's dying. I keep getting cloudflare errors, which makes me worry that cashback won't track, so I'll wait until later.

      • It was extremely slow and was giving me cloudflare errors when I clicked on the email I received from them.

        It seems to work on and off.

      • cashback won't track, so I'll wait until later

        Good idea, ill wait till later tonight. Some great deals on Ivory Coat as well. $81 a bag for the 13kg. Coupled with this Nexgard deal and $7 cashback, not too bad!

  • I've entered card details and got to the confirmed order page, however have not received a confirmation email. Website is getting smashed

  • PayPal has taken my money, got an order confirmation page. No email confirmation though.

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    Is any one brand better than the other? What would you recommend for a toy breed puppy? Been using advocate. No side effects.

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      Ask your vet

    • I moved from Advocate to Nexgard Spectra for my Tenterfield Terrier. I believe it covers an additional worm/tick/parasite/thing that Advocate doesn't, and I've found it to be cheaper.

  • Thanks OP, stocked up.

  • Op Great find Thanks

  • +3

    For those who have Amex,They are in Shop Small list.

    • Good to know that, thank you!

      • Sorry, I mean Store.
        I Guess, deal is valid in store as well.

        • it says online only though… :/

    • Can you confirm that it works? They aren't in the online list, so depending on how their payments are processed, it may or may not work.

    • Purchased online last night and didn't get any notification from AMEX so I don't think they're part of the list.

  • Not really the deal they claim, but still best price I've seen for a while.

  • yep, i got them for about $20 more last time i purchased and i thought that was a good deal. unfortunately their website is not handling today's load!

  • 6 months packet out of stock for spectra medium and large

    • Weird, it also showed as out of stock for me, but then I refreshed the page and it came back. I had put an order through this morning and so far so good

      • I have tried refreshing still out of stock online. Store only

      • It worked for me if selected click and collect. Thanks

        • +1

          I just got a tracking ID from austpost, so all good!

  • We're currently using Heartgard and Frontline Plus monthly and Drontal quarterly. Our husky is super fussy with the Drontal and we pretty much have to force it down his throat so it's a real pain every 3 months to do this.

    Has anyone had experience transitioning from Heartgard/Frontline/Drontal to Nextra/spectra?

    • My shepherd is the same with spectra. We usually grind it up and chuck it in with mine or similar. She won't eat it otherwise..

    • +2

      Maybe try combine it with some peanut butter? My dog wolfs it down when it's covered in that caramel coloured goodness

      • Yup.
        Wrapped in raw roo mince, for ours.
        We behave like it's a treat, and they see/smell the treat… They eat it from my hand, begging for more!

    • My lab looks forward to it monthly. Sits and waits for it when I open the pack. Doesn't even bother chewing it. Then again, I think it's a lab thing… She also treats her poos as delicacies.

  • The website seems to have crashed.. Paypal has gone through.. Wonder if they will honour the sale..

    • Put the items in the cart, now can't get to checkout. I wonder how long they will stay in my cart.

      • They didnt save for me. I think it might be a website glitch

  • +1

    Just got my order confirmation via email. Should be ready tomorrow.

  • Anyone tried Revolution Plus?

  • The site is down… back online - but sloooow

    • Unusable for me.

      • Yep - waste of time, got something in the cart but then it went pear shaped

        • Worst. Website. Ever.

  • Ridiculous. Apparently this has happened before during Click Frenzy.

  • Stuck with it and eventually was able to checkout as a guest with PayPal. Grabbed some Comfortis Plus Green for a medium dog @ $65

  • Great deal!

    Note: cashrewards store page says up to 95 days to approve (!), but on their transition/forwarding page, it says 7 days.

  • website struggling

  • +7

    AmazonAu $70.50 (free delivery) for Nexgard Spectra, Flea, Tick & Worming Monthly Chew, Spectra, Dog, 15.1-30kg, 6pk, cheapest I've seen this on AmazonAu.


    • Damn would have bought from Amazon had I known they'd match

      • -1

        Me too, especially as I had to go C&C with Petstock to place my order at the time, but sometimes you just have to go for it !

    • +1

      Thank you! After trying to checkout for past half an hour at Petstock got it from Amazon.

      And with up to 14% Cashrewards cash back this might be even better :)

      • Is it the full 14% cashback through cash rewards? I can't see the pet category but on shopback it shows pets category at 7%.

        • It hasn't tracked yet so I have no idea :D

          Will let you know when it shows, but it might be too late by then?

          • +1

            @datafellows: I ended up doing it anyway. Assumed it would be 9% under the other category.

