This was posted 2 years 2 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Budget Gaming PC: R5-3500X RX 580 8GB $549 + Game Code + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


Another 1080P budget gaming system option in the lead up to Christmas. The RX 580 qualifies for the Raise the Game promotion for 1 free game.

Spec: Ryzen 5 3500X | Biostar RX 580 8GB | 8GB 2400Mhz | 120GB SSD | Biostar A320M MB | 550W PSU | Leaper small case
Price: $549 after 3500X-580-NOV

Recommended upgrades are the 240GB or 480GB SSDs, and 16GB RAM to make it pop and zing. The B350MB upgrade is required for the 16GB 3200MHz RAM upgrade as the A320 supports 2666MHz max speed.

Other deals running for various CPU/GPU combos are over on on our account page.


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  • This is a fantastic system for esport gaming.
    Tempting to buy… so tempting!!


    How do you do username mentions on OzB?

    • Send him a PM?

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    wat is the power supply? thats wat worries me about these cheap builds, i'd rather pay more for a competent power that wont fry my whole pc. any option to pick my own power for added cost?

    • +1

      There are a number of options if you click the Power Supply section

      The base upgrade to 700W is $39

      • +5

        I think the brand/quality is also a concern, not only watt rating.

        • +2

          People have mentioned this ad nauseum, techfast don't care.

          A good quality psu is very important.

          • -2

            @Skinnerr: No it isn't.

            Makes no difference at all unless overclocking and cheap power supplies do not fry computers at rates that are worth worrying about. As in never.

            • +5

              @Diji1: Not so much fry but just fail, like my first no brand psu that just died in the arse after 18 months. Cheap/crap parts, no quality control, no warranty, no peace of mind. I'm speaking from experience when I say my antec high current gamer PSU has lasted me 6 years worry free, with a 3 year warranty.

              Think what you want, but I'll be happy spending $80+ on a decent quality antec/seasonic that isn't that expensive while you and others roll the dice on no brand Chinese crappo psu's.

              If the CPU is the brain of a computer, the PSU is the beating heart.

              • +1

                @Skinnerr: My corsair hx is on its 11th yr. Only the ram in my set up seems to be playing up at random so far. I really want to buy these deals but I know it'll just be to get the CPU and gpu and toss/sell the rest. Just makes me think I should just buy locally and save myself the trouble

                • +2

                  @mit: Also have a Corsair HX going on a decade old, PSU is one thing i will never cheap out on.

              • @Skinnerr: i mean if you do no research and buy a no name psu then you only have yourself to blame

                imo the risk with Techfast psu's are low because they actually have skin in the game - unlike big banks if their psu's start blowing up they risk losing their entire business, and not losing money is a huge motivation. so they most likely have done thorough research and chosen a cheap yet reliable solution, and given their track record it seems failure rates are quite low at this point.

              • @Skinnerr: the cooler master 450W that came included with the cooler master case (probably bought from MSY) lasted my i5-2500K system for 8 years before it needed replacing.. it outlasted the motherboard to be precise.

              • @Skinnerr: yea im still running my corsair tx650 from november 2011. it had fan issues from the start (always at 100%) couldnt be bothered to rma cuz apparently this is a common problem for the model. sometimes it has whining sound on boot but its still working fine. whereas the psu that came with my previous case died after 3 years.

        • +1

          Power supplies don't output at 100% efficiency (100 % being where power drawn in from wall = power outputted). A lot of the power inputted will be lost as heat. So watt rating on its own means bugger all.

          A low budget 550W PSU like this one would likely be more inefficient than a reputable branded one. Which means it would draw in more power from the wall to output at 550W compared to a qaulity PSU also outputting 550W ie. cost you more in the long run.

    • I don't think you understand that power supplies frying PCs isn't a thing.

      • It used to happen which is how it became such an important part of PC build lore.
        Now they just fail…and even the cheap PSUs have very low failure rates due to better manufacturing controls. It's one of those things though if you were ever affected in the early days the peace of mind is worth a lot.

        • +1

          but IMO people blow it way out of proportion, only the really really trash power supplies with no brand were problematic, anything with a half decent brand were OK. i got my coolermaster case with built in psu for $50 in 2008 and and it is still working, and back then it was a cheap option… imagine the people going for the even cheaper option…

          • +1

            @abctoz: At the end of the day it's still a critical PC component that people don't like cheaping out on.

