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Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit - $52.95 (Was $149.99) Delivered @ Curious Planet


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  • Not sure what happened to mine, never received an email, but got charged…

    • Same deal, my order through co-op is saying "Review" which doesn't seem positive.

    • Just did the same….

      Payed, and confirmation on web.
      Still no email.

      • Okay, got the email advising it is being processed by the Sydney CBD store.

        Not very hopeful though.

        • Nah that's a good sign - you've probably been allocated stock.

        • Same email…

          It looks like you've ordered a special product that can only be supplied by The Co-op Sydney CBD so we've redirected your order
          to them.

  • Got a cancellation notice

  • no paypal.

  • Difference between starter and premium?

    • Starter includes a keyboard and mouse.

  • wow, mine got cancelled as well, even though I ordered before my friend who got his order shipped the same day, very bad service.

  • +1


    “Thanks so much for ordering Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit through our website.

    Unfortunately, this item is now out of stock across all our stores, and as it is a clearance item which we will not be restocking, we will be unable to fulfil your order.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, and we have already processed a full refund. You should see the funds back in your account in a few days”

    • Did you get an email saying it was being passed onto another store?

    • same here i used the co-op site

      You ordered 1 x 00000012237153 - Raspberry Pi 3 Premium Kit which unfortunately due to a system error we have run out of stock of and are thus unable to supply you with the item. As such, we have processed a refund for your order under credit note xxxxxx which should go back into the account you used online within the next 3-5 business days.

      • I haven't had an update since this email friday:

        "It looks like you've ordered a special product that can only be supplied by The Co-op Sydney CBD so we've redirected your order
        to them."

        Just a matter of time I guess then.

    • +1 same message :(

  • Mine got cancelled too. I asked if there were any other Pi kits, to no avail.

  • Yep, same: cancelled. There's a store I'll never bother with again…

  • And another cancellation….

    • Ditto.

  • I got a cancelation/refund email today, but also a shipping notification and tracking number on Friday. Tracking number shows a package in transit, so this will be interesting…

  • +1

    My order is still 'processing'.

    • Mine is the same.
      have messaged them, but no response from them yet

    • Same, still processing. Tried an online chat but it seems they've decided not to staff that today.

      • yep, was no online chat staff yesterday or today, so have emailed them. see if that gets anywhere

      • +1

        I sent an email and response:

        Hi There,

        Thanks for getting in touch!

        Processing means that your is in the process of being packed and prepared for dispatch.

        For updates on your order, please contact the "store-name" store who is currently in charge of your order. Their # is "phone-num" and you will need enquiry on order # "xxxx"

  • +1

    I just received this email…. bummed.

    Hi Sam,

    I hope you're well!

    I'm deeply sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I've been informed that we need to cancel and refund your order for the Raspberry Pi 3 Premium kit (postage and handling included).

    As our Weekend Sale went live, a number of online forums not controlled by Curious Planet urged customers to purchase this item in bulk due to the low sale price.

    Our stock levels were sadly unable to update fast enough to match rapidly flooding sales as they came in and the product unfortunately oversold.

    I've refunded you now - please allow 3-5 business days for the funds to return to your payment account.

    I apologise sincerely for the understandable disappointment. I hope you have a lovely day!

    • bugga, just got the same email.
      very disappointing

    • That's a nice email, at least.

  • +1

    Managed to order the Premium kit before it went out of stock. It was just delivered, and the actual raspberry pi is missing from the box :( Seal on the box was broken (but the tape on the box used for packaging was intact) so looks like it was removed before being sent to me.

    • +3

      Low calorie Pi

    • +1

      I had that happen in the last deal. They remove them from the box when they are on display in the store. Call the store and they'll ship it out to you

      • Thanks macca. How do I know which store they shipped from? I can't see any of that informaation in the order details

        edit: nvm, found the store name in the email they sent with the aus post tracking number
        edit2: You were bang on the money macca, gave the store a call directly and they are sorting it out, thank you!

  • My order got cancelled

  • Mine was just cancelled too

    • I wish they would cancel mine, it's showing as processing still.

  • My "cancelled" order is still en route, according to AP tracking.

  • Anyone got their refund yet? I can't see mine on my credit card (28 Degrees) - but that card's web site is quite laggy for showing transactions, and whilst transactions are pending you also can't see any description or vendor details (just the amount and the date), so it could just be the card's fault.

    • Still waiting for mine.

    • I raised a dispute with Amex and they refunded it straightaway.

    • Still waiting on my refund here, the payment has gone from pending to charged but no sign of a refund. I've emailed them to call me about it so let's see what happens!

