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Kogan Money Black Credit Card, $500 Kogan Credit with $500 Spend in 30 Days


Special Black Friday Deal

No annual fees
That’s right, $0 annual fees on this card.

Earn $500 Kogan.com Credit
Bonus launch offer – spend $500 in the first 30 days from approval on eligible purchases and you’ll receive $500 in Kogan.com Credit.

Uncapped rewards points
Earn up to 2 rewards points per dollar on your eligible purchases at Kogan.com and 1 rewards point per dollar on your eligible everyday spend, uncapped.

Complimentary Kogan Membership
Get complimentary Kogan First Membership, currently valued at $99 per year.

0% p.a. for 12 months on balance transfers
No interest free days apply while you have a balance transfer. Reverts to cash advance rate.

Up to 4 additional cardholders at no cost
All eligible spend by additional cardholders contributes to your rewards!

Visa payWave
Simply wave and go.

FRAUDSHIELD® and Visa Zero Liability
Security and fraud protection with FRAUDSHIELD® and Visa Zero Liability.

Earn more than $35,000 a year.
Be 18 years or older and a permanent Australian resident.
Have a valid email address and mobile number.

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  • Done that, took 0% BT offer to fund my mortgage offset account. Bought discounted eGiftCards $500, waiting for the $500 kogan credit.

  • -1

    Anyone know what information I need for applying?

    Do they require pay slips?

    • You need the usual stuff - honestly just do the process and see for yourself it takes but a few mins and yes payslips are generally required as you need to prove you ID and income/assets. Again this is very basic and normal info you'd need to secure any credit.

      Would be interesting to know IF and WHEN folks start getting their $500 credit hitting their Kogan.com account, which is where I suspect it will land - as there is a sub=section over their once you've logged in under your Account called 'Credits' - seems like it goes off and checks each time you click on it.

      I suspect they'll drag out to the max possible time but will be interesting to see when they start coming through so folks can chase up.

      • If its anything like most other credit card sign up bonuses im expecting it to come through when either the first or second monthly statement is issued. My first statement should arrive the end of next week and ive already hit the spend required so ill let you know.

  • +2

    My Experiences:
    1. Activating the card and all that jazz was easy on the app. I did it on a Sunday morning using the chat on the app and no issue. I've used chat a few times and no issue there. If you can text then the chat on the app should be easy.
    2. I did a balance transfer without issue, in fact, it was the fastest ever, Woolworths took about 10 business days so overall I'm pleased.
    3. I spent about $650 then paid it back the same day and this didn't attract interest as it was repaid immediately as other people have stated balance transfers and new purchases attract interest but this wasn't the case for me as I repaid immediately.
    4. I spoke with someone on chat this morning about the $500 credit as I'd like to use it on Kogan Travel as we intend to go on a trip. The customer rep stated that the system will automatically credit the $500 to your Kogan account within 10 weeks so it may be earlier so long as the 30 day period has passed and your credit card is active and in good standing then you may get the $500 credit before as this is what I'm hoping but who know what parameters the system uses to apply the $500 credit.
    5. I have a few credit cards and I have to say this has been the easiest experience to date, I have had Virgin, Woolworths, Coles, CBA and NAB. All seem slow and antiquated compared to Kogan and I applaud Kogan for using an online only approach.

    • +2

      Your purchase might be attracting interest.

      For both Citi cards I have, I've been told by customer support that repayments will be allocated to the outstanding balance transfer before any retail purchases.

      With this card, you have 90 days to take up the 0% interest BT offer. So to benefit from both the BT and $500 credit offers while avoiding interest, make any purchases and repay them in full before requesting the BT.

      Maybe I was misled by the Citi customer support people (for both Kogan and Qantas Premier cards). If your first statement shows no interest charges, please let me know! I'd rather be told about it if I'm wrong.

      • +2

        Excellent response. Thanks for that. You're right as it seems but I'll need to talk with them as I did what you said and made the purchase before the BT and paid it in full within minutes of the purchase but now there's interest on the account even though the BT hadn't been completed.

      • Just an update @TimCinel - I was slightly confused and yes you're right as it appears this is common for most cards that if you make a purchase when you have a BT then future payments on the card go towards paying off the amount that attracts the highest interest so in this case it would be the retail purchase as any purchase that is made when a BT is active attracts the full purchase rate so about 20% for most cards.

