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Rislone High Performance Injector Cleaner $6 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Hey Ozbargain,

Deals back again. Price drop from $15.99 down to $6 (Save $10).

Ends 28/12/2019

~177mLComplete fuel system tune-up

~Contains upper cylinder lubricant
Maximises performance & power

~Lubricates noisy fuel systemWorks will all petrol, diesel & E85 engines

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  • +3 votes

    I bought it last time, very easy to use, great bottle to get the job done without getting it on your fingers as it's nasty stuff.

    Did not feel any difference after use but my car is newish. Probably worth doing once a year or so though


      I would personally avoid any additives on a newish car. Just do your regular maintenance/oil changes (use good fully synthetic oil).

      Additives would be a waste of money unless there is something wrong with the car. You could also potentially damage seals/gaskets.

      Ask your mechanic for advice, they are generally hard working honest people from what I've found.

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        I know what you mean and generally you are correct but these upper cylinder head additives have a long history and are generally regarded relatively positive.

        Also my selling dealer always recommends injector cleaners but wants $150 for the privilege of doing it for me.

        For $6 once a year or two not a bad proposition.


      I am usually skeptical of these chemical cleaners but now I dont have the time to pull out injectors/fuel filter/flush rails etc.. (Which I use to do before parenting). So I'd thought I give it a go and not expecting any thing. Without changing my drive style /fuel/parts/PSI in tyres on the car, a 2015 Megane 1.2Tce. I DID notice better fuel consumption from 9.2/100km in same stop start urban traffic and 2nd tank dropped down to 8.7/100km and then 7.6/100km on the next 3rd tank. Its been staying at 7.6-7.8 ish after a year.

      FYI I also tried this on a 2018 Koleos with the 2L NA Nissan Engine and it didnt do much. I'd assume it was clean already.

      Just bought 4. For my other cars

      • +4 votes

        Your measurement methods are haphazard and give crazy results suggesting that cleaning the injectors made your car use a litre less fuel per 100km.


          Youre right. In hindsight I should have plugged in an OBD logger and review the data to find out what was the cause of the difference.
          Whatever the reason, I got better L/100km after using 1.5 bottles of the stuff. :\


        Xmas traffic will do that for you.

  • +1 vote

    Less 5% cashback! Woohoo! 30c!

  • +1 vote

    For some reason sca gave me 7 bucks of credit this morning, so this could be an easy use for that

  • +1 vote

    Bought for an old car. Was given it last month after relative died. Didn't know the "i" in the model stood for fuel injectors until I insured it! Needs a lot of tlc. Hope this helps.

    • +1 vote

      I thought pretty much all modern engines (since they stopped putting in carburetors) are fuel injected… I'm not a mechanic by any means so it's an honest question.

      • +2 votes

        You're right - the last new cars in Australia to be equipped with carburetors were the Mitsubishi Magna sedans (1996), the Daihatsu Charade (1997), and the Suzuki Swift (1999). Thanks Google!

        Another aspect of life that passed me by! Was travelling overseas a lot since 2005, so didn't need a car.

        It's a 30 year old Honda Accord (110K, drives well, looks good, constantly garaged & near new tyres), but little engine maintenance in last few years (oil looked like it had just been changed). Had dealer service most of its life. Not sure I'll keep it, but it was free!

        I'm definitely not a mechanic - still used to tuning cars with carburetors. So was surprised to find I have a "modern" vehicle with fuel injection😊


    Register your mobile phone and quote number on checkout, also works fine at Repco. Later get credits via email.
    Get a fake uber driver account and get 10% thrown back at you!

  • -1 vote

    Injector cleaners are mostly useless guys. Dont bother with them and definitely dont pay the mechanics an extra $50 when you service for them to pour this in your fuel tanj.


      I think seafoam does work a little or any high concentration PEA additives, but agree, need to have injectors removed and cleaned properly.

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    Don't the 98RON fuels like vpower and ultimate already contain additives that clean the fuel system?

    If I'm already using those fuels (since the manufacturer recommends 98ron and my car is tuned) then would this be necessary?


    If you own a diesel (particularly one that only does short drives to town etc.)Injector Cleaners are a worthwhile investment.Ditto for older petrol cars doing similar duty (like my wifes and daughter's Hyundai Getz's)


    You may need two treatments. More of a preventative measure than a performance booster. One of the other ones comes in a twin pack.


    What's an old car? 2013 Focus?


    Is a Hyundai i30 (2008) considered an old(er) car?
    Edit: Petrol (2.0l), Manual


      The car doesn't have to be old to benefit. As above, i think these additives would be better to use early on in the cars life and as frequently as described on the bottle.

      They struggle to remove most carbon deposits that are already caked on the piston head but would definitely reduce the likelihood of that happening in the first place if used early on.


    Does this have a shelf life? If not I will stock up for a couple years.

    Also is it any good for a 2 stroke 150hp outboard?

    • +1 vote

      Not sure how the additive will react with 2 stroke oil so id avoid this.


      It goes on sale 4 to 5 times a year. Usually $5 a pop though. I still have 2 unused from a few months back.
      I figure they help a little so willing to pick up a few when cheap.


    Any chance this will lubricate/clean my in tank fuel gage?

    I've googled it, and apparently gage can stick or contact points need cleaning.


    Haven't used Rislone injector cleaner before but bought one because of all the decent reviews.

    I avoided additives for ages because a lot of people called them snake oil and scaremongered saying they can damage parts. Recently bit the bullet and added the Nulon petrol injector cleaner (which for some reason supercheapauto states doesn't fit my car?!?) to my 2004 Nissan Pulsar and the difference is amazing. No more hesitation or flat spots and my car now feels much more peppy/powerful.

    I'm definitely a convert. Has anyone tried liqui-moly fuel conditioner/cleaner? Any better than Nulon/Rislone?


    Price changed to $6.39 now