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Mutti Whole Peeled Canned Tomatoes - $1.00 @ Woolworths


Hear me out. These are the best tomatoes, hands down.

I bought 36 cans. I love them that much. I’d buy more if I could fit them. I use them in place of fresh or canned crushed when cooking all the time.

They’re sweet. Not bitter, not sour, balanced, not tinny. I don’t even like raw tomatoes but I’d drink this stuff from the can. In fact I usually keep a spoonful just to eat on its own.

None of this Annalisa crap that tastes like metal, skinless but not really screw around. These are TOP tier. The REAL Italian deal. They ARE THAT different and you will never buy another variety or brand. The only downside is that the cans don’t stack.

A year ago you could easily buy these at Coles for ~$2 a can. Then Coles stopped stocking them. I reached out to the supplier and nobody in QLD sold them. When I moved to WA I was stoked, the supplier found some IGA stores and specialty grocers that sold them. It was emotional.
But! They’re $2+ per can there. This is half the price! Plus you can stack with eGiftcard discounts and earn rewards points.

My preferred way to use them in in Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Italian cooking Bolognese sauce, on its own or even in a lasagna with her Béchamel, heaven. They even go well in curries, or simmered down with some garlic and onion for a pizza sauce to die for.

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  • +11

    36 cans? Classic Oedipal complex.

    • Or Schroedinger’s cat.

      • Username check out

        • I loved the movie.

    • +3

      OK, this isn't getting up-voted.


      1. What does the word "mutti" mean?

      2. What is an Oedipal (or Oedipus) complex?

    • I looked it up but I still don’t get it?

      • +1

        Vielleicht deine Mutti sieht hässlich aus…?

        • +1

          Haha, sehr schlau. Ich verstehe es jetzt!

  • +8

    The only downside is that the cans don’t stack.

    you lost me…

    • +1

      That's why you put cardboard between them

    • Bottom of can doesn’t mate with top of another.

      • +12

        Are we back on the Oedipus thing again???

    • +1

      they are binary can

    • +4

      Pfft just make a pyramid

      • +1

        I prefer ponzi.

  • +32

    +1 for the story and heads up

    • +11

      Truth. I was skimming right past this one but BOOM: you had me at "Hear me out".

      I'm intrigued enough to buy.

  • +2

    100% these are among the best and much better than other canned varieties. Cirio are great too, but harder to find.

    • Yeah, I was buying Cirio from Amazon before they stopped stocking them. Always thought they were better than any from the supermarket.

  • +29

    They should hire you as the product rep. Definitely buying a can next time I'm at woollies!

  • +8

    Awesome description, thanks for sharing!

    • -6

      thanks for sharing!

      Where does it say they will be sharing…

      From what I have read, they're keeping every single can to themselves !!!

      • +6

        You tried, jv..

  • +12

    They’re sweet. Not bitter, not sour, balanced, not tinny.

    You're not meant to eat the tin.

    • +2

      So it's not 'Iron Man' food then?

      • +2

        more Wizard of Oz

  • +31

    Man if that ain't one of the best write ups I've seen in a long time. You sold me on em. Goin down to pick up a slab of these bad boys…

  • Are these San Marzano tomatoes?

    Only tomatoes that I think are the best, but i doubt you will ever get them for $1 /can.

    • +1

      I am getting mine at the moment for $2.39 a can. They are so sweet and not bitter like most others

      • where do you get them from

        • +1

          Milleara International Foods & Deli. They will have the Big cans back in stock in Jan so just the small ones for now.

        • +1

          You can also get San Marzano for around $2.30ea at Mediterranean Wholesalers Brunswick (Vic) for anyone interested

      • +1

        cheapest i can get here in Sydney is $4 a can at harris farm. If anyone knows cheaper please tell!

        • Also want to know where we can find them in Sydney thats not Harris Farm!

  • +5

    I usually keep a spoonful just to eat on its own.

    Wow ahaha

    Upvoting purely for the detailed story and effort, will grab a can next time I'm in store. This is coming from someone who usually buys Homebrand peeled tomatoes lol.

    Not only did you get me off the front page into the deal, you also are getting me to buy one as well.

