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LG 43" 3840x2160 Freesync Monitor 43UD79-B $529 (Out of Stock), LG IPS 34" (34GL750-B) Curved 2560x1080 1ms 144hz $499 @ MSY


Got this in my email newsletter today.

Limited 2 per customer Broden! No back order, While stock last. No conjunction with other offers.
Online Delivery Only

LG 43" (43UD79-B) IPS 4K 3840x2160 8ms HDMI/DP/USB-C Tilt SPK, Flicker Safe VESA Monitor $529($150 off)
LG IPS 34" (34GL750-B) Curved 2560x1080 1ms 144Hz HDMIx2, DP HAS ULTRAGEAR HDR10 Gaming Monitor $499($160 off)

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  • Really good value for the 43” one. Not sure if I’ll be comfortable sitting close to it reading texts for hours though.

  • I've had the LG about 2 years. Love it. Nice to game on, nice to work on.

  • Wish the 34" was 1440p

  • Boxing Day Sale

  • I've got the 43", AMA

    • How good is it for gaming, is the response time good? I use an ASUS 1ms 1080p monitor but want to try 4k. I play a lot of competitive games on the Xbox one X.

      • Haven't gamed much on it, but it has a claimed 5ms response time, so should be pretty good.

    • Does the type-C port only output 5*1.5=7.5W? I don't think it's enough to charge a laptop.. isn't normal USB-C passthrough 65W?

      • Yeah that Type-C port is only for charging phones or for use as a video input (although my coworker and I have never got that to work!).

    • Any chance you've hooked up a ps4 pro and actually had it output 4k? My philips 43" won't do it, rumour is the monitor must support hdr to get the ps4 to detect 4k

    • Hey mate,
      Is text clear/sharp on the 43” screen (I.e., not pixelated/blurry)?
      Does the 43” display multiple office type apps well, for example, having (a) MS Word, (b) excel and (c) adobe PDF reader on screen at the same time?
      Does the unit get hot (temperature wise)?

      Thinking about something like this or 2x 22” monitors like they have at work…


      Edit: never mind, I just read the rest of the thread. Sounds like it is good for office use, but ergonomics is not so good (not height adjustable).


  • how good is the 43 for editing photo and video?

  • I think the 43 should be 5ms
    Can anyone tell me if 5ms is good enough as an office use?

  • Ughhh. Looking for a 1440p, 144hz IPS monitor.

    Tried a VA, did not like it.

  • I've got this 43" monitor, my main complaint is that the stand is not height adjustable or rotational and mine came with the slightest misaligned monitor stand that simply can't be fixed. Its only a couple of degrees but its noticeable if anything is behind it

    Also the black levels aren't that good due to the IPS and the borders cast shadows onto the screen. The brightness is also inconsistent on mine with it appearing slightly darker along the top. Overall panel wise its medium quality, not terrible nor great. I've had it for 2 years now & distance wise it'd be better to have 40" so your eyes are less overwhelmed. The remote control is a nice bonus however

  • Can someone add 60 Hz on the 43 inch description? Helpful for people wanting to know can be good for gaming. Cheers

  • how much delivery fee?

  • Waiting for good deal oled monitor

  • I have the 43"

    -Great for office use
    -Ok for casual gaming
    -Black level is crap
    -Grey Uniformity is crap
    -Ergonomics is crap

    Overall very average monitor but at that price why not?

  • How's the 34" for casual gaming?

    Nevermind just watched Hardware Canucks review

  • I have the 43”, at this price, if you have the computer to drive it, I would not hesitate. Awesome deal.
    I paid $675 and was pretty happy with that.

    The stand that it comes with is crap.

    I got this monitor arm, and while it took about 2 hours to get it setup the way I like it, it’s awesome now. Not that many monitor arms can take this much weight.


    Also needed this adapter plate - https://www.amazon.com.au/Husky-Mounts-Extender-Compatible-E...

