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Ryobi 18v One+ Lawn Mower Garden Combo $299 @ Bunnings (Limited Stock)


Ryobi are doing a Black Friday deal on the Ryobi 18v one+ 4Ah lawn mower. Normally this is $299 by itself but they are throwing in a leaf blower and line trimmer at no extra cost, valued at $230 extra.

This kit comprises a 33cm lawn mower, 25cm line trimmer and a hard surface blower, 1 x 2.0Ah battery, 1 x 4.0Ah battery, and 1.5A Charger

The combo isn’t currently listed on the Bunnings website and unfortunately the Ryobi website doesn’t show which stores have stock so it will be trial and error at your local Bunnings. The Ryobi website does say it’s limited stock so apologies in advance if it’s like a needle in a haystack.

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  • With those batteries - is it going to cut a few blades of grass then have to be charged?

    • Had similar, they last a surprisingly long amount of time! Enough to do a 'modern' size lawn and blow.

    • I have a fairly 'moderate' size of backyard, and got seriously frustrated with the 36v battery operated mower. Would stop the blade on track even with the slightest hint of wet grass, or with any presence of tall weeds. Which my current 4 stroke mower doesn't even notice. Just my two cents.

      • quick tip: tilting the mower back, like doing a small wheelie as you mow, helps with that issue. Might mean going back and forth 2 or 3 times over same area. I agree the cut-outs are a thing with long grass. But you shouldn't be mowing wet grass anyway!

        • +2 votes

          I tend to mow half width strips when my 36v is struggling with out of control grass, seems to do the job. Clearing out the wet grass occasionally, like you said, definitely helps.

        • I agree with you on wet grass. However, here in suburban Melbourne, it's at least somewhat wet almost always with mist, if nothing. Only few months of proper summer leaves me with some breathing room unfortunately.


    The website keeps on getting hung up when finding stores nearby with stock. Will try my luck tomorrow. Cheers op.

  • Absolute ultimate pack! Would grab this in a heartbeat if I didn't have that already

  • Is this good for mowing?

    • I'd personally go with the 36v. I'm lucky enough to have the early 36v (18v X 2) model.
      I personally think 18v is a waste of time, you are better off with a cheap 240v Ozito mower which actually works very well and much lighter than my Ryobi unit

      • Does the 18v X 2 mower do a decent job? Get through a couple of week growth and last long enough to do a decent size lawn?

        • For me it works well on grass that isn't over grown so a couple week growth is fine, given certain grass is denser than others it might vary. I run 2 X 4ah/5ah batts and it does a decent bit of lawn. I'd recommend having 2 sets of 4or5ah batteries to see you through a larger sized yard

          At the time of comparison the newer single battery 36v movers are the same with a few small changes including handle bars and start buttons

      • I also think the 36V (or 18v x 2) Ryobi mowers do a better job than the single 18V.

        The 18V does have a place where you have a very small amount to mow (e.g. 10-50 square metres) which it's light and easy and you are basically not having to deal with petrol, oil and so on.

        For a larger house block (e.g. 600-1200 or larger) I'd suggest you want to move into the 56V/80V stuff.

        I have been using a 80V Kobalt for a few years now (on a 1300 square metre block) and it works really well. It would not work out to try to do this with a 18V mower (you'd be at it forever). I use 4 batteries (2Ah each) on the 80V..

    • I have this mower. I can do about 200 sqm with my 4AH battery.

      Don't let buffalo get too long or you will stall a fair bit. I would have liked a clear clipping catcher so I could gauge how full it is

  • Is this good for mowing?

  • Is this line trimmer the same as a whipper snipper?

  • Is the mower cordless?

  • There were 5 of these at Alexandria at 8:30PM

  • No TRS. No deal.

  • Great price, but the blower is a little weak, and the trimmer is absolute rubbish.

    Also the kit comes with the crap batteries.
    Ryobi are clowns with their batteries, they have 3 different pack sizes (5 cell, 10 cell and 15 cell) and use 4 (maybe even 5??) different types of cells.
    They should stick to 1 type of cell, maybe 2 types if they really want to offer a cheap and nasty version.
    So in total there are about 12-14 different batteries, not counting the older compatible Nicads.

    I love the idea of battery powered tools, but these are battery powered toys.
    Maybe another 10 years?

    • Yep looks like it's their low-end version of everything.

    • Couldn't be more wrong. This is a capable kit at an excellent price. Think the warranty is 6 years on this great, for small yards they work perfect.

    • I think that's over time but the current batteries (as opposed the cell config and actual cells) are:


      So 6 kinds of packs and AFAIK they all use 18650s internally ? These are in the 18V family only (excluding 12V and 36V).

      The 1.5Ah ones only seem to show up as part of a kit and nowadays even a number of their kits come with a 4Ah (and for most people that would be more than enough).

      I'm still using batteries from 2014 (so ~5Y old now) and getting reasonable usage from them for basic tools like line trimmers and blowers.

  • I have the mower. It did the job for me until I moved to a house with a bigger garden. Tips:
    1) can't mow wet grass with this (will cause clippings to stick to the underside)
    2) won't do well if you let the grass grow taller than 6cm or so
    3) sharpen the blades at least once every season. More if you go over a lot of sticks/rocks.

    I was going to comment on the blower/trimmer but it seems they are different to the regular 18v models.

    • blower/trimmer

      tell me anyways

      • I used the blower to clean out my garage at my previous place. It had a smooth concrete floor so it worked pretty well. The blowing power seems pretty concentrated on a small spot, so if you need something stronger e.g. for large outdoor areas then this might not be suitable. I've actually fashioned a PVC pipe adapter that I use to clean out leaves from my roof gutters. This works surprising well and saves me stuffing around with a ladder.