            • @DisabledUser76006: plenty of people cheap out on it that's why you get those horror stories, but it doesn't mean all cheap psu's are trash…

      • May not be a thing now but definitely was in the past and thats where a lot of the stigma comes from.
        Most brands these days should be fine but I guess you would look pretty silly if you went cheap and it did fry your machine.

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    You probably wouldn't even find better value in used parts

  • +1

    Love the amazing deals from TechFast!
    I was just wondering what the time frame is from purchase to delivery

      • +15

        C'mon please don't lie about the 7 days. I can understand having numerous orders and being short-staffed but 7 days is a lie.

        • -5

          Haven't seen many people saying they're unable to ship in 7 business days, more details?

        • +1

          I ordered around a week and a half ago and contacted them yesterday, they quoted early-mid next week. Not ideal but they are communicative and forthcoming.

          • @victinini: ordered on 2/11, contacted this week to upgrade Mobo as hadn't heard anything, no problem so i assume mine hadn't been built yet. I'm hoping for next week but I didn't get an ETA after sorting the upgrade

          • +1

            @victinini: Post if/when you actually get it.

            I suspect Techfast, don't have any parts in stock and order in bulk, once they reach a certain threshold in order to get bulk discounts.

            My guess is it wont be finished by next week.

            • @MisguidedGames: May just be my experience but I was notified yesterday that the computer had been shipped with a tracking number from StarTrack, and will arrive tomorrow. However I will not be home to pick it up so will have to perhaps leave early and pick it up from the depot.

        • Relax it was just a typo. He meant 7 weeks, not days.

      • +10

        How can you claim that when yesterday, I was informed the system I purchased two weeks ago wont be shipped until late next week? That is 5-7 business days from today, let alone catering for the additional demand.

        Just be honest with people and let them know it will be 15 business days.

        • What did you order?

          Was it delay due to parts /customisation?

    • +1

      Took nearly 2 months for them to send mine to Melbourne metro area that I ordered last December (unassembled). I had a minor delivery requirement with timing and apparently it was a busy time for Techfast but still worth mentioning.

      Luke was very helpful here (after receiving no response from the ebay store) but overall I was very dissatisfied with the delivery time and quality of parts (Motherboard DOA, replacement also has issues, garbage PSU, worst PC case I have ever seen).

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    I have a DDR3 mobo with 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 4590 CPU and a GTX 970…

    Not sure if I should just upgrade the CPU, Mobo and RAM on my existing setup or get a brand new computer such as this one and build up from there.

    Upgrading my existing setup to DDR4 spec is going to cost more than some of the deals posted here.. Been on the fence for a while now :(

    • I was planning to just upgrade mobo, CPU and RAM as well.
      Ended up springing for a system on one of these deals.

      Just gonna swap in my own power supply, and add an extra hard drive for storage.

    • +6

      Not sure if I should just upgrade the CPU, Mobo and RAM

      If you aren't upgrading GPU, why bother upgrading CPU/MOBO/RAM ?
      Your 4590 is fine with GTX970.

      If you're not after RX580 1080p gaming, but rather looking at 1440p RTX2070 upgrade, then you can go for 4790 that's $200 on ebay and try to sell your 4590.

      Or even xeon e3-1230v3 /1231v3 at US$90~AUD$130 from aliexpress

      • +1

        Appreciate your reply, man.

        I was looking into the 5700XT for graphics as the RX 580 isn't justifiable as it's only performs a bit better than my 970… Based on my research anyway.

        So was going to save a bit until I can afford to get the 5700XT later on. But this deal is just too good.

        Issue is I have a 144hz gsync monitor so an AMD build seems out of the question. The AMD series gfx cards and CPU's are really favourable due to the price to performance ratio. Can't comprehend dropping loads of money on an Intel/NVIDIA setup for moderate gaming and general use.

        Techfast seems to have everything I want in other builds at a great price, but I'm just indecisive hey.. lol

        • +1

          1080p 144hz Gsync ?

          Get 2060 Super at $566

          Get e3-1231v3 at US$90 ~ AUD$130

          Sell your GTX970 and 4590 for $150

          All came down to the same price as this build, but you're getting a lot more FPS

          • @phunkydude: Yep [email protected]

            In your opinion, wouldn't it be better to go DDR4 for future proofing?

