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Black Friday Budget Gaming PC: R5-3500X / GTX 1660 $607 + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


Black Friday deals start now. I think most OzBargainers recognise our base pricing for most builds is already kinda perma-Black Fridayed as it is unless we apply for not for profit status, so we will be tweaking some previous popular deals, as well as coming up with a few interesting freshys in the lead up to Black Friday/Cyber Monday. If anyone has any spec requests, let me know.

First up, the budget gaming PC listed by Tightarse in late October - the 3500X / 1660 base spec, now in the new White Leaper Mid case (previously Leaper small form factor). This build is best served by the 16GB RAM upgrade (still a discounted $69 as per previous budget deals) and as much storage upgrading as your budget allows for a very tidy budget gaming rig. We've also cut PSU upgrades to 750W Bronze and Gold (prices reduced by $10 and $100 respectively). The Leaper Mid, specs here, is new and sits between the Leaper small form factor and the Leaper Pro RGB. We're offering the H18 ($29) and J24 ($95) as upgrades as well, which I think offers good value for those seeking case upgrades.

Spec: Ryzen 5 3500X | GTX 1660 6GB (likely Galax but brands may vary) | 8GB 2400MHz (likely G.Skill) | 240GB 2.5" SSD | Biostar A320 motherboard | 550W power supply | Leaper Mid White case
Price: $607 after 3500X-1660-BLACKCYBER (apply at checkout)
Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-5-3500x-gtx-1660-...

As advised earlier this week, a very large number of 3500X systems are shipping today/tomorrow with another very large batch to follow next week, plus all other CPU/GPU combos shipping in between, and we expect build times to average 10 business days or less from here. I am currently updating as many existing customers as possible personally but feel free to reach out about yours.

Other active deals for those interested:
Budget 3500X / RX 580: $549
Mid Tier 3500X / 5700: $978
Mid Tier 3500X / 5700 XT: $1128
High End 3500X / RTX 2080 Super: $1499 [Says Expired by code is still active]
High End 3700X / RTX 2080 Super: $1799
High End 3900X System: from $1699
High End i7 9700K / RTX 2080 Super: $2049
all +$29 delivery

Expires midnight Cyber Monday.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • +2

    When an immovable object strikes an unstoppable force big things happen.
    Techfast. Black Friday.

    Let's do this.

    • +2

      It doesn't really add a great deal to the discussion but did this comment really earn 4 negs?

      • +3

        People are just very angry and looking to be negative for the sake of it.

    • Hey Luke I was wondering if I was to order this pc December 4 2019 how long would it take to deliver to Tasmania? Thank you

  • Do you have this build but with an RX 5700 instead??

    • +5

      It's in the description - $978

  • +3

    Rude. $13 cheaper then Previous deal :P

    • Don't think so, TA's deal was $636?

    • +7

      Wouldn't be oz-bargain if half the people didn't request the difference :D. I really feel like Luke will be using water for cereal soon at the rate this community goes

    • +3

      If u take account the h18 case upgrade ($29) then the previous deal is $16 cheaper man, that's good cause I won't have to cancel mine before its shipped lol

      • Didn’t realise this came with 8gb ram and not 16

      • +1 to the H18. Great case, especially if you want Luke to ship unassembled.

        • +1

          H18 was indeed a nice bonus due to our Leaper Pros being delayed but as we bore the cost of it that has ended.

  • Sorry if stupid question but does this come with the new Leaper Mid case or do we have to request it?

    • +1

      Not stupid. The Leaper Mid is bundled in but I posted originally with the wrong case, hence why the display image is the Leaper Pro. It's updated on the site now.

  • +1

    Considering that Biostar have 8 motherboard models based on the B350 chipset - any chance we could know what actual model is used? Or if someone who has purchased from Techfast before can give any information?

    • +8


      • Thanks for that, it was the one I was thinking it would be.

      • Sorry this might be a dumb question but would it have enough space/ports to fit in a wifi card? Thanks in advance!

        • mine came with 1 accessible PCIe x1 slot - the Biostar A320 MH has 2 PCIe x1 slots but one was covered by the 2 slot 1660 GPU card

          so yes you could fit a PCIe x1 wireless card

  • If I but two how much is the delivery

    • +9

      2 x $29

    • +1

      What about 3?