  • Agreed. Just the best from my experience as well. The passata is damn excellent as well when making bolognese.
    Cirio is pretty good as well.
    Thumbs up..click up.😃

  • +22

    I'm in love with tomato rice right now and this deal is really speaking to me on a spiritual level.

    It is so easy to make and you can add coriander to it and any other veggies if you want some more substance.

    At my place first cook a lot of rice to fill up your pan.

    Then in your large pan turn on the fire and add cooking oil.

    Once hot add mustard seeds (little black balls look like tiny tiny ball bearings) , freshly chopped tomatoes I just use this because they make the dish chunky, a can of diced tomatoes, xing or hing / asafoetida, sambar powder (most important adds all the flavour), turmeric powder and if you have any some curry leaves.. Add salt to taste but usually for all the powders one table spoon is the maximum you will need each.

    Later you can add coriander so it is fresh when you eat it.

    Add water after it has cooked for about 15 minutes on high heat to add more sauce.

    Depending on how much oil you used you can take some out and put it on top of the rice later if you feeling indulgent but for healthy version try scoop the excess oil out before adding the rice.

    Sauce is ready to coat the rice so get your freshly cooked rice and add to sauce and mix on low heat this is just mainly now to make sure everything infuses together and becomes one nice big tomato rice dish.

    If you are vegetarian you can stop here and just eat it as is. The whole dish should be tomato coloured and have bits of tomato in it and coriander very nice I can eat a whole bowl of this.

    If you want some meat you can cook some meat chunks diced up in another pan with seasoning of choice I like black pepper, some oil and salt and onions.

    Saute that beauty until it reduces on high heat. Again scoop out the excess oil and add to the tomato rice.

    Now you have a really tasty dish and lots of it for a decent price.

    Honestly compared to other dishes it is really easy and the great thing is because of the rice the pan gets pretty much cleaned by the rice so you are left with nothing stuck to the pan and all the sauce and oil is sucked up and absorbed by the rice so cleaning is easy unlike some other dishes where if you fry something it becomes hard to wash or super oily or stuff gets stuck to the pan.

    For the meat you can just chop it into cubes or strips whatever you choose and keep moving it until it is ready so it doesn't fuse with the pan. The meat should reduce in size a lot like bacon and up to you if you want the heat juices to mix with the rice or can drain that out also like the tomato rice sauce oil.

    Serve with some nice cold water or for me cold chocolate milk from Coles or Woolworths and have a nice life.

    Only one pan to clean if you do it right and one rice cooker and maybe two big spoons one wooden one to cook the sauce and rice one metal one to scoop the oil in between steps unless you want to indulge in something oily of course then just one big wooden spoon so you don't scratch the metal on the pan.

    So yeah thanks OP for this awesome deal.

    I am keeping eye out on any other cheaper tomato can specials and maybe even some coriander specials as I love it with some rice and curry meals.

    • +2

      When are you getting published?

      • Why publish when I can give out this information for free :)


        My housemate can cook this really well and it his genius recipe not mine

        I can burn this really well lol and try to cover it up with sour cream and other stuff because I burnt the first part even before I added in the tomatoes

        Yeah cooking takes some skill who knew

    • +15

      At my place first cook

      thats a very inconvenient recipe step ;)

      • +2

        Lol haha my brain might have skipped a few words :D

        It should read

        At my place this is how we do it every recipe is different but first we cook


        I realise to do my recipe it sounds like it requires being at my place which might be a hard ingredient to find lol ^-^

    • +2

      Did you try the low carb eating mate? All that rice is not helping your diabetes dude, Not one bit.

      • It's a hard one mate if rice and wheat make a big part of your diet though easy to say like you did. People say meat is bad. On the other hand, they say carb (grains, breads, fluor) is bad. All choices you're left with is vegetables, fruits, lentils and probably seafood.

        • Meat is not bad. Saturated / animal fat is not bad. Try dietdoctor.com for some introductory info based on actual science.

      • It has been very hard and due to stress eating I have been going back to comfort foods basically whatever is available to buy with ease in shops like pork rolls, chips, potato bakes, burgers, kebabs snack packs, chinese satay with fried rice so yeah a lot of bad foods.

