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[BF] Free $2000 Grant for Homeowners of Bushfire Destroyed Homes @ NAB (Existing Customers)


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"An important announcement for customers impacted by the ongoing bushfire crisis:

NAB customers who have lost their homes can immediately access a $2000 grant to assist with their urgent needs such as food, clothing and temporary accommodation.

These funds will be deposited directly into customer accounts as early as next business day.

We have set up a dedicated phone line for those needing assistance. Please call us on 1300 683 106 to find out how to immediately access these grants.

This is part of a $1 Million Disaster Relief Fund that NAB has today announced to help people affected by fires across Australia.

NAB employees who have had to evacuate their homes can also access a $1000 grant.

Other measures available to assist customers include:

  • Suspending home loan repayments

  • Credit card and personal loan relief

  • Support to manage regional and agri banking facilities

  • We have made NAB’s Employee counselling and assistance program available to all affected customers

We’d again like to thank all our employees who are serving as volunteer fire fighters in this difficult time. NAB offers unlimited paid leave to emergency service volunteers, in addition to all other leave entitlements, and we thank them for their brave service - especially as some of them are themselves personally impacted by these fires.

Our Chief Customer Officer, Mike Baird, has been in regular contact with our bankers and staff on the ground in affected areas and today said:

“I have heard the grief in our bankers’ voices as they grapple with making sure our colleagues are safe and, at the same time, are dealing with the impact more broadly on their own communities.

There are horrific tales of lost homes, lost livelihoods and, most tragically, lost loved ones. Many families and businesses face an uncertain future and we want to do all we can.

Customers in need of support should visit their local branch or call our NAB Assist team on 1300 683 106.

In addition, any Australians who wish to donate to help Australian Red Cross’ support efforts in these communities can do so at any NAB Branch across Australia or by logging into NAB Internet Banking.”

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  • A much better response at least than we have seen so far from our supposed Prime Minister………Who may or may not cancel his trip to India……

    • Cooler and less smoke in India at this time of year, and less critics lol.

    • -50 votes

      Was it Boganville where that footage of the PM being abused took place ?

      Anyway tax payers have forked out 100 of mils vs NAB offer of the 100's that have lost their homes . One of them is worth extremely huge multiple more than the other but the people from Boganville don't know it :)

      • Your point being? One is a government that we pay our taxes to and has a responsibility to do things like that and probably should be doing much more than they are. They don't get to ask for a pat on their back for doing their jobs, or the current half assed version they are doing.

        The other is a commercial enterprise that has no mandate to give anything at all, yet here they are.

        One deserves to be promoted. One doesn't and deserves all the derision they are receiving.

        • Emergency relief in disasters is a basic requirement for any government funded by tax payers yet this government makes it like they’re doing everyone a big favour while they waste billions and billions on corruption and imaginary threats

          Watching disgusting skynews today as they attacked and smeared the poor families who dared criticise the prime minister. Murdoch media is a cancer on this country

          • @Bargaingeek: Murdoch media is a cancer on this country.

            Yep, agreed and I've got nothing to add apart from reinforcing your last sentence.

          • @Bargaingeek: “Watching disgusting skynews today as they attacked and smeared the poor families who dared criticise the prime minister”

            Do you have a link or can roughly paraphrase what they said? I’m curious to see what they said about them

          • @Bargaingeek: my brothers holiday house is in one of the fire zones, his response is “if it burns it is is insured and i will rebuild in brick instead of wood that it currently is” … don’t think my brother needs a hand out …. and his holiday house is rented when he doesn’t use it so it is also tax deductible.

            feel sorry for the locals instead of investors.

        • Actually, the federal government has very little involvement in crisis management. I have actually sat in one of their high-level committee meetings with the states.

          The states are the first responders (they employ the doctors, nurses, police and firemen). The commonwealth has very little resources. They are a coordinating body, and apart from sending in Defence, all they can do is pay the bills for the recovery effort. This is just like the Victorian black saturday bushfires in 2009 when Rudd was in power. Commonwealth then was also a coordination body

          • +3 votes

            @argamond: Then by that logic, scomo shouldn't pretend to care or want to be mates with people affected by disasters for a handshake and press op. He should (profanity) off and stay out of it and just assist the States when requested. I'm glad he's being exposed for the fake he is. He and his party don't care about us or our future. They care about Australia's number 1 export, coal, and it's relevant businesses and investors. Watch him try to bury the negative press he is getting come election time or fall back on his dodgy accounting for climate targets to justify his party's climate inaction.

