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[eBay Plus] Black Friday Sale: Apple Watch Series 3 - $299, Dyson V8 Origin - $399, Apple AirPods 2 $99, G. Home Mini $19 & More


Starts 10am AEDT on Friday 29 November and follows the schedule below. Some items will be up to 60% off.

Click the link for the landing page where the deals will appear.

Each coupon code can only be used once per account. e.g. if you use PBB38 to get the quadcopter drone, you wouldn't be able to use it again to get the Google Home Mini.

Now that all the excitement is over, any remaining available deals will be valid until sold out or 2 December 2019, whichever happens first. I won't be updating the table anymore. Have a great weekend!

Item eBay's "RRP" BF Price Availability Coupon Code
From 9am
Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Chime Pro $399 $199 300 units PRG87
Parlux 385 Power Light Ionic 2150W Salon Professional Hair Dryer $272.95 $199 500 units PRG87
Wolstead Superior+ 5pc Cookware Set $299.95 $100.95 100 units PRG87
From 10am
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS+Cellular $505 $295 300 units @ 10am PSM26
Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $249 $99 100 units @ 10am PSM26
R.M Williams Adelaide Boot (Women) $520 $399 150 units PSM26
R.M Williams Dynamic Flex Craftsman Boot (Men) $540 $399 300 units PSM26
Dyson V8 Origin $749 $399 2400 units PDYV8
Antler Luggage Viva Hard Case $199.5 $149 300 units PPD13
From 11am
Timberland Boots $180 $129 400 units PMS14
Zinus Metal Bed Frame $199 $129 200 units PMS14
From 12pm
Bullet TRZ Electric Scooter $169 $99 100 units PJW28
Oral B Genius Electric Toothbrush $179 $129 500 units PJW28
From 1pm
Peter's Charlton Christmas tree with LED $99 $79 150 units PPC23
Kathmandu Heli Women's Jacket $110 $79 500 units PPC23
Fossil BQ2311 Mens Brown Watch $99 $79 300 units PPC23
ASICS MEN'S DYNAFLYTE 2 Shoe $110 $79 400 units PPC23
Matrix 20V Cordless Drill $149 $79 250 units PPC23
From 2pm
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS+Cellular $505 $295 50 units @ 2pm PSM26
Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $249 $99 100 units @ 2pm PSM26
Lorna Jane Amy Tights $106 $49 120 units PJM16
AbsoluteHeat Professional Curling Iron $90 $49 500 units PJM16
Chuck Taylor All Star Converse $80 $49 500 units PJM16
From 3pm
Marley Chant Portable Speaker $69 $39 800 units PSG24
Healthy Choice 3.5L Airfryer/Air Fryer $89 $39 500 units PSG24
The Ordinary "Buffet" + Copper Peptides 1% Double Pack $88 $39 100 units PSG24
From 4pm
Google Home Mini $55 $19 ? units PBB38
SYMA Mini Quadcopter Drone $31 $19 150 units PBB38
Portable Stainless Steel BBQ $45 $19 220 units PBB38
Strongbow Blossom Rosè - Sparkling Apple Cider 6 X 750mL $56.25 $29 1000 units PBB38
adidas Unisex Adilette Slides $45 $19 1500 units PBB38
AbsoluteHeat IPS Mini Travel Ceramic Ionic Hair Straightener Pink $29.95 $19 500 units PBB38
From 5pm
Blindfolded Twister $39.99 $9 160 units PBB32
Babyliss Duo 700 Epilator $49.95 $9 500 units PBB32
Havaianas Black $14.99 $9 + Delivery 500 units PBB32
Disney Princess Swimming Ariel $39.99 $9 175 units PBB32
Zagg Ignition 12000mAh Power Bank $26.17 $9 500 units PBB32
Maverick BBQ Tool Set 3pc $29.95 $9 300 units PBB32
From 6pm
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS+Cellular $505 $295 50? units @ 6pm PSM26
Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $249 $99 100? units @ 6pm PSM26

T&Cs Apply.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • A waste of time honestly speaking

  • Hey does anyone know if this like the last time do They send
    You the promo code Or can u just buy it straight away

  • I'm interested in The Ordinary Copper Peptides… but no longer have Plus… so if anyone nabs this deal and wants to sell… please PM :)

  • -1

    Anyone find AirPods link? So that we can add to cart thanks

    • +3

      Appreciate the innocent question :)

    • Why would anyone want that? you'll miss out on all the fun

  • Is that E scooter any good …. Is it 140watt? What's it like Yoza

  • I suspect the electric toothbrush is the 8000, which you can already get for $129 by using PLUSPEARL. Bought one last night because hubby's one is dying.

