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Sony WF-1000XM3 Earphones $299.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Sorry for the spam but this is probably gonna be the cheapest price when combined with the 12% cashback tomorrow.

After cashback: 299.99 - [(299.99/1.1)*0.12] ~ 267.26

Update: if you are looking to have this immediately, JB Hi Fi is price matching Amazon back order price of $299.99, combine with gift cards for further 5% off

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  • +1

    Go get it and dont wait for the cashback tomorrow. Doubt this will last long

    • +1

      After the current cashback, it would only be $5 cheaper than buying from Videopro, I'd risk it

      • What's the current cashback on these @ amazon?

        • +1

          3.5% for electronics I believe

      • videopro price will be TRSable on its own due to ebay code. This one misses it by 1 cent.

        • What's TRS and how do you apply it?

          • @ilyilee: Tourist refund scheme. You must leave the country with your <$300 item within 60 days. You will get 10% of its value back.

            • +1

              @J6: shouldn't it be more than $300?

              • @ln28909: TRS calculates refund from eBay price which usually lists the original price. Even though paypal charges less at -10%

                • @bs0: what's the maximum you can bring back in per person? Was it 900 or 450?

              • @ln28909: Yes sorry wrong arrow

        • Can do combined with your other amazon purchasrs from the same abn

          • @KiTau: Nothing else I want to buy and take on flight with me.

            It would be cheaper getting it from ebay because the TRS value will also be higher.

    • +2

      You got downvoted, but you were 100% right lol

      Now you got to wait a solid 1-2 months

  • +10

    Was sceptical at first about earbuds over earphones format but this model has blown me away.

    • +1

      I can't wait to give them a try, been on the lookout for this for awhile now.

    • Yeah they're really good.

    • +3

      Really? I wasn't super impressed. The ANC I would say is about 50% of what headphones manage, and I have issues with these falling out. The shape of them likely doesn't suit me well, and they tend to stick out a bit from my ear, and fall out even just sitting and typing on the computer.

      If you're in an environment where headphones are acceptable, these fall quite short.

      • +2

        I had the same issue with falling out until i swapped to the alternate tip im box. The one with a textured finish. Also follow the prescribed mounting method. Gently twist left right motion until comfortable. Walking around is no problem. More extreme exercise like pushups or kettlebell swing it may wiggle out a bit.

        In my opinion more secure than airpods.

      • Yep definitely try the twist motion Jimothy suggests. And maybe different tips. I find them supremely comfortable and have never had one fall out in many, many hours of commuting. Of course, earphones won't have noise cancelling as good as headphones, as incipient says, but more compact to carry and cooler when wearing than over-ear anything.

  • +3

    I got these last week. So far undecided. They sound good, but I can't tell if they really have ANC

    • As in, you can't hear outside ambient noise, or you hear outside ambient noise?

      • +1

        I have had them for a week now. Agree with the comment above on ANC.

        • Yeah so maybe you guys are getting good isolation and fit, not warranting or enjoying the full effects of anc

        • +4

          The comment above implies there is no ANC. If you can't even tell that ANC is on, then it's ineffective.

    • +1

      Have had these a couple of months and I was the same initially re ANC. Getting the right fit is really important - I used some tips off previous earphones that fit well and now it's great. Not headphone great, but on my first flight wearing these ANC on/off was really noticeable.

      Biggest gripe is there's a few intersections on my walk to the office where one or both will drop out. It usually reconnects reasonably quickly, but is annoying nonetheless. That, and for calls they're pathetic unless your in a quiet environment. I usually take them out to take calls when on the move.

      • What i would do with my WI-1000X is hold up the phone so that I'm speaking into the bottom mic. Yeah it does take one hand and defeats the purpose, but at least the other person can hear you, and you don't have to go through the inconvenience of removing them and changing your audio output.

      • Yeah I have the same issue with the intersections and the signal dropping out - never had that issue with QC35s. In general the connectivity is a bit dodgy - sometimes it will just randomly drop out on me for no reason too, and it can be very annoying to get it to reconnect.

  • +3

    I owned pair of these earphone and their sound quality and ANC was excellent.

