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i7-9700K / 2080 Super Gaming PC [Z370/16G 3200MHz/240G NVME]: $2049 + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


Hi all, back on deck!

Hitting up the Intel side of things firstly, with a high spec 9700K build:

Spec: Core i7 9700K | RTX 2080 Super (likely Galax, MSI upgrade for $39) | 16GB 3200MHz RAM (Corsair Vengeance LPX for first 20 systems, brand may vary after) | 240GB NVMe m.2 SSD | Z370 motherboard (brand may vary but won't be Biostar, something like MSI. Upgrade to Asus Tuf WiFi available) | 750W power supply (Thermaltake Litepower or equivalent, with Smart BX1 80+ Bronze and Gigabyte 80+ Gold or equivalent upgrades available) | Thermaltake Versa H18 Case
Price: $2049 after 9700K-2080S-NOV (enter at checkout)
Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/core-i7-9700k-rtx-2080-supe...

Here are our current Ryzen offerings:
Budget 3500X / RX 580: $549
Higher Spec 3500X / 1660: $689
Mid Tier 3500X / 5700: $978
Mid Tier 3500X / 5700 XT: $1128
High End 3500X / RTX 2080 Super: $1499 [Says Expired by code is still active]
High End 3700X / RTX 2080 Super: $1799
High End 3900X System: from $1699 [Says Expired by code is still active]

all plus $29 delivery.

As always we appreciate the support of the OzBargain community for these deals, and their popularity/price point means our current build times are about 2 weeks (10 business days). We're working through a large number of orders from our recent deals as quickly as possible, and I'm very aware that some customers are beyond their estimated delivery dates. Two very large batches of 3500X systems should be shipping very soon - likely towards the end of this week, and then early next, which should see the bulk of those current orders fulfilled and received by the end of November.


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    Techfast deals = Upvotes

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      You get an upvote!

  • I was wondering this morning that I hadn't seen a techfast deal in a while….

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      Five days?

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        Its like a drug…. the more I see them, the more I want. I wasn't even in the market for a desktop, but I want one now :)

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    Hey OzB commenters, really curious…for those that would consider buying a system like this, what monitor would you get to best utilise the 2080 SUPER?

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      x27p. This card is perfect for 1440p.

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      I got an LG 27GL850 few days ago, would recommend. Basically any 1440p 144hz monitor would do you well.

      • I'm in the same boat. šŸ¤” Hmmm…. I have the 5700xt mech.

  • Any recos on techfast deals for video editing/programming/the odd game of LoL

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      wait for a 3950x deal i guess. they should have cheaper options from rx580 to 2080 ti so wait for that.

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      definitely go with an amd cpu, better value.
      The configuration depends on your work load.

  • Which of these systems would be best for 4K video editing?

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      grab a 3900X deal and increase your storage/ram.

    • For anything that requires AVX512 Intel is still whomping AMD, make sure you know what you want/need.

      In both cases there are large performance losses because you lack either cores or AVX512 and/or Intel HD. But the number of scenarios where Intel wins is far smaller so I would buy AMD if you don't specifically have a program you expect to be using.

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    Only a couple of days till my R5 1660 build from last month arrives. Can't wait

  • I know it may be a good starting point but if you want more of a complete solution you have to consider that you will also possibly need:

    • a storage drive
    • windows 10 (optional)
    • keyboard & mouse
    • Wifi adapter

    Blows the price out a bit…

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      from my and my friends experience windows 10 gets installed & activated even though they say it doesnt. not sure if thats the case now but that was the case 8 months ago.

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        This is still the case. Got one about a month ago and Windows installed and activated.

        • really? My friend got a pc from them a couple months ago and i had to activate windows for him

      • Monitor
      • +8
        • RGB Mousepad
        • RGB Gaming Chair
        • RGB Desk
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      You may also possibly need:

      • a house
      • an electricity plug
      • @knightelf

        I bought 10 of these when they were 20% off.