            Chucked my build + the 2060 super + the xeon processor on PC Part picker, seems my 520W PSU is able to handle the idle load.

            This is great, thank you… but decisions :/

            • +2

              @shiznig: ram is the last thing to consider for upgrade as they don't give 2 digits % performance, and i assume your mobo only take ddr3 so unless you want a new build now else don't bother future-proofing as ddr5 is coming next year

              you could stick with current platform with just the xeon cpu upgrade + new gpu, which lasts you for another 2 years then jump to new platform which by then ddr5 going mainstream whilst ddr4 getting obsolete

              • @phunkydude: Thanks phunkydude, you are a god amongst men <3

                • @shiznig: even your current CPU will happily power an RTX 2060, upgrading your CPU will allow you to push graphics settings up a notch or two if you're not already running at HIGH or ULTRAS in your game settings.

                  I was using an RTX 2060 in my i5-2500K system, gaming at 1080p and with most games set to ultra or high settings and my CPU was never redlining 100% usage. Borderlands 3 at HIGH settings and 1080p with the RTX 2060 was giving me 60+fps through the built in benchmark.

                  Looking at this benchmark video, when I move the RTX 2060 to the AMD 3700X system I'm building it looks like I can push the settings up to ULTRA and still have the same / similar performance (as I'm at more of a GPU limit than a CPU limit) -

                  AT THE MOMENT CPU performance (with anything that is 4 core or more) is not going to be a major contributor to game performance - GPU performance will be your main decider. Desktop application performance is where the CPU and upgrading the CPU will make the most noticable difference.

                  So my recommendation is always upgrade the GPU if you can, until you can afford to upgrade the entire system so you get the generation RAM and CPU leap which you'll notice more with windows app usage more than gaming. Especially useful if you do photoshop, video or compress / decompress a load of files.

      • Hi mate, why would you recommend e3 over 4590? I thought they perform similarly.

        Also, would you give me some advice as well? I currently own a built from 5 years ago. E3-1230V3, R9 280X, 32GB DDR3. I only play games @1080p 60Hz.

        Do you think it worthwhile to upgrade to DDR4 platform? I've been considering either buy a new PC or just buy a new GPU.

        • coz the extra 4 threads from hyper-threading (4 cores 8 threads) gives the edge that proven useful in most modern games and also with less micro-stuttering
          have a look at the CPU usage and FPS below, the 1230v3 still got rooms to breath for pairing with a better GPU

          for 1080p60hz gaming, it's not worth getting a new build / platform as your current rig still very capable so just get a new gpu will do
          you're better off putting all budget onto GPU like GTX 1660 Super, that goes for $350 circa expecting better price from upcoming sales

          or if you want to spend the minimum then hunt for used RX570/580 but don't spend more than $150, coz RX5500 will launch very soon which supersedes them and comes under $300 new
          if you're lazy to hunt for deals then just go aliexpress get rx480 at US$90/AUD$130

          • @phunkydude: Great, thanks!

            With Black Friday and Christmas around the corner, I might wait for RX5500 or better deals of the cards you mentioned. Now I can ignore all these tempting PC deals.

            Thank you mate.

    • +1

      Not sure if I should just upgrade the CPU, Mobo and RAM on my existing setup or get a brand new computer such as this one and build up from there.

      I’m in roughly the same predicament, with a 4690 (but a GTX 1070 instead) and have been thinking about buying a PC from Techfast and basically mixing and matching the best parts to the new system and then selling off the 4690 system to fund most of this upgrade.

      Would buy my own 16GB of ram, as their RAM upgrade costs are still ridiculous. Also would want at least a B450 motherboard, but they’re asking $129 as an upgrade option (without even saying what board it’ll be)? I can buy one from any PC store brand new for even less than they’re asking. Same with their case upgrades as well, although they are a little better than they use to be.

      These are the things which are stopping me from doing the upgrade which is a shame.

      • +1

        never go for their upgrade

        upgrade yourself and sell off the parts for cheap whilst still came out on top over full custom build

        • Yeah I never would bother with their prices, but much easier to sell off a stick of RAM than it is for a A320M motherboard and a random crappy case (although in reality could move the 4690 in my Thermaltake Core V1, but then stuck with a ITX case 😂). So doesn’t really help the issue.

