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Yamaha YAS-108B $135.20 Google Chromecast 3 $39.20 CC Ultra $63.20 Home Max $239.20 Samsung S10+ $958.40 C&C (Or +Del) @TGG eBay


Greetings everyone, really awesome price on this speaker, cheapest it's been so far!

Also Available:

Google Chromecast 3 $39.20
Google Chromecast Ultra $63.20
Google Home Max $239.20
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128gb Prism Black/Prism White $958.40

As always, enjoy :)

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    • +1

      We are. It was a PITA to sort out.
      In the end we got it working with HDMI ARC, and some fiddling.

      But every once in a while, it’ll drop out and lose connection. But restarting the tv usually solves that.

    • +1

      Yes working fine on my R8. Had to buy new HDMI cable as the ones I had from past deals did not support ARC. Cost me $10 on eBay.

      Also did a firmware upgrade to the Yamaha but I’m 100% certain the main culprit was my old cable.

      • I thought that it was hard finding a good hdmi cable because they never label what they have and the versions they are?

  • My partner bought the cc ultra at jbhifi and used it alr. Is it possible to go to jbhifi and get partial refund/partial price match or any other thoughts to get back some $$?

    • -1

      Probably won't be able to get a partial refund from JB. Purchasing a brand new one from here and return it to JB using the more expensive receipt would be the best option.

      • Will there be any barcode scanning issues?

        • Hmm, not 100% sure on that actually. I'd imagine the barcodes would be generic, but might need to see if anyone else can chime in for confirmation..

      • Wouldn't that be dishonest?

    • They don't price match ebay coupons.

  • Thanks OP, was wondering when a Chromecast 3 deal would show itself (or it's been a long time since the last maybe?)

  • +8

    The ATS-2070B is also at it's cheapest price ever of $279.20. The same thing as the YAS-207B which is still highly regarded as the best budget soundbar/woofer combo out today. At this price, sort of becomes a no-brainer.

    • bought this one :) thank you

    • Hmmm should I add the sub :/ does it use a standard sub connector cos I have a few sub around the house

      • I went in to today and listened to the YAS207B…I was pretty happy with the sound and I intended to buy it…but then I went and listened to the ATS-2070B….wow…it smashes the YAS207B…beautiful sound with a great sub…I suppose you get what you pay for

  • Thanks for sharing this, I've now ordered one.
    I did have an eBay experience that I'm interested in peoples opinions on though.

    I made a mistake during the process and failed to select 'Pickup' instead of 'Postage'. So now I'm paying postage and will have to wait till Friday+ for the item. This was my fault and I accept that.
    However, I did issue a request to cancel immediately after completing the order and followed up with a message to the seller. 40 minutes later I received an e-mail to say the order could not be cancelled.

  • Pulled the trig, hopefully this will be a good for my desktop set-up. Appears to also sync up with Alexa for anyone with Amazon devices.

  • Lounge tv is 4k uhd and my room is full hd, should i get the chromecast ultra or chromecast 3? Will the ultra chromecast work better/faster in my room instead of the chromecast 3?

    • Does anyone know the answer to my question? Any insight would be much appreciated.

    • My understanding is that ultra offers 4k streaming.


      • @Dainese so i’ll be able to watch things in 4k with the ultra even though my tv is full hd?

        • No… Your FHD TV will only output FHD. No point getting an Ultra if you're only connecting it to your FHD TV. But the Ultra would be needed for your 4K TV if it's a dumb TV or its Smart apps are shit.

  • Can I use the Good Guys giftcard to purchase the sound bar on eBay? As I know TGG will not price matching it in store due to coupon usage :’(

  • Can anyone recommend a soundbar the next level up from the Yamaha YAS-108B for a good price? We have a Yamaha YAS-108B (great soundbar for the price btw) in a large lounge room but want to move it to the bedroom. So looking at replacing the Yammie with something slightly larger, maybe with separate sub? Mrs doesn't want a av receiver/speaker combo due to the extra wires.

    • +1

      ATS-2070B $279.20 :)

      • Looks like a good soundbar, but $55 for delivery for me and no stock within 30km click & collect :(

    • Yamaha YSP2700. Yeah it's $1000, but you'll never need another soundbar again.
      Added benefit is MusicCast so you add more wireless speakers for multi-room/multi-zone

  • this was suggested by a member in above comment


  • so dumb question, will sound come out of the TV and soundbar?

    • Soundbar ofcourse

    • The soundbar only.

    • +1

      It depends on the TV - you may have to change settings to choose one only, but ideally the TV will automatically switch to the soundbar when it's plugged in.

  • just picked up the YAS-108B and hooked it up to my TV (TCL 75p8m) via ARC

    much better sound than the tv.

    For anyone with similar TV, enable T-Link on the TCL

    • I have the ysp2700 with my TCLP8M but the ARC doesn't work properly. Sound comes out both speakers (TV and Soundbar) and I have to control both volumes with different remotes which sucks.
      My last TV was a Samsung which worked fine and the cabling is the same os it's the TV (If I switch back to the other TV it works fine). I dicked around with things but can't find anyway to get it to work as it's supposed to.

  • Has anyone hooked up a subwoofer to this soundbar? And if yes which one or any suggestions? Ta

    • +1

      I did

      Hooked it up to an old pioneer sub. Definitely better than it on its own

    • I bought the soundbar the other day at $169 and then went to Cash Converters and bought a SW030 subwoofer and it is great!

  • How does the YAS 108B compare to LG SL7Y with the SPK8-S rear speakers?

    • quite a difference in price there

      • with the LG Soundbar + Speakers being around $535, which would be more worth it at their price point?

        • it really depends on what you'll be watching, the space you're in, and how much that extra $400 could be used on.

          also what kind of tv is it going to be paired up with?

