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LG 65-Inch UM7400 4K UHD Smart TV $899 + Delivery @ Catch


LG 65-Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV for $899 is the lowest so far.


Model no.: 65UM7400PTA
Screen: 65" (164cm) / LED
WebOS 4.5 Smart TV; watch Stan, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
Surround sound-like audio without all the speakers, thanks to DTS Virtual: X
LG ThinQ AI with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
Voice-activated LG Magic Remote
Built-in WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0 compatible
FreeviewPlus (HbbTV)
LG TV Plus smartphone remote app
VESA size: 300 x 300 (sold separately)
Simple yet exquisite design with sleek modern lines and premium aesthetic
Dimensions (approx. cm): 146.3 x 91.4 x 34 (W x H x D, with stand)
Weight (approx.): 22.4kg
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Speakers: 2 x 20W full-range stereo speakers
3 x HDMI
2 x USB2.0
USB media playback:
Video: ASF/WMV/AVI (Xvid, H.264/AVC)/ MP4/M4v/MOV (H.264, H.265, MPEG-4, HEVC)/ MKV (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9, HEVC) SHVC/TS/TRP/TP/MTS/MPG/3GP/3G2 MPEG/DAT/VOB/HEVC (Up to [email protected]) (HEVC 86", 82" Up to [email protected])
Input port: RF antenna, RCA type
Output port: Digital (optical)
Wall mountable: Yes
MEPS energy rating: 5 stars
Country of origin: N/A

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    Use code
    For another $10 off any purchase above $40

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    Wonder if Good Guys or Harvey Norman would price match? Literally about to pick one of these up tomorrow for the folks

    EDIT - $835 Inc delivery to Adelaide after unidays discount. Don't expect any of the big box stores to match that. Will have a go tomorrow morning nevertheless

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      you mean $935 inc delivery?

    • Can you get free shipping with Catch Club

      • Please note: This offer is not eligible for Club Catch discounts or delivery caps. The product will be charged & posted individually. See Club Catch FAQ

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    I bought the SM8600 and while it is a great TV it has an IPS screen (as does this), so there is noticeable backlight bleed and distracting vertical banding on dark content due to the terrible local dimming.

    • yeh all the lg lcds definately have to keep the cell light down

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    What do people think about the Samsung and Sony options?

    Sony option..
    Sony 65-inch X70G 4K UHD LED LCD Smart TV | Harvey Norman AU

    Samsung option
    Samsung 65-inch RU7100 4K UHD LED LCD Smart TV | Harvey Norman AU

    • yes can anyone say how these compare??
      also my question about non android tv supporting devices, can they play 4k netflix?? (yes i do have the 4k netflic subscription)

    • Keen to know about the RU7100 samsung also as jb hi fi catologue for boxing day sales has them for $988. Not sure if this is a 'great' deal, but i saw in Jb yesterday the pre-boxing day 'on sale' prices are about 1895 for a Q60, and then the q75 to q80 etc. range are more int he mid $2k….

      Sony also has the x800g , 8500g, 9000g etc range…. just wanting to get a decent 65" that isn't at the top of the tech food chain so more value for money without going for something cheap and nasty that won't future proof for a good 5-10 yrs.

      • im in the same boat, this is the cheapest one that i found that has android tv sony 65X8000G?? 1300 but i checked it was 1199 last month at myer, im thinking is it possible to go and try to price match that one for 1200 tomorrow from the current advertised price of 1298

        • I went into jb yest and saw the x8000G (x80g). Was also wondering how the Sony x7000G and X9500G etc compared….. i presume the higher the number the better generally as a guide, so it came down more to price?

          On the other spectrum this Samsung RU7100 i was worried was abit more lower end than 'middle' range value for money of good tech at "old tech prices". Hence I was looking at some more mid range tech samsung has like the q60, q70 and q80r range that look good…. THe Q60 was around $1895 at jb but QLED instead of the UHD.

          My understanding is UHD then QLED and OLED are more to the far right of the spectrum in terms of quality?

          I noticed a difference in the Samsung q60 vs the q80r, presumably the more expensive is better but the storesperson brought up specs and mentioned the Q60 is edge lit vs direct lit on the q80r?

          Is edge lit therefore a more inferior screen vs direct lit? I see full array is similar but different to direct lit, which doesn't have local dimming?

          If choosing between say a q60 with edge lit QLED panel versus a full/direct lit UHD tv, is it 'generally' better to go with a QLED panel, or is it a model by model basis?

          I presume HDR and all are all standards in TVs? Is 200hz refresh rates that noticeably superior than getting a 100hz tv for those that watch content and play games e.g. old ps4? For the general eye not looking for cutting edge content would the refresh rate be noticeable?

          Are the tv operating systems also 'older' versions on these entry models like RU7100 versus the more medium range? Or do you also get the upgraded OS as they update? Presuming the Sony's then LG then Samsung in order of app access/availability given Samsung dont use google play store but their own apps?

