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Ring Home Security Kit - Doorbell, 2 Outdoor Cams and Chime $189.99 Delivered @ Ring eBay


Ring Home Security Kit Satin Nickel 8X20X6-SENB Brand New Bundle

  • Ring Video Doorbell
  • 2x Ring Outdoor 1st Gen Stick Up Cam
  • Ring Chime

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  • Damn. So tempting. Great price. wonder how upset the resellers r.

  • Does it do backup? Local or cloud?

    • Cloud with Subscription

      • So without subscription we can only view live view? Cannot see past video?

        • Correct.

          • +2

            @BradH13: i have been looking for outdoor security camera and most required subscription for video recording feature.
            these smart camera aren't cheap at all and with the subscription on top make it very expense to run.
            anyway have brought one, lets see how it goes, hopefully will never need the video recordings

            • +1

              @bostos: look into Wyze camera, works well indoors and local storage with notifications to your mobile.

            • @bostos: The concept kind of sells itself. You get notified when someone is on your property and you can do something about it (talk through the camera, or alert your neighbors or police) vs normal camera where you just get the pleasure of watching the theiving &^%$s steal all your shit after you get home!

              I'm seriously considering the full RING setup as our area is going to shit, more and more theft around, this product would be great peace of mind, to the point Im pretty sure most thieving &&^%^$s know what they are now and will avoid your place when they see the smart cams, unless you have something VERY much worth the heightened risk.

              • @John Dough: I believe when it comes to security footage, it is best to have cloud backup as this prevents the intruder simply ripping out the hardware along with the "local storage".

                I have a single Ring Doorbell 2 and I pay USD30/yr for the cloud storage. $30USD a year isn't expensive when it comes to security. This gives you the ability to review historical notification at any time.

                • -1

                  @muddrex: So now I can leave my Nike's on the porch?

                • +1

                  @muddrex: You can do this with a Hikvision 4k dome cam ($200 ea). As soon as it detects any intruder/motion, it uploads 4K image + short video to my gmail, plus I also get phone alert. All of this is free, no subscription whatsoever and the image/video blows anyway anything being offered by Nest, Ring, Eufy, Arlo etc, however it's let down by poor mobile app and no AI features. (e.g. a bug can set off the action).

                • @muddrex: If you're technically minded, most of the Chinese cams have offloading functions. Mine auto dump to an FTP server when motion is detected in the designated areas.

                  In the event that an intruder simply smashes the cameras, I don't think even the rings would save you as it still needs time to offload the footage. If it were doing it constantly it would destroy your internet bandwith unless you had a 100mb connection.

            • +1

              @bostos: Try reolink. ~100bucks each.

            • @bostos: Wyze, Xiaomi Mi, eufy, Hikvision cams all use local storage so you can view past videos for free.

              • @ashopper: All these are to SD cards and rubbish, need to be powered by USB..

                I'd much rather poe and able to record back to nvr or nas.

  • This would be great if there was an option for a hardwired screen too

    • +3

      You don't need a hardwired screen. You can use an Amazon Echo Spot/Show as a wireless video intercom. Works great.

      • What about Google Nest Hub Max?

        • +1

          Nope… they're not completely support by Google's stuff. Only Amazon's

  • +1

    Series 1 so it'll be 720p.

    • +3

      It's more about the notifications, this is key in protecting your property, acting fast and alerting neighbours/cops etc or calling their bluff at the front door when you use the remote intercom to tell them you have called your neighbor/cops or are home.

      Police get footage and even if it's 4K , I'll guarantee its a stolen car and they are wearing hoodies/balaclavas and the police can't do shit for you.
      Half the time they probably know or have a hunch who the thieves are, but cant rely on our piss weak justice system to do anything about them even if they are caught but thats a whole different rant!! haha

  • +1

    I just wish it chimed/notified me on my google home stuff.

    • It does now apparently. Google and Amazon are starting to play nicely together:

      • Not sure it notifies by the description. If you are mildly techy you can easily setup Home Assistant on a raspberry pi and then you can get it to make a notification on your Google homes. I'm doing that with mine.

      • Doesn't notifying you though. It's the one thing you'd want it to do.

    • It does on my Echo but not sure about Google

  • Bought this on the last deal and love it. 720p is fine and I'd recommend for those with crappy internet speeds like myself.

    • So do you have subscription or just use live video feature? Really keen on this but 100usd per year, is it worth…

      • +1

        I only have the Ring Doorbell 2 and I have the basic subscription which is $30USD/yr for a single device.

        I think it is worth it.