    • amazon showing $116.99 for me!

      • Same for me, but if I check the Nexgard Spectra seller directly some of them do come up price matching this deal (incl. the 6 pack of the 3.6-7.5kg pack which I bought for $60)

    • awesome thanks for this i had issues ordering yesterday from petstock and now out of stock but got them from amazon

  • took a good 10 mins to complete checkout, but saved me at least $50 … thanks OP :)

    • yep very slow.. reminded me of 56k days.. was supprised they had free shipping on orders of $20 even better!

  • Horrible experience. Their web site is useless, keeps emptying my cart.

    • +3

      its empty because you are viewing a cached version of the website via cloudflare the website itself is down and up like a yoyo atm..

  • +3

    Absolutely pathetic. If you partake in Click Frenzy, make sure you provision appropriate bandwidth for your site.

    • Ikr. Same thing happens every year.

  • It's saying shipping is $9 even though I'm ordering $150 of stuff.
    Anyone else getting this?

    • +1

      you need to enter your address first, then it will change to $0 unless you are outside the metro area

      • thanks bud, it adjusted to free shipping at final payment page.

        • wow you got to the check out page whats your secret lol

          • @Gomo: 45 minutes of spare time… and infinite patience.

          • @Gomo: 'thankyou, your order has been placed' lol.
            Only 40 mins later jesus.

  • Boom and the fleas are gone… for a year.

  • Looks like they are back up and running - Just checked out fine, maybe a little slower than normal, but took about 5 minutes and didn't get a 504

  • Advocate is 50% off too. Not a bad deal.

  • I finally got my order through. Delivery was no longer available, so I did C&C. I got a CloudFlare error after clicking to process my credit card payment, and no email confirmation, but my card was charged and the order appears as paid in my account.

    I got an extra $10 off from a random voucher I had, and another from $8.70 brand credits. Less the Shopback 5.5% and $2 bonus = $37 for a 6 pack of Nexgard Spectra 3.6-7.5kg.

    • My order confirmation email just came through

  • Nice 50% off advocate and some other random discounts, saved about $70 cheers OP

  • gave up due to 504 errors, after the smoke cleared i somehow had a single use $20 off coupon sitting in cart!

  • Website working good at 5am

    Got my order processed :)

    Click Frenzy 50% off Parasiticides: -$99.99

  • Did anybody else place an order last night when it was superrrr slow but cashback still hasn't tracked? Definitely went through the ShopBack app. I placed another order for PETstock this morning and that cashback has already tracked.

    • Ordered last night and again this morning
      Neither has tracked yet.

  • +1

    Website finally working for me at 6:45am. I gave up last night after trying for a few hours.

  • Cashback tracked as well on ShopBack for me.

  • yeah no free post for me…sucks

    • That's odd, I have JUST placed another order and still got free shipping because it was over $20. VIC metro, if that makes a difference.

  • good discount on the Nexgard tablets but I had to use Click n Collect instead of delivery. I could have just waited :(

  • Not a deal at all on advantix claiming normally $50 + for 3 pack of 4-10 kg can buy them on eBay for $30 + anytime then they want $8 postage just another click frenzy scam

  • Got an email from cash rewards $199 purchase but it actually cost me $99.95 however cashback says I'll get $10!

  • +3

    A little bargain tip. The different size dogs are simply doubling the dosage. Was going to buy the medium size 6 pack for $70 but went $5 extra for the large dog size. The difference is the chews have double the active ingredients so I can simply cut them in half and get 12 chews instead of 6.

    • great tip i started doing this a couple of years back for my 2 dogs so i just double the size of the tablet and cut them in half each month

    • You have to keep in mind though, and I think they explicitly mention this in the pamphlet, that the ingredients aren't evenly distributed in the tablet.

      • Yeah I figured that would be the one downside to this. However, I imagine at worst it's like a 70/30 or 60/40 split. Surely they couldn't mix it so bad that it's a 90/10 split. These dosages are built to handle the highest number on the weight range anyway (60kg). With my dogs being 20kg they only need 1/3 of the ingredient so as long as the chew isn't distributed 90/10 across it I should be fine. But it's worth noting.

  • Nexgard spectrum currently cheaper on Amazon AU.
    Large 6 pack for 70.50 (Cashback available).

    • It is the same size that is $70.50 at PetStock.

      • Yes, you are right. I thought they were Medium and Large. My mistake. Also, people had already mentioned Amazon's price match before. It turns out that I just wrote a useless commentary. 🤔