This was posted 2 years 6 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Mavic Pro $624, DJI Spark Drone Alpine White $313 @ Officeworks


I believe this is the lowest price it has ever been so far. Go for it. And yes, i know, it can't beat the bunnings drone deal.

DJI Mavic Pro $624 seems to be great value too.

DJI Spark - Alpine White $313

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    Now if only bunnings stocked this drone and we could price match and use the coupon on it

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      What coupon?

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        Bunnings price error $250 coupon

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          Aka one of the top deals of 2019, if not ever.

        • Did they actually honour that deal?!

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            @p3t0r: Honoured til they ran out of stock and gave everyone else a $250 gift voucher as a consolation (and full refund)

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    The Mavic Pro seems like a bargain… am I missing somthing?

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      No. That's the real bargain here.

    • Does the mavic pro come with a controller. If so the mavic pro is an absolute ripper bargain.

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        Just bought the Mavic pro. Will find out later if controller comes or not. Comments in officeworks website say it comes with controller.

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          It's comes with controller.

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          Same, too good to pass up.. bought thanks OP.

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            @corksta: Clever. No time to think on this one. If you change your mind, you can return to office works for full refund. It's a no brianer.

            Fingers crossed its not a pricing error.

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        As per the Q+As on the site:

        1x Aircraft(Intelligent Flight Battery and Gimbal Cover Included )
        1x Remote Controller
        3x Propeller Pair
        1x Gimbal Clamp
        1x Charger
        1x Power Cable
        1x 16GB Micro SD Card
        1x Micro USB Cable
        1x RC Cable(Lightning Connector)
        1x RC Cable(Standard Micro USB Connector)
        2x RC Cable Slider

        This is the real deal.

        • Thanks for this. May be a good idea to add this to description.

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    "Where are more and more small businesses going? Here. Officeworks has everything - from pens and paper, to printers and computers. To flying drones to spy on your co-workers. We even have a great wall of paper - you can see it from the moon. And if you think the store's big, just wait til you see the car park!"

    Somehow I don't think drones were in the original vision for this store back in the 1990s.

    • +1

      If anyone didn't notice, that was taken from their 1997 TV commercial (anyone remember Bachman Turner Overdrive?). Minus the drones part, of course.

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    Thanks OP, was going to get the Spark Mini, but this price for the Pro is great. Used ones are still going for over $800-$900 on eBay.

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    Thanks OP! Like everyone else, bought the pro. Rolling the dice to see if they honour it

  • Wait for Amazon price match?

    • Hope their associate browses Ozb on Sunday’s

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    How much does the pro worth?

    • +3

      $1500 at Jb.

      • JB doesn’t sell the Mavic Pro, hasn’t done for a while…they sell the Platinum edition.

    • +1

      Spoon feed the akkad.

      • 😂🤣

    • +3

      Worth $624 here and now.

    • +3

      Considering there was a deal here for $799.20 for the Mavic Pro back in March this year, this price is definitely feasible (not a pricing error). However, their stock levels are almost certainly incorrect considering you can still purchase it after 6000+ clicks.

      • I think it's right, there's a better/smaller/cheaper one coming out soon.

        • What's it called? ETA?

        • This model is from 2016. It is an old model so not surprised by the price decrease, especially since the Mavic 2 Pro and zoom were released.

  • +3

    Thanks OP and commenters (the deal was originally for the Spark but got edited thanks to the comments)!

    Christmas present for myself sorted. :) Now for the rest of the family… some chocolates delivered to them by "Santa drone" ought to be enough…

  • It looks like that the next gen is about to come out

    • +1

      Already out for many months, available in 2 Pro and 2 Zoom.

      • Yeap and now with the mavic mini the original pro is older again

      • oh, I did not know that. I am an old man now

  • +2

    And then I bought a drone again… Fingers crossed it turns into a $250 gift card like the last one!

    • +1

      Me too. Missed out last time, but this time rolled the dice to hopefully get a gift card/credit,….or the drone lol.

  • Lol definitely price error I'm sure it was supposed to be the spark if not dam!!!!