  • nothing special really

  • +1

    Links anyone?

    • Not live till 10am (assuming AEDT time).

  • is this actually happening?

    [edit] Oh yeah.. there it goes…

  • +1

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/323913408362 [Code: PIEPLUS] $9

    Lol if anybody is doing Kris Kringle…

  • +1

    Can confirm 100 Units dropping at 10am-2pm-6pm for Apple Airpods. No links unfortunately.

  • A doorbell, hairdryer and cookware just went on sale.

  • Just to confirm if you don't know what seller you really can't prefill your credit card details can you?

  • Hey all,

    Does anyone know what coupon/voucher code these deals will be?

    Thanks :)

    • +3

      Will probably be released at 10:00:00 AM and gone by 10:00:05 AM.
      Have a nice day.

      • Will be gone sooner than that, that's just the server recorded time, i.e. error term.

  • -1

    Is there a link for the Airpod?

  • Where should i be refreshing for the airpods?

  • +1

    I can't believe they are trying to represent the "Marley Chant Portable Speaker" as a deal for $39. I picked one of these up for 99 cents on a previous eBay Plus promo.

    • +1

      The $1 one was the chant mini, this is the chant, so a bigger & more expensive version of that. But yeah, $39 isn't much of a deal, especially when you can get these for $47 on eBay right now.

  • the airpods are gone from the page

  • got it
    edit: it went live at 10:00:01am sharp, I pressed checkout at like 10:00:08am.

  • Bulll… Airpod gone in 5 seconds..

    • 26 seconds by the looks of it.

      • payment gateway connection took the most time there, but people can achieve as fast as <10 seconds from copying the code, adding item to cart, pasting the code and press Pay.

  • +2

    game over in 1 second

  • +1

    got it

  • Woooooooooooooooot! Airpods for $99!

    Thanks! Your order was placed.
    Estimated delivery: 10 – 11 Dec
    We'll send you email confirmation soon.
    View order details
    You saved AU $150.00 on this purchase with coupons and vouchers.

    • Well done!

      How did you know which listing it was going to be?

    • Well done!

      How did you know which listing it was going to be?

    • Are you able to post or PM me an image of the receipt?

      I'd like to try and claim the price difference on my CC with price protection.

    • Duplicate. Site is crashing hard today!

  • Dyson code is PDYV8

  • wtf

  • I was quick enough to get one somehow, can't wait to get them.

  • What’s the promo code? thought it would auto add but it didn’t

  • airpods gone instantly

  • +2

    Oh wow! Got the AirPods. The first time I've been able to buy this kind of deal.

  • Damn, I was delayed by one second and missed it. Opened from banner and it said no stock and I thought it was gone already. Refreshed again and there it was in stock.

  • All gone in 59 seconds

    • +3

      more like 10 seconds

  • First the airpod post removed from the page
    then appeared and in 30 seconds gone because app does not work well

  • +1

    am i right in saying that now that i have it in my cart with the code ..that i have a much better chance at 2pm

    • +1

      What’s the code?

    • +1

      What’s the code?

    • That’s how it worked last time

    • This is what I'm hoping, I am in the same situation.

  • +2

    Got to check out and it wouldn't let me buy them for the airpods :(

    • It was in my cart as well. Too busy adding the e-gift card code in, slowed me down 😔 and it was gone

  • Cant help but laugh…. couldnt even add it to cart before 10am, because all the stocks were already in peoples carts. Which means all stocks were already spoken for before 10am, so people just had to input code and checkout.

    • +2

      If you haven't got it in the cart ready for 2pm, you'll have no chance.

      I think there is a lot of inside knowledge that allows, at least the first release, to be sold so quickly.

      • yep… so my sole goal at 2pm is to just add it into my cart so i can try again for 5pm! hahah

    • I put it in my cart after 10am. The link wasn't available before 10am so they wouldn't have put it in then.
      I wasn't fast enough to check out though.

      • +1

        Nah… people put it in the cart if they knew the seller. Trust me, people had it in their carts well before 10am.

  • First the airpod post removed from the page
    then appeared and in 30 seconds gone because app does not work well

  • +3

    WTF, was refreshing non stop, window pops up, click it and sold out already, how can it possibly be that quick for some people?

