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Breville BES920 Dual Boiler Coffee Machine $679.15 (with eBay Plus) + C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


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One of the popular coffee machines here.

Breville BCG820BSS the Smart Grinder Pro is also 20% off.

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  • Good price. Been this since Friday morning.
    A few of these boxes were waiting out the front at my local good guys for pick up.

  • +1

    Oh wow!!

    That’s a GOOD PRICE for such a good machine

    It’s almost cheap enough for me to buy it, so that I’ll have two of them!!

    • i have 2 one for home and one for work

      i have found the machining of my 2nd one to be less than desirable

      • +1

        Wow….that’s interesting.

        Which is newer?? What issues have you seen

        Sorry to hear it. Devo’d!!

  • Thanks OP bought one.

    • You’re going to love it!!

  • Mines 3yo, tempted to buy a backup knowing it'll probably die soon

    • how often you use it daily?

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      • I used daily, machine keeps showing "descale" message even though i have just done it

        • +28

          If you check the manual on page 11 paragraph 2, this persistent error message means you need a backup machine. Hit the add to cart button now.

        • I have the same issue. This is a very tempting price!

      • Yeah twice a day, so far hasn't needed any parts

    • +1

      Just buy the Aldi one. Seems to die every time the next model comes out in special buys so you end up with a forever new warranty cycle.

    • +2

      My Breville BES870 (model below this, I think) is still going strong ~5 years on… I think you'll be waiting a while.

  • Use ours two to 3 times a day, awesome machine

  • -2

    Can it make tea though?

    • +1

      It's not a stove

    • +4

      Who makes their own tea? Easier to buy from the shops.

    • +4

      Yes, it has a seperate hot water dispenser

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Just bought one - Christmas sorted for the wife.

    • +1

      It looks like everybody buys it for wife :)

      • My wife - when I had one - always asked for a barista for Christmas, never a coffee machine!

  • How does this compare to breville barista express?

    • Gogo mobile vs bmw

      • 😦 can’t be that far in comparison?

    • I believe that the barista express will only do either steaming or extraction at once, whereas the dual boiler can do both simultaneously.

      • Can live with doing one at a time. But good to know

        • This is your first time buying a boiler machine? The problem with single boiler is not about actually doing both at the same time, but rather ABLE to do both at the same time. With just 1 boiler you need to heat up to steam milk, cool down to pull another shot, heat up to steam milk again and so on. With 2 boilers at coffee temperature and steam temp respectively you can skip all the heating and cooling steps.

          So unless you are just doing 1 cup at a time or drinking espresso only, it is certainly better to get a dual boiler especially at this price margin.

    • It's a bit better. I have the barista express. Mate has this model. Basically this is a dual boiler so you can pull shots and froth at the same time. This is just better all around by a little bit but mainly it's the dual boiler point. Express has a built in Burr grinder though. If it's just for you, barista express is a fine choice if you can get it for around $450-$500. If you cant get the express that cheap or make coffee for more than one person, definitely this one.

    • +1

      Had both, this paired with the Smart Grinder Pro is much better. Pressure is better, steam tip has 3 holes and more power, can set this to turn on automatically of a morning and you can extract and steam milk at the same time. Plus, I have to refill the water about 1/3 as often and barely have to empty the drip tray. Whereas on the Express I was filling water up every two or so days and emptying the grounds drawer/drip tray a few times a week.
      Definitely recommend the Dual Boiler.

      • Same here, I agree with the above

      • Ed zacchery :)

  • Does this fit full size coffee cups?

    • whats full size?

      i just measured and its got 10.5 cm of clearance. if the mug is slightly taller, you can tilt to get it to fit under the feet of the coffee basket and then it will rest upright.

    • +1

      I use big mugs with mine ok.

    • Have your shots extracted into a small shot glass and then pour it into your large cup.

      • +2


        Replace all mugs so they fit.

  • -3

    does this have a coffe grinder in it? im lookin for a machine that does everything. hopefully mostly automatic. can any owners tell me the process from start to finish for making a coffee with this machine. cuppacino with extra froth preferably.