            • @wgo: Well said, huge difference between response to exaggerated “terror” incidents vs real disaster like the current bushfires with huge death tolls. This government doesn’t care

            • @wgo: Enough of this leftist rants here calling out liberal prime ministers.

              Let me remind you all, that Tony Abbott actually spent a lifetime volunteering at the local CFA and knows a lot more about fires than the keyboard warriors here.

              But you hated him even more, so stop this ranting as if you care and have done more.

              • @dealman: Hardly a "lifetime" - received his 10 year medal in 2015, but let's not quibble.

                However, you could make a reasonable argument that his actions back in 2008 (deposing Turnbull) have played right into the tragedy that confronts Australia now.

      • I see you’ve read your Murdoch talking points for the day.

        • Skynews keeps repeating “it’s a state problem” on and on, that’s why you have brainwashed masses repeating the same slogan.

          It’s amazing how one man swinging a bread knife will in the CBD summon the full power of the federal government, state, local, police enforcements at all levels, home affairs, all coming out in full force to tackle this “national security” issue with billions and billions thrown into preventative and security theatre resources, media will hammer the story for months. Yet now we have a REAL national security issue with half of two states burning, huge death toll and all we hear from our government is “Sorry it’s a state problem” and we rely on unpaid volunteers to do the work. And once the fires are over nothing will change or improve, Our priorities in Australia are seriously wrong

      • Scomo deserves criticism. He has done too little too late. Only today, after months of fires do we see Elvis the helicopter arrive at merimbula airport. If scomo had arrived 24 hour later with elvis he would have been cheered instead he came with forced handshakes and prayers and no leadership.

        If anyone has ever been to cobargo they would know that it is a special place,one that welcomes people from all walks of life and blends them into a community. Calling it 'boganville' is ignorant and insulting.

        • The NSW government is responsible for that type of thing.

          Personally I fear this carry on about the PM will result in the federal government trying to insert itself into disaster response in the future. The federal government isn’t set up for it, and the end result will be yet another layer of bureaucracy and expense.

      • Boganville? Thats a classy thing to say about people living through a disaster expressing anger and disappointment, not watching it on TV.

        Morrison spent 250 million on a new PMs jet so 100 people could lay down on said plane, assuredly after too many bevies, while balking at $40 million per Elvis type chopper. Thats 6 if you didnt do the maths, with 10 mill left over. And to be fair, $40M is the exaggerated cost, and buying 6 should garner a better deal to boot, so maybe 7. And career experts in fire fighting, people with on the ground experience and senior roles in various state emergency services, have for quite some time been saying we need our own Air Cranes and heavy water carriers as the Nth and Sth Hemispheres fire seasons are now starting, or have been for quite some time, overlapping by a long period and where we get the borrowed fleet from, wont be sending them until their need is over first. There was a season that Victoria was without Elvis due to the overlap that lasted the entire fire season, here.

        Wonder if 6 or 7 of those might be more handy than his new Jet. I guess he could leave in it, and not come back so there is that.

    • +52 votes

      Two things. Fire fighting is a state responsibility not a federal responsibility. Secondly, I have worked in a disaster coordination centre and visits by politicans are a total pain in the arse because it disrupts response to the emergency. It takes people particularly leaders away from the tasks they are doing to do the met and greet and to co-ordinate the visit. It isn't just one guy (the PM) showing up. It is a bunch of people and media and any hangers on that want a photo op with the significant visitor. The disaster responders don't want pollies there. Also politicians are accompanied by media pack who are looking for stories to beat up so they prey on the victims of disasters like vultures. The media just would not be let in if not for the VIP visiting. . So I think the criticism of the PM for not being at the fire front is unwarranted. [not expressing the opinions of my employer]

      • Exactly this!!! And wtf does it achieve if he turns up anyways? He's not gonna do anything to make the situation better. I can't get my head around so many people complaining about him being on holidays. Tiny minds.

