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Black Friday Budget Gaming PC: R5-3500X / GTX 1660 $607 + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


Black Friday deals start now. I think most OzBargainers recognise our base pricing for most builds is already kinda perma-Black Fridayed as it is unless we apply for not for profit status, so we will be tweaking some previous popular deals, as well as coming up with a few interesting freshys in the lead up to Black Friday/Cyber Monday. If anyone has any spec requests, let me know.

First up, the budget gaming PC listed by Tightarse in late October - the 3500X / 1660 base spec, now in the new White Leaper Mid case (previously Leaper small form factor). This build is best served by the 16GB RAM upgrade (still a discounted $69 as per previous budget deals) and as much storage upgrading as your budget allows for a very tidy budget gaming rig. We've also cut PSU upgrades to 750W Bronze and Gold (prices reduced by $10 and $100 respectively). The Leaper Mid, specs here, is new and sits between the Leaper small form factor and the Leaper Pro RGB. We're offering the H18 ($29) and J24 ($95) as upgrades as well, which I think offers good value for those seeking case upgrades.

Spec: Ryzen 5 3500X | GTX 1660 6GB (likely Galax but brands may vary) | 8GB 2400MHz (likely G.Skill) | 240GB 2.5" SSD | Biostar A320 motherboard | 550W power supply | Leaper Mid White case
Price: $607 after 3500X-1660-BLACKCYBER (apply at checkout)

As advised earlier this week, a very large number of 3500X systems are shipping today/tomorrow with another very large batch to follow next week, plus all other CPU/GPU combos shipping in between, and we expect build times to average 10 business days or less from here. I am currently updating as many existing customers as possible personally but feel free to reach out about yours.

Other active deals for those interested:
Budget 3500X / RX 580: $549
Mid Tier 3500X / 5700: $978
Mid Tier 3500X / 5700 XT: $1128
High End 3500X / RTX 2080 Super: $1499 [Says Expired by code is still active]
High End 3700X / RTX 2080 Super: $1799
High End 3900X System: from $1699
High End i7 9700K / RTX 2080 Super: $2049
all +$29 delivery

Expires midnight Cyber Monday.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Hey Luke, what's the current turn around time for shipping? Do you think systems ordered today would arrive in time for Christmas?

    • Hi mate, absolutely no question that these will be delivered before Christmas. Shipping times will average 10 business days or less from here on.

  • Is there any option for express delivery? I am flying over from NZ and will only be in Melbourne the 5/6/7th Dec… so would have to make sure I can pick it up then otherwise it will be stuck there.

    • If you're intending to live in NZ warranty will be complicated. Can you email [email protected] with this request to be followed up there?

  • Any cheaper GPU upgrades for Black Friday?

  • +1

    On the white leaper case - USB 1.0 what?? Is this a typo?

  • +1

    Which AMD B450 is it, because why does it cost 129 to upgrade?

  • White Leaper Mid case

    Is it really white? It looks black on the picture.

  • Hi, do you think the motherboard upgrade to B450 is worth it (for future proofing) and Luke does that fit in the Versa H18?

    • Yep it does. The X570 doesn't though.

  • What PSU is included for the Bronze and Gold 80+ upgrades?

  • Ordered the 3500x/1660 build on the 16/11, still hasn't even been shipped. Be wary on delivery time frame with these.

    • Luke has said approx. 10 day build time.

  • Luke, can you please clarify if this offer ends tonight, or next Monday.

    I believe Cyber Monday is meant to be next Monday 02/12 ???

    • Yep. We're launching a lot of deals so starting early. All will expire the Cyber Monday evening.

    • Ah I see the problem, ticked the wrong date. Back live!

  • @luketechfast - i sent an email re: my order nov 11 still showing unfufilled? also your phone number on website keeps looking and repeating the prompt

    • Yeh I ordered on 13th Nov.

      Still nothing

    • +1

      Hi guys, both of these orders will be shipped this week.

      Re the phone, can you PM me some more details - not sure exactly what the issue is from that description?

  • Hi Luke,

    Can you comment on the case? The pic on the website is black, but the description says white…

    Someone else asked before, but there is no reply…

    • Sorry didn't see it. The case has a white solid side panel, white trim to the transparent front panel, and is black at the rear. Front and access panels are dark transparent.

  • Gday Luke,

    Are you able to ship the build completely unassembled?

    I will be buying my own motherboard, so would prefer to apply the cpu brand new etc

    Let me know if so, I’ll be making a purchase!

    Also, any idea on whether we’d receive a Galax 1660 or have they run out?

    • Sure. Enter SHIP UNASSEMBLED in the Notes field on the Cart Page before Checkout. Cheers!

  • Tired to order 3 for pick up but get an error saying cases is out of stock. Rep please reply to my PM. Thanks.

  • Discount will only applied one order at a time?

    • Yep. Otherwise multiple discounted systems and one $29 shipping charge = too much pain to bear.

  • Hi Luke,
    I've ordered two for pickup still waiting for confirmation for one more. Hopefully I can put another order in before the special is over. Thank you.

  • -1

    Are you guys making money on the base models?

    Found equivalents on Taobao for $567, sourced in bulk probably cheaper. If you dodge the GST you can probably get this delivered for $500 (agent).

  • How would this work for photo/video editing? I would run Photoshop and Premiere Pro.
    I'm thinking of upgrading RAM and maybe Motherboard and also considering the other offer 3500x / rx580.
    Would getting the 3600 cpu be worth the extra 150$?

