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Phone Frenzy - 15% off 350+ Items & $0 Delivery (Bose QC35II $330, iPhone 7 $498, AirPods 2 $203, Mate 10 Pro $465) @ Mobileciti


Hi guys,

We're all crazy for a frenzy today, so here is some phone frenzy, for those who are feeling like they've been driven into a bit of a… frenzy.

Mobileciti are offering 15% off 350+ selected products today and tomorrow with free shipping thrown in as well.

Offer applies to the 350+ items in the deals landing page, and ends 11:59PM 13/11/2019, while stock last!

Please feel free to also make suggestions for further products.

As usual: 100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN (TRS if Eligible), local Manufacturers warranty.

All in stock items are ready to dispatch or pickup from Parramatta NSW. Thank you once again for the continued support!











This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2019

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    Can’t wait to buy iphone7

    • +1

      Post Office has it for same price too on new catalogue

    • +3

      Me either, usually wait until they are 4-5 generations old to get one at $500

  • +1

    JB had better prices on the Nokias, 199 for 4.2 not 3.2, and 320 for the 6.2

    • +2

      Hi Garratt torlesse,
      Just looked on JB website and I'm seeing $299 for the 4.2 & $399 for the 6.2?

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      • +2

        JB had five day sale ending yesterday.

        • +2

          Oh I see, thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately we're unable to match the previous JB sale prices, but I think the Nokias are the lowest price AU stock currently available with the 15% off and great android options.

  • Buy iphone 7 when they just released iphone 11 pro.

    • +5

      Nothing wrong with the iPhone 7. Perfect as a permanent fixture on my drone remote.

      • +4

        I agree 100%. Out of all the brands I've owned (multiple Androids, iphones). The iPhones have outlasted all of them. It's just that… it's really expensive for the specs and release date (subjective of course).

        • +1

          Still rocking Huawei Y550, older than iPhone 7.

          • @bargainparker: Wow, I'm on the Galaxy S6, but you've got me beat by a good few months!

            • @ely: Not to mention potentially 1000 dollars

              • @Jackson: [looks through email]

                PAID : AU $591.11 with PayPal

                It seems unlikely that bargainparker got paid for their phone :D The $591 price probably had cashbacks applied as well, can't recall if there was also TRS and salary sacrifice applied as well.

                • +1

                  @ely: Good price for an s7 if within a year of launch at a guess, but a y550, thats 80 bucks, so maybe not 1k but close to 500

                  • @Jackson: S6, within a year of launch - but yeah, the y550 is way cheaper. Looking for decent deals for an upgrade but not seeing much around, phone prices have got way out of hand.

          • @bargainparker: 😅 had two plus votes yesterday and only one today. Someone doesn't like the fact I'm still rocking the Huawei. You are more than welcome to buy me a brand new something phone, but I have no need to 'upgrade'. 👌

            • @bargainparker: My main issue with the y550 was from memory it was only 8gb, I don't really play games but just for necessary apps I was running out of space. At least the car has 16, just enough to get away with IMO

              • @Jackson: That's why there's a memory card :)
                Honestly, I could get bigger and better, but when it does what I want, why should I. Sure it has some shortcomings, but not enough to bother me to upgrade.

                Your car is bad, only 16. You need to upgrade :P

                • @bargainparker: Sorry, Xpedia XA was what I meant by car.

                  Yeah but memory card is mainly for photos, all the apps these days want to be in primary storage, I wasted a lot of time stuffing around with that to no avail (if this works for you let me know, I have a y550 in the cupboard)

                  • @Jackson: Music also. I have viber, zoiper and a few other apps on the card, but can't remember as it was done years ago and would have to go into settings to see which apps are on the card. Whatever I could, I transferred to the card. The app which is for optimization sits at 64% - 70%. It did go up over years as apps are becoming bigger, but still good. Don't do any stuff where you need passwords for, like banking since the software is still the same as when it was bought.

        • I've got a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

      • +3

        my daily driver is still a 7, nothing wrong with it- still quick as

        • I like to take photos and videos because it's always a joy looking back at photos I completely forgot about or what I did 10 years ago so photo+video quality is important to me and Mate 20 Pro blows iphone 7 away in this department (better res, quality + ultra wide lens, much better night/low light pics), plus it's around the same price during sales. But yeah really depends what your use case is. For most I suspect reliability of the iphone and familiarity/adoration for iOS over Android. (e.g. I switch to Android as my primary phone but find iOS much easier to use and things like auto spell correct just work better).

    • Because they both run the same ios :)

  • +1

    Some decent pricing offered, not all time low costs for the majority but not bad if your in need of an upgrade.