        Anyhow, I was right they tried to charge me interest for a purchase made and paid before the BT was actioned so they've reversed interest and that was fairly easy.

  • -1

    Do you reckon you can use 2 of the $500 vouchers on a single purchase. Or are they locked to each credit card (as opposed to a voucher code?)

    • It's tied your account you sign up with

  • my application just got rejected - does anyone have advice what I need to do?
    will this impact my credit score for future applications?

    • I wouldn't come here looking for financial advice, plenty of online sites that explains what happens but needless to say there will be a credit enquiry on your account, try registering for Credit Savvy.Enquiries on your credit record aren't necessarily a bad thing as I know this from experience and in some instances there's other factors that influence their assessment of your application. As discussed earlier there were others on this thread earning over 100K+ and got declined so hard to say…

    • Pretty sure Citibank uses Experian. Credit inquiry will appear on your file after a week.

    • I got rejected initially, canceled a credit card and in doing so reduced my credit limit. Applied a second time and got accepted

  • FYI, after applying on 2nd January (and nothing heard since) i finally got a response yesterday saying application is approved. I do have a citibank credit card so was quite surprise it was approved on first time through. Maybe i used a credit limit of $6k being the lowest they have.

  • Despite a good credit score and meeting all eligibility requirements, I was declined minutes after they spoke to me on the phone. Sent an email asking why and never heard back. Strange.

  • +2

    Can everyone please advise when they do eventually receive the Kogan $500 credit? Just so we can roughly work out when it starts comming through. I realize its probably going to be late February or early March I guess for most people?

    • +4

      Expecting mine sometime during Feb since my $500 Spend was end of December. Will update when the credit comes in!

  • Can the Kogan credit be used to pay the Kogan internet?

  • +4

    Has anyone actually received the credit? Been patiently waiting since December 10..

    • -1

      Is that when you made your $500 Spend? While I'm asking questions, what kind of items did you spend on (eg. Gift card)?

    • +1

      Still waiting, hit the $500 spend about 4 weeks ago.

      Just got my first statement yesterday and paid it off in full today maybe that will speed things up.

      • -1

        Pretty sure they’ll pay any reward credit closer to the 10 week mark vs. when you made
        Your $500 spend

      • +1

        Last time there was a kogan citi deal I got my cashback in about 5 weeks (that one also said up to 10 weeks), actually before my payment was due, so should be somewhere between the 5 to 10 weeks.

        • So I was correct (who ever negged me)

    • What if you've signed up for the card but don't have a kogan account? Does a linked account get created or something?

      • +1

        My guess would be they expect you to have a linked account to take advantage of the free kogan first membership (where you need to link your card). Happy to be corrected if others know more.

    • +1

      so am I right in saying that nobody has got their $500 credit for this deal yet? that makes me feel better. Hope it comes through soon.

      • +1

        I got my $300 credit when they had the $3000 spend in 3 months deal. I ordered AirPods pro

  • -1

    So a few of my friends and myself have applied for the credit card these 2 days, and we all got rejected. All of us have income well above the requirements and good credit ratings.

    I suspect they probably finished their quota but not taking the ad down. This makes me feel it's almost like false advertising. I'm not that fuss about missing out the credit card, but definitely not happy I'm taking a credit hit for nothing.
    I'm thinking of complaining to like AFCA etc, any thoughts?

    • +1

      Doesn’t matter if you are above the income requirements, there are many other factors that get taken into account, such as expenses and existing debts. Applying for one credit card won’t impact your credit score too much (if at all).

      • I was approved and Experian points dropped by 11.

        • I was approved and my credit score went up lol

          • @amanvell: Went up by 25 later, so improved by 14.

    • I was declined and it took 10 days for a review that was another decline. They've offered to re assess or directed me to lodge an afca complaint… So really wondering what they did with the extra info I provided them with…

  • +2

    @martialmonk77 - I made a $600+ purchase 15 Dec 2019.

    So if you've read the terms once you make a relevant purchase there's a 30 day period that has to pass initially.

    So for me this means that ended 14 Jan 2020.

    Now I'm in the credit period but as it states the refund will be processed with 10 weeks.

    When I spoke with the customer rep from Kogan she explained the credit is automatically processed by the system and can happen anytime within that 10 week period.

    I'll advise when I receive the credit.

