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Xbox One S 1TB Console $259 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon AU has price beat the Target deal.

Really decent price for Xbox One S that still has a disc drive (not the silly all digital version). Doesn’t list any games it comes with but in the customer questions and answers someone said a week ago that it came with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Fortnite - [edit:] but it's safer to assume it doesn't come with any.

Don’t forget cash back before adding to cart.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Another QnA says no games are included. I’d be weary of assuming any games are included if the product description doesn’t include them. Listings can change or include multiple similar items (for a time) so sometimes reviews and questions get muddied up due to listings changing or there being multiple variants at points. Go with what the product listing today says is there, not the reviews or customer provided answers.

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    Great price for a 4k player with VLC

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          Thanks mate, Glad some people got what I was saying lol. Actually used mine last night to watch Assassins Creek in 4k!

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    Current deals on microsoft ebay are better

    There are also a couple of other bundles there too.

  • What was the lowest price for this before? No urgent need

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      Well I'm personally waiting for the Minecraft edition to go on sale for $199 again…. That's a 500Gb Xbox One S. Or preferably a plain version equivalent of that. I don't really care about internal storage when it's so easy to plug in a portable USB drive to expand storage

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        Thanks, hope cheaper on boxing date.

        Only after it for very casual gaming, 4K player (don't have a 4K TV yet). Just bought the $1 game pass.

        For me not really worth to pay $400 for the XBox X if not after it for serious gaming.

        Regarding 4K player any major difference with X version?

        • Nope, only 4K difference is in the games. Not any UHD blu-rays.

          • @AsyncZero:

            Not any UHD blu-rays.

            So no difference with HDR UHD play back?

            Can XBone do Bit Streaming to AV Receiver and optical output? May stick with optical output first until I get an AV Receiver later.

            • @superforever: @superforever Xbox does support bit streaming as you need to select it in order to have Dolby Surrounding experience.

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          I got so many down votes coz my answer for this question lol

          I do have a Samsung QLED 4K with everything enabled under the 4K option into the console.
          I had One S few weeks back and sold it to upgrade to One X.
          The main reason was depreciation, One S next year will be for free while One X will be down to the current One S prices due to Xbox Series X

          With One S I have played so many amazing titles such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, COD WW2, COD MW, Battlefield 5, Gears 5, Forza 5, maaaannnn, what a graphic. Also very few 4k Blue-rays. Please, remember that I have a 4K TV so the experience is so dammmn good.

          I have my console on top of a 5 fan laptop cooling system so I can spend hours playing without the heat reducing the components life.

          Now, with One X I got very disappointed and here are the reasons:

          • With COD MW I can see more details in the skin, gun, that I didn't noticed before. But that is all about it! It could have waited Series X without problems.
          • There is an improvement but it is nothing that justify the upgrade in my point of view
          • Heat: with One S, I could spend hours playing and after turning it off, it would be cold on top of that cooling system. One X still gets warm and the wall where the hot air hits, h0ly m0ly.

          I did loved my One S and if you have a soundbar, damnnn, it scares the hell out my cats hahahaha
          Amazing console and I wouldn't have sold if new what I know now.

      • minecraft edition is 1tb. I got it 2 years ago for $188 so these deals arent so great.

        • Oh it's 1Tb? I stand corrected!!!

      • I'm quite sure that the Minecraft edition is a 1TB console.

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    PS4 or Xbox?

    • Let me grab some popcorn hahahaha

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      PS4 = Better exclusives (games)
      xbox one = 4k HDR blu-rays

      • Xbox Gamepass seems like good value too if you have a PC as well.

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      PS4 = To play FIFA. Okay, has great exclusives like Uncharted 4, GOW, and that is all about it.
      PS4 PRO not even Blu-ray 4K it runs, only HD and normal DVD.
      PSN is weak, goes down easy, and luckily Microsoft did a partnership with Sony for cloud gaming otherwise, Sony was going to get screwed.

      XBox = Great exclusives such as Gears, Forza, Halo, 4K Blue-rays, live is stable, multiplayer with Windows players, if the TV is busy you can play a game from the Xbox into your laptop as long as they are in the same network, Game Pass allows you to play a sh1t ton of game "for free".

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        PS4 has Persona 5, Bloodborne, Horizon, the last of us and tons more. Had PSN for years and never really had any problems with it tbh.

        Also has PSVR

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        What a totally objective comment.

      • Look up 'choice supportive bias'

        Because you've got it badly, dude

      • Excellent example of idiotic fanboys
        Just buy whatever suits you best. It's just a gaming console. Your life doesn't depend on it. Why do you feel the need to protect it like your life revolves around a gaming console?

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    This console will be $249 at Target from 26/12.

    • Thanks for the heads up

    • sweet, but is there a catalogue or smth?
      how do u know?

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    $249 now at Amazon.

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