      • Split-system air conditioner (for the hot summers and cold winters or just for the cleaner/drier air, as some have air filters in them to do so)
      • Posters of hot babes/guys/furries/semis/whatever all over your room walls and doors (whichever tickles your fancy)
      • Junk food and drinks at the ready stocked up in your said plastered room, for your 12 hourly sessions
      • Block windows so no light comes in
      • Glow in the dark stickers
      • RGB or and neon lighting everywhere for that gamer feel
      • Terabit NBN
      • Money for all of this …
    • +4

      Low IQ post. Everytime a console deal comes up should we post all the extra costs associated with them too?

      Also maybe we should include the TV and lounge as well?

    • Just re-use the storage drive + kyeboard/mouse from your existing desktop. No need for a wifi adapter, you can upgrade the motherboard in the customisation to add it if needed but I would highly recommend just sticking to ethernet on a desktop.

  • Iā€™m one of the people waiting on the 3500x ( also went the mobo upgrade and the ventus). How much more would it be to go to like a 3600 or 3600x ? If you had those in stock possibly get some systems built and moving.

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        userbenchmark is terrible for comparing chips and won't take into account performance on 4+ threads.

        E.g. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i9-9920X-vs...

        • +1

          Interesting - genuine question, what would you use to compare performance? Or how do you? The way I read that, the 9920X is way faster on the higher cores?

          I ask because I'm currently researching a CPU/RAM/MOBO upgrade and I keep changing my mind 100 times over and I've been using that as a resource. Would love advice.

    • +1

      I'd be happy with an update at this stage. been nearly 2 weeks since they had stock and still no word despite the 7 day window advertised..

      edit: I just saw Luke's response above to the 3500x stock, that's good news here's hoping ill have it mid next week

  • I seem to have a problem with your website. I never be able to view the full specification of most of the PC systems. Would you please find out the problem?

    Found the problem. All good. Sorry.

    • What was it?

    • I had this issue. Couldn't scroll down on some pages.

      It turned out to be my ad blocker for some reason. I disabled it on the Techfast site and the problem went away (for reference I use ublock origin and ghostery).

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    damn…this one is good…

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    The system wont be sent out in 10 business days. This is obvious and it will be more likely 15-20, I seriously doubt you will get these before Christmas.

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        Dude do you understand how negs work? In a bit over a week you have negged the 4 deals you have voted on. Negative votes are meant to be used very sparingly for products that are total crap or not at all a bargain. They are also meant to include a comment stating the reason for the negative vote.

        • Are you talking to Frozenkuku, because I don't think I have negged anything/person

    • Look like it. I ordered on the 1st of November. I'm hoping I get mine before the 1st week of December ends.

      • Pretty sure yours is shipping imminently.

        • +1

          That would make it 14 business days for ChickenAdobo. Yet you think you can deliver the others in 10?

  • As a casual gamer who primarily plays Dota and interested in dabbling in COD / other FPS games, would this computer be overkill? Ideally I would love for it to last me a long time without replacement. I don't play any high requirement single player games etc.


    • Honestly, yes it would be overkill. I play DOTA and many other FPS games and tend to get almost max fps @ 144 on almost each game at ultra with varying results based on other factors (AA, Reflections and Shadows). If you were to get it, I'd estimate a 3-5 year lifecycle before you'd start seeing a drop off on the performance of your computer.

      Just for your information, I am running a system about half to 2/3 of these specs in terms of performance. Gtx1070 with an intel 7700k, 32gb ram.

      • Another DotA player here, I have a 7600 and 1070 as well, I get 100+ fps @ 144hz on max settings comfortably too. This would be fine in MK's ult no problem ;)

      • yeah yeah dotayoshi, i see you

        • :O Quite surprised to see that mentioned especially on an unrelated site and account. Haha!

          • +1

            @Dswal: thats what happens when you're a retired famous caster ;)

    • I mean define overkill. I only play Overwatch which is about to enter its 4th year so by no means needs a powerful machine, but it would be lovely to be able to buy a system that can get me 144hz @ 2K without busting a sweat. The 3500x seems to be where you should be looking.

  • nice deals thanks

  • +1

    Techfast PC arrived yesterday, with MSI 2080S even though didn't pay for upgrade. Updating Windows to latest at this moment, all seems well. Would recommend.

