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2000 Woolworths Rewards Points with Any Spend


Received email this morning. Likely targeted. Spend $0.01 or more at Woolworths or Woolworths online for 2000 bonus Woolworths Rewards points.

From email:

It doesn’t matter how much you spend.

Hit ‘TOP ME UP’, then shop and scan your Rewards card in-store or shop online at Woolworths for a top up of 2000 bonus points.*

But don’t delay – offer ends this Sunday 5 January.

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    Got this about a month ago , cool if I got it again!

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    1500 points here

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      If you didn't receive the email on your account - that would be useless!

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          No it won't!
          Activation on your Rewards card is necessary for this Deal to work!
          For that YOU need to receive the Targeted email with the link to activate YOUR Rewards card.

          Clicking another person's link is useless as it doesn't activate offer on your account!

          It would activate the other person's account & would share some of their account details…

          If it was a code, it might work on your account. It would be worth trying & sharing - but it's not a code!

          Hope you can understand that now. That's why others have correctly negged you!
          (I don't waste my negs, but try to explain. Thanks for sharing your neg😉)

          Asking for others account access is not OK👎

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            @the INFIDEL: Confirmed doesn't work with another person's activation link.

            Gave link to friend to try. They saw my account saying offer activated! It didn't activate their account.

            It could be a way to access your Rewards account. Don't fall for it!!

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      The link is to activate the offer on the account of the person receiving the email.
      Asking for someone else link to activate their offer…
      Useless for you😉


    I got this one once or twice but at the fuel stations. Only because I'd never scan my card.

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    ok, serious question … what is the value to the OzBargain community in these targeted deals being posted? By their very nature, targeted deals only apply to a subset of Rewards members.

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      Some people check OzBargain more often than their email.

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      It's good to discuss the best way to take advantage of the deal. I'm surprised that no one has asked what is the cheapest item at Woolworths.

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        Discussed in previous offers😉
        I usually buy a piece of fruit, or just the regular shopping like some milk.

        But usually are "Top up to 2000pts", so if you have 500pts you receive 1500pts.
        Minimum spend varies - 1c or 5c.
        I've received a few.

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      Take it up with the Mods. I did, but they said these were OK.

      Just click on Hide under Deal & select Hide Targeted deals & they're gone! Easy😉

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        Thanks for that, I learnt something new. And found that NSFW was hidden, guess by default, had to change that to unhide :-)

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      Thanks everyone for responding to my question so nicely. :)

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      Not speaking for myself, but I've seen plenty of comments where people have gone back to check their spam/deleted items folders after a targeted offer post, only to find something that they've missed.

      So I don't much mind these posts on the off-chance that one day this might be me. Also good to be aware of what targeted deals are running to make informed decisions as to which spam mailing lists to remain subscribed to and which ones I can drop.

    • FYI we did used to unpublish targeted deals until a few years ago, however we received feedback that some users did not appreciate that, at least not in every instance. Therefore we allowed targeted deals, but with the option to opt out (not see them) if you prefer, to hopefully cater to everyone.

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    1500 for me.

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    None of my 10 accounts were targetted :(


    Never got one either :(


    I received 4000 bonus points offer for $50 spend before Dec 31.

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      Previous offer to 22/12 I've got my 4000points from that offer (on 2 cards).

      Received 2000pts on $50 spend by 5/1 on 2 accounts - already spent


        Do you have a big family? You've spent heaps on WOW recently with the incentives, but surely there's only so many non-perishables you can buy?

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          Just me at the moment & I prepare most of my meals.

          It's been a big gap between purchases (last good offers), so had been using up my discounted supplies.

          Restocked now with 4 x $50 orders (12000+pts = $60 credit). Half was paid by previous bonus points.

          Believe me there isn't much to show for $200 spent in last 2 weeks. But 1/3 of that was on over a 6 month supply of 1 non-perishable that was on sale - my indulgence!

          Also received 3 x 3000pt for $50 spend 2 weeks ago, but didn't use. Too many offers at once!

          Will now hibernate until next good offer to restock. In between, I just buy the basics & perishables.


    1000 here, 2000 a month ago

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    Can someone post the link so i can gift it a try to activate it with my account?


    Mines lousy 400 points each week for 2 weeks with $30 spend.


    How long before points show up?
    Redeemed a few days ago and shopped today but no points yet.


    I went shopping on 2.1. and got the credit 4.1. for this offer, but only 1500 points on one and 2000 on another.

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