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Caltex Petrol Stations - $5 Cashback ($50 Min Spend, Max 1 Use, Visa or Mastercard Payment) @ Cashrewards


This offer is back till 23/11/19
Note- Redeemable only once unlike before.

Thanks to Dacs for the Caltex Service Stations map

Special Terms
Cashback is limited to one transaction in total per account within the offer period (18/11/19 - 23/11/19). Any subsequent transactions may track to your account but will be declined at a later date.

A minimum spend of $50 in a single transaction is required to be eligible for Cashback.

Ensure you 'Tap' or select 'Credit' at payment. Choosing 'Savings' or 'Cheque' will make the transaction ineligible for Cashback. Fuel Pay is ineligible for Cashback.

Offer is valid at 750+ participating Caltex store locations nationally. Outlet must be listed on Cashrewards (see below) to be eligible for Cashback.

Referral Links

Referral:  whypaymo or random (4269)

$10 for referee and $30 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days

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  • +3 votes

    @TA if I've already had max claims on this am I eligible again seeing as this promo is 18/11 ~ 23/11

  • Good to see this deal returns but only one fill up :S

    I was using it 3 times each deal! 10% back on fuel is nice.

  • Really struggling to get anything back from my previous purchases as cash rewards say they aren't tracked.

  • As long as card is added to cash rewards, it should track in store $50+?

  • Any one got the $5 from last offer? I did set up my CC and used it over last long weekend spending $50 but cant see any tracking.

  • Cha-Ching! Caltex regularly cheapest in my travels!

  • It wasn't showing credit option on POS to me. CHQ and saving but it didn't work. So had to do PayPass…

  • What happens if the same card is link to the Qantas Shopping Mall as well?

  • Still waiting for the $10 credit from the one about 3 weeks ago. Not expecting any joy here.

  • Perfect timing for the price rises in Sydney!!

    50c variation on fuel prices happening atm…

    Also, when linking ur card use the CR app, the website is useless YMMV..

  • First use probaly won't again, Have to wait 6 weeks and you get no discount on everyday rewards and you have to use over $50

  • Didn't track the transaction even though visa card is linked from last offer :(

  • Hi guys, don't get too excited. It says Fuel Pay is ineligible for Cashback.

    • I have the $5 on my cashrewards and got petrol if it ends up been ineligible cashrewards is actually costing me money and I probaly switch.

    • FuelPay is Caltex's version of pay-via-app like BP. Filling up and paying at the counter still makes you eligible for cashback.

  • I still did not get any tracking notification or $10 for last fuel purchase on 31/10 during promotion.

    • me too, did lodge claim inquiry with CR, but still pending investigation, and also just said pending $5, not $10, not cool! Don't think I'll ever use this kind of offer again, bit of gamble if you'll actually get the cashback..life's too short for that.

  • if you link your card with them does it mean they track all transactions you make or just those as part of their deals?

  • probably a stupid question,
    but can someone settle a dispute between me and my partner.
    This offer is also available at Woolworth's Caltex's right?