    • +2

      Hi Woobly. I did something similar. I've already spent thousands on the card. Would be interesting to see when you receive it. I'll do the same if I do receive it. Thanks!

  • I applied for this a couple of days ago and just checked the website and it looks like it has now changed - "Spend $1,000 in the first 60 days from card approval on eligible purchases and you’ll receive $100 in Kogan.com Credit which you can use within the next 12 months of the credit being applied"

    • I am in a similar situation. I spoke to a rep and they said because I applied before the 19th January that I was under the $500 credit promotion. Hope this helps!

  • Has anyone got a screen grab of the spend $500 get $500 credit deal with expiry of 19/1? I applied before the cut off but now the offer has changed I don't trust them and wanted some proof?

    • I have an email with that offer still

      Not sure if this link will work for you

      Can fwd email if not. Just PM me


  • When I spoke with them they confirmed that I would still be eligible for the $500 offer as I applied prior to them changing it. I have that conversation recorded too.

    • -1

      ????? Why would you waste time confirming such a thing. Of course if you signed up when the promotion is active then you are eligible for it. Also I hope you advised the operator that you were recording the call otherwise that is seemingly unlawful.

      Better to wait until you're actually supposed to receive the credit and complain if you don't get it in time.

      • +1

        Agree with this. It's like any other offer, has an expiry date, and if it changes after that, you already bought it at the offer price. But that being said, yes got records of the previous offers in my email anyway :)

      • Watatwat I had spoken to them about the application and confirmed the offer whilst speaking with them. It was not a separate call so no time wasted. You should also probably know the lawfulness of voice / video recordings before making such statements.

  • +3

    What does everyone think about the ongoing rewards points rate of 1 point (cent) per dollar with this Kogan Card.
    I'm currently equipped with a grandfathered velocity card through NAB where the fee is included in annual mortgage package, however they have reduced the points earn rate, which limits the amount of points I can earn in a month. I'm thinking of moving home loans to a fin-tech/smaller lender in the next 12 months and considering making this card my primary spending card.

    Having browsed finder looking at both the no annual fee cards and the reward cards, I'm actually seeing this card as being the market leader in terms of genuine point redemption value, when you consider it is effectively 1% return on most things (excluding govt charges and the usual exclusions).

    Given that there is no annual fee and points can be redeemed against payment on credit card, so genuine 1% - No dodgy conversion rates between rewards programs, I feel like this is really good value.


    • +1

      Totally Agree. 1% cashback in Kogan credits is great earning rate, but you have to spend it on kogan.com only. $10,000 annual spend yeilds $100 kogan credits.

      On a Coles Rewards Card, $10,000 annual spend yeilds $100 flybuys dollars.

      $100 flybuys dollars is only greater than $100 kogan credits by $5 cash value in my view, but you have to pay $99 annual fee for it.

    • Yeh it’s half decent if you buy from Kogan

    • I have the paid Coles card described before and it's good if you shop at Coles regularly (it asks if you want to use 2000 points for $10 off at checkout. Also no international transaction fees for other currency purchases online, or shopping overseas. For a free card this is alright if you shop at kogan often (their prices aren't always competitive though).

      • So the Paid Coles Card has a redemption rate of 2 points per $1 on eligible spend (Given the coles redemption rate at checkout of 2000p= $10, this is 1% per dollar return, so the same as the Kogan card according to my math. However you pay a $100 premium for the privilege of earning those points with the Coles Card.

        For international transactions, my Citibank Debit card and BankWest Zero Platinum credit card both offer me no international fees with no annual fees.

        The benefit of this Kogan card in my perspective is that you earn 1 point for almost every shopping experience. To clarify, it doesn't have to be at Kogan and you can redeem your points either at Kogan OR as payment directly against your credit card bill. Ie. Spend $750 dollars in a statement period, you'll get $7.50 in credits against your bill.

        Unless you take advantage of a lot of Coles Flybuy offers, which you would arguably get just being a flybuy member anyway, I still think the Kogan Card is a standout in the market.

        Hope my maths is right. Much of this post is BC (Before Coffee)…

        • Sounds about right to me (also BC now). The Coles card earns the 2 to 1 on international transactions as well is the only other consideration for me (and just having the one card for all transactions). However I think there is a Bankwest card which also earns points on international transactions if I'm not mistaken.

        • +1

          Ok had time to properly read your comment! Where did you see that you can get credits against your bill? I thought it is only kogan credit.