  • I suspect that they are clearing stock for the slightly revised, brighter model with far more USB-C power delivery - https://www.anandtech.com/show/15087/lg-unveils-43un700-moni..., https://www.lg.com/pa_en/monitors/lg-43UN700-B

    • Ahh, you're probably right.

      I have no problem with the brightness on mine, but I guess that depends on your office.

      I DO wish I had the power delivery though, then I'd be a single cable solution!

    • And HDR10 as well

  • .
    LG 43" 43UD79-B Monitor - Response Time 8ms

  • Can't find the link to these monitors on the MSY site anymore

  • OP!
    The page you requested was not found, and we have a fine guess why.

    If you typed the URL directly, please make sure the spelling is correct.
    The page no longer exists. In this case, we profusely apologize for the inconvenience and for any damage this may cause.

  • Page not found

  • The page for the LG IPS 34" states the product is no longer available, and for the other monitor the page can't be found. Sigh, I was really looking forward to getting the 34" monitor. I guess I'll spend a portion of the money on a new TV instead in the boxing day sales.

  • That was mean

  • Hope they will update soon

  • Do they open tomorrow (26/12)?

  • Link seems to be working again and promo looks live

  • Somehow I was unable to place the order due to a "shipping method could not load" error.

    Does anyone come across the same issue?

  • 43" monitor out of stock already. Clickbait promo.

  • Can’t order any of the monitors. For the 34 inch it just says unable to load address, clear the cart and add something else, all works. Dud deal

  • seems to be either no stock or they haven't started selling it yet???

    Hey Op - is this expired?

  • Fake deal

  • Clickbait, sadly.

  • +1 vote

    MSY doesn't care their reputation these days…??

  • Online ordering is not working properly.

    Call your local MSY and see if you can reserve one to pickup

    I called my local msy and reserved one for me to pickup.
    According to a few other stores its suppose to be a walk in deal so there is conflicting information.

  • The Online delivery is back to normal.

    Just ordered online.

  • What did you order?

    • ordered 34' inch monitor.

      Delivery is another 23 dollars with a hidden handling fee of 9ish. So $533 for 34" monitor delivered to Sydney metro area.

  • Took them 12 hours to figure out the ordering was buggered for the 32".
    Checked the site at midnight last night to see this issue, been checking with my tired self since 6am this morning.
    They finally pulled through.

  • Has anyone actually received their 43" LG? I ordered and paid 12:12AM Boxing Day and have not heard a word since. Went to the Clayton store and the guy was unable to help. Just said that online orders are out of Dandenong. No one picks up the phone when I call. What has MSY become….I miss the simple days of Andrew working out of Malvern with his pregnant wife helping and the forever repeating loop of Riverdance playing. The good old days….

    • I'm in the same boat as you. Silence since my order, which has been "processing" for days. No answer from call centre, and the stores can't help. I know that MSY has never been a service-oriented organisation, but I thought that shipping out items that have been purchased wouldn't be beyond them.

      • I'm hoping they're shipped out by the end of this week at the latest. Holiday period and all still shouldn't equate to 9 business days of processing times.

    • Yep. Same here. Been sitting in order processing for over a week. Not sure what's happening. The online chat said that order processing will take longer due to the holidays. Ordered a mount about a week after this, its already arrived! Not much we can do but wait I guess…

    • They just made a refund to me. I was like what the actual EFF. Email listed in comment below.

  • Hi guys, can someone please kindly share with me some advice on this.

    I successfully ordered the LG 43 inch 43UD79-B monitor on Boxing day. Order made at around 12:39am. I know soon after that, the stock has run out.

    After multiple emails and calls chasing up the delivery (last week they actually advised delivery tyo happen on Monday)

    MSY just sent me an email about a refund. Is that all they have to do after the long wait? Just wanting to know my options.

    Thanks in advance.

    //Dear Customer,

    We recently called you in regards to order #XXX, unfortunately the last monitor (43ud79-b) in stock was in unsellable/damaged condition.

    Because of this reason we will be processing a refund for your order, please allow 2-3 business days for the refund to be applied in PayPal.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.//

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