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Double Referral ($10 Each) When You Invest $5 via Spaceship Voyager App


Just noticed that Spaceship Voyager have doubled their referral bonus to $10 each for a week for both referrer and referee, when you meet the conditions.

No association. I've had good experiences with the app and service, and good returns in the Universe portfolio, especially compared to other similar apps. Please look into the relevant PDS information, this is not financial advice etc. There will be tax implications.

The referral code seems to have changed from last month so check if you need to update yours as well.

Per the T&C's:
To be eligible for the Bonus Units:
What you'll need to do (referrer)
• Have a Spaceship Voyager account (Spaceship Account) in which you have invested at least $5;
• Get your unique referral code (Unique Code) (which you can obtain through the Spaceship Voyager app) and share it with a friend who is not currently a Spaceship Voyager customer;

What your friend will need to do (referee)
• Open a Spaceship Account during the Bonus Period, enter the Unique Code in the Spaceship Voyager app (under Account) within 14 days of opening a Spaceship Account, and invest at least $5 in either the Spaceship Universe Portfolio or the Spaceship Index Portfolio within 90 days after opening a Spaceship Account

Referral Links

Referral: random (125)

$5 for referrer and referee.

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    Lol was going to post. Cheapest way to get access to the 'index' - fee free under 5k. Great service

  • +3 votes

    They want your bank login to "verify".


      Yeah that seems a bit weird that you have to give them your bank login details and any 2 step token codes

    • +4 votes

      You can also verify by sending them a copy of your latest bank statement, no login necessary. This is what I did and it was confirmed after ~24 hours.

      This is part of AML/CT requirements for services like this. Can't understand how people get up in arms about the Westpac scandal but offended by companies trying to meet their obligations. Just look at what happens when people try to reduce the friction here (ASX listed company ISX iSign This).

      • +3 votes

        I have no issues providing evidence of ID but asking for customer login details is a first. If they get hacked and they have a scanned copy of my drivers license is one thing but getting hacked and having my bank login details is another thing.

      • +8 votes

        Yeah asking for bank login details is insane. If someone is comfortable doing this, they have issues. If this company mishandled your credentials and your accounts get drained, I'm not sure you'd be covered. Very low likelihood, but beyond catastrophic consequence.


          Definitely agree and it's the reason I also chose not to give bank details.
          That said, this is the only fintech service I've used that gave users options besides giving their username and password to use the service. At least thats something.
          Even POLi still relies on this and that's fairly legitimised by the banks. I'm sure it will look very archaic when open banking APIs become a reality but none of these apps could have existed for the last decade while waiting for that to happen.


          so dont provide them? There are heaps of programs out there which request this data to work well, I dont necessarily endorse it but everyone should go into these types of applications with their eyes open.

          Raiz, MyBudget, PocketBook, StockSpot are a few.



            everyone should go into these types of applications with their eyes open

            They recently implemented it for everyone. No mention of it in application. What now?


        passed to the bank for verification

        Except the bank doesn't do the verification.

      • +1 vote

        If anyone wants to send me their online banking credentials, including password and token codes, I'll happily 'verify' your account and sell discard them afterwards.

        Who is auditing their process? And why isn't this a beach if contact with your bank when the back Ts and C's clearing prohibit sharing login details?


      Wow, (profanity) that. Don't care who asks.

  • +1 vote

    Been with Spaceship a few months now, would reccomend!

  • +2 votes

    Used to be 20 a while back didn't it?

    • +2 votes

      Was 20 ages ago, then they stopped the referral scheme, now it seems to be back.

      (So if you have an account you will need to re-add your ref code.)


    Is this similar to reiz online? I am looking for diversity so I might get spaceship. It's better than 2% bank interest either way I reckon.


    Are they a hedge fund, as last then your capital is secure?

    • +1 vote

      It's a unit trust. Your capital is not secure, but nor would it be in a hedge fund. The prices of the underlying companies will fluctuate.

      If Spaceship (the company) went under, the assets that you own (i.e. your share of the shares) as part of the unit trust still belong to you. They would probably sell up those assets in that case and then repay investors at the current value. Not sure if this is what you meant.

  • +5 votes

    I have $56 sitting in Spaceship Voyager, after getting my initial bonus and a couple of referrals from ozbargain. I have pulled out my initial deposit so anything else is pure profit. The fund has performed well and made me $11 interest. I didn't have to provide bank login details when I joined. I wouldn't be happy if there's no way around doing that.

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    Tried a few referral codes but they all say expired, anyone got a new one?


      Having the same problem


      I've just added mine so possibly hit refresh a few times and you might get a new non-expired one.

    • They've changed the codes for this promotion. I've expired all the codes entered prior to today and queued notifications for all users notification out of action temporarily .

      Please always contact a mod (Talk with a Moderator forum, report link) in these circumstances and we can sort this out quickly.


    I have SS, but can't seem to find my code. Says this current promo has come to an end in the 'refer a friend' section.

  • +1 vote

    This is a great investment service. Highly recommend. I've made $1,000 in the last year on it. This works great for people who want to dip their toe into investing on the share market given you don't pay any brokerage and zero fund management fees for the first $5,000.

    I plan to continue adding to it but will eventually buy a few other managed funds.

  • +1 vote

    I've just thrown $5 in, will get a few friends and relatives to dip in as well as this is a pretty good deal. I have a few hopeless people in my life that could use some of their cash locked away being useful.

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