        I use my line trimmer a lot more than the blower. I've heard people saying that it's too weak but I'm not sure what they're cutting. I've only ever used it to trim grass edging and occasionally through some long grassy weeds and it's cut through everything. I find the handles on it pretty comfortable, I stabilise the trimmer on my hip while holding it and walk sideways to achieve a straight trim.
        1) Like the mower, doesn't work well on wet grass
        2) Don't use a line thicker than what is recommended, it will struggle
        3) Don't stop/start the trimmer too many times during your cut, you will go through your line very quickly. With moderate use (maybe on average once a fortnight), I'd say I've had to refill the line once every 1 or 2 years.

        • Thank you what do you mean by "the/your Line"

          And what's with water? Did they make it allergic to water?

        • That last point doesn't seem right. I would go through cutting line at the rate of perhaps 1-2 rounds per refill (i.e I can use it perhaps twice before I run out).

          I don't think starting/stopping it makes it use the line up as I've tested that - it does just wear out especially when you are using it to create edges against concrete or brick.

          • @jason andrade: Wow twice. Interesting how our experiences are so different. I'm still on the same spool I bought from Bunnings in the first half of the year. I'm very careful not to hit rocks/concrete though. That might account for the large difference?

            When I start it up I can hear the line being cut by the blade attachment. I guess to be more specific, say you're holding down the switch and your line is 25cm. You hit a rock and your line reduces to 23cm. Just keep going until you need to stop. If you stop and then start again, it'll feed the line back to 25cm when you don't necessarily need to.

  • Maybe a dumb question but…will this deal be gone after Friday? No local bunnings and can only get to one on sunday…

  • I have this line trimmer but I find the actual line(string) gets broken so often and every time I have to manually feed it….even tho it says auto feed. Anyone has same issue or any ideas on it?

    • broken or cut by the autofeed mehanism?

    • Do you mean you have to manually pull out the line? I don't have this problem on the 30cm version.

      The line should auto feed when it starts up. If you quickly press the trigger for about half a second the line should feed by itself.

    • I'm still getting used to mine but as mentioned above the start/stop should feed the line out but I prefer to do it manually each time it wears down. BUT I did notice quality of line makes a huge difference.

    • Add a bit of oil to string coil may help

  • I just got one from Rouse Hill Bunnings.

  • Just picked mine up! Good deal, thanks!!

  • These are junk, unless you have a tiny patch of grass to mow. Too under powered. For a small unit with a small patch of grass, maybe. But otherwise go with the 36v Ryobi minimum or the Victa 82v line if you want something comparable with petrol.

  • just scored one from Ringwood. they only had 4 in stock to begin with

  • Hi guys they still got 6 sets at Bunnings sunshine. But none in Nunawading.
    You can’t check online need to go in store. Good luck guys

  • Item number is 0151832. You can call your local store and they can give you stock levels of nearby stores over the phone.

    Stock in the ACT is as follows.

    Canberra airport - 8
    Tuggeranong - 6
    Fyshwick - 0
    Belconnen - 0
    Gungahlin - 7

    I work at Bunnings.

    Pretty good deal to be honest. Can't vouch on the quality but the 18v mower kit goes for $399.

    • Thanks for this, having item number was pretty helpful.

    • Even those that work at Bunnings are getting confused, the 36cm kit goes for $399 and the 33cm kit (not this promo) is $299 normally.

  • I consider my 40 cm ryobi mower quite "small" and thin, I can imagine 33 cm would feel like a toy.

    • Indeed it does. One of the great things about it is you can pick it up with one hand like a toy. I gave mine to my dad who only needs to cut his nature strip and he loves it for that reason.

  • Oakleigh:6
    Notting hill:6

  • any stock in SA?

  • Guy at the door in Bunnings advised I need to register product to get 6 year warranty, otherwise it defaults to 4 year.

    • has anyone been able to register the kit or its items on the ryobi site?

      When I attempt to register the kit as a whole using the kit/model number, the listed blower is an incorrect model, you cannot enter all the required info for the batteries, and when I attempt to submit the form it fails with a generic error message that doesn't tell you what is wrong.

      You can attempt to register each item in the kit individually, but the model of trimmer does not exist in the system.

      Contacted Ryobi who just replied with a generic PDF on how to sign up/register, which was of no help at all.

      So as it stands I do not think you can register to get the extended warranty for all items in the kit due to the above issues.

      • Have the same problem. I've also reached out to ryobi support but haven't heard back.

      • Ryobi support has help me registered the product after emailing them.

        Based on our feedbacks, they've also seem to have fix the registration page for the kit. Now the serial numbers for the batteries are in the right format I.e. Xxxxxx w xx y xx. Maybe that was why it wasn't working before?

        Please try again and confirm if they have solved this issue.

        • yep i've been back and forth with them and sent them detailed screenshots of the issues and they seem to have got it all sorted now.

          So you should now be able to register all tools individually, or as a whole kit, which seems to ad them as individual tools anyway?. Just double check that your receipt is actually uploaded/attached to the tools if you register as a whole kit, mine wasn't.

  • 4 left at Frankston, VIC.

  • I purchased one yesterday from Oxley store, they had 6+ remaining.
    Charged overnight.
    Worked well in my townhouse courtyard of approx 4x6m

    I'm thinking I should have also purchased the pole hedger for 215.

  • 2 left @Underwood, QLD
    5 left @Rocklea, QLD
    Some in Acacia Ridge, QLD

  • 4 left at Bonnyrigg: 3 brand new and 1 repack.

  • 2 outside at garden entry side Penrith home maker centre Bunnings Penrith

  • Bunnings website has this now. You can now check for stock at your local store.

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