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Kindle Oasis 7" eReader Wi-Fi and 3G Grey 32GB $398 @ Officeworks


I was looking for the Oasis deal as I found the 6" format bit too small for me.
Found quite a nice deal at Officeworks - currently the 3G 32GB model goes for $529 at Amazon.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • For those who do own an Oasis, is it really worth double the price over a Paperwhite 32GB?

    • Triple the price*

      • The 32GB Paperwhite version was on special for black friday at $199. So double the price compared to the 32GB model. It would be triple compared to the 8GB one.

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      Considering the regular Paperwhite is now waterproof, I'd say it's only worth it if your annual income is triple the average person's. If you have money to waste then yes it's the best one to get. Otherwise save your money and get the regular waterproof Paperwhite, use the money five years from now when Amazon come up with a colour e-ink Kindle.

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      I had a paperwhite for several years before switching to the Oasis 2017 this year. I like to read and whilst it was doable on the paperwhite, the small screen size always troubled me slightly.

      Having now moved to the Oasis, the larger 7 inch screen is a pleasure to read off. The bezels are smaller as well which can be seen as both a pro and con, however interestingly the overall size of the device doesn't feel too different. I can still put the Oasis in my jacket pockets allbeit slightly tighter fit.

      I am glad to have moved to the Oasis. However, if you do not read often, the price difference may not be worth it.

    • I am still trying to work out if you were negged for suggesting it's not worth it, or for suggesting it's only double when it's triple

    • I think it really depends if you are happy with the current screen size or if you are constantly thinking it would be great if the screen would be bigger.
      I was not happy with the screen size and the extra inch is a big improvement (in my eyes).
      If you are happy with the 6" then no point going up.
      Also depends how many books you read per week. If you read 5 books in a year then it i not worth it. If you read at least one or 2 books per week then it is a worthwhile investment.

      • Fair enough so the most noticeable difference is really just the screen increase. That's fair. I do own a Paperwhite at the moment, and I have been pretty happy with its size.

        Thanks for the input everyone.

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    This is the 2017 9th gen
    The one on Amazon is 2019 10th gen

  • 7” screen makes a big difference but depends what kind of reading you do, what kind of files you expect to use and how much use you expect to make of it as to its ultimate value.

  • I had the Oasis, and although it's definitely nice to read on with the larger display, I found text wasn't actually as crisp as on the Paperwhite despite both being 300ppi

  • OP, FYI this isn't the current model but the first gen 7" Oasis. So it's doesn't have the adjustable colour temperature or 4G. Would explain why the price is as "low" as it is.

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    I have this one and love it. Not worth upgrading an existing Kindle but if you need one, I'd recommend it. It is expensive but it's good.
    Pros: 7" display
    Cons: Limited cases available, price

    Concerning cases, I never found one I liked. I now use a hard cover sleeve and read on the device as it is.

  • I returned my Oasis (newest 2019 model) because of severe ghosting (could see text from the previous page clearly visible in the white space), purchased another and found the same thing. Anyone else have this issue? I own several ereaders so I know all devices have a bit of ghosting, but it's nowhere near as severe on a friend's 2019 Oasis (purchased in the US). Is a different batch sold in Oz or did I just get unlucky?

  • I have 2017 model. The larger screen is definitely a plus and makes reading more joyous. I found the slick aluminium too slippery and its not easy to hold (especially for longer periods) without the case. I wanted to use it without the case to keep it lighter but ended up getting the case for the reason stated above.

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