  • Great build for price, picked one up with the 16gb upgrade. Time to get back into some PC gaming, the best way to do it!

  • Hey Luke, thinking of purchasing this pc. Just wondering, what ports are on the discrete 1660 itself?

  • Hi guys.. Will this system run games at 144 FPS @ 1080p? Or is it wasting money getting a 144 monitor?

    If anyone would like to recommend an ideal monitor spec for this system, I'd be grateful. Cheers.

  • Will order tomorrow.
    Do you have any other brand for b350m other than biostar. (willing to pay difference)?

    • No sorry, B45M2 is the only B350 option.

      • ok no worries. ordered one just now.

  • Should I just wait for boxing day sales / christmas sales to buy my pc, or just buy it now?
    Also how can we get more hdmi and display ports?

    • Pricing won't change much, depends when you want it! The only outputs these systems off is through the GPU as there's no motherboard/integrated graphics through the CPU.

      • Just bought one, it comes prebuilt right? cause I have no idea on how to build a pc. Also I need this for a christmas present and I saw you guys took a long time to ship and get the build down. Which is understandable because you guys get ozbargained. Anyhow would mine be ready and shipped before christmas?

        • Yep, fully built with OS pre-installed and GPU drivers, so ready to go out of the box. Delivery before Christmas won't be an issue.

          • @luketechfast: Saw the guy's youtube reviewing you guys,the fan wasn't plugged in and motherboard wasn't installed and it didn't come with the md.2 things.

            Have you guys solved that problem yet? cause his friends bought some too and has the same issue.

            • @Hito: I think that was over a year ago. Things have certainly changed. Even his was a poor example of quality control. That one just happened to go to someone who makes videos, unfortunately.

              • @luketechfast: I'm going to upgrade the ram for my son and I was thinking of removing the 8gb
                and adding 16gb DDR4 3200mhz. and Add a hdd and an ssd. I'm not sure what brand / certain ssd / ram stick that will fit the pc.

                I was thinking maybe a 1tb ssd and a 1gb hdd. Could you possibly send me some links that would fit the pc.

                Also, if I replaced the ssd how would I reinstall windows, etc.

                Would be greatly appreciated :D

                • @Hito: oh and it's a Thermaltake H18 as well

              • @luketechfast: 3 months ago.

                Some points:
                Average cable management
                Extra HDD just sat loose on the bottom of case
                Front fan not doing what it’s meant to (air in-take)
                Cheap PSU, which needed converter cables to power up components
                Upgrade costs

                Great pricing (when on special)
                Pre configured with windows 10 and drivers installed
                Decent branded components

          • @luketechfast: Sure about that? Ordered my PC from you guys on November 16 and still hasn’t been marked as shipped…

  • Thinking to get this with the 1660 Super upgrade and mobo.
    has anyone dealt with their warranty before? We have to send the whole PC back? Is shipping covered or we pay it ourselves?

  • Anyone picked theirs up yet? 6 business days currently

    • +2

      I'm on 13 business days.

      • +1

        bought mine on the 22nd, picking it up locally and requested it to be unassembled, still haven't got it yet but i'm patiently waiting

        • +1

          For now I’m being patient. As long as it
          Comes a week or so before Xmas so I can test it out before wrapping it up

          • @Danstar: Damn, it would be good if there was a better estimate. Still any update?? This is taking the full 10 business days to build

            • +1

              @aerona: Hey. I got it 2 days ago. Ordered on 13-11 so about 3 weeks

  • Ordered on 20th November to see what all the fuss was about. Order status still shows up as 'paid' but 'unfulfilled'.
    Tried calling 2-3pm AEST today. Kept waiting as first in queue for half hour. Finally get through and the operator advises he'll check with system builders.
    Kept on hold another 10 minutes then phone service cuts off.
    Try to call again and am advised the phone service is unavailable.
    Sent off an email and am now waiting for a response.
    Come on guys. How can Techfast be so slow?

    • Seems like they take on too much and can’t
      Keep up with the demand…

      Will eventually bite them in the a$$ if they keep to that practice

    • Sorry to hear of the phone issues - phone lines close at 330pm so you may have had some really unfortunate timing. Can you let me know the email subject or content so I can take a look?

      • Hi Luke, I finally received my system. Ran 3dmark and the Superposition benchmark then started to download Shadow of the Tombraider when the entire system blacked out without warning. I believe the power supply is at fault and is not delivering enough power to this system. What are my options?

  • +1

    Expired? I thought it was til midnight?

    • 1660s at the current price ran out, sorry folks. Will do our best to get more.

  • Hi Luke,

    Thought this was supposed to expire at midnight? Was planning on picking this one up later today (had it in my cart ready to go), but now the coupon has stopped working?

    • 1660s at the current price ran out, sorry folks. Will do our best to get more.

  • +1

    Hi rep,

    Went to order and the code says it’s expired? Thought this deal was on until midnight.

    • 1660s at the current price ran out, sorry folks. Will do our best to get more.

      • Like possible restock this evening or for a future sale? Thanks.

  • +1

    Any updates on this build? Purchased the day this was posted.

    • A huuuuuge amount shipped and shipping but tracking numbers info may not have been done yet. If you PM me I can check for you

  • Anyone receive their PC or a shipping number? Haven't heard anything myself. Guessing they are super busy with all the PCs they sold on black friday

    • An enormous amount are shipping today, tomorrow and Wdnesday so you will be receiving this week.

  • Mine has shipped, arriving tomorrow. Thanks Luke and team, in time for Christmas.

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