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Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise Cancelling - Black & Silver $309.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lightning deal starting at 0900H AEDT. Early access to Prime members. Going from past deals, these will sell out quick!

Amazing headphones for this price. Only Black headphones available I'm presuming. Black and Silver available.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise Cancelling - Silver $309.99

Combine with ZipPay 10% back, and Amex - Spend $100 get $20 back or via Suncorp Extra 5% bonus Gift Cards for further savings.


EDIT: Was going by CS rep's comment about $299.99. Sorry guys.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • This actually starts at 0800 AEST, or 0900 AEDT.

    Eg. In 9 mins from this comment. Good luck to all those who are chasing this time.

    • Thanks, fixed. AEDT it is.

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    $309.99 not 299

  • Was hoping for 299…

    • +1

      yes, was going by the CS rep comment sorry

    • +7

      309.99 is better than 299.99 if you're traveling.

    • +1

      Can’t get TRS on $299 so nope.

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    Hmm not that great of a discount by Amazon unfortunately. Might be a deal for some I guess. Still thanks for posting OP.

  • -3

    Looks like back to full price..
    edit: Silver still available!

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    Sony > Bose when it comes to these headphones. Just my opinion though!

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      Yup. But sony connects to only one device at a time. This one can connect to 2. So you can use the bose throughout the day for work and calls. But to each his own I guess.

      • Is the microphone better on Bose vs Sony?

        • +2

          Sony has sort of messed up in their microphone dept, bose wins there hands down.

      • You wouldn't want to use the sony for calls.

        • +2

          It's actually perfectly usable, but the Bose mic quality is probably better.

    • I was comtemplating for 3 months which one to get got my self a Sony.
      Beautiful headphone, music just melts in your ear.

      One catch!! The overear headphone is not so big so it will press your Pinna, outer ear.
      I felt uncomfy after 2 hours of using it.

      I might have to go for a really larger version.

      Any suggestion folks?

      • thats why I dinna get a Sony - hurt my large ears by pressing on them - quite painful after hours on a plane.

        I've also read of nasty delay/latency with SONY Bluetooth, and shitey connections for phone calls, amongst other glitches the Bose don't have. (Although I've read many complaints about Bose QC35 II updates?)

    • +1

      Another advantage is that Sony isn't spying on you without permission then selling the data, as Bose does, at least with the app installed. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2017/04/19...)

      • That was fixed in v4.1.0 of the Bose Connect app, released a few weeks after that story (May 2017), so what you say hasn't been true for 2 years.

        • That's kinda shutting the gate after the horse has bolted though.
          Did they 'fix' the problem before or after it went public and they got hit with a lawsuit?

          • @CitizenCane: After, of course. They wouldn't have done squat if there wasn't a minor scandal over it. I'm not defending Bose here, just pointing out that they haven't been "spying on you without permission then selling the data" for 2 years. If we're talking about dodgy things done in the past, I think Sony did a lot worse with the rootkit scandal.

    • What model of Sony headphones are you speaking about?

    • Others say the opposite. Some say Bose is more comfortable. Both top quality products. Bottom line - try both before you buy if you can, esp if you're picky.

      • Absolutely - that's what makes everyone different.

        I can confirm though that whilst the Bose ones might be slightly more comfortable, I can wear the Sony's for 8-10 hours nonstop without any issues whatsoever.

      • The sound quality is better on the Sony, The Bose is also limited by the lossy codecs and is not capable of CD quality hi-res transmission over bluetooth, which is fine for iOS users as it's the weakest link, but is a limitation if you have an Android device.

        The functionality is also much better on the Sony, e.g. Quick Attention mode is pretty awesome.

  • So I read yesterday that the Jabra 85h are apparently better. Can anyone comment please?

    • +1

      pretty decent

  • +1

    Just price matched at Harvey Norman for $306 :)
    $10 coupon applied when I went to checkout on Amazon.
    Thanks OP!

    • How did you get the 10$ coupon?

    • Did you show them the amazone online pricing? That easy?

      • +1

        I just called mine and they said they couldn't do it

      • I just had to show the guy that it was in stock on the app and that I was able to add to cart. Wasn’t an issue.

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    Thanks Op, finally bought it with zip pay

  • +1

    Worth every penny, love my bose. Best for work to cut out all the noise and long plane trips.

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    Decent deal if using shop back and zippay.

  • I am travelling overseas on 1st of Feb - will they be providing a tax invoice once the item is delivered? 60 days from today is 31st of Jan!

    • Yes. Invoice will show purchase date as today's date though. Invoice available from your Amazon account.

      • Ah, well. Will skip then as I already have another NC headphones

  • for $28 you'll give it a miss ;)

  • Bought for $338 two days back from JB HI FI. Will they price match/ refund the difference?

    • Don't think so - you could ask for a refund if it's unopened

    • +1

      Return the old one and buy from Amazon ?

      If you've already opened your package, buy from Amazon and return your new one to JB Hi-Fi :)

      • That sounds a bit risky - would imagine they record some unique id or s/n in their database? Otherwise grey importers will be all over these.

  • +1

    $299.14 with ShopBack (3.5% on electronics).

  • Reckon Myer would price match to use the AMEX credit? Would bring them down to $269.99. I doubt it, but worth a try.

    • 10% back if you pay with Zip on Amazon.


    • Myer won’t price match Amazon. I tried both them and David Jones last week with no luck.