expired Alcatel OT-112 Mobile Phone (Unlocked) $16 at Harvey Norman


Hi, i just bought Alcatel OT-112 Mobile Phone (unlocked) for $16 at Harvey Norman.good price for unlocked basic mobile.selling $30 elsewhere.

Harvey Norman

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    Cheap - has Chronometer & Torch, but no 3G, NextG or YesG


    phones like this have a very useful(to the retailer that is) purpose-to lure in the cheapskates in the hope they will see another phone they want and spend more! but as a simple phone this is all some will need, my dad got that nokia 1616 for $1 not too long ago and it's fine for him

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    Good phone for old people.


    Can you order this online to be posted out?


    Can you put a 3G SIM in it? ie would USIM cards work in older phones which do not support 3G?


      It depends on which network the SIM is from.

      Is it a 3 USIM? I have an idea they block roaming to Telstra (2G or 3G) if the SIM is in a 3 network coverage area (3's own network is 3G (2100 MHz) and their SIMs roam to Telstra network (where available) if not in 3 coverage area). But now that 3 are part of Vodafone, maybe they allow roaming to the Vodafone 2G network as well.

      Not 100% sure on this.

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    Crap phone…great price :) + from me

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    I can call y hoes . bros , foes, slowes, crows, on this thing

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    I'm admiring the blazing fast 52Mhz processor!


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    i will buy one….just so i can make a call when my smartphone runs out of battery doing stuff other than making calls.

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    At least these things have longer battery life than today's smartphones.


      I disagree, my Nokia E71 had a really long standby time (3-4 days). Could go even longer if you switched 3G off.

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    I remember when mobiles were at least $200+. It's amazing how this can be just $16.

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      I'll stop before I start, otherwise I'll start ranting about a stupid person in my family…

      I can remember a company that for a few weeks were selling 3210's…$8 A MONTH WITH $8 INCLUDED CALLS!!!

      What made this more special? You could throw away the sim card, pay the $192 to get into credit on your contract and then use the phone (it was unlocked, could use any provider). This was when other companies were selling the 3210 for $800-850!!!

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        I miss going online to get those awesome ringtones and then typing it into the composer. And snake. I really miss snake

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    I've always used cheap phones so this is a really excellent price for something basic. I bought the cheapest $30 nokia phone a few months ago which serves me fine and I prefer nokia because everything feels familiar and it has less quirks than other brands.


    For those who bought it - can you please help to check if the menu can be changed to Chinese?

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    call the store youre visiting because these little things are like hotcakes at this price.
    great little gadgets. enough functions for it being what it is… a bloody phone. i mean big ass keys and the ability to call/sms.
    the term torch is a bit misleading because its more like a camera flash on the back of the phone.
    heres a menu list since i got fuck all to do.


    -create sms
    -broadcast message
    -help demo
    —-voicemail number
    —-message type
    —-delivery report
    —-reply patch
    —alphabet mgmt.
    —-gsm alphabet
    —-precise mode
    —memory status
    —pref. storage


    pretty self explanatory pain in the ass


    -outgoing calls
    -answered calls
    -my numbers
    -call settings
    —caller id
    —call waiting
    —call forward
    —answer mode
    —call barring
    —beep duration
    —auto redial
    —blacklist (you can block specific numbers) +1
    —auto handsfree
    -call control


    -SIM contacts
    —search contact
    —add contact
    —sim status
    -SIM backup
    —sim backup info


    —wallpaper (shit selection)
    —power on/off
    —black light
    —local city
    —soft keys
    —navigation keys
    —keys (quick dialling )
    -power saving
    -dictionary (you know what words i added for the purpose of vulgarity)
    -more settings
    —auto key lock
    —-english french italian spanish and dutch
    —input mode
    —-network select
    —-preferred network
    —-activate pin
    —-activate phone code
    —-fixed dial no
    —-change phone code
    —restore default

    GAMES… shit

    -F1 Race
    -game settings


    -fake call (set name and time and tone of fake call) +1




    usual shit here

    thats about the gist of things. and for 16 bucks to be able to fake call out of a situation and block specific numbers its quite a pick up.


    The smooth finish on the OT-108's (The previous model HN were selling for this price) case made it a little slippery. Is it the same for this model?