    • +3

      You'll get unbelievably better coffee from a proper grinder rather than from a all in one machine. I recommend you look into it, well worth your money if you drink coffee regularly

    • +1

      skip to 4:00 to see this guy make a coffee (a latte) - you can make a cap just as easily


      (profanity) i want a coffee now and its 1030pm

      ok (profanity) it lets do this.

    • +1

      If you like coffee you need to use this machine.
      If you want to push a button and just want an average hot beverage buy a fully automatic machine.

      With this machine you learn how the bean, the grind, the tamping, the extraction pressure and time makes a great coffee. It's actually a lot simpler than it sounds but this machine slowly introduces each component of brewing espresso coffee, you start with the default settings which are pretty good and go from there. It has a steam wand for the milk and that's a whole other process for how you want your coffee. You do need a seperate grinder but the BCG820BSS is a perfect match and Breville used to sell them together as the "Duo"

      • thanks for your detailed answer. much appreciated. im no coffe expert which is why i asked the original question.

      • Anyone know how an auto machine (magnifica) sets the tamp pressure? Can adjust water temp & grind size but not tamp.

  • Finally a BES920 deal….

  • Wow, now that's a bargain. For wife… lol that's for myself.

  • About an hour ago it was showing me 3 available, and it's still showing the same on my phone. Has anyone really bought this? 🤔

    • I'd say it'd be pretty safe to assume at least some (if not most) of the ~70 sold since friday are from users here. Most people just don't comment that they bought. If you have a specific question about the machine I'm sure somebody will chime in.

    • It's definitely been bought. I tried purchasing and it said no stock. Maybe stock hasn't updated correctly yet.

  • It's a good price, but there seems to be too many problems with the long term reliability with these consumer type products.

    I use a stovetop moka pot, which makes excellent coffee, with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro, and a Sunbeam Mini Barista just to provide steam for the milk (it does a great job).

    If I did decide to go with a machine, I would probably spend a couple of hundred dollars more than the Breville, and go for a Lelit Anna or a Rancilio Sylvia. Both of these are single boiler, but most people who use them have no problem working around that.

    These are designed to last for many years with regular servicing, and all the parts are easily replaceable.

  • +2

    This is the best consumer coffee machine bar none. Sold worldwide by an Australian company. Love it. At this price it is a steal!! Match it with the Pro grinder and fresh coffee beans from your favourite roaster and you have all you need for excellent coffee at home.

  • +1

    If you buy it with the grinder there may be a bonus $150 barista promo pack on offer. I believe they will take both this and the smart pro grinder in lieu of the duo. Well they did when both of these were on the same receipt from a different retailer so worth a shot.

    • Sorry, little confused - I’ve just bought this machine through this deal, if I then buy the smart grindr I get a $150 promo barista pack?

      • I think they're saying it's worth a shot but it's not guaranteed

    • Called the Support number and confirmed you cannot get this deal and the bonus. Confirmed in Good Guys too.

    • Just received my promo pack having purchased the coffee machine from TGG and grinder from Bing Lee. Thanks so much for sharing the link!

  • +1

    Had ours for about 5 years, replaced o rings myself not long ago but not much else has had to be done. Highly recommended!

  • +4

    Good price overall, reviews well.

    Has only been cheaper 3 times
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/463763 632.00
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/344941 639.00
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/350211 639.20

  • -1

    I'd say the infuser, or the dual temp pro has better value.

    • No way, this is a dual boiler. Means you can steam milk and pour coffee shot at the same time.

    • I much prefer the espresso and milk from a boiler system compared to a thermoblock.

  • +1

    Never had a coffee machine at home but love my coffee so have gone all out and pulled the trigger on this! Looks like an amazing machine

  • My coffee machine will obviously break down once this sale is over…

    • +1

      Just go break your old one now before the sale ends, you've gotta create your own motivations. We believe in you.

  • Damn I just got the Barista Express

  • I can only seem to get $150 off the $1000 price tag. Am I doing something wrong? I joined the e-bay plus trail.

    • Nothing wrong, the sale just ended.

  • I've had my Breville infuser for going on 5 years now and it's been superb used it once a day for workdays and probably 2-3 a day on weekends. Only ever cleaned it when it asks and done descales. Once it eventually starts failing I'm going for one of these.

  • +2

    I don't drink coffee but I almost want to buy one just from the amount of love this machine gets.

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