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Asus 24" VH242H LCD Monitor for $165 + Free Delivery (48 Hour Special)


Hi guys, we're doing a two day special for this monitor ending on friday 12/08/2011 (C.O.B)
Please be aware when you checkout, delivery cost will not be charged.

Thank you

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    Good price.. with no delivery cost certainly cheap.. how good is the monitor?

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    This is better: http://www.pcws.com.au/products.php?971&cPath=17_139&sid=427...

    Free postage on that maybe ?

    • Yep, i'm with you. Do free postage and i'm in!

    • scan06disk good choice, better monitor IMHO, and as you are in brisbane just get officeworks to pricebeat umart who has them at $187 - come to just under $177 with pricebeat! why pay $23 more just for free delivery?

    • omg i just bought a 32" tv cause triple monitor was too expensive. shudve waited!!!

    • I have one of these and I would say that its a very good monitor for the price.
      The only downside of it IMO is that the buttons are on the side, and if you're triple screening its hard to turn it on because the next monitor is right next to the button.

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    Anyone in melb wanna buythiss and trade it with me for the dell p 2411h. I got from ht. recently only used for about 5 hours. will throw in dvi to hdmi converter. would just prefer the speakers on this rather than plugging in external ones.

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      The speakers inbuilt in the monitor suck really bad.

      Just spend $30 on half-decent 2.1 speakers at OfficeWorks or where-ever.

  • This can be connected to a laptop via HDMI right?
    It says "dvi, d-sub" for computer connections.

    1364,keep in touch I might swap with yours

    • Edit: Sorry, my bad. it does not have any HDMI. So you might need a DVI to HDMI convertor from ebay.

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        Yes it does?

        PC Input: DVI-D/D-Sub
        Video Input: HDMI
        AV Audio Input: HDMI

        • Its confusing. Read the title. it does not say. See other monitors, where it says HDMI and price is higher. May be Rep can help.
          see this :http://www.pcws.com.au/products.php?971&cPath=17_139&sid=42775def865d38f345ce462900eeac38

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      Everywhere I look, it says this monitor has HDMI. eg: http://www.asus.com/Display/LCD_Monitors/VH242H/#specificati...

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        Thank you for checking guys, just to confirm this monitor does have HDMI input along with dvi and d-sub

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    1080 pixels (H) = not interested.
    There's 22" Lenovos with 1920x1200 going on eBay for $140-ish at the moment, I'd rather two of those than have 24s which are missing 120 pixels from the bottom.

    • Those are used product.

      • +7

        And like it or not, it seems 1920 x 1080 is the new standard.

        • +1

          And just to add to that, some people actually do prefer it.

        • Panel manufactures have done their job then CarbonTwelve.

  • These are great monitors IMO, got the 23" from Umart a year and a half ago fro $220 pickup. Thanks OP for the post

  • great monitor im using one now, so tempting to go dual or eyefinity

  • The quality of Asus' Monitor is good, I got one with small screen. 24" is amazing.

  • Pretty good deal but I bought some 24" monitors last year in this deal (no longer available though)- http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/34899

    My 3 24" monitors are still running sweet in eyefinity.

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    16:9 is annoying for productivity, i find it much better if the task bar is vertical and on the left of the screen instead of the bottom (Win7)

    this way you've freed up 40pixels from the vertical resolution, and also made teh remaining screen real estate a better aspect ratio for documents.

    also, now that i'm used to having a vertical task bar on the left, i think it works better than task bar on the bottom (on u2711)

    • I've got to agree with you on this one, vertical left side task bar is much better! Especially if you run Eyefinity, makes the overall desktop experience much nicer :)

      • Yep thats what I do in eyefinity.

  • I just realised that Arc has this monitor for $168.95 (http://arc.com.au/pub.php?gid=23550&pid=36715&p=product), so this isn't such a great deal if you don't need free shipping.

    • +1

      Yes. Op's website price is also 169 and now 165. Its the free shipping, that is good.
      One more thing to note is that, these are LCD monitors and not LED backlit LCD.
      LED at this price would be awesome. Like someone already asked for this one:

      Can anyone suggest to have these plus a HD set top box for bedroom viewing. Also a cheap alternative is:
      Aldi's 32" TV for 249

      I dont mind it being HD for a small tv.

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    Just thought I'd mention that When I clicked on the link, there were a number of items in my cart and when I went to checkout it had someone else's details in plain view. Might wanna check security/something sensible.

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      Had exactly the same thing, poor joshua s! Thank goodness for paypal though.

      edit: removed full last name

      • +2

        yes same here. have reported to mod team to change link to generic one for item not one encoded with another users logged in account - what a silly rep for posting that!

        • Thanks for the report. Link edited.

        • +1

          The link still has an "sid" in the URL. It still points to somebody else's account.

        • Now removed. Try again. :)

        • oh yeas, errd by not stripping it all when i reported the first link, sorry pauly!

  • Yes I noticed that too. "someone else's details in plain view"
    I also got an email from PCWS for someone else's order (Order Number: 432)
    As well as mine (Order Number: 431)

    • +2

      not very nice to post the guys details for all to see…especially if you're gonna talk about privacy concerns.

  • lol staples deal all over again.

  • +2

    I think if people have any interest at all in their personal details then definately give these guys a miss. Website has had issues as discussed previously along similar lines. Rep assured it was fixed after the last mess but apparently not.


  • +$6.60 for insured shipping
    +$4.29 for Paypal fee

  • I assume this is a TN monitor not IPS?

    • +1

      Not IPS for sure. You can't get any IPS screen with less than 300 dollars

  • For those interested in the Benq GL2440HM listed above, it's currently on sale for $189 at PC Case Gear.
    I got it price beaten at OW this arvo.. came down to 180. Pretty happy with it :)

  • Is this deal still active?

  • over a week and still no sign of the monitor, considering its coming from a location 15mins away that's very poor.