        It has been hard but at home I try to only use basmati or brown rice for the low GI factor if I have to eat rice or my housemates cook a rice dish also been trying to stir my household towards some diabetic friendly foods mostly vegetables like broccoli, cucumber, eggplant, capsicum, tomato, string beans, some legumes and nuts, curry powders and turmeric and tofu which I think is diabetes approved though not sure.

        It has been hard for me to let go of some sugary snacks very hard honestly been self sabotaging myself kind of as a no pain no gain effed up motto to keep working hard and be on top of household chores because others in the house don't do anything so I am pretty much taking care of the place while the others sit around and play games or fall asleep.

        My biggest weakness is treating myself after all this hard work as a kind of reward.. I am trying to find better reward items for when I push myself beyond my limit which is often but it is hard to find diabetic substitutes to like ice cream, chocolates, wafers basically all the bad snacks.

        I did try popcorn for a bit but the excess salt cannot be good for me and popcorn with no flavour is pretty much air and corn.

        I wish I could cook egg and garlic rice in the house as that seems to be very diabetic friendly.

        Not the oily part but a lot of diabetic friendly food lists put garlic and egg on the list as well as some other common listers such as legumes

        • popcorn

          Try replacing with (Microwave) Pork Crackle.

          Salt is fine, just don't exceed stupid amounts.

          • @Lukian: Oh man I would but unfortunately there are rules where I live about bringing meat in.. but I still try to do it when the coast is clear lol

            I honestly didn't think about microwaving pork crackle gotta try this now.. but man only in small amounts as too much pork crackle can be deadly (speaking from experience lol)

    • Can you not use fresh Roma or Truss tomatoes for this recipe instead of canned ones?

      • You can use fresh or canned they are both good.

        I use a mix of both sometimes or whatever is on hand but yes you can use Truss or Roma fresh tomatoes definitely.

    • +1

      tomato rice = ketchup + cooked rice

      • I mean technically you are correct which is the best kind of correct.

    • I also like lemon rice from the Southern Indian cuisine (the same category where tomato rice belongs) - basically anything but curd-rice. haha

      • I don't know if I have tried that but it sounds nice.

    • -9

      But at least they're cheap…

    • -4

      Wait, so some week old blow in tries to destructively overhaul a centuries old system of operation?

      No wonder they dislike immigrants.

      • +6

        They dislike immigrants because of their skin colour, religion and nationalities.

        Good on him for trying to "destructively overhaul a centuries old system of operation" which is illegal, slavery, exploitative and has resulted in deaths.

        It's irritating that the majority of people turn a blind eye to things like this (me included sometimes). It's infuriating that people like you, thankfully a small minority, openly support horrific exploitation in the hope it will save you ten cents on the can of tomatoes…

        I sincerely hope you are misunderstanding what exactly is happening here and aren't genuinely evil!

        • I think they were trying to be sarcastically funny but failed. Surname sounds like immigrants family too lol.

    • +13

      It is still happening. Here is a link to another, more recent article. Are your tinned tomatoes picked by slave labour?

      • +12

        If we can thumb down youfoodz for racism, why not these idiots for exploiting workers?

    • If only the people working here were lodging official tax returns, then the gender pay gap would be more accurately represented. I'm assuming a mostly male workforce.

  • +2

    Your description have sold me. Will check these out, thanks!

    • Same. I've bought this brand before but never really stopped to compare so might pick some up.

  • +2

    Amazing, I love adding tomatoes to my dishes and canned are so much more convenient.

  • +2

    How many shares in the company do you own!?

  • +2

    Can confirm these tomatoes are good. I could eat them straight out of the can

  • +5

    Your dedication to tomato is admirable OP. Upvoted for that reason alone.

    One day I hope to love something or someone as much as you love tomato.

  • +4

    Oh sh*t! I’ve stocked up those Annalisa cans thanks to multiple deals posted here, and now I can’t shake that “tastes like metal” off my head :(

  • +3

    I'm sold. I'll give these a try. As a fellow bolognese lover who has been trying to perfect the technique over hundreds of attempts I will definitely give Marcella Hazan's recipe (https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1015181-marcella-hazans-...) a go next time. Never tried nutmeg in bolognese before.

