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Seagate 4TB Backup Plus Portable $100 (Save $99) @ Big W


Picked up one of these today. Looks like it's in-store only. Seemed to be plenty of stock at my local store.

Model STDR4000300

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      Sadly outta luck, sorry?

  • Different models, but BackBlaze's report always makes for interesting reading;

  • 69 upvotes, nice.

    • nice!

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    Damn!! and I was just looking at these in store just yesterday w/o the discounted price!!

    • Why “damn” if you were only looking? If you would have bought, then sure…your reaction is justified. Now you can go and look again and maybe commit to purchase. Don’t stress!

      • I read it as "dayuuumm!"… as in, wow!

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          I read it as if it was written in English, my bad

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    Come on WD price drop

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    not on their website

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    It seems to be only available in that one store I guess

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    Any good WiFi drives?

  • Anyone used this in a PS4 rather than external?

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      I shucked the 2TB version in mine. last I checked that was the maximum capacity

      • Ohh darn, I've been struggling with the 2TB capacity for sometime now..

        • external is the way to go

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      The limitation on internal drives in PS4s is the physical thickness (9.5mm height or under) rather than capacity.
      Drives over 2TB are almost always (always?) thicker so wont fit internally.


      I've got a 2TB internal and 2TB USB3 dive on mine, would be nice to have it all internal.

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    I bought one of those drives once. Died on me the third day. Went straight back to WD.

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      What were they going to do with it?

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      You sent a Seagate drive back to WD?

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      What did WD say when they received your busted Seagate drive?

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        Obviously they forwarded it to toshiba.

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          If they sent it to Samsung then they were at least getting a bit closer to the right destination.

    • Funnily enough my most recent drive failure was a WD external that died within the first week.

      Doesn't stop me using WD though - I still run about 50/50 WD & Seagate.

    • I meant I went back to WD, not that I sent the drive to them. Sorry for my english level. My teacher kicked me out in year 7 with pure disdain.

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        Lol don't apologise mate they're just a bunch of trolls xD. We can all understand what you really meant

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    Wish gift cards to save another $5

    • Yep and wouldn't price match, claiming wrong label at OPs store

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      Seller: 2.5 out of 5 stars 35% positive nty lol

      • wow lucky I saw that, was gonna buy

    • different model tho

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    5,400 rpm

  • None at Robina, has anyone checked Pacific Fair?

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    Just returned a Blue 4tb at QV Big W if anyone wants it.

    • Why did you return?

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        Red ones go faster.

      • Found a black one

        • Lets not play the race card.

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    I went to big W In top Ryde.. they initially told me it was $159 also … The boxes look identical for the $159 model and the $100 model..
    I ask him to look at the back for the part number in the notice and he found one out the back of the cabinet that scanned at $100

    It was the last one they had..

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      So you took the last one!!

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        Hahah were you the fellow next to me ? I'm sorry .

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          Hope you enjoy it..!!

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    Just grabbed the last one at BigW Kingsway even though there was several display cards on the shelf priced at $189. Scanned at $100

    • Damn,I was there not 10min ago and they still had a few.

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        Why “damn” if you were only looking? If you would have bought, then sure…your reaction is justified. Now you can go and look again and maybe commit to purchase. Don’t stress!

        • When I was there, the price tag was still showing $189. I would go back to grab one if there was still a few left at the discounted price.

          You Kool?

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            @PuppieWayne: I just went to the service desk and asked if they had any in stock, so person went out back a few minutes and then came back said it was the last one.
            They thought it was $189 until i asked to check price and it scanned at $100.
            The Several display cards on shelf were still marked at $189.

  • Did anyone OPEN the Seagate 4TB Portable Hard Drive

    I asked because some Seagate portable HDD have Samsung HDD inside.

    Those with Samsung HDD seems to outlast others.

    I wonder if HW Info would identify the actual manufacturer of the HDD inside

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    this deal is the continuation for this:


    just that OP found stock at townsville. most BigW have long sold all their stock.

    note the item code is the same as OP's picture.
    524699 - Black
    524700 - Blue
    524701 - Red

    • Well spotted. probably no chance of me finding one now then.

  • What's a bargain! I bought it 2 months ago was $128!!!

  • I went to Eastgarden Big W. They are selling $189 not $100. :(

    • Did you scan and check?