      • +1

        General rule is $29 x number of units.

        If it is still too hard to understand, for 3 units it will be $87.

        • +12

          Wai-wait slow-down, hold up. What about x4 units?

  • +6

    OP, please don't forget to drop video editing workstation(s) as part of the Black Friday deal as well. Tia

  • +1

    Great build, fair price.

  • +2

    really damn solid pricing guys. Tf is your profit margin even accounting for possible warranty/service costs.

    • +2

      What profit margin? At these prices it must be for love.

  • +1

    +$99 seems a bit high for a 1660 super upgrade. could you put the super in the base spec?

    • +3

      Most of their upgrade options are pretty expensive, that's where they'd make some margin back I'm sure.

      Better off just ordering the parts they offer, selling them off when you get them and ordering the higher spec part that you want (although in saying that not sure how much you'd get second hand for a GTX 1660, the price difference between the 1660 and 1660 Super new does seem to be ~$40-50 from a quick search).

      That's what I plan to do with the RAM and just order 16GB of 3000/3200 as they're asking more for an upgrade from 8GB than it is to buy elsewhere. Would be tempted to go for the B450 over the B350 but again, price is higher to upgrade than it is just to buy one afterwards.

      • +1

        all im saying is i'd buy one for $50 more with a 1660 super :)

  • Beware that Techfast uses Star Track for shipping. Star Track for anyone who has been fortunate enough to avoid them thus far is the worst shipping company when things don’t go as planned. People aren’t at home all the time to receive their parcel right? They are unable to offer either 1) out of business hour delivery or 2) delivery time frame. Furthermore, their phone operators are wholly unhelpful, having directed me to the wrong address for a depot pickup. I arrived at 5:50 having left work an hour early, and was unable to make it to the correct one in time. Truly awful.

    • +1

      Star track is a contractor
      For auspost and (to my knowledge) deliver to auspost hubs or post office when no one home.

      My star track guy is awesome. He knows when I come home from work and comes after that time…

      • -4

        I think the driver was great. He called me and offered to leave it somewhere safe (there wasn’t) and when I asked him to get it to the depot so I can pick up he confirmed. It’s the company that sucks, that much is clear.

      • +6

        Aus Post own Star Track.

      • +5

        Not sure why people are so upset that my regular star track driver is a good guy…

    • Star track parcels go to aus post lpo if not delivered ap worker…

  • +1

    Your post says:
    We've also cut PSU upgrades to 750W Bronze and Gold ($10 and $100 respectively).

    I am seeing these upgrade costs for PSU on the webpage?
    700W Power Supply $39.00
    750W 80+ Bronze Power Supply $89.00
    750W 80+ Gold Power Supply $139.00

    • +2

      I know. Added it to the cart and applied the code and the price is what you note above. Was going to go with the bronze for $10, but not for $89

    • From previous pricing. It's not actually visible to compare.

    • +4

      I think they meant that the cuts were $10 and $100, not that the prices are $10 and $100.

      • Correct, apologies for confusion. I've updated description.

  • Can anyone comment on how this computer will perform for gaming (Call of Duty, Fortnite), game capture with an Elgato and streaming content

    • Perfect if gaming at 1080p.
      Will struggle at higher resolutions

      • +1

        Thank you, might keep looking

        • +2

          Look at the 5700 and 5700XT variants, or 2080 if budget allows.

          • @luketechfast: would a regular RX 5700 handle 2k display as decent refresh such as in your other deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/494843
            I don't need 4k anytime soon.

            • +1

              @salem: if you consider 60 fps as decent you shouldn't have any problems running any modern title at 1440p at ultra, you may maybe just like maybe struggle in some stupidly coded games but yeh basically everything should run at 60 fps ultra

              • +1

                @theangrywaffle: sweet, thanks. I'm exceedingly casual, and tend to just play with mates with 6+ month old games so sounds like I'll be happy.

  • This is a banger deal. Picked up the last 3500x 1660 deal for $689 and kicking myself!

    • +3

      Although, that came with double the ram

  • Is this a good build for a media workstation pc?