          • @frogduck: Ok. I'll withdraw that. I was certain I had read it somewhere that you could pay your credit card bill, but looks like I made a mistake.

            So i guess its a 1% return for anything that is good value on Kogan.

            • @waving: Ah ok, no worries! I thought I may have missed something.

        • +2

          "payment directly against your credit card bill" - how do you do this? I can't seem to find an option to do this.

    • Another one to consider, however it does have an annual fee of $69 - is the Latitude Infinity rewards if you want some variety with redemptions. Same earn rate 1 point per dollar and 1% return.


    • Agreed. I'm using it as primary card instead of my Citibank Premier. It has double the earning rate. Plenty of useful stuff on Kogan to get, including phones.

  • Expecting the $500 Credit to come through soon. Any recommendations on what to get for it? Probably a lot of them ending up on Ebay.

    • Xiaomi bike

    • +1

      NVIDIA shield when the new model gets released or PS5 at the end of the year

  • +1

    Can I please confirm again if ANYONE has received this credit? I applied mid december and it's now february…

    • +1

      Also interested to see who has received the credit.

  • +2

    Just visited page to check same thing, Surpassed the 500 minimum, and paid off that balance few weeks ago…
    Messaged online last week they just said the standard '6-12 weeks period' thing, and said we'll receive email when $500 applied

    • +1

      Same. They told me something like 10 weeks from approval, which in my case would be early March.

      But truth is, these people are so incompetent that it may never come through.

  • +1

    Does anyone know where actually would the credit be visible? Is it the rewards sections in credit card login portal ?

    • +1

      My best guess:
      With the card you get free 'kogan first' membership.
      You create a kogan.com.au account and in your account settings, you link your card in the 'kogan first' section.
      Now your card and your kogan.com.au accounts are linked and your credit will go to this account.

      Again, I haven't asked kogan, I'm just speculating.

    • My assumption would be in the credits section on your kogan account.

      • That's correct. Mine appeared in the credits section.
        Your actual reward points appear in the rewards section.
        The kogan first section just tells you if you have membership

    • +1

      They said they'd email when I enquired which checks out because there's a credits/voucher section of the website where you have to input a code

  • Just to give people some additional information if ever they would consider applying for this card:

    • I tried to apply for an additional card holder - the form was broken. I sent multiple messages through their web form, each time they told me to fill out the form (!). They don't actually read messages properly at all. Had to get onto chat and all, but eventually they fixed it.
    • When the supplementary card finally arrived, it couldn't activate through their website. The form was broken (!). Tried to activate through mobile app, but somehow they had the wrong phone number associated with it so the OTP couldn't come through. It is possible I made a mistake filling it out, but I rather doubt it. I suspect a clerical error on their end.
    • Tried to get the phone number fixed. Multiple chat session, getting cut off when app times out. Voice call through app also cut off as app times out constantly. Each time it dies from timeout, you have to force-kill the process or it won't start again. After 1 hour (!), I am told we have to send a signed letter with proof of ID to get one digit in the phone number fixed. So even I, as account holder, cannot change the phone number for the secondary card holder which I requested for myself!

    I kid you not, this is the worst I ever came across. This is typical Citibank (who also once demanded a signed letter to activate a replacement supplementary card when the old one had expired, after the secondary cardholder had held a card for 6 years!).

    If you value your time, stay away. Once I get my $500, I'm gone. The $0.01 earn rate on Kogan is excellent, but just not worth the hassle.

  • +1

    Sounds like Kogan is waiting until the very end of the "up to 10 weeks" claim to payout.

    • If the average person here got approved middle of December. 30 days from then would take it to approx middle of January. If the 10 weeks starts from then as it states in the terms and conditions then that would take us to the very end of March….. Someone here said given how Citibank handled these cashbacks in the past, hopefully we'll start seeing it middle to late of February (if we were approved around middle December)

  • +3

    Did anyone else just get this email?

    I got my card approved in December and have been happily using it since. Why is someone in Malaysia looking at my proof of income documents again?

    From: AuKgnMnyApplication <[email protected]>
    Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2020 at 16:24
    Subject: Read: Proof of income - Application number UFXZSDxxxxxx

    *Your message *

    To: AuKgnMnyApplication
    Subject: Proof of income - Application number UFXZSDxxxxxx
    Sent: Monday, December 9, 2019 5:34:25 PM (UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

    was read on Monday, February 3, 2020 12:25:22 PM (UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore.

