[NSW, QLD] Free Aid/Services for Those Affected by The Bushfires


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I was looking for bushfire appeals where I can make a donation to help with the bushfires when I came across the following aid/services that are available –

Assistance for both NSW/QLD -

For those affected in NSW -

  • Vehicle - registration and licensing concessions and refunds will be offered to customers if their vehicle or other relevant documentation has been lost, damaged or destroyed during the fires.
  • Birth, marriage or change of name certificates – Certificates that have been destroyed as a result of the fires can be reissued at no charge.
  • Tolls - The $40 tag security deposit/s on an RMS E-Toll tag will be waived if a tag has been lost, damaged or destroyed during the fires.
  • Home building cards - Service NSW is offering free replacement of Home Building cards for any lost in the bushfires.

For those affected in QLD (there may be more which I will add as I find them) –

Short term -

  • Free use of Telstra public payphones in the affected areas
  • Free use of Telstra Air payphone hotspots in the affected areas
  • Free call diversion from an affected fixed home or business phone service to another fixed or mobile service of the customer’s choice, regardless of the carrier
  • Customers who use the free call diversion to divert their affected fixed home or business phone to their Telstra mobile service, can also make local and STD® calls on their mobile at fixed line rates, in accordance with their selected plan (limited to one designated Telstra mobile per affected household or business)
  • Affected Telstra mobile customers who do not have a Telstra home phone can receive a one-off credit to the value of $100 inc. GST (limited to one mobile phone per Telstra mobile account).

Today is World Kindness Day. Great opportunity for us to perform a random act of kindness and donate the money we were potentially going to spend on random stuff towards bushfire appeals to help others in their time of need.

Donations can be made to -

Related Stores

NSW Government
NSW Government


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    Australia Post is also offering free 12 month redirection services for anyone affected by the fires

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    free aids ಠ_ಠ

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    I believe there was a vote that "charity" deals should be posted as bargains.

    Edit: Yep found it.

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      OzBargain can be a powerful community and has the power to completely overwhelm and wreck the good initiatives of a charity if people take from them just because it’s free.

      I hope in the circumstances that are happening people arnt going to rort the system. Its also worth noting that these arnt "charities" as such (in the context of the thread you quoted), but government / large organisations trying to help out people in need.

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        I hope in the circumstances that are happening people arnt going to rort the system.

        Hope all you want but the scum will be out in droves to rip everyone off as they are during every natural disaster.



          I had some (profanity) ask for a $600 coffee machine for free. Stating he was from a charity that helped people out who lost their homes in fires.

          He wasn't happy when I told him I'm sure a coffee machine is high on a person's list of priorities after their house has just burnt down

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      Lol oops. I missed a word there. Was meant to be "should not" be posted as bargains.

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      The Charities Act clarifies that to be a recognised as a charity, an organisation must:

      • be not-for-profit
      • have only charitable purposes that are for the public benefit
      • not have a disqualifying purpose
      • not be an individual, a political party or a government entity.

      the state Gov. giving concessions, aid or waivers (e.g replacement birth certs, motorist eTAGs, license plates and ID cards) to citizens in need isn't really a charitable gesture either. You kinda need those in your day-to-day life…


      I didnt realise the government was a registered charity..

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    Good stuff NSW GOV!!


        She was quick to deny this. Some might say a little too quick. But at least she had the sense not to let it happen unsaid.

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          Deny what, exactly?

          The article I posted rebuts her rebuttals from yesterday.

          The NSW government has done very little in terms of proactively lessening the impact of these fires.

          But hey, at least those people who lost their homes and/or lives can get their birth certificates reissued for free.


            @Nomadesque: She basically just denied allegations she had cut funds from the fire department and walked off. I mean like she had to of course. Politics involves saying the right thing at the right time.

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              @pennypincher98: Because now isn't the time to get bogged down in pesky facts and figures and what the budget papers say and whether climate change has played a role, right?

              We should just be focusing on helping the people and ensuring that they receive concessions on the registrations they've paid on their burnt out cars, because that's what everyone is telling us is most important.

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                @Nomadesque: If this is not the right time, then when is? Or is it when everyone go on about their business and never talk about it?

                Sometimes, something needs a push to make things happen.

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                  @No ONE: Here I was thinking that my post was obviously dripping in sarcasm, especially when read in context with the rest of what I wrote.

                  Oh well.

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      Ooft you're going to regret saying that…


    Some of these were deliberately lit

    edit. allegedly

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    Donations can be made to -

    I would but I know for a fact that more than half of the donations go towards managment fees and CEO bonuses

    I would rather donate to a GoFundMe page for relief funds


    Thanks, ordered 10.

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    Donation requests are now allowed?

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    not a deal, should be added only to the forum


    Irrespective of whether this should be allowed as a deal or moved to the forums it's still great information to share. Thanks for the post, OP, I'm sure someone, somewhere, will benefit from knowing.


    While it's probably expected and a pr stunt to a degree I still find the gesture nice for these services. I'm sure dealing with the loss of property or loved ones makes these other issues/bills fairly redundant.


    You can also ask banks for disaster/hardship assistance. They will give you a package based on post code. Mostly for repayments and fees.

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    Events like this are going to get much worse, and much more frequent, as well as being accompanied by other natural disasters at the same time eg. flooding.

    Well that's if you believe science, there's plenty of fools that don't.


    I really appreciate the post. I am sure while many of us are out for a bargain when going on Ozbargain this is a perfect opportunity to do some good with those saved $$. Thanks OP. Donated.

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    Anyone affected and in need of medications, but may have lost scripts etc, the Federal Department of Health has made in easier to get medication supplies


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    Should be targetted


    Free meal for firefighters at all Carl’s Junior Locations :)


    Financial assistance is also available from Centrelink!! Share it around to those that need it https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/help-emergency


    Thanks OP, we have been fighting fires in and around my sister and brother in law's property in the scenic rim for weeks now and it's continually knocking on their door. With everything going on this wouldn't have even been on their radar but now they know, so thanks. On a side note we have been working closely with volunteers from the QLD Rural Fire Service and it's real credit to these guys that put their lives on hold, shut up their business or take leave from their jobs etc for days/weeks to fight these fires. Doing massive days, going through the day and night, risking their lives, not for one cent of pay or compensation. On ya guys and girls!

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