    But if you using it to make phone call then forget about it.

    There's a serious issue during phone call the other end can't hear you at all, it's like sucking all the background noise during the call.

    It's took more than 10-20 secs after I took it out from the case for it connected to my iPhone. For my Airpods Pro it's took few secs.


    • +1

      Yep. All the reviews I've read/watched. Excellent in every way, except call quality.

      Which is unfortunate as that's the main reason I'm upgrading from my $30 Haylou gt1s. But it'll still be an improvement over that at least. Just not 10x

  • +12

    I have this one, AirPods Pro and Jabra 65t.

    I can confirm the Sony beats all of them in terms of battery, sound quality and noise cancelation (using the supplied form ear tips) capability.

    Comfort wise it is quite good, I used it thru out an 9 hours flight (put them back into the charging case during toilet breaks), never had battery run out issue. I paired it with the RHA wireless flight adaptor to watch movies on plane.

    Airpods Pro might be a bit better in comfort but it’s not an issue on the Sony.

    Only down side is the call quality, I have to use my palm to reflect my voice from my mouth back the the ear piece. It’s not an issue for me as I don’t do calls a lot on these. (Or at all)

    • How do the airpods and jabras compare for call quality?

      • +1

        Airpods Pro only marginally better, I had to use my palm in order to reflect my voice from mouth to one side of the ear buds on semi-busy street. (That’s for both Sony WF and AirPods Pro)

        Jabra is a lot better in call quality but for me, I can’t wear the 65t longer than 45 mins, the fit is not comfortable for longer time.

  • +2

    What is the pass through like on these?
    I have galaxy pods, but I have to take them out to hear what people are saying to me in the office.
    Want something I can leave on when I need to talk to someone.

    • +1

      It has 3 modes you change by tapping the left earphone. ANC, pass through and no noise cancelling

      • +1

        How good is the pass through though?
        Can you hold a conversation in a office with them?

        • +1

          Yes. You can have a conversation with someone in the office no problem.

          I normally use ANC in the office and when someone come up to me, I hold the button to activate temporary pass thru and it works really well.

    • +2

      Not bad. As long as it is not windy.

  • +1

    i have those since they were out. fantastic sound (not the best) great ANC, utter crap mic performance. you virtually cant make calls on those.
    people should wait for the 1MORE EHD9001TA ANC reviews which just got released. they are likely to be around the low $200 mark.

  • -1

    Anyone know the country of origin on these?

    • +3


    • Knowing Sony it’s likely Malaysia or Indonesia

      • I will consider these if made in Malaysia. Just trying to avoid Chinese made products lately in support for HK and Xinjiang.

        • Ooh, yes.

          Please boycott absolutely everything made in China. I'd like to see how far you can go doing this.

          • @lostn: It's not about boycotting absolutely everything, just making an attempt to reduce what I buy that is made in China.

            • @t25: That's about as fruitful as avoiding (or reducing consumption of) all drinks that contain water, or ingredients that required water to produce (fruits require water to grow).

              You'll find that even if the product wasn't assembled in China, almost certainly some or most of its parts were.

    • Haha 😂

  • So we wait and buy tomorrow?

    • Yeah, unless a cheaper option comes out, which I doubt

  • Can someone please tell me what time does the Cashback deal start?

  • +2

    Bought these 6 months ago. Would not recommend at any price above 200. Call quality is terrible and while they are in ear monitors the sound quality and anc is much better on the qc 35. I returned mine as I didn't think they were worth what I paid and just rock QCY when I need something portable and the qc 35s when I can take something more bulky.

    • I actually find my WF’ ANC better than my QC35. I gave my QC35 away after I am very happy with the Sony WF.

      I find that you have to use the form ear tips that came with the packaging, you can achieve better ANC than QC35, if you use the plastic ear tips, they are not as good in sound isolation and therefore less ANC performance than QC35.

  • +1

    Sold out? Price back to $379.95

    • Yep, looks like it LOL

      • Same here $380 now.

        • +1

          Nah scroll down. Still available at 299.