    The last recipe I tried was J. Kenji López-Alt's Ragù Bolognese (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS_IdAevyMY) The main difference there being the addition of blended chicken livers and fish oil. I didn't try the fish oil, but the liver's didn't seem to be much of an improvement if I'm honest, I'll still try them again in the future though.

    The only tip I have for tinned tomatoes is that cherry tomatoes should have a better taste as they are the only type that are allowed to fully ripen on the vine, the other types of tomatoes are picked earlier as they will collapse under their own weight during transport if they are fully ripe when picked. But I still buy the cheaper regular whole tomatoes most of the time as I am an ozbargineer first and a cook second.

    • +4

      Have you tried JKLA's home made non-woodfired oven, imitation wood fired oven pizza technique. Changed my life. And other people's lives too. The people I've made pizza for since learning the technique.


      • +1

        Cheers, looks great, I will definitely give that a go.
        The joy of cooking is turning cheap ingredients into something amazing only by using the right technique.

        Another pro tip I've learnt is freezing big batches of home made stock in ice cube trays. Adding a few cubes makes most sauces instantly so much better. Perfect to chuck in a bolognese. I use Babish's chicken stock recipe (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74tZ-yOOPy0)

    • -1

      Brown mince
      Diced onion
      Big teaspoon of beef stock
      teaspoon of curry powder
      Big tablespoon of garlic
      Big tablespoon of tomato paste
      Most of a cup of wine
      Shitloads of peas
      Jar of passata

      Slow cook on LOW (I put it on HIGH before I go to bed but that's probably not doing anything) for 24 hours

      • Yeah it's important the keep the heat super low after you add the tomatoes as it really ruins the taste if you let them boil, and not just lightly simmer.

      • +2

        Mate if you're putting curry powder in your Bolognese….

        • +1


        • +1

          I suggest you to dismiss many of the bs written on this post. The guy earlier wrote one hour and adviced to drink cold chocolate with it

      • +1

        If this is ragu I am Zumberg.

  • +2

    Bro I'm also a tin tomato enthusiast. I've lived on woolies 82-18% mince and tin tomatoes for the past 6 months and no obesity so far. Can't wait to try this shit.

    • +1

      Pls advise I've lived on woolies 82-18% mince

      • +1

        Yeah, what is that? Meat-Fat content maybe?

  • +12

    Any tips for the best Australian canned tomatoes? Can't really justify the food miles for Italian even if they're cheaper.

    • +15
      • +10

        Gosh, this was really gut wrenching to read. Need to come back to this article every few days to be reminded of how good we have it here.

    • +15

      Ardmona. They're really struggling, been struggling for decades but yet they can afford premium eye level shelving lol.

      Seriously we should all support them and not the Italian ones, which are HEAVILY subsidised by the EU. Not to mention the slave labour.

      • +1

        +1 for Australian tomatoes. Support local industry and less carbon to freight them.

    • -8

      Did you just type that on your iPhone?

  • Pity a lot of the nutrients are in the peel.

    • +1

      That's why you buy the tinned peels because they have a lot of nutrients

      • ?

        • lol buy tinned peel tomatoes, then buy tinned peels separately? that'sfunny

  • +2

    Wow, I have to try these given the rave reviews. I'm currently using 60c tins from Aldi, and lash out with Annalisa or Val Verde when on special. Clearly I don't know what I'm missing.

  • +16

    I can’t even remember the last time I used canned tomatoes but I’m sure as shit going to get some of these bad boys after this thesis

  • +2

    I got a tin of these in a Black Box a few months back. The pasta sauce I made was fantastic, and my assumption was that it was the tomatoes, only had the one tin though, so hard to confrim, but was definitely keen to try them again. Will stock up on these.

    • "a tin of tomatoes in a black box"? Next time have a spoonful before adding to sauce lol.

  • +1

    Hahah thanks khunty, you made my weekend

  • +1 for your passion of canned tomatoes.

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