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15% off Apple Products (e.g. MacBook Pro 16'' 9th Gen i7 512GB $3299, i9 1TB $3899) @ Wireless1 eBay


Same deal as Black Friday is back again. Listing says AU Stock.

Original Coupon Deal

Maximum discount $500

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  • Doesn't work on ipad

  • MacBook Pro all out of stock…

  • There were quite a few items available (including iPad Pro, iPad air), however every item had stock levels reduced to make them out of stock, apart from Airpods for $203.15 which are still available (not a great price).


  • I think some (at least) are available again.

  • Can anyone help me determine what the cheapest the 13" Macbook Pro model MUHP2X/A has been before? I'm trying to work out if this has been attainable for < $1975 before, if not, I'll purchase

    edit: I checked Pricehipster but it doesn't track historical prices very well for this model

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      I belieave the best price you can get on eBay sale is $1954.15 at Wireless1 at eBay during 15% off sale.

      Alternatively, you can use Ultimate for Home gift cards during JB Hi-Fi/The Good Guys 10% MacBook sale.

    • I’m after a 13 as well but am going to wait for the new keyboard.

      The current 13 keyboard is a liability.

    • Best I ever managed was using jbhifi gift cards through RACQ that gave a five percent discount, then used them to buy an MBP and an MBA from the usual sale 10% off, plus a 5 percent off everything voucher from the JBhifi email promotion it does occasionally. Worked out about 18%.

  • Deal needs to read "15% up to $500"

    • Yeah kind of hurts on the 16" models, the discount cap! Still better than 10% off @jbhifi when its on sale! The 13" is the pick on this sale but then its due an overhaul itself and it has the older, troubled keyboard

      If you can claim back TRS its an even better deal!

      Oh, giftcards, cash-back and lastly, can/will OFFICEWORX price-match and discount it another 5% further?

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    They use tnt for delivery and it's a hassle if you are not at home to collect. Limited options for re delivery..
    Tnt isn't great too.

  • Is there anyone can find whether they are doing same discount on iPad pro or MacBook Air?

  • Thanks OP - got a 16" Pro after having Air's since inception. Keen!

  • Hello sir.
    I'm just wondering If buy macbook pro 16 3299$

    How much can I get TRS? From original price or discount price??

    • Pretty sure it’s from the original price, but it depends how it appears on the invoice.

      With eBay sales, you’re effectively paying full price, and eBay applies credit to the order.

      • I brought a MacBook pro from this store some months ago and they put the full ebay price (not the reduced price with coupon), you can then claim that full tax amount at TRS.

        • dont u have to pay back the GST for anything over $900 when u come back?

          • @Gerry H: Thats if you 'declare'… personally I have brought big ticket items each time i've gone overseas and claimed the TRS back (iPhones, cameras, laptops etc).. and I haven't declared.. i don't even know how they would know you received the TRS refund on each and every item when you pass back through into oz.

      • Thanks mate

        Merry x-mas!

  • Postage time is too long..around Jan 30 (apple Mac mini). I quit. Does this have any store or collection point in Sydney??

  • Is it better to buy direct from Apple??
    I'm looking at iPad Pro 11" and Pencil2

    • If you are at all unsure about the purchase, then yes. They offer two weeks return. I bought the 13" iPad Pro (high spec) and pencil 2 and was disappointed with the product. Wish I'd got from Apple directly, as I could have returned it and bought an actual laptop (MBP or updated my Air).

  • Hi folks - whats the recommendation for choosing a MacBook for high school - air or pro?

    The Air isn’t that difference in price to the pro, but is slightly lighter and thinner, which are attractive features for a kids school bag.

    That said, is there any compelling reason to pop for the Pro? It would only be the 13” variant.

    And… not that I would encourage gaming on it - as that’s the Xbox’s role - is the Pro much better than the Air for the odd bit of gameplay?

    • Miss entropy has the current base 13 inch MBP, littlest miss entropy has the current MBA.
      Miss entropy is in senior high school doing specialist maths, engineering, physics chemistry etc. the machine is not taxed.
      Littlest miss entropy is in grade nine. The mba in gold looks great.

      The MBP’s CPU is more powerful than the MBA, with Four cores ispnstead of two in the MBA, and MBP has a fan so is less likely to throttle. But it is still using integrated graphics rather than a discrete card so it won’t be able to compete with the 16 inch MBP or a dedicated gaming laptop which have discrete GPUs. The 13 MBP’s integrated graphics is a higher spec iteration than run of the mill intel Laptops with integrated graphics, but you would not buy it primarily as a gaming machine. It certainly is beautiful though.

      • Thanks mate - sounds like either would likely do a fine job for high school, with the Pro taking the edge with a little extra overhead to power the job along. For the extra $250 I’m currently leaning to the Pro - even though a touch heavier. Sounds like your two students are both happy though, which is great.

  • OW will not price beat coupons, I asked.

  • Has anyone got the order? I placed on 30th and still waiting for mine..!

    • I received mine today, ordered 31/12 sydney.

      • Thanks mate.. Mine is showing 8 - 10 Jan so might wait till tomorrow.. Did you get any message or notification when it was shipped? Cos I haven't got any info..!