    • Ask them for the STDR4000300 model (discontinued model) if they have any left since it's the one for $100. Don't take the card off the shelf as that will be for the newly released model which is $189.

      So you may have wasted a trip.

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    This will be the old model Backup Plus model on clearance that they've mistakenly put the sale tickets for that over the new model cards in that photo. There's a new model of the Backup Plus Portable out that would be scanning at full price which is not what you want for this. The new model is what's seen on those cards in the photo.

    So don't confuse the new model for the old discontinued model. That's why you guys are mistakenly taking the new model drive and getting it scanned at full price because that is not on sale. Try see if they have the old discontinued STDR4000300 model still in stock and it might be $100. This is the one i'm talking about. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/seagate-4tb-backup-plus-port...

    Model STDR4000300 = last generation model 4TB drive. It's the one with rounded edges on the sides and a dash for the hard drive indicator light on top. The new model has square edges and a dot as the LED light.

    • I see. That makes sense.

      But I don't think they're going to have the card, and asking the staff to check the back they probably won't know what you're talking about.

      • Well then the staff are obviously useless if that's the case. All they need to do is look on the packaging for the product model.

  • One of these for a XBOX ONE X or a portable 4TB?

    • …. this is a portable 4tb

      • Sorry didn’t notice ;(

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    Big W staff don't know anything about computer peripherals.

  • Anyone who already purchased one, know the brand of HDD inside ? Samsung, Toshiba etc…..

    Anyone tried opening the casing of the old model ?

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      Probably Seagate

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    Every focking hdd drive post ends with Wd and Seagate boys arguing. This and the band 28 army are so boring

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      Bose > Sony

      • +1

        AMD > Intel

        • 3GFX > Matrox

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            @MoneyPincher: 3DFX.

            Maxtrox Millennium 2 was a good card bro.

        • nvidia > AMD.

  • Can someone please ask staff when this sale is over, I'm overseas atm

    • Will you charge me anything if I use my Citibank Plus card with you?

    • It's not a sale, it's clearance.

  • comment deleted

  • I have 4 WD and 2 Seagate.

    1 Seagate failed (head got stuck and had to remove it and put the head back on park to recover data)

    While everything else working fine.

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      Do you take your 4wd to the bush tracks?

      • Why would I ? They are working perfectly fine

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          Can confirm. You never take your perfectly fine 4WD off road. You keep it nice and safe in your garage to be admired. You take the 2 seagates bush bashing.

  • Big W Burleigh have then scanning up as $189 and they said the sale must have ended yesterday? Lady didn’t really know

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    QV Melbourne has the red one in stock but scanned as $189, been told the $100 special ended.

  • Highpoint advised this is a QLD price only

  • Thanks OP picked up one
    There’s a pink one left at big W Kawana if anyone wants it

  • Called my local bigw in VIC and no discount there :(

  • No more at Chullora or Campsie NSW.

  • Wondering if anyone can help answer this question - Will this drive work with an XBox 360 4GB Slim model? It says it will work with the 360 but im not sure about whether it will work with the 4GB slim model specifically: https://www.bigw.com.au/product/seagate-2-tb-game-drive-for-...

    • You're just plugging in USB so it'll be fine with any model of 360.

      Thankfully, Xboxes aren't fussy when it comes to HDDs - the specially branded ones are just an advertising gimmick.

      • Thanks I'll test this tonight with my SSD in an external case and plug that in via a USB cable.

  • None left at Waverley Garden or Southland. Sounded like a few ozb already asked XD

  • Carindale Big W manager, re price match:
    Sorry we don't price match stores that far away. I've refused three different people so far.
    Me: Twas worth a shot, ta 😊

  • Is there any other bargain for 1TB?

  • To remind people:this deal is a repost of this old deal:

    just that OP found old Seagate stock at townsville. most BigW have long sold all their stock.

    This is an old discontinued model. New model is the one sold for 189.
    Check the item code on the price tag and the picture on the box. See hollykryten post above for pictural description or old post to see pictures.

    Bigw item code.
    524699 - Black
    524700 - Blue
    524701 - Red

    Good luck hunting..

  • not available in 2153

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      Yes, I imagine by then portable drive capacities will be up in the petabytes range.

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