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Kogan Premium DC Motor Pedestal Fan 2019 Model $79.99 + $13.99 Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Refresh your office and bedroom with the cooling breeze of the Kogan Premium DC Motor Pedestal Fan, helping to reinvigorate the corners of your room.

3 Adjustable heights – doubles as a desk fan and stand fan
Ultra quiet and energy efficient DC monitor fan
Uses up to 65% less energy than traditional AC fans
12 Versatile speeds with oscillation function
8 Hour timer and auto shut-off after 12 hours
Blue LED display and remote control

Previous deal

NOTE: it is a different model

Thanks @robboaustralia

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    Great deal

  • +1 vote

    Great Deal. Great Fan.


    How's this one compared to :

    will be using for bedroom though.

    • +1 vote

      I have the small one, it's pretty good, got it for $59 so the price can be cheaper.

      The bigger one is much more efficient, if that makes sense, the larger blades just move more air, I got the small one due to limited space.

  • +7 votes

    What does this do that the $15 kmart one doesn't?

    • +9 votes

      It has "premium" in the title.

    • +33 votes
      • Has a remote, meaning i dont have to move to turn it on/off, change speeds.
      • Has a sleep timer
      • A lot more energy efficient
      • Has a heap of different speeds and settings
      • has the option to go quiet mode which is next to silent
      • provides a much more powerful fan and coverage of airflow for the room, meaning it sits in the corner of the room and away from everything
      • The base of the fan is also a bit smaller and compact so will tuck away a bit better if you have narrow gaps in the corner of your room etc

      Just my 2 cents after owning this for a year now and going through my fair share of kmart ones over the years. I run hot and hate stuffy conditions so if a quality fan helps me sleep better its a godsend.

      • +5 votes

        How bright is the blue LED on this? Blue LED's are becoming a deal breaker for me. Not sure if I'm the only one?
        But I am seriously sick of having to cover the blue LED's (and just LED's in general) they put on everything so I can sleep in a dark room.

      • -4 votes

        “Has a sleep timer”

        This is great news for Koreans (and some Chinese and Japanese).

        After all, it’s common knowledge that if you leave a fan on overnight, it will suck all the temperature out of your body, and oxygen out of the air, and you will die.


        Wonder how it compares to this el cheapo from Target? Have had it for a few weeks now (Target one that is). It too has a remote and several speeds.


        Kmart has a $29 fan that has a remote with sleep timer and on/off.

        Probably worse build quality though and maybe noisier?

      • +4 votes

        A lot more energy efficient

        The energy savings are extremely negligible in my experience. I own 2x dc fans and 1x ac. I've compared the wattage at a constant speed of a dc and ac fan, and they are pretty much identical.

        Energy savings kick in when you can turn the speed down lower than the lowest speed on a regular ac fan.

        But given fans use very little energy, this really isn't a big deal anyway.

        The ability to have a fan spinning at a low speed that emulates a natural gentle breeze is the main reason I won't buy ac again.

        • +1 vote

          The ability to have a fan spinning at a low speed that emulates a natural gentle breeze is the main reason I won't buy ac again

          ° and this worth quadruple the price?

    • +4 votes

      I personally bought a cheapo one and connected to a tp link smart adapter. It’s probably noisier, less efficient (prob negligible) and less airflow than the kogan but I can’t justify $80 on a pedestal fan imo

    • +4 votes

      Biggest feature is that you have so much more control over the speed.

      I find cheapies are too fast and noisy, even on the lowest setting.


      DC motor makes is quiet at usable speeds and it's much more energy efficient.


        and it's much more energy efficient.

        why there are users who experienced that the energy savings is negligible?


          I can't tell you since I have never seen someone claiming that. Do you believe they aren't more power efficient? The science behind is somewhat rudimentary.


      Got two from Woolworths for $30, probably the same as the Kmart ones. A remote would be nice and a sleep timer, but on hot nights I run it all night.