        Some argue that they prefer local storage, but then I think for these security camera, it is good to have cloud backup. Otherwise, someone could simply rip out the camera along with whatever local storage it is using. Ideally they can utilize something like Dropbox but I guess it is just a common business model so that they get recurring revenue.

        • I also have crap internet in the area, no ADSL or NBN yet so stick with 4g Mobile broadband 500G per month, this one can easily eat up all the 500GB within 2 weeks. I consider this kit has 3 cameras (one in Doorbell and 2 external cameras)

          Probably I have to pass it :(

          • +2

            @codinghelloworld: I use my ring setup on Optus 4G wireless broadband, also 500gb. Average home internet users, stream Netflix and abc iview for the kid each day. Have never come close to the 500gb yet and I usually get a couple of notifications per day. Using 2 ring outdoor cameras.

          • @codinghelloworld: 500GB is ample. Keep in mind it only uploads video to the cloud after detecting motion or when you go to live view. I have a single RING doorbell in a high traffic area with motion sensitivity at to max and on average it uploads 80MB a day.

    • How do you go for battery life on the cameras?

      • Not sure about Ring Doorbell 1 but with Ring Doorbell 2, one charge lasts about 2 months i'd say. I got a secondary battery through Qantas Rewards recently so that I can just quickly swap the battery.

        • Ring doorbell 1 lasts easily 3-4 months for me.

          HOWEVER I'm on semi-rural it probably only gets used once or twice a day.

          Great for motion detection I know someone's at the door before they ring.

      • +1

        Depends on how much activity you get at your front door, I was getting about 3 months on this version.

        Doesn't take that long to charge, a couple of hours and you get plenty warning that the battery is starting to get low.

  • +1

    Actually keen on this for the stick up cams.

    • What's the advantage of the pop up cameras vs say a ring doorbell 2, with built in camera?

      • It depends on what you need but basically more cameras :D also these stick up cams are kinda overpriced on their own so having two for under 200 is not bad actually.

  • Does the doorbell require a wire or can it run on battery?

    • +1

      Battery gen1 you take the whole unit off gen 2 you pop the battery out

    • +1

      Battery, optionally on wire

  • Will this work with the Apple "Home" stuff. Does it matter if not, that my lock is on Home and this is on yet another system?

    • Ring is not yet Apple Homekit compatible yet. But it is OK. I have a similar setup where my lock is Home and Ring on its own system.

  • Bugger, wish I held out from buying my Ring Doorbell from TGG sale. Would definitely have grabbed this instead.

  • Reviews say the 1st gen door video cam can't do live view, is this true?

    • -1


      • This part here which is listed for Video Doorbell2 and not for 1stgen "Live View on-demand video and audio"?

    • Live view at the very basic, cloud is subscription

  • -1

    I just got one from Bunnings a month ago, wonder what the return policy is?

    • +1

      But this and return it to Bunnings unopened?

  • Does anyone make a doorbell that pings your phone with a shortcut to open the app that lets you view a separate camera?

  • Anyone tried with Xiaomi doorbell yet?

    • +2

      I've got the Xiaomi doorbell, goes alright and paid about $60 9 months ago. It's cheap and does a basic job of monitoring the front porch and notifying me.

      Takes 4 AA batteries which for me last about a month.

      The cloud storage is a little slow to retrieve footage, and live view only works when there's someone at the door (but it doesn't cost to maintain a subscription which is the main selling point for me). You have a very small window to access it before it goes back to no live footage which is probs what annoys me the most.

      • Thanks for the information

  • +2

    I ended up buying Reolink Argus 2 (2x) and 2 solar panels for the price of $280.


    If I bought this + additional solar panels, then cost of this Ring system would be $290 but I get an extra video door bell and chime.

    The only difference between Ring and Reolink is Reolink offers 7 day video storage but Ring subscription is $30 per year per camera. So I think Reolink is cheaper in the long run.

    Also Reolink Argus 2 is 1080HD and has better review than Ring.

    What are your thoughts ?

    • +4

      I absolutely agree. I have had two Reolink Argus 2 and 1 ring cam setup for a year and a half now. Reolink is by far the more superior and cost effective in the long run. They don't even compare. The quality of picture on the Ring is beyond poor and it is also the fact that I have to pay for storage per month ($4 plus international transaction fee). Whereas Reolink storage is free.

      At the end of the day when someone started stealing stuff from our yard several nights running the Reolink cameras proved their worth. The ring was covering our front and two Reolinks in the backyard.

      The ring didn't pick up any motion the first night. We noticed stuff missing from the front and nothing on the camera record except for the paperman. The second night it caught someone stealing our meerkats (left by the last owner of the house). However, the Ring's picture camera quality was so poor that it was useless. We thought it was a child in a potato sack wearing a sombrero. Like Cinderella all they left behind was a sock in their haste to get away.