    • +1

      You'd generally be better off looking at something with a higher thread count. The 3500X which is popular on TechFast's deals right now is 6 cores but only 6 threads - fine for a heavily gaming-focused PC, but less so for content creation / workstation needs. I'd look at a 3600 (6 cores, 12 threads) if you're looking for a somewhat budget solution, or a 3700X (8 cores, 16 threads) if you can spend a bit more but still want to stay out the most expensive stuff.

      If you're able to go up another price tier, you can consider a 3900X (12 cores, 24 threads) but it might not be worth the price hike unless you're using it in a professional or at least semi-professional capacity.

      It seems there aren't as many TechFast system deals for the 3600 now that the 3500X is out though, since a lot of these deals are oriented towards gaming PCs, which the 3500X can do for like $50 cheaper than the 3600.

      • Cheers mate. If I want to use it for mainly video-editing and Autodesk Revit I presume I'd also need to up the RAM considerably, along with caring about ram speed?

        • You'd definitely want to make 16GB your baseline for that. 32GB could be helpful for working with larger data (e.g. larger, more complex models in Revit), but if budget is a concern remember you always have the option of starting at 16GB, seeing how that goes, and then adding another 16GB further down the track if needed - it's super easy to do and would only take a few minutes.

          RAM speed is more important if you're using an AMD CPU than an Intel CPU - I'd recommend aiming for 3000 MHz+ as a guideline given the workload you've described. The difference won't be colossal, but enough to warrant the extra cost.

        • Late to the party, but 6 core intel and AMD builds are ≈ to 4th to 7th gen i7’s. For video editing, it’s pretty much vital to have a fast scratch disk for the timeline cache. And depending on 3D modeling, unless you work with 2+ million polygons, I don’t see a need to upgrade. Just my two cents.

          • @falconNinja: Re scratch disk, so you're saying high end ssd is the most important thing for video?

            i'm currently working with a laptop i7-7700hq for Revit, 16gb 1333mhz ram.

            Re 3D, not doing anything advanced, just designing building interiors and rendering them, and the lag is very noticeable, i.e. at least 1-2s of lag even from clicking a tab.

            laptop probably has throttling issues, always at 70+ degrees.

    • +1

      I'm curious about why there are so many 'gaming' PC deals. Is it because most new PC buyers are gamers? Or most PC buyers want a 'gaming' PC even if they aren't gamers? Or there just happens to be great deals on gaming GPU's these days???

      It seems like the vast majority of PC deals on OzB are for the gamers.

      • +1

        Bit of everything you mentioned.

        A gaming PC will suit most average users (outside of professional video editing etc).
        Gamers are more likely to need to upgrade their hardware, to keep up with newer games.

        If all you do is browse the net and watch Netflix, any cheap PC from ten years ago will do the job just fine.

    • id personally go for a r7 1700 or r7 2700 if you can find them cheap, the extra threads will definitely be beneficial in workstation, you can probs grab one at around 250ish or even cheaper. get a b450 board, and you can upgrade your cpu when next gen cpus become cheaper on the same platform

      edit: the 2700x went for 199 recently on ozbargain, definitely a bargain

      • How much would building that myself cost? Presuming I also want a competent Nvidia card for content creation purposes.

  • Can anyone comment on benefits of the H18 case over the Leaper Mid case included?

    • if you wish to fit more hard drives

      I have the leaper mid case and the SSD is mounted at the back side of the motherboard plane

      I am going to have to be slightly creative to mount a spinning 3.5 inch drive

      I am thinking I will move one of the two front fans to the back and mount the 3.5 drive vertically in that space

  • +1

    Any plans down the road for getting the new Athlon 3000G for an ultra budget build?

    • We're looking into it. Would people prefer the 3000G or Ryzen 3 1200?

      • ryzen 3 1200 doesnt have onboard graphics so maybe the 1200 with a low end graphics card for a budget gaming computer, and then the 3000G on its own as a standalone ultra budget PC

        • +2

          Yep, R3 1200 with RX 570. Are people wanting ultra budget, non GPU home PC?

  • +2

    Hi Luke,
    I am not a gamer,but like to have fast computer to work on complex ms files, edit videos, use programs which require high processing power such as SAP. Please be kind enough to advice what is the best spec with low price end.
    Thank you!