      Doubt they use much more electricity anyway.

      I normally run a white noise machine, so I like the sound it produces.

      Obviously if you need a silent one, get the Kogan.

    • -3 votes

      Until you own one, you can't appreciate enough how good it is. This DC FAN REALLY DOES BLOW COOL air during hot summer in comparison to the $15 kmart fan (it's blowing hot air). I owned both and I guarantee the DC fan is much better!!

  • +5 votes

    I bought this last December from this deal and can legitimately say it's worth every dollar. The silent mode is actually silent, the remote is great and it actually does feel like it moves air better than cheapies. My one complaint is that whenever it's turned off it resets back to a mid-power normal mode as opposed to the last setting it used. But legit this is a good fan.

  • +2 votes

    I got the same fan from the last deal ($99 + delivery).

    My wife hates fan noises and most cheap fans tend to be too loud and strong even on their lowest setting. I require some form of airflow as I hate stuffiness. Being next to a major road, we keep windows/doors closed.

    I can set a timer for 1.5-hours and have it on the 2nd power mode and fall asleep. It is barely audible (parts can get loose from time to time which can cause some noise) yet can move the air enough for me to feel a gentle breeze.

    So far, I am very happy with the fan.

    I like how tall the fan is. Cheap fans tend to be quite short.

    Tempted to get another but don't really need it.


    Compared to a generic $12 fan it is: Taller, Less flimsy so head doesn't sag, quieter , Sturdy.

  • +1 vote

    I've had this one for a few weeks…it's getting me by in this central QLD heat. I do wish it was as powerful as my Big W floor one (fenici brand), but then it probably wouldn't be as quiet. The fenici sounds like a 787 taking off.


      I have that same one. God forbid one of the blades are out of balance but it sure does move the air around. I would compare it to a turboshaft helicopter taking off though.

  • +1 vote

    The standard one is $69 (without discount):
    It seems extremely similar? What additions are worth the extra $30? Other than the Premium name and more adjustable height?


    Literally was playing a waiting game with Kogan and I won.
    Was close to buying it at $90 but this sealed the deal.
    Bought 1 a year ago and was great.
    Now getting this one for the bedroom.


    How does this compare to the Xiaomi offerings on the Kogan site? I'm a bit of a Xiaomi fanboy so would be happy to get that over the Kogan fan if it's worth the $$.

    Are you able to set power off/on timers with this Kogan fan? I like the fan on when I sleep, but between 12 and 6 it can get really cold where I live.

  • +2 votes

    Also consider Bunning's Arlec fan which works very well - we have the previous model and it's great.


    I'm hanging out for a Xiaomi 2S pedestal fan sale, this looks good though.


    Would the Xiaomi Mijia Smart DC Pedestal Fan be better?


      What are you looking for in a fan? My guess is this will probably meet your needs. But post your needs and ozbargain will answer.


    thx OP will give this a go based on some of the reviews posted here


    Thanks OP, just in time for me, I was looking for a fan to replace that $12 Kmart one.
    Shipping only costs $7.99 for me though.


    Grabbed 2 of the fans from Aldi couple weeks back for same price but they have 2yr warranty and store is local.

    Kids use them in their bedrooms and haven't even asked for the aircon to be switched on since, so must be working.
    Low settings is pretty quiet and decent airflow.


    Had a look at the Kogan site but couldn't find the actual size of fan ,is it a 40cm Pedestal Fan ?


    Thanks OP. Appreciate the heads up. I was hoping this deal would happen soon.

  • +2 votes

    Do Kogan play nice if I sign up to Kogan first then cancel to get the free delivery?


    This fan turns off automatically after 12 hours. Good fan but this feature is not adjustable and is very annoying.

  • +1 vote

    $20.99 shipping to Perth. Guess I'll sign up for a Kogan First trial!

    EDIT: Or not? It keeps saying I've used a Kogan First trial but I'm pretty sure I never have..
    EDIT 2: I Used a different card and it worked that time.. How weird!