      Third night and they entered our backyard and the Reolinks caught them in full 1080HD with their faces in detail. Turned out to be the (adult) next door neighbour but one. Turned all footage over, but the ring footage was not good enough to be submitted. The Reolink however did the trick. The footage even led to their eviction from their private rental, (landlord was pretty chuffed as they had been causing other problems - drugs, destruction of property, noise, harassment, etc.).

      The usability of the app and software for the Reolink is far more flexible, easier to use and quicker to access when something is detected outside. Gives me more peace of mind. The charge time is more frequent and takes much longer for the Ring. I always do them all on the same day and need to leave the Ring two hours more. When I have the money I am changing out the Ring for another Reolink.

      • +3

        I hope your meerkats are OK dude

        • Hehe, thanks. My elderly mum was devastated as they were never recovered. I have since bought her a whole range of them dressed as everything from Braveheart to Crocodile Dundee but cannot find the exact ones that were taken.

      • What do you feed your meerkats ?

      • Like legitimate, actual meerkats? WTH? What a random pet

        • +1

          sounds like stuffed / fake ones like garden nome kinda thing

          • @doggmatic: Yeah, that would be it. Like one of these . I see meerkats in peoples yards more than actual gnomes nowadays.

  • Does this effectively give 3 camera? One for the doorbell, plus the 2 extra cameras?

    Am I correct in saying that, I can only 'speak' back to someone via the doorbell?

    And with the 30USD plan, you only get could storage for 1 of the camera's?

    • Cloud is 30USD for 1 or 100USD for all cameras.
      You can speak back to someone on the doorbell once they ring it.

      If someone calls the stick ups though the app you can talk back if that makes sense.

      • Thanks.

        Let's assume I have the door bell in the front of my house with one camera and then the other camera at the rear of my property, if the second camera at the rear of my property activates… Can I communicate through that one?

  • Bought this pack when a deal came up a few weeks ago, and I'm happy with it.

  • +2

    Keep in mind that this is pretty useless without an ongoing subscription service and you’re stuck with live view and notifications. I currently use a door bell 2 and its just much a passive door bell with internet notifications. The live feed has big delays connecting.

  • +1

    Aren't the cops able to pull the footage without a warrant? Has anyone checked the fine print?

  • What's the equivalent product for Google home hub?

    • +2

      Nest Hello - not officially released in Australia (although can buy from the likes of Kogan). It's also wired only.

  • Anyone have experience of the difference between the stick up cameras in this kit versus the ones you can buy?

    All the reviews seem to be of the newest cameras and not this one!

  • +1

    i wouldnt buy the doorbell in this kit. Its garbage.
    The pro ones are only ones worth getting.

    Dont know how good the stick up cams. I just got the second gen one and its good so far.

    • It’s garbage.

      Why’s that?

      • not sure if you call it 'garbage' but unless it is hardwired, the delay is quite noticeable from the time someone rings the bell to getting notified at times.

    • I have ring 2 its got its quirks but i wouldnt say its garbage… not sure of Ring ones without wiring them up as you cant charge the battery etc, but cant see it being that much worse than Ring 2 .. the need to have amazon only stuff is on the other hand garbage .. :)

  • How loud is the audio from the speaker in the camera when using 2 way audio? And can you watch the stream from a PC/Mac?

  • I have the ring doorbell 2, it all depends on the internet connection how fast it can respond. I had it running on battery at first it last about 2 months each charge. So backup is good. Then I went on eBay and got a after market power adaptor connecting to it was really quick. I seem like the connection to the door bell was much quicker and the response time was much better. Also the video quality improve when I got a permanent continuous source.

    • Agree, we have slow internet but decent wifi and the Ring app always complains that the wifi is the issue. There is a massive lag between the bell (Ring 2) being pressed and chimes (x2) sounding. I can't imagine that the bell is sent to the cloud and then back to the chimes but who knows. Seems the Ring doorbells can't be hacked to work 'locally' so if you do purchase then you are locked in to Ring and their subscriptions.
      The live video alert to phone is also very laggy but that could be a function of my crap internet connection and the journey to their server and back.

  • Recommend the Ring Solar Panel. Got one for each of my stickup cameras. Battery went to 100% first day and remained there.

    Here's a link for $59 free shipping normally $79 for panels

  • +1

    looks like they have been Ozbargained….

  • +1

    Damn, I was going to get this last night and forgot. Sold out now.

  • +2

    Back in stock

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