          Doubt it will last until tmr at this rate.

          • @julz15: It changes to $340 if it's the silver option.

            • @jefft1: Tried again. Says 299 but despatched in 1 to 2 months. So probably a backorder.

      • +1

        Make sure amazon is the seller I've checked as of 8:19pm and it is still available for 299.99

          • @jefft1: Scroll down to new (2) sellers from 299

            • @julz15: Says $339.15 for me now when I press new (2) sellers.

              • @jefft1: Ignore that. It says $300 now for the colour black.

                • @jefft1: Yeah, but there's a long, long wait. Not worth the extra 12% imo.

        • +2

          Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

          Just a warning cashbacks with Amazon don't get paid on preorders if they take more than 60 days to ship.

          • @lostn: Quick question, I followed the steps, so I disabled my AdBlock extension. Made sure there was nothing in my cart. Activated the Shopback extension. Once it was activated, I placed the order. Was it supposed to say anything after? Something like your transaction has been recorded?

            • +1

              @jefft1: No. You'll get confirmation from SB a few days later.

    • So glad I waited for cashback /s

      • Not sure it will last until tmr

    • it's in backorder now I think

  • how does the ANC compare to WH-1000XM3?

    • I don’t have the WH but have the QC35. WF is better ANC than QC35 if you use the form ear tips.

      • You mean the ones from Comply?

        Well I'd be impressed if TWS can beat over-ears in noise reduction.

        • No. The Sony WF box comes with 3 pairs of plastic “normal” ear tips and 3 pairs of form ear tips. I am referring to the one that’s included. :)

          • +1

            @goraygo: when you say 'form' do you mean 'foam'? As in the memory foam squeezy type, like ear plugs?

            • @lostn: Yeah. Shit spelling. It’s foam.

    • +1

      It doesn't compare at all. The ANC is terrible. Using the WH on a plane or in the office you get complete silence. These ones for me do pretty much nothing. I tried on the plane and could hear the engine noise. Took them off and put my WH on and complete silence!

    • +2

      The headphones are much better for noise cancelling than the earphones, but because of the bulk I prefer to use the earphones for my daily commute, where the ANC is perfectly serviceable. People who are getting bad ANC are probably not getting a good seal, and should test the foam tips or try some Comply tips.

      Sound quality is very good, better than the Galaxy Buds someone was asking for a comparison for, but you need to be aware that they sound best when you use them in ANC mode which is what they are made for. They stick out of your ears a fair bit but it doesn't bother me.

      I use the Sony when there's a lot of background noise, and the Buds when it's quieter because they are very lightweight and basically you won't notice they're there after a while. Light enough to carry both around anyway.

      • foam tips or try some Comply tips.

        Are the Comply tips the foam or rubber ones included in the box?

        • +1

          the material is spongy, like earplugs that you compress before sticking into your ears and then let it expand inside your ear.

        • +2

          The box comes with foam tips and rubber tips, and I find that the foam has a better seal.

          Comply is a third party brand that makes tips for all sorts of earphones. You pay for these but they are very well regarded. Eg,


          You can also buy them from Amazon. Check the reviews to choose the right version for your earphone model.

  • +1

    Got these about 6 months ago and it is great. Doesn’t work with phone calls and takes a bit longer to connect.
    Just ask my brother in law and he said his friend was works at JB Hifi and staff price is $140. If I can get a receipt I will load it up.

    • How does it hold up in the rain?

      • it's not water resistant. Same as airpods.

        • +1

          Airpods pros are water resistant

    • +1

      JB staff rate is 220 not 140 lol

    • His friend must be joking because it's actually around 220…

  • 220 on JB staffies if anyone has friends and family who work there.

    • Bummer, still $332 on jb commercial

      • do you know which organizations get accessed to jb commercial?

        • Some companies (mine included, an engineering consultant) and also my professional membership organisation (AIPM) both give me access. But I'm sure there's a lot more. Don't have a list unfortunately

  • +1

    Can't do calls? Not good enough for this price.

    • It can. Just not on the street with cars or shopping centres.

      At home or in office is perfectly fine.

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