This was posted 2 years 1 month 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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80% off Philips Hue E27 Starter Kit A60 White $28 (in Store or + Delivery) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB HI-FI email.

Until Sunday get yourself 80% off^ the current ticketed price of a Philips Hue E27 Starter Kit A60 White. Simply present the Exclusive coupon below at any JB Hi-Fi store in Australia or buy online by visiting, adding the product to your shopping cart & entering the Exclusive Coupon code in the space provided at checkout.

Limit of 1 per Coupon. Available instore and online. While stocks last. Offer ends Sunday 15th December 2019.

  • Comfort and Security Dimmable Warm White light
  • 2 x A19 bulbs - Edison screw fitting
  • Longer Lifetime – up to 25,000 hours
  • Works with Google Assistant

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      • Thank you!

      • Thanks for this - needed it for instore purchase :)

        • I got one. The other one wasn't the same product on hold for someone else.

  • picked one up at JB Narellan, Just showed the lady the SKU and she grabbed it from out the back so I assume they have a few left.

    Used the coupon provided by someone on here. I know for a fact they aren't accepting just the number at some JB stores

    • Yep need the barcode. Dammit posted the barcode.

  • +1

    Good post OP, thanks… but no stock ACT.

  • FWIW, I called up Homebush and Top Ryde and both OOS.

  • +1

    Been waiting to get into Hue stuff for years, finally pulled the trigger now that they're probably EoL haha. Just gotta find some cheap strips to get this disco started.

    • The Edison one is according to local JB store but not the bayonet or other products.

  • +1

    They hesitated to offer me the deal without the email. Thankfully you had the barcode posted and I flaunted that in their face. No online purchase for me

  • +3

    Damn, all out in Perth

    • Lucky the old man lives in Bunbury for me! Chucked his name on a box for me haha

      • +1

        Yup only store left haha.

        I still managed to get Bunnings to price match even though it was OOS haha.

        • Amazing score with that!!

          Did you not mention it was a coupon special?

  • Sold out at all Syd City stores :(

  • -1

    Why do people like this stuff? Seems so pointless, can anyone educate me on why?

    • +2

      because #AssistantLife. We first got it because our (at that time) 2yo would wake up in the middle of the night, turn on 3 lights on route to our room and i'd have to get out of bed to turn them all off and jump back into bed wide awake. Now i just tap a smart switch or tell google to turn it all off.

      My doorbell is also a smart doorbell so it'd notify me if somebody is ringing it..unless Mr (very unstable these days) Arlo decides he wants to work and notifies me first.

    • +1

      Lets say your in bed and you are starting to doze off however the lights are still on.. simply say "hey google" lights out… and magically all the lights turn off. (assuming you own a google mini or google home products) if not you can still control the lights via the Phillips app.

    • +2

      This is just the starter kit, providing an entry into true home automation - as opposed to simply replacing a remote control. When used with a motion sensor, can turn lights on/off as you enter/leave an area. For example, I have lights turn on in the bathroom and passageway at night - so both convenient as well as improves safety. Easy to set things up so lights turn on/off based on schedules when you are away - making it look like there are people at home. I have heated towel rails - so rather than leave them on all the time, I have them come on early in the morning so towels are nice and warm, and then off later in the day saving power. Yes I could do a lot of that with a dumb timer switch, but then again (for example) the heated towel rails don't come on if it's cold or we're on holiday which is beyond any simple timer switch…..

      That is just the tip of it. I can turn the lights on/off/dim in the living room as well as lower the projector screen etc - all with one command via a remote or with a voice command via google home. When on holiday, I can include turning the TV on/off and changing channels etc as part of the routine. My fridge/freezer tracks the temperature so I can be alerted if it's too warm (risking food spoilage) or too cold (wasting power). My front door has a keypad I can give people time limited codes - so if we have a visitor they can have an access code that is only valid whilst they are here. So no more visits to Bunnings getting spare keys cut, or wondering if someone out there has a key to our house, or being locked out of the house because we've left the house key behind.

      Yes, first world problems. Yes, none of it is critical stuff ie I could live without it. But it does make life easier, it's not expensive or hard to do, it's a lot more reliable and cheaper now than it used to be, and in some cases (such as turning off lights when not in use, or being alerted to a freezer door being left open, or reducing the risk of a home being broken into when away) it has the potential to actually save money.

  • Stores around me still have stock now, what's the likelihood they will tomorrow? (Or so it says)
    Would JB hold something until tomorrow for me?

    • They told me they can hold until the end of the day at the front counter, but if you ask nicely they can hold it until the next day at a different holding area and you have to tell the checkout staff when you arrive.

    • If you purchase it online and choose click and collect, they will allocate that stock to you and hold it. Otherwise, pickup and pay instore, I doubt they'll hold it or that there'd be stock

      • Ok thanks for both of your inputs.
        I can't get them to hold it until tomorrow, but they have said that there is still stock - just to ring them first thing tomorrow morning and see if there still is.

        Not what I'd hoped for, but ah what can you do.

  • the store manager at sydney city store at level 6 wouldn't let me use the coupon code and said i must receive an email from JB otherwise it's not fair for other people..
    the coupon code says it's only required to present the voucher at store (i opened the link brandogs shared)
    so i went back in store and check out again but this time he said the product code is different (ambient white instead of white) and they ran out of stock without trying to find other stores for me..
    he said he's had 15 orders already that's why it's out of stock (reasonable) but then he should have known about this offer and understand clearly that i did not have to present my email! fmd

    • +1

      ooo thats dirty, i have also experienced crappy service from that particular JBHIFI..