    • Yep received that as well. IT error? or maybe they got hacked

      • +4

        That would be great. "Sorry guys, we got hacked and thus there are no gift cards to provide. Also your payslips have been leaked online. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope you will continue to use kogan.com.au for future needs."

    • +2

      Kuala Lampur in Singapore?? That certainly raises red flags.

      • I too received this, does anyone want to contact Kogan and let them know then report back here or can we tag a Kogan representative in this thread?

      • +1

        Actually, that's just the timezone description, to denote the "+8" timezone covers both KL and Singapore.

    • It's an automatic read receipt. It means your email got forwarded there.
      It is a bit concerning that your most confidential information is being sent to so many different countries (their customer service centre is in the Philippines). You should ask them for an explanation, and demand to know where your information is being held and who has access to it. Use [email protected] to contact them; do not use their Web form, because you will get a useless pro-forma response from a no-reply email address.

  • When I log into Kogan website under card rewards it says "Your reward points balance is unavailable at this time". It has been like that for the last week or so, is this happening to anyone else?

    Check every couple of days to see if the credit has come through, but nothing yet.

    • +5

      It happened to me once. I contacted them and they told me to unlink an relink the card. That fixed the issue for me.
      Regarding the bonus credit; they'll send an email beforehand as I was advised.

      • Did you have any issues relinking?
        I unlinked but can't link again. First it wouldn't accept the SMS code the It won't recognise the phone number when I tried again.

    • +2

      Mines doing that too

      Above comment fixed it

    • This happens on/off for me. Quite poor to be honest. Their systems as a whole are flaky as hell. Worse than normal Citibank. It's as if they went "Let's have a credit card product. Get some students in here straight away to code up an app and a website. Don't worry about design and testing, we'll do it Agile" (that's what people say who don't actually understand proper Agile when they want to cut cost on things they believe are unnecessary).

    • I have the same thing happening to me, and no $500 credit. Been checking every day!

      • Yeah, dont know been over 8 weeks since I had the card (actually 2 as wife got one too), spent the $500 on both and paid as well, now just waiting for the credit.

    • It is happening for me right now, so I sent a message to [email protected]

      Yet another addition to the long list of system issues I have had to report to them. Absolutely ridiculous that the software of a banking system seems to be completely untested, and broken for weeks on end.

      • Did you get an answer from them? The issue is still there apparently.

        • They told me to relink it. This fixed it, but now when I go into my Kogan account, it lists my credit card twice!
          Kogan is unbelievable.

          • @Make it so: Thanks for replying. Relink works for me.

  • 2 more months :(

  • +3

    WORD OF WARNING - make sure you check your statements with these guys. I have direct debit for full monthly balance setup on my account BUT to be safe I made a manual Bpay of the full JAN outstanding balance on 08JAN - so well in advance and when the billing period finished it had a zero balance owing.

    BUT for reasons best known to Kogan/Citi they then on 30JAN debited my account for the previous outstanding balance (that had ALREADY been paid)……then that same day I assume their system detected it'd done this wrong so they reversed it.

    That'd be annoying but damage free but they then had the nerve to somehow feel they could charge me a $15 debit dishonour fee….for their incorrect debiting of my account that had a zero owing balance.

    I've emailed them to ask for an explanation and an immediate correction but I noticed on my Citi Platinum card this happened once as well - it's a quirk with their system but bizarre that they'd debit you when you've already paid in full. So just check so this doesn't happen to you.

    • Thanks for heads up

    • The same thing happened to me. I had to speak to them on chat to get a refund (which has now come through after a couple of days). You're right, it is a bizzarre system!

      • The earn rate on the card is so good though especially since there is no annual fee.

        Conflicted about whether to keep it.

        • Yeah I think I might keep it as a secondary card as long as they honour the credit on time.

          I need to remember though to stop using it for international purchases as I'm getting international transaction fees on it which I'm not used to with my other card.

    • Just happened to me today too!
      Had forgottten I set up direct debit, and had paid off my first statement in full few weeks ago.

      Well, just got an email & app alert thanking me for the direct debit payment today (statement due date) 🤦🏻‍♂️

      So I guess options are to cancel the DD or just trust the system and let it execute the payments automatically from next month?

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