  • +1

    Why is the HTC U11 so expensive everywhere! Damn!

    • +1

      Agree. Decent SD835 phone with still current decent specs, but should be below $500 now and on sale for $400 or less like the LG V30 was to be competitive.

      I think unfortunately HTC have stopped competing and just riding out their last few waves.

      • +3

        I really like my U11.. Would rather buy the same one again if it was cheaper! Sadly HTC's newer phones are not quite up to the mark. Have been a HTC user for years. Really hope they make a come back!

  • +1

    QC35II link goes to Huawei GT :[

    • +6

      My bad was in a frenzy posting this, fixed.

  • can we purchase with any sort of gift card that may provide an additional discount?

    does such gift card exist?

    • Hi unswrepping,
      This current offer is the best discount available

  • +2

    Not sure its worth paying $1100+ for the P30 Pro, given that you can get it with Optus on a 2 year contract for $74/month and 30GB data, totalling $1,776. Meaning you're paying $631 for the data ($1776-$1145) over 2 years, ie ~$26.30 per month. Not bad.

    EDIT: Link to the Optus Huawei P30 Pro (256GB) plan: https://www.optus.com.au/shop/mobile/phones/huawei/p30-pro

    • +1

      It was also previously under 1k few weeks ago

  • +2


    • +1

      Must be. Right now getting Five Hundred and Four Errors!!

      By the way OP, tempted to bite on the Realme 5 Pro. Is it (Can it) be included in the deal? (sorry, can't see any thing at the moment).

      • Hi ausooi,

        Have replied to your PMs. Unfortunately unable to include Realme in this promo, but there is currently already a special on Realme handsets making them attractive phones for the prices. Website is back up now, thank you for the patience.

  • +2

    id buy a pixel 3a

    • +1

      Me too! Pixel 3a dealz plz!

  • frenzy

    a state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behaviour.
    "Doreen worked herself into a frenzy of rage"

  • +3

    Link is broken and getting this message:
    "Warning: Redis::connect(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /srv/public_html/vendor/colinmollenhour/credis/Client.php on line 456"

    The product specific links seem to be fine, its just the main link

    • Thanks, have updated the main link.

    • Hi sonic2011,
      Apologies for the website issues, looking into them right now.

    • Should be back up now, thank you.

  • Qc 35 link broken for me.

    • Hi prubie,
      Can you try again? Should be working now. Thanks

      • +1

        Thanks it worked!

  • Any sale for Mate 20pro case?

    • Hi ti63331,

      Thanks for your suggestion, the Mate 20 Pro smart flip case has been added to this coupon offer :)

  • what's the discount exactly? those prices are the prices I expect for old phones.

    • +1

      what's the discount exactly?

      The discount is exactly 15.00%

      those prices are the prices I expect for old phones.

      Glad you agree it's a great deal, new phones for old phone prices :)

  • The Home Hub for $150 is far from a deal.

  • I got : "The coupon code isn't valid. Verify the code and try again"

    • Hi gstfree,

      Which item are you trying to apply the coupon code to?

      • Galaxy J5 Pro $245 Black and Oppo AX7. Thanks.

        • Hi gstfree,

          Apologies, the coupon on the Galaxy J5 Pro should be working now. Unfortuantely AX7 isn't included in the deal, the OPPO AX5/R15/R15 Pro/R11s are included though. Thank you

  • Galaxy J5 Pro $245 Black and Oppo AX7. Thanks.

  • +2

    Can I have LG v40 with this coupon code?

  • Bought a Mi9T and I find it to be a total piece of crap. So many bugs. Loved the mate 9. Hoping the mate 10 pro is similar. Thanks OP.

    • What bugs?

      • My experience with the on screen fingerprint sensor have driven me nuts. I find that with facebook messenger I get all my messages in a rush (battery saver is turned off on all the regular apps I use) and also with Waze and other GPS like Google Maps - keeps saying no network. On telstra with same sim as I used in my Mate 9.

        The screen (this is not a bug but annoying) is super reflective and not very bright in direct sun, so it blows as a GPS. It just blinds me. I have to look away.

        The Xiaomi software also keeps trying to get me to use their things, stupid notifications about software updates that are meaningless and all sorts of crap. Huawei did a bit of that too, but I got used to those ones. These ones annoy me a lot.

        Not enjoying this phone. Gonna sell it once my 10 is up and running.

        • Hmm thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • Not valid for Pixel 4 XL? Expect a deal for it

  • What do you all think of the Mate 10 Pro at this price? I know is old but, what would be better?

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