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Philips Star Wars Stormtrooper Comfort Cut Electric Shaver $39 Shipped/In-Store Pick Up @ Shaver Shop


Apparently this Star Wars themed shaver was $110, now $39. Use the code SHAVE10 for a further $10 off your first order at the Shaver Shop. May the force live long and prosper…

Original Coupon Deal

A comfortable shave

Rounded edges move smoothly over skin for a protective shave

Adjusts to every curve of your face and neck

Heads flex in 4 directions to easily shave every curve

Easy to use

20 minutes of cordless shaving
Shaver can be rinsed clean under the tap
Design for finer grip
2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage and replaceable blades

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  • +8

    20 minutes shave with 10 hours charge, it might be the reason for discount. However, might good for first time user

    • +1

      It must be a mighty powerful shave.

      • +2

        If it cuts like Stormtrooper, and looks like Stormtrooper, it probably is.

        • +13

          But it'll probably keep missing. You'd end up shaving the back of your head, not your moustache

    • It might beam a lightsaber if you understand the force, you know it requires lots of power~

  • +68

    This is not the shaver you're looking for….

  • +2

    Trying to make a joke about stormtroppers and their inaccuracy.

    • +15

      I beg to differ. As you can see he very accurately hit his head.

      • Classic.

        Could be worse…
        When Vader throws his Lightsaber at Luke in ROTJ, the blade is coming out of the wrong end of the hilt!

        • -1

          Hey, no spoilers, I haven't seen any of them yet

  • +11

    First order got extra discount, nice😂

    • +12

      you mean the First Order in the movie? :p

  • +5

    Would this shave a Wookie?

    • Wookiee has two e’s.

      • +1

        Maybe they meant the Ralph Wiggum variety. ;)

  • Is this actually good besides from the, Star wars jokes?

    • +9

      Must be… you up-voted

      • +1

        I upvoted because it seems to be the cheapest price for this model available.

        • I've got some frosty brown stuff on my lawn, 98% off, today only!

  • +3

    Terrible product. Everyone knows a Stormtrooper never has a close shave. They get shot by rebels every time from 100m away while the Stormtrooper can't hit the side of a TIE fighter.

    • Wallace & Grommit had A Close Shave. That's gotta hurt the ego!

  • Are the blades universal? It's be the only reason to buy this - get the blades and replace older ones on a better shaver. Anyone know if this is even worth it?

    • Not sure its worth doing. Most Philips shavers have 3 blades. This only has 2. Seen only one other like this in there range.

  • +8

    got one for $29 (a new account) , added a kids tooth brush pack for $3.95 to get free shipping :p

    • +2

      Alternatively, one of these for $3.00

      • good call! thank you!

  • +1

    Can’t get the $10 code to work with setting up a new account… any one having this issue?

    • +1

      Make sure you log in with the new account first, then use the coupon code SHAVE10.

    • +1

      I got $10 off but not but the SHAVE10 code. I got a pop up giving me $10 off from signing up to the mailing list. Not exactly sure how to get the pop up though. Just clicked around a bit going from Login, Register and it showed up.

  • +1

    Logged in however, still getting msg” This coupon code is for registered customers only. Please logged-in to redeem this code. Valid for first time use only“.

  • +4

    When I squint, it looks more like C3P0 to me

  • Anyone had any experience with this kind of blade for the nether region?

    • +11

      You mean the dark side?

      • Dark side of the moon!

    • +2

      It’ll make your lightsaber go red

  • +31

    i have the non stormtrooper version cos HN had it got $65 earlier in the year
    regret the purchase… it sucks! takes me forever to shave because it barely cuts anything

    • +11

      Best comment that actually helps people decide to buy or not lol…
      thanks , saved me $30

    • -1

      You are lying. You have no hair!

  • +1

    After creating a new account, logging in and entering SHAVE10, it says:
    This coupon code is for registered customers only. Please logged-in to redeem this code. Valid for first time use only.

  • First Order of the day is a good shave

  • Bought one purely because its 1230am, sign up to their mailing list and get $10 off, $29.

    • Signing up to mailing list and adding the code doesn't work either, how are you getting $10 off?

      • I loaded the website homepage, waited 5 seconds and a popup came up and said "sign up for $10 off" then gave me this code WELCOME-3WM2-QQRM-C2

        • Isn't the code WELCOME-C3PO-R2D2-SW?

  • How are you getting this for $29

  • You can't get shave10 and mailing code to work together as it removes the other so would like to know how you was able to get both working

  • For those that couldn’t get the shave10 code to work, please change browser into private mode then open the shaver shop website. There should be a pop up window about $10 off first order, follow those step to get a generic code, cheer.

    • So what's the cheapest this can be purchased for I never did what you said or know how too but added a cheap item and lowest I can get is $32 this is with free shipping and joining the mail list of which both offer $9.99 and the $10 off. Who else sells this item to compare prices don't see much places.

  • Checking over this cant see it posted you can get this for $29 just from some members, least for me lowest is $32 with having to add an item and with using $10 mail sign up and free shipping.

  • bought one, free shipping too, thanks!
    hopefully it's better than the Braune series 3 crap I bought during black friday…

  • +2

    Feedback is terrible. Can’t be used with shaving cream as this is only to be used for dry shaving. Someone said that it’s just good enough for their young 14 year old’s hair- I am going to pass.

  • For the promotion code you need to click on the "Join us" and fill in your details for the $10 if you spend 30 voucher for new customers.

  • -1

    If it's anything like an actual stormtrooper, it'll be incredibly ineffective, constantly miss the mark, and last about 5 minutes.

  • now will this make me look better than Chewbacca 🧐

  • +14

    Don't believe the positive feedback on SS website. I had one of these and here are my thoughts:

    • does a terrible job at shaving an adult face. I can only see it being effective for a 15 year old and barely at that
    • no money back guarantee unlike other items
    • charge is crap. After a few months could barely get 10 mins out of it
    • cable broke and Philips quoted $59 just for cable

    Steer clear, there is a reason why this unit has been reduced so heavily - it is absolute junk. I mean you can get someone around the same price which is also waterproof.

    Also don't forget SB cashback 6% if you have disregarded all the above

    • -1

      She'll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've added some special modifications myself.

  • I am an avid Star Wars fan but don't understand how grown men could be enticed by a themed shaver.

  • The Final Order on this deal is: Do not buy.

  • just dun waste your 39

  • +1

    For those who cannot get the first buyer code work, you need to go to My Account, Personal Data and then at the bottom fill up the Join Us section. After that you'll receive a customised newbie code for $10 discount. Enjoy!

  • useless shaver doesn’t work as intended!

  • -1

    i agree. this shaver is rubbish

    • -1

      i hope the person who negged buys it.

      please do lol

      • -1

        looks like OP is negging lol

  • -1

    Salutations, Spock.
    Good deal?

    Some swearing in this, if ears are sensitive…
    Very talented though very slightly rough around the edges American Daisy, uploaded a summary

    Enjoy :)

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