    • +2

      They’ve got the Spark listed at the discounted price of $313.

  • Nice price. Paid $1,900 when it first came out

  • Or $1624

  • Great bargain! Although I personally dislike Mavic Pro's image quality and autofocus, but it's ocusync and flight time / range still stands out!

    • +1

      What would you recommend if still image quality (photography) was a primary factor?

      • +1 same question as above^. Im assuming the one with the hassleblad sensor is the most likely answer ?

        • Mavic Pro 2 with a 1 inch sensor

      • I've taken some pretty solid photos with the Mavic Pro. Certainly no slouch for photos.

        • that's fair enough. but the hassy sensor will be a solid upgrade

    • The new mini might be better IQ? Or same camera?

      • Mini doesn't do raw so it would be pretty pointless from a photography viewpoint

  • So what do these normally cost?

  • hey guys, i saw 1 deal in amazon, dji air combo $6xx, just wondering if it is legit…

  • +1

    Damn that's a bargain. Bought. These used to be close to $2k

  • buy one, attach a grim reaper costume to it, and fly it around for lolz.

  • Ordered. From the confirmation email it says estimated collection (I chose C&C) by Tuesday 10/12/2019.

    • Yeh, interesting observation. Perhaps these are being ordered from their suppliers?

  • I bought one Click and Collect and one for Delivery. Just in case one gets cancelled. If not will return the other.

  • +1

    Great price!

    Bought one from eBay a few months ago at $799. This $624 is really a bargain.

    • Fly more?

      • No, just the drone and controller.

  • -2

    Nice price. Surely a better deal coming for the Mavic Mini black Friday? Somewhere?

  • +13

    Great, bought one. Does anyone has a spare couch or tips how to handle the wife?

    • Going to say I won it

      • “It’s for work” which is at least partially true for me

      • +15

        "I'm having an affair."

        Divert their attention away

    • Merry Christmas (by that time outside the return window)

    • Gad I'm not the only one. Xmas bonus or prize giveaway I guess.

  • Picked one up….said 26 Dec for delivery or pick up in store.
    Time to shop around and do a refund if something better comes up in the meantime.

    • Both of mine (delivery and pick up) are Est. Wednesday, December 11, 2019

      • +1

        I ordered few minutes after you and got pick up 9th. Dec. in Burleigh Heads Qld., go figure.

        • +1

          Different states have different dates.

          • @TomGum: Sure, that's what I thought too. Container or Jet must be arriving in Qld for a change lol.

        • I will see you there then, same day same location haha

          It's West Burleigh btw

  • +1

    Got 1, thanks!

    • You've ordered one! It remains to be see if it will be honoured….. I won't be ordering accessories just yet!

  • Thanks Op and yet again a buy a drone.

    • Did you get one earlier from Bunnings?

      • +1

        Nah, one from the ebay deal couple of years ago and another from can’t even remember where.

        • You might be able to sell this one with a profit if you get it.

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: Definitely, I had the ebay one for a year and still made over $200.

            • @Captain Hindsight: So you bought it super cheap on ebay ( new? ), then sold it second hand one year old later for $200 profit ? Nice :-)

  • +1

    Thanks OP, Estimated delivery Tuesday 10th of December.

    • +1

      Mine said 10th on the product page but changed to the 13th in the checkout (both store pickup or delivery and didn't change stores)
      It's a shame they don't keep stock in store on the chance it's a price error

    • Looks to be the same as mine we will wait and see

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Like most here, I profited from the Bunnings stuff you, but am actually hoping my order is fulfilled here to put this under my inflatable Christmas tree I bought from OzBargain/Amazon this morning

    • +3

      I didn't actually buy one because I would get kicked out of I did

  • +1

    Bought one, I don't think it will be honoured but worth a try. Cheers and good luck all!

  • Very slack price matching from Amazon here

  • I couldn't find a comparable seller who is still selling this model. Wireless1 don't stock it anymore, but their website has it for $1279.

    Harvey Norman has the Platinum model, and JB Hi fi has the fly more bundle for $1500

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