      • +1

        Yeah man, it's pretty difficult hey.

        I want to save money, but at the same time don't want to screw myself over for making the wrong decision like I did nearly 5 years ago lol

        • Haha very true. I’ve been looking at getting a Xeon E3-1246 v3 but couldn’t really see the performance increase being worth it, although looking back now kinda kicking myself I didn’t take advantage of it when Shopback were running their 15% cashback.

          Ah well, might just be patient and see what happens. Only game I’m really running into a CPU bottleneck is The Division 2, but with wanting to get RDR2 soon I’m sure that’s pretty hard on 4 core CPU’s as well.

  • +2

    This can run RDR2 with 60fps pretty decently.

    • Was about to say this too, great 1080p system. So tempted…

    • Not sure if you've not seen the reviews or if you're happy with low settings. RDR2 is one of the most graphically demanding games out there if you can get it to launch.

  • +3

    For what is essentially a $270 GPU, you're paying under $300 for CPU/case/ram/mobo/hdd. I swear Techfast are tapped into some black market of PC parts.

    • +1

      i bet their cost price for rx580 = well under $150 a pop

    • +4

      Luke has found a portal into the alternate universe where too many ryzen 3500Xs were manufactured. He makes a trip every fortnight to stock up and returns back to sell them cheaply.

      • +2

        Trading baby formula for cheap parts. Works for me!! Waiting for black friday to come and go before pulling the trigger

    • More impressive when you consider the CPU is worth about $250.

      • they said before somewhere that the wholesale price of 3500x is comparatively lower, probably because there is more supply

        • isn't the 3500x for the chinese market only? So Techfast would be getting these at substantial discount.

          • -1

            @Solrak: no idea, but these trade blows with 4c/8t cpu's and the ryzen 2400g is around ~175aud

            • +1

              @abctoz: It should whip a 4c/8t CPU as it's a 6c/6t 3rd gen Ryzen

              • @Solrak: if you check out 7700k vs 8600k they are quite close, the 4c8t might even hold advantage as games use more threads particularly 0.1% lows

    • +3

      its called crap parts lol

    • +1

      The last biostar 580 they were selling had the performance of a 570. Name brand 580s are 250 on eBay new.

      • Might be those 580s that were rebadged 570 in terms of compute cores.

      • Are the rx580 in this listing the 2048SP?

  • +4

    Got anything big planned for Cyber Monday???

    • +1

      Hopefully have all their orders that everyone is waiting on for weeks shipped

  • Cheapest equivalent build I could do on PCCG ended up being $882 without shipping or building/testing. Link here

    Edit: Obviously couldn't pick the 3500x so not sure what the closest CPU choice would be

    • 2600x

      • Takes it down to $756 excluding shipping, build & test

  • Any 1k mark 4k machine

  • We need these deals on eBay.

  • How would this PC deal with games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Apex and Modern Warfare, presumably high settings?

    • +1

      Very well in 1080p. Benchmark here of similar build.

      • This PC will struggle badly and lag like hell when the settings are set to high.

  • +2

    This is great for a hard budget, but if you were considering upgrading some of the specs (e.g. to 16gb ram and 240gb ssd) you are right in the same price ballpark as the high spec 1660 deal techfast posted a few days ago which has a nicer case, and the gfx is newer, marginally better and more power efficient.

    Trying hard to resist all of these deals!

  • What's this like for a Plex server? Probably run max of 4 transcodes.

    • Transcode at what res? Hardware transcoding enabled or not? Best power/performance transcoding for Plex is still an 8th Gen onwards Intel CPU with iGPU using quicksync (hardware Transcoding)

  • They ozbargainers I ordered one of the techfast pcs and it's supposed to be ready either today or Monday, just wondering where is the safest site to get a cheap windows product key. I haven't bought one before and the sites all look dodge. Cheers in advance

  • Honestly i would totally buy this because its so cheap but my only concern is the motherboard and storage. Im also wondering if you guys use good branded psu's. Other then that do you guys build the pc too? If so thats so awesome and selling that cheap is really mind boggling. If i find a good pc around 1000 on your website ill buy it.

  • Can I get the computer disassembled with all the components still in the box?

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