          • @SaberX: you raise some really good questions there that im sure the sales person in HN would be clueless, iasked a simple question on the chat thing and he sends me the link to samsungs site, i guess we are left to sit down and do research,

            i just did some more research and the ru7100 is a bit disappointing to say the least, it lascks some really simple things like no bluetooth, (good for hooking up a premium remote or wireless keyboard mouse thing where you can search up movie names or search the net, it also lacks 5ghz wifi it only has 2.4ghz which means if your home wifi has 100mbps speeds, in order to use the full speed you need 5ghz wifi support. this does not have it.

            also the sony on the other hand is not much of an improvement, i think really have to jump to $1500 to get proper improvements. i think as the few comments bellow mention its worth waiting for a LG SM8600 as it seems to have everything at a resonable price once it goes on sale again.https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/505879

            • @striker5950: Hi @striker5950 - didn't go through all the specs yet but I guess if one doesn't sit down to research you would easily miss the 5ghz wifi support. That said is 100mbps typicals speeds for most NBN users these days?

              Bluetooth woud be good as I presume pairing phones and other accessories apart from premium remotes might eventuate - although I can't think of them now?

              My biggest one is just having the latest/best Operating system combined with tech that enables you to do most of everything out there currently - it may not be the fastest/latest processor or tech, but the fact that it already has the tech i.e. bluetooth, 5ghz, appropriate refresh rates etc.

              I woke up late but looks like I'll have to do some quick research and then pop out to stores before it gets too late. I didn't consider LG before….so i'm not sure how the SM8600 are compared to the UM7400 in this post.. but I was looking at the samsung q60, q75r/q80r range - how does the LG compare?

        • Good guys had it today for $1195. I took a Pic of it so I could look at reviews when I got home.

      • +1

        The blacks are better on the 7100.

        But the pic quality is slightly better on LGs. It was the remote control of the LG in the end that won me over. (has a mouse cursor and voice control)

    • -1

      Samsung looks better when there is light in the room due to less reflection.

      • Read the reviews…lg is better in bright rooms

    • +1

      I’d go Sony over LG any day.

  • Better off waiting for another lg 65” sm8100 super UHD deal at $1000

    • Better off waiting for another lg 65” sm8100 super UHD deal at $1000

      Or sm8600 under $1200

      • Yep.. um7400 is actually a downgrade from um7600, not much difference but have to be aware lg has started cheapening their range on a few different models

        • This came after the 7600.

    • was there such a deal before? :o

    • What’s the difference? Curious since I just purchased the sm8100 for $1250 shipped.

        • Basically edge vs direct backlight type with the addition of Wide Colour Gamut, Nano Cell Technology, Local Dimming and ULTRA Luminance

          • @pongie: Also: image processor A7 GEN2, dolby vision picture modes 5, Works with Apple HomeKit, airplay2, dolby atmos + more

            if you return it it would be worth it

  • BTW extra $15 off with Latitude Pay!

  • There’s barely any reviews online for this but there was a comparison that said this was better than the Samsung 988$ tv.

  • Pretty good! Paid $716 for the 55” only a few weeks ago.

  • Free delivery via amazon for Prime members and the same price as HN.
    Sony 65" X7000G

    • +1

      bad deal that one, 65" X8000G has been $1100 recently

      • where though?? i am ready to pay that if its 1100 tomorrow..

        • sorry was $1195 recently, id just avoid the 7000g you are getting the base model for that price, 8000G IS $1295 at JB TGG & HN someone will budge, go instore tomorrow & bargain them down or just be patient wait for another deal

          • +1

            @RogueWolf: Would the 7000g or 8000d be better than the LG UM7400? (planning on ordering this today)

            • +1

              @1SuperUser: lg um7400 & sony 7000g are just base models personally would go the lg over the sony out of those 2, if you are going to the $1000/$1200 range id go lg sm8100 or sm8600 depending on your budget just wait for a ebay code sale, otherwise sony 8000g, tv's are a head case to buy they bring out multiple models with extra little features on each one, would always try & get best value for money looking at 1 to 2 models up from base but at the best possible price, im sure ive confused you enough now lol

              • @RogueWolf: yeah i agree i went with the 2nd or 3rd choice up from base… so instead of the ru7100 samsung or this lg um 7400, i looked at the Sony x9500g which was down to $1980 on the boxing day?

                That and the Q60/q75r were near that price. I ended up going abit higher for a LG B9 - went all the way for OLED…. $2495 … a little bit more?

  • even the x8000g does not support 5ghz wifi which is a let down. it does have Bluetooth though..

  • I'll be grabbing one of these later on today.

    Stack with Unidays and $30 shopback.

    $805 overall.

    Kinda glad my kids broke the TV yesterday otherwise I wouldn't have gone looking.

    Thanks for posting OP!

    • +1

      I created the unidays account, but wint show me the 10% code. Has it expired ?

  • +2

    Just price matched for $835 at Harvey Norman Woodville.

    • +1

      Hi mate. Any chance you could send a photo of your receipt? Having trouble getting a price match for this price.

  • Just bought one. Not looking back. Thanks OP!!!

  • Price back to $1430 as soon as Shopback deal started

    • Owww m8. Sorry to see this. I was able to stack it altogether about 40 min ago.

  • Thanks op

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