    • You'd want the 3600 over the 3500x

      • The 3600 has 12 cores over the 3500X's, so better suited to productivity. We will have some 3700X deals in this period starting from around $999 you might be interested in if budget allows.

        • +4

          12 threads Luke. The 3900X is 12 cores though.

          • +1

            @ChickenAdobo: Sorry, that's what I get for replying while playing Just Dance on the Kinect I bought so my 3 year old can play bowling.

            To clarify, that should say 12 threads for 3600 versus 3500x 6.

            We will be doing a $999 3700x deal with multiple graphics options upwards from 580.

        • im waiting for around 1K budget one. Bring something good. That's my own Xmas present. And please be able to ship b4 xmas

        • Hey Luke I'm also in the market for a high processing power/high ram workstation, with "best value" graphics card. Would you guys be able to do a 3700X deal like that?

          • +1

            @esq: Yep stay tuned.

            • @luketechfast: You guys are the most competitive* PC Builders in Australia that I know of.
              And I know you have to cut some corners, but the specification scaling is really odd sometimes. Here's something I drafted up for buyers/sellers based on features/prices/performance I know so far:

              Entry Grade:
              A320, AMD 3000G, Vega-3, 2x 4GB RAM-2600, 1TB HDD-5400rpm

              B350, AMD 3400G, Vega-11, 2x 4GB-3200, 256GB SSD-TLC + 2TB HDD

              Budget Midrange:
              B450, AMD 1600, RX470, 2x 8GB-3200, 512GB SSD-3D + 2TB HDD

              Value Midrange:
              B450, AMD 3500X, RX580, 2x 8GB-3200, 1TB SSD-3D + 2TB HDD

              Value High-end:
              B450, AMD 3700, GTX 1660-Super, 4x 8GB-3200, 1TB SSD-Evo + 2TB HDD

              Pro High-end:
              X470, AMD 3700, RX5700, 2x 16GB-3200, 1TB SSD-Evo + 1TB SSD-3D

              X570, AMD 3900X, RTX 2070-Super, 2x 16GB-4000, 1TB SSD-Evo Pro + 1TB SSD-3D

              Best performance:
              X570, AMD 3950X, RTX 2080 Ti, 4x 16GB-4000, 2TB SSD-Evo Pro

              *unless someone goes for those nifty used office Dell OptiPlex SFF builds.

              • +1

                @Kangal: Really appreciate the effort that's gone into this! Some of this doesn't fit into our business model that has been evolving. It's not always as simple as it might appear to offer different configuration options, based on a number of factors industry and scale wise. But I'll definitely take it on board.

                • @luketechfast: No worries. I figured as much, with different stock and fluctuating prices. Just gotta make some of those PSU and Motherboard options decent. Thanks for considering us OzBargainers :D

    • +14

      Be happy with the deal you originally got. Things will always decrease in price over time and if you're constantly looking, you'll never be happy

  • Do these PC builds come with windows ready to go? Or is it just the desktop PC rig? I will need my own peripherals and OS?

    • +2

      Windows ready but not activated. You'll need your own peripherals

  • Sorry but genuine question, $69 for an extra 8gb 2400MHz memory ram?

    How come is that a Black Friday promotion? Regular price for one is 50 bucks

    • All good - this is discounted from our regular RAM upgrade price. In coming deals we will be doing extremely Black Friday pricing on 3200MHz upgrades.

  • Great deal! But I thought Black Friday was next week? Googling it says it's on Nov 29? Am I mistaken?

    • +1

      The deals will run til then. We'll be doing quite a few, so getting out there early.

  • Is there an option to pick up in Adelaide?

    • Yep, request Pick Up in the Notes section on the Cart page or via [email protected] after purchase. Shipping will be refunded after pick up.

      • Hi Luke, if it's possible to pick up. How long would it take from when I purchased the PC on website till I able to pick up in Adelaide?Thanks

        • Still around the 7-10 business days or less. You'll just be notified on the day it's ready to come and collect it, rather htan it then being transported by courier.

            • @Gro1003: If i decide to buy the pc unbuilt, would there stlil be a waiting time?

              • +1

                @k1ngjj: You will definitely save the build and testing phase and depending on the spec and on hand stock, potentially more.

  • +1

    Any plans for a 1660S deal?

    • It would be very similar to the current upgrade path

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