    • +1

      Update: I emailed co-op, but they just replied asking to allow 4 to 6 business days to process the refund, because of the overwhelming number of orders. Which would be fine, except that when they initially cancelled the order on Monday they said "We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, and we have already processed a full refund. You should see the funds back in your account in a few days." It's modern equivalent of someone saying "the cheque's already in the mail!", and when you say 4 days later "still have not received it yet", and they say "oh, yes that - we'll post that to you in a week's time". So I will allow one week extra to next Friday (which make it 2 weeks from the order date), and if it's not showing in the account, will just issue a chargeback, and co-op can then take as long as they to sort it out with the bank. And I'm not buying from co-op again until they add PayPal, which is up there with Amex for ease of dispute process.

      • +1

        I got the exact same response back from them. I pointed out the same that it has already been processed but they said they are still processing them.

      • Also got pretty much the same reply.

  • Ordered on https://www.coop.com.au/

    My order is still "Pending" in my orders on my account after a week.

    I received an email after order saying being processed:
    Your order placed with the Co-op on December 6, 2019 2:23:43 PM AEDT is being processed at the University of Adelaide store.

    Have been charged but still no update since…

    I tried to contact them but the links provided always returns 404…

    So annoying and bad user experience… Never again!

  • My order is "PARTIALLY DISPATCHED" now. Are they scraping up the parts to the premium kit in their warehouses???

  • Cancelled, what bs

    • +1

      I think they should not have the right to cancel an order when they still have stock and it was not a price error!

      • they were saying that sales out paced "stock levels". I'm calling bs. They probably realised they had more customers for their product than they thought. Be interesting to see if they magically get stock in again. Unless it was a clearance but apparently people who able to buy boxes of 30 of them…

      • oh my god i just went to that site and it says in stock. They price jacked those busters. I bought mine from curious world

        • Yep but when you click on the link the page returns an error…

  • cancelled FFS

  • Mine was just cancelled. What a joke

  • Did anyone actually get one?

  • Mine just got cancelled today after being in "partially dispatched" status

  • Have anyone got the refund yet. It's been over a week i was told ill get the refund, but haven't yet.

    • Still no refund. Given they are now in administration (that's news to me, and makes me far more concerned about ensuring I don't get ripped off), have cancelled the order, and have not refunded us promptly (it's now 10 days since my order), I'm going to call the credit card company and raise a dispute tomorrow. I'm also going to neg this deal due to "Major issues with retailer". I thank the OP for posting this, my issue is entirely with Curious Planet - any retailer who cancels an order and then stonewalls on refunds firmly deserves a neg, IMHO.

      • I was thinking of raising a charge back. Don't want $50+ to be wasted

        • +1

          I just called the bank and raised a dispute. Just told them the transaction date, amount, and merchant description, and what happened. When they heard that it was an order that was cancelled by the merchant due being out of stock, which had not been refunded 11 days later, and that the merchant had entered bankruptcy administration, and they verified that there was no pending transaction for the refund (which there was not), they were very happy to send it to the disputes team to resolve.

          • @nickj: I just contacted my bank as they told me will be actioned but still not reversed.

          • @nickj: Same story here. Bank is happy to submitted a dispute. However, since they can do that any time within the next 6 months, I have decided to wait another week and see if Co-op Bookshop follows through with their "all refunds should start clearing in the next 3-5 business days".

            So, the big question really is: how can a store that is in administration keep trading without big warnings everywhere saying "we are in administration so you might not get what you pay for"? I guess that's one for the forums and not this bargain thread… :-)

            • @bcg: @bcg: Yeah, I considered leaving it until the end of this week, wondering if I was being impatient, but that would be 2+ weeks after it was ordered, and that's not a reasonable amount of time to refund an order they cancelled quite quickly, and I've become dubious that a refund would ever come through. I have to wonder if the reason they're not issuing refunds is because they either have no available money for those refunds and/or they've fired/lost the staff members who knew how to issue refunds. Here's the thing though: neither of those reasons is my problem, and either way it's unlikely to be resolved quickly (presumably to the co-op administrators right now, we're just another unsecured creditor). I waited 11 days, which I think is enough, and I wanted to draw a line under it and move on with my life, had the right, the means, and the willingness to request my own money be returned to me, and so I did. The bank texted this morning to saying they have "received your transaction dispute claim, and claims can take up to 21 days to be resolved", which is fine - as long as I know the bank's handling it, I'm 99.9% sure I'll get my money back within the next month.

              • @nickj: I don't think you're being impatient. I'm probably just lazier than you… ;-)

  • No email for tracking or refund, no refund, only confirm email. Tried getting in contract with no luck. What's going on?
    Edit: Got in contact with the Springfield store, item sent from toowoomba but there phones have been cut.(?) so Springfield is emailing Toowoomba to find out what's going on lol.

  • PWC is the administrator, email them for progress on your refund.

    If you haven't already raised a dispute with your bank, best to do so.

  • Just an update for those awaiting refunds, just received mine this morning. Took long enough, just happy I got my money back

  • Still waiting for my refund!

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