    • +7

      Nice bonus! This is not the standard GPU for the spec - last time I go on holidays for a while šŸ˜‚! Enjoy!

      • +2

        Hey Luke, mind spilling the beans if any 3950x systems are in the pipes? :)

        • +1

          Making enquiries

      • +3

        Haha thanks mate! Was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up :)

    • -2

      Be a good monkey and at least offer to pay for it or we wont get good deals like this again :P

    • -1

      do u mind to post some of the photo of your case and interior build? thank you

      • I can do so tomorrow night if I remember (or if you remind me)

  • What's the savings on this thing

  • +1

    Damn although I have a powerful rig built myself right now it's very likely that my next PC will be from you guys if you keep up the good work like this.

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    When are we getting 3950x builds? :P

  • Great to see some decent branded parts instead of biostar.
    I will be Keen on the next 3700x/2070 or 2080 build if they arent biostar.

    • +4

      Higher tier parts are always from brands other than Biostar; the only Biostar components are H310/A320 and B350/B360 motherboards, and RX 580. And to stick up for them due to personal experience - there's very little wrong with Biostar either, it's definitely on a par with other entry level parts from any brand and has served many hundreds of systems very well.

      • Good to know.
        Who do you generally use for the B450 builds?

        • MSI has been the staple for B450s. The current board is the Pro VDH.

          • @luketechfast: Thanks Luke.
            Any chance of a 3700x/2070S deal anytime soon?

            • +2

              @swimmingtoad: 2070 hasn't been doable deals wise as 5700XT pricing is much sharper, and our price difference to the 2080 Super is (comparatively) negligible.

              • @luketechfast: No worries, ill keep a lookout for potential 5700xt deals (much the same as the 2070s)

  • Just received my 3900x system ordered on the 31st Oct. Super happy! The team at tech fast were so helpful with all my questions and requests for upgrades and kept me updated constantly on the status of my order.

    Side note: Can anyone who has received their system comment on the process of claiming their Modern Warfare code to redeem within NVIDIA? I didn't receive any instructions or codes with my order, was expecting something in the box.

    • Codes are normally in the accessories box but not a problem, email [email protected] and we'll send one.

      Thanks for the review!

    • You are lucky; I have not even received a delivery note. Who knows when my order will arrive.

      • Have you tried emailing support?

        • Rang on Friday, was told to message him personally through Ozbargain.

  • Hey Luke I've got a possibly stupid question! If I choose to not include a HDD and instead plug my own hard drive in when I get it, are the necessary cables included in the PC? Thanks so much

    • +1

      Yep, any cables that come with the motherboard (SATA) will be included in the accessories box.

      • Legend cheers for that, your customer service is top notch

  • +1

    It feels like Techfast deals are competing against each other.

    • +3

      There is zero doubt about this. It's tough to keep beating ourselves!

  • +1

    10 business days? I'm at 12 business days and still waiting on my order with a Ryzen 3200G to ship.

    • +3

      I'm at 20 D:

      • This does not spark joy..

        • It did get shipped yesterday though. So just waiting for it to arrive now

      • wow; are you sure its coming? Have you heard any news?

      • 20 days or business days?

    • Should ship tomorrow if you didn't get tracking details today.

  • +2

    b450 pro vdh is a pretty rubbish mobo

    you need significant airflow to run a Ryzen 7

    AM4 B450/X470 VRM Tier List


    • The MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC is a good value selection imo

      • That is the best MSI b450 mobo

        Tomahawk is cheaper, therefore better value

        Mortar/mortar Titanium are the best b450 micro atx

  • +2

    Anyone care to comment on their cable management?

  • Hi guys looking for a new PLEX server, what do you recommend between this one and the High End 3700X / RTX 2080 Super: $1799 posted last week?

    They both seem to be relatively similar, but can't decide.

    I have storage downpat, have a 20TB setup.

    Just need a new setup for my 15 users who transcode often and when 3-4 online at same times it grinds to a halt

  • +1

    Just snagged one sir ;) told you i would get one near the end of the month.
    Appreciate all your work!
    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Do you need to replace the water?

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