  • +3 votes

    This is a different fan than previous deals. I was hoping to purchase this year but it seems to be gone.
    The positive reviews are appreciated, but not really relevant if they're for a different model.
    Anyone actually have any experience with this particular fan?
    Appears to be a bit of a downgrade on previous model.


      wait what? it's not the same model as the above reviews said?

    • +15 votes

      At least someone knows what's going on.

      I bought the original Kogan fan last year and was also waiting for it to come back in to stock to buy another, but a few months ago they sneakily changed the product on their website and kept the name / reviews etc the same.

      The original version of the Kogan Premium DC Fan was a rebranded Midea FS40-12AR

      If you want something similar, Midea's replacement model is the FS40-15AR. Locally, the Kambrook KPF849WHT is a rebrand of it.
      I bought the Kambrook version a few weeks ago when there was a 20% off Bing Lee code on eBay, and it's more or less the same as my older Kogan fan.

      The difference are:
      - an orange LCD screen with a sensible brightness level, that turns off after 10 seconds, instead of blue and bright enough to aid in landing aircraft (the later Kogan fans did auto dim, but my older one does not)
      - there is a separate single speed silent mode that is truly silent, compared to the older model where the slowest 3 speeds were truly silent
      - in normal mode, the 1st speed is almost truly silent but has slight wind noise, and in speed 2 the wind noise becomes noticeable

      I prefer the way the older Kogan version has more speeds that are truly silent, but the display not being insanely bright makes the Kambrook the better fan (especially for bedroom use).

      Other than that, they are more of less the same fan. Even the remotes work on either fan. I actually had a slight bearing noise in my Kambrook fan when it arrived, it was only noticeable in silent mode and since I wanted to use it in my bedroom because the screen dims, I pulled both fans apart and swapped the motors without issue. So yeah, same fan.

      • +2 votes

        Thanks for that info and I agree, I thought they were being a bit sneaky too.

        So it appears Kogan are selling the Kambrook KPF849WHT at $159, which is more comparable to last years model that everyone jumped on.

        Might keep an eye on that one for future price drops.

      • +1 vote


      • +1 vote

        You can turn the display off if you're standing at the fan - but not from the remote.. Very frustrating. The only flaw in the fan imo.

        I tinted the screen with a very dark tint, which made it bearable, but still bright.


          I actually tinted mine too with a cheapy tint sample pack I got from eBay. I think I settled with a 15% AND a 30%.
          Definitely the only flaw with it. The later/last Kogans with auto-dim are probably the pick of the bunch.


        This guy say's the Kambrook KPF849WHT it a totally different fan compared to his Kogan (e.g. it's worst) see:

        Did you end up buying the Midea FS40-12AR on appliancesonline or the Kambrook KPF849WHT from binglee ebay? and is it the same as the old Kogan (features, specs, quality, etc)?

        • +3 votes

          As I said:

          I bought the Kambrook version a few weeks ago

          It's the same basic fan in a different body with a few minor changes.
          The build quality is just as good as my older Kogan fan. I had no issues with the remote being picky on my Kambrook, but did on my Kogan (I discovered that it was caused by sloppy assembly in the factory where the IR sensor is partially blocked by the display panel; you can fix this by bending the sensor clear of the display but that requires disassembly). I suspect his main issue was that he expected the brand name fan that he paid a lot more money for to be better than the lowly Kogan branded fan that he got cheapy, because he didn't know that they're both rebranded fans made by the same company (Midea). As for his children preferring the Kogan fan, it's probably because it has a bright blue display like a high tech toy.

          As I said in other posts, I prefer how the Kogan has more truly silent very low speed modes, but the display on the Kogan is so bright that it impacts the fans usability. Pick of the bunch would be the later/last Kogan fans that had auto-dimming, but since they're not on the market any more, the Kambrook is your only option.