          • @impoze: 65 inch LG C8

            • @catboy123: in that case, I could justify spending more on my soundbar

              by comparison, my TV was $900 so didn't want to spend too much on a soundbar.

  • Got a chromecast ultra to go with the LG c9 from the other day. Thanks op

  • Been waiting for the Chromecast Ultra to go on sale, and this is way easier than heading to Costco. Thanks!!

  • Thanks op. Got the CC ultra. Already have the the soundbar - awesome speaker for tv experience and music in the home too.

  • Just went to purchase this. Moonah store in Tasmania had stock before I purchased. So I pulled the trigger, but when I select click and collect it states "no stock", so I choose the delivery option. My phone rings 15 minutes later and it is "The Good Guys" store in Moonah.
    The Good Guys employee states "we have no stock at that price of $135" but I said "but it states your store does have stock according to your website" She replies "oh we can't sell you that stock because we have to provide Ebay with tracking" and I reply "well how does click and collect work then?" and she replies "well that is just how it works and if you want it delivered it is going to take 14 to 15 business days". I reply "cancel my order then" which they have complied with. Ridiculous! They have stock on hand, but I cannot buy it through Ebay!

    • +1

      that is confusing.

      • In simple terms, Ebay store states Moonah store has no stock. Employee at Moonah states there is stock but I can't buy it through Ebay. Go figure!

  • Hi guys just an update that you can use the code only once.. It’s nOt working for me 2 nd time after buying soundbar then chrome cast. I wanted to buy chrome cast ultra but missed on it.. Shit

    • Setup new eBay account.. I had to do this haha

  • Anyone using the Soundbar as a PC Speaker? Thoughts?

    • Probably a bit over the top, but why not if you're into PC gaming! :) Leave plenty of desk space though for it.

      • main use is actually just videos, podcasts, music.

    • Using it on the 43" TV I use attached to my MacBook Pro shared with my PS4, works great, love it!

  • +1

    Went in and listened to this. Admittedly it was audio over bluetooth but compared to some JBL's and the way more expensive yammies, it sounded very muddy/muffled. It's might be better than your built in speakers.. but it's not great.

  • Can someone tell me which one would be better the Yamaha or the LG https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/lg-21ch-300w-soundbar-sl4y

  • +7

    Just thought I'd post my 2 cents about this soundbar, as I bought it yesterday, and set it up with an external active subwoofer (Wharfedale Diamond SW150).

    Without subwoofer attached:

    • Clear sound, fairly bright, but with body
    • Volume does not go super high; you are not going to raise the roof at parties with this
    • Definitely sounds better for movies and shows rather than music
    • Has a "Bass Extension" mode, that basically doubles the bass output; this does not work great on it's own and bass is often distorted and blown out at increased volumes

    With subwoofer attached:

    • Sound is much enhanced, and "carries" better, thanks to the body provided by the bass
    • If your subwoofer is powerful enough, it is easy to overwhelm the soundbar; need to tinker with the Subwoofer Out levels from the soundbar using the remote
    • Music playback is improved, but still not going to generate noise complaints; my Sonos Play 5 can generate a louder, stronger output

    My personal conclusion:

    • I bought this to free up space being taken up by an amplifier and two bookshelf speakers; I am very happy with the practicality aspect of this
    • I have put this soundbar out of reach of my toddler, who loves getting into the amplifier knobs and buttons; a huge win
    • I am not expecting to have crazy parties, or provide music to an outdoor area, this will just be for movies and TV shows; it serves this purpose very well, and with more than acceptable sound quality
    • It is a very basic looking AV product and blends into the background; not a slick looking item like a Nakamichi, Denon, or Marantz
    • This price is fantastic
    • It is wall mountable, and comes with a wall mounting template for drilling mounting screws; I would love to wall mount this one day
    • It comes with a "Surround Sound" function; do not kid yourself, it sounds nicer, but there is nothing "surrounding" about it
    • wall mounting it is pretty easy with the handy template

  • Would Officeworks price match the discounted price, or only the price listed on TGG website?

    • +1

      list price only

  • Which one is better YAS108B or ATS-2070B?

    • yas 2070B is the same as 207B which is about $135 more but comes with a wireless subwoofer

      • Thanks. I have old subwoofer. Can I use an old subwoofer to YAS108B? Which cable do I need to use for connection?

        • it does have a subwoofer out

          it has an RCA mono port

  • Ultra not available as pickup anywhere.

  • +1

    Bought one, same day pick up, love it, great for the price and small room use without annoying the missus, thanks for posting!

    • Is the code working for you? It says this code can't be applied to my CC Ultra. Haven't used the code previously

      Edit: Nevermind, made a new eBay account and it worked fine. Cheers

  • The code isn't working for me, just says "This code can't be applied to your order."
    The deal text says it's valid until 11:59pm on the 18th December. Should still be active? Do I have to pay with non-Paypal source or something?
    If anybody works it out could you please reply to me, I'm trying to pick up a Chrissie present for parents but I'm overseas at the moment!

    • For anybody else experiencing the same problem - I made a new eBay account and it worked fine. Ha!

  • The Chromecast 3 is now showing me $49.00 + delivery after applying the coupon. BIGW is selling the for $49 too in store - with no need to wait.

  • Does "Kayo" play better on Chromecast 3 or Ultra?

    • Depends on if you want 4k streaming or not.

  • Can anyone comment on how I connect to this to my TV and Foxtel? Is it Foxtel > TV > Soundbar all via HDMI?

    • +1

      I would go

      Foxtel > Soundbar > TV (use the one with ARC input)

      • I assume that will allow me to also use CEC between them all to use the one control?

        • +1


  • Has the soundbar shipped for anyone yet?

    • I did click & collect an hour after ordering

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