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Samsung T5 2TB Portable SSD $319.20 C&C (Or + $9 Delivery) @ Bing Lee eBay


Greetings everyone, this Portable SSD has just dropped today to it's cheapest price ever from what I can tell. $159.50 per TB.


Up to 540 MB/s data transfer speed
V-NAND icon
AES 256-bit hardware encryption
Multi-device compatibility
Compact and light

As always, enjoy :)

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • -1

    Can I have red

    • Honestly waiting for a deal on the gold one, looks so nice.

      • How does this compared aganst SanDisk 2tb?

      • +2

        Red is faster… Always

  • would there be any reasons to stuff this in an older synolgy nas?

    • -1

      It's an external drive…

      • +1

        it's a portable drive…

      • yeah years ago people would buy external drives open them and use the disks, i'm just old and curious dont seem so offended for so little.

        • 3.5 disks, not SSD.

          I think these are a different form factor anyway. They are unusually small.

      • Can just plug into the nas via USB, assuming not doing any raid. lol

    • If your older synology NAS takes an mSATA drive then knock yourself out!

      • +1

        thanks for stating that, its been a few years since i've looked at computer hardware. I thought i thought msata was still a bit special and not that common.

        • +1

          Either way, SSD in a typical NAS isn't worth it. There are unusual cases, but overwhelmingly it's silly.

          • @scuderiarmani: thanks thats what i was wondering

            • @juki: I got a Synology 918, it can fit two nvme drives to act as cache. They are seperate from the 4 3.5 drives. I've actually populated them but I only did it due to amazing prices and bonus cashback 12 months ago. Tbh I probably wouldn't notice the difference they make…. Not in a typical Plex set-up anyway.

  • Can be used as an external HDD on the PS4 yea?

    • Yep. Used the T3 on my Xbox for a while.

  • ahh this is so beautiful, ty for sharing

  • not getting free shipping with ebay plus for me

    • Weird, I swear it was free shipping when I posted, have edited thanks.

  • Awesome, I’d been waiting to pull the trigger on an external 2TB SSD! Thanks 🙏

  • +1

    Just curious but would it not be better to get an NVMe drive + external enclosure with USB 3.1 Gen 2 (or USB 3.2) and max it out with 10GBps (or 20GBps) with a theoretical speed of 1Gb/s? (2Gb/s with 3.2)

    • +2

      For less than this? This is pretty impressive price.

      • You should be able to get a 2Tb Sata + Enclosure for the same price as this. NVMe will be a bit more expensive but also faster?

        • Current sale with PCCG (posted here) has a 2TB NVME listed at $349 and an enclosure is about ~$20 on AliExpress. So about $380 posted for 2TB NVME (about $50 extra for ~double the speed) doesn’t seem terrible

          • +2

            @TimeWaster: have you tested the reliability and actual speed of this $20 ali express enclosure? often the enclosure speed is limited by the USB chipset in it, and it's usually well below the bus speed. also need to factor in the size and weight of the enclosure. I can happily wander around the house with a T5 dangling off the side of my laptop, whereas an external enclosure is just too big and heavy to hang off the usb c port like that. The T5 is also pocketable in many instances where an ext enclosure is not.

  • How long until we get external drives using Thunderbolt 3 so that we can actually utilize the speeds that SSD's offer?

    • +1

      They've existed for a while, they're just much more expensive.

      Samsung makes an NVMe Thunderbolt 3 external drive - 2TB will run you over 1.5k (

      That said, the USB C interface isn't the bottleneck for speeds for this drive anyway.

    • +1

      Samsung X5 range has been available for a while now, ridiculously overpriced though.

  • what in the world

    when did these drop like flies

    • should be expected to continue the downward trend in price. Samsung sold their HDD division years ago, with the intention to focus heavily on SSD tech and the end goal of rendering HDDs entirely obsolete across all applications (by bringing the price per gb down to the point where it wouldn't make sense to buy an HDD over an SSD for any purpose). My guess is this is still several years off, but pretty crazy to think the earlier T3 iteration of this 2TB capacity was around $1200 just 3 years ago.

  • Crazy price, I paid the same for 1TB 2 years ago!

  • "This code can't be applied to your order"

    • Me too!

      • @MASKofTEAM had to do it all as guest, maybe something with my account

  • Got one. thanks!

    Samsung create some really reliable storage devices.
    I've had a 1TB HDD drive from them and after about 10 years it's still going strong. This thing is going to last me decades.

    • Is your HDD the Samsung HD103SJ 1TB by chance? I have the same one and still going strong!! :) Wondering how soon I should replace it though. I assume we'd get some SMART warnings before it dies though.

    • -1

      It's SSD though.

    • I dunno about decades… But they are good :)

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