    • +1

      Hey, I made the same mistake. We got there too early. If you refreshed again it would've come into stock. I was delayed in realised and missed out still :(

    • Just because it popped up for you at a certain time, doesn't mean someone else didn't get it 5 seconds quicker. We are at the mercy of our link speeds.

      • +1

        Correct me if I'm doing this wrong though, but someone needs to click banner, enter credit card details, apply promo code and then purchase. I can't see how that can happen in that time frame before I can even see the banner unless people already knew which seller and were just refreshing the listing.

        • I do agree with your statement and everything is fixed here.

        • It's quite easy if you are already logged in and have Paypal one touch set up:

          Click banner —> buy now —> details already in there and you just need to enter the code and click confirm and pay.

          I tripped up as I forgot to read the code properly. I now have the checkout page open with the code entered so I am going to keep clicking "confirm and pay" so the page remains open and hopefully get them. This is of course assuming the code does not change.

          • @butterbuts: Yeah I would have had them if I knew the code, or knew a code was even needed!

      • +2

        Not just speed of network, but also latency. Haha this is like a FPS….. need lower ping!

    • Exactly same thing happened with me. Absolutely unbelievable. I am about to cry.

    • -1

      I missed it like most of the others above. Clicked the Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) with Charging Case (MV7N2ZA/A) on eBay app and copied the code but already sold out. Damn you eBay plus. I signed up on a 30 day trial an hour earlier in anticipation…. Useless.
      I probably wasn't savvy enough to get in quick enough? Or just luck if you get one or not?
      So was it less than 30 seconds to complete the transaction if you clicked on the item immediately when the link was available?

      • +2

        Did you want a refund on your free trial?

  • +5

    hate this kind of deal…
    Don't know how other people can buy it.
    You got to know the code and the seller prior to the deal is online.

    • No, I clicked refresh on the deals page at 9:59:59. It takes time for the request to get to eBay's server and then it'll retrieves the page at 10:00:00 to reveal the link and code. Proceed to the product page, click Buy it now (don't use add to cart), apply the code and checkout.

      To be honest I am quite surprised I managed to score it the first time around. Was planning to keep the item in cart and try again at 2pm/

  • Oh so that’s how it’s gonna be.
    May as well have just kept working lol.

  • Delayed by PayPal login. Damn.

    • keep trying with your PayPal next time please and a happy day for another person on eBay.

  • +6

    What bullcrap. How is it that I was on the apple airpods at 10.00am and they're sold out!! How??

    • +1

      There are over 17000 clicks on this deal, so there are probably around 15000 people trying to buy 100 airpods. you do the maths

  • may be some knows about the code already

  • +2

    If I couldn't get it on 10am, 2pm & 6pm will be even more difficult as more people will be awake.

  • Can someone please post the promo code

  • Airpod promo is a joke.

    Amazon is way better than eBay

  • +1

    U have to have very quick internet for this type of deal. My bloody Optus mobile data is useless in this case :(

    • ^exactly this
      I am on my laptop + internet and page refresh on eBay took 0.5-0.8 seconds after pressing F5
      on another note, well done eBay for the fast servers

    • Use the ebay app and load it on 2 PM you will just need to click once and even 5 seconds will be enough just if the code doesn’t change…

  • Managed to get the Series 3 GPS+Cel Apple Watch for $295!
    Great xmas present for Dad, especially since he's still rocking a Series 0

  • I think those Airpods definitely took some of the heat off the Watch so it lasted a wee bit longer than the usual obligatory gone in 60 seconds.

  • This is not the wireless charging one like before…

  • 5 sold in the last hour. 🤔

  • +1

    Hourly promotions KMA!!!! ebay should stop doing these silly promotions and bring back those storewide discount deals!

  • +1
  • Would the airpods promo code change for the 2pm deal hmm

    • That would screw me over , pls don't haha

      • haha in the same boat, its why i asked

        • I'm in your boat too mate

          • @Edelweiss1: Quite a lot of ozbargainers on our boat

            • @I Smell Pennies: Make sure we open a new tab in the same browser with eBay page and click on anything every 10 minutes so we don't get session timed out.

        • I got it!! this plan worked hahaha

  • How is that I come at 10am o’clock and all the 100 units are sold??? This is bs

    • +3

      How's that bs?? There were only 100 units and there are thousands of people wanted to buy.