    • +2

      Why is it weird for them to ask for email? This offer is literally for people on the mailing list so if you aren't you shouldn't be able to purchase.

      • i have been on the mailing list for a long time but recently unsubscribed it because those offers were not for me.

        if this offer is explicitly for people on the mailing list then we shouldn't have posted this on OZB or at least make us aware it's restricted to people on the mailing list.

        i don't like to be mucked around by people who make up their own rules on the spot…

        • or you could read the T&C

  • JB Nunawading have no stock

  • I just realised this is white and not white & ambience…

    • You don't have anywhere in your house to use the white? Just get this for the cheap bridge then, even if you give the white bulbs to a friend it's still a good price.

  • +1

    Woohoo, finally got in before all the stock got ozbargained. 1 left at Modbury (SA) after my purchase about 1pm.

  • looks like a bunch have shown up on ebay now…

    • and gumtree..

    • +3

      Scum of OzBargain… I legit wanted one to use at home.

  • "Your order JB-XXXXX is prepared and is about to be picked up by our carrier."

    Thanks OP :)

  • doesnt work for me :(

    • Did you pick it up and it isn’t working? ;)

  • Seems like it's all gone the page is also gone.
    I got the hue deal from bunnings and it's been awesome with homeassistant wanted to get a backup set

  • Coupon code appears to have expired?

  • Sold out at Narellan Store, I called up when the deal was posted and got one out aside. The guy at JB said he had multiple people call and one if the staff almost sold my kit to somebody asking about it.

    This definitely got ozbargain-d, wow.

  • Is this Gen 2 or 3 ?

  • Sold out at Camberwell VIC, but the clerk told me there was 14 in stock in Brighton

    • Called Brighton and was told all has been sold.

  • sold out. please update thx OP

  • +2

    16k clicks - well done OP!

  • -3

    Bunnings and goodguys and ow price match beat

    • You got a receipt to support any of these claims?

      • I have good guys and Bunnings now a hn one

        • I don't want another one but others may find your receipts helpful in getting their own.

    • Officeworks may not work for price beat.

    • Not with coupon, not with sold out

    • How did you get the Bunnings one? It says price beat is only for in-stock items, and it’s only offline purchase for JB Hi-Fi now…

      • I asked and just showed email no worries they said
        And the good his said same as the had the email as well so was happy to match jb

    • 5heybwont price beat a coupon..thats why a lot of businesses do Coupons codes and vouchers…retains the potential customer and avoids price matching elsewhere

  • +3

    The sales guy at the Brisbane store said he has no idea what was going on but they’re all sold out and people keep calling in asking for the same thing. Truly OzBargained!

    • +2

      Everyone part of the mailing list got a code. You aren't part of some exclusive club.

      • Yes I'm saying go ahead if you are on the mailing list. However from skimming these comments people are clearly buying it who aren't on the list as well as buying multiple, how is this not scummy.

  • Sold out online now!

    • Just now

    • Can I have the coupon code please?

    • Says the coupon does not apply to this item. How did you get this? Does it work in store?

    • Would be great if you shared how to get it for that price!

      • Price override instore ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • I had one of these put on hold by mistake and was told no override.

        • Which store was this?

    • The code does not work.

    • Tried this with no luck

  • I think its no longer available

  • +6

    interesting that this same product was available at Bunnings for a few dollars more at $32.40 and only got 59 upvotes compared to this deal.

    there was no limit either.

    • +1

      It was sold out quicker

    • +2

      Same as this with even less upvotes.
      No limit as well. Considering cashback this was I think a better deal.

    • +1

      Either people love coupons or $30 is the pain barrier!

  • +1
    Will up load a goodguys reciept soon but I was told not to upload hn reciept

  • +2

    Hehe I saw ozbargainers in real life asking the sales rep about this deal. I was secretly looking for one too. Awkward!

  • +1

    Weird. Neither of my emails got this offer. The last offer they both got was on 7/11 for “1/2 Price ROLI Lightpad & Seaboard”

    • Yeah mine too.

    • Same here

  • +2

    I got Bunnings to price match and they didn't check JB stock so agreed to match. I just printed the voucher, and the product page on JBs website which still said it was in stock at the time.

    Bunnings let me swap it for the Bayonet version too so I got that for $25 (price match + 5%). Then I took the receipt to JB and got them to price match Bunnings for another bayonet starter pack @ $25 😆

    • Do u have the reciept for both as I got price match at 4 Bunnings stores but then a memo went out to all Bunnings stores not to match jb coupon sale so I went to good guys and hn to get the rest and no Bunnings were giving the bayonet instead of Edison and jb had a memo not to givnout the bayonet ones if the Edison ones have sold out that’s it

      • Why do you need so many? Resell?

        • I got 4 sets because they price matched now I use the globes (8) in my house

  • +1

    Sucks when so many people buy just to resell it…

    • Agree. I really wanted one to use at home.

      • You can get at bunnings as price beat

        • But you said that "a memo went out to all Bunnings stores not to match jb coupon sale"

          • @Xebozone: Yes that’s what I was told by a bunnings I was in late last night carnt hurt to try tho

  • Ordered Monday lunch time and package arrived today. Came via TOLL from QLD to nsw in one business day. Great service from jb hi fi.

    • How did you get an online order through?
      I thought it was in store only?
      I tried to order online and it would not let me

      • It was available for like the first 30-60 mins from when this deal was first posted.

  • +2

    Also received via Toll, less than 24hrs from clickin' to flickin'. Excellent value at the price of a drunken Domino's order (about the same delivery time too). Thanks OP!

  • +1

    received 'the call', no stock and they will refund. it was c&c order

  • Can confirm that World Square store has 1 and Wetherill Park has 3 units.

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