        • They're complaining because he's a Liberal. The Victorian Premier and Queensland Premier, both of whom are Labor, were both on holidays during the bushfires. Was there a huge media outcry about how awful they were? And unlike the PM, state Premiers actually are involved in coordinating the bushfire response.

      • Well said. It’s like blaming the PM for not handling the underworld killings or Cronulla riots. Not his job

      • Hear hear.

      • Hold on. Fire fighting has always been a federal responsibility. For that purpose, there is a National Aerial Firefighting Centre. The government slashed its budget because they thought aerial bombing wouldn't be needed. Now that Scomo is back from smoko, he's allocated 11 million for NAFC's federal fire fighting. Additionally, Australian armed forces have always provided support and assistance when needed, even though they are not fire fighting they can and do support fire fighting when the federal government has the sense to use them. Fire fighting is a national responsibility and a state responsibility.

        Mr Morrison said the boost was a response to a request for more funding from Australia's national fire chiefs.

        • Fire fighting has always been a federal responsibility.

          State or Territory Government
          police, prisons and emergency services.

        • +6 votes

          The NAFC is state based organisation, created by the states/territories as a way of pooling aircraft as this was cheaper than each buying their own fleets that would sit idle. The members are NsW, QLD, WA, SA, Vic, ACT and the NT. The Federal Gov (to my knowledge) is not a member, but does chip in some top up money.

          States do run the fire services and fund them.

          The defence forces are available when asked for. And have been used.

        • If you go to the National Aerial Firefighting Centre you get this quote:

          "The National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC) was formed by the Australian States and Territories in July 2003 to provide a cooperative national arrangement for combating bushfires. It achieves this by facilitating the coordination and procurement of a fleet of highly specialised firefighting aircraft that are readily available for use by State and Territory emergency service and land management agencies across Australia."

        • The real problem is that the federal government is increasingly trying to take on state government roles where it has no capacity. This idiotic carry on about the PM and demanding he do something will make this worse.
          Bushfires are a state responsibility, state governments are set up for it, federal governments are not.

          • @entropysbane: These bushfires are all across Australia, they're a national emergency and unprecedented. Why should this remain a state responsibility? When should the federal government act, when all of Australia is in flames?

            • @cheapsuit:

              Why should this remain a state responsibility?

              This is a state issue because of the Constitution.

              • @whooah1979: I just downloaded our constitution and couldn't find any entry for "bushfires". I may have missed it so do you want to please cite the entry you are talking about. I would also, hazard a guess, that in cases of National emergency that the Federal Government has stepped into co-ordinate for disasters across multiple states.

            • @cheapsuit: It is no use trying to argue, all you will get is “states responsibilities” from this mob. They have found their perfect PM in Morrison.

              • @try2bhelpful: The only good thing about ScoMo is he isn’t Turnbull.
                Involved in disaster management are you, try2bhellpful? I am. I will spell it out for you.

                The Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) spell out the kinds of assistance offered By the feds and how costs are shared between the states and the feds.

                Bushfire coordination arrangements have always between states. This makes sense because states have these organisations called fire and emergency services full of firefighters, police and ambulance people which the feds of course DO NOT HAVE.

                Emergency Management Australia is part of Attorney Generals and is the federal entity involved in disaster management. It’s main concern is the distribution of DRFA funding post disaster events, and a bit of helping to arrange for say, overseas firefighters through the federal foreign affairs powers, but even for that they take the advice of the relevant state fire authorities.

                The feds have increasingly stuck their beak in of course in disaster response and the bureaucrats in EMA will use this as an opportunity to stick it in even further in future. it will end up an extra layer of bureaucracy for the workers doing the actual disaster response to have to report to.

                • @entropysbane: Actually the Fed has all of those things, in the Armed Forces, and the Fed Police I believe are Police, its in the name.

                  When the disaster is nationwide, its beyond states. Drought is worst on record. Fires are worst on record, and are far from over.

                  250 million on his jet, not one Air Crane, even at inflated prices that buys 6 or 7. Yeah yeah, we lease them. If youre involved as you imply in any way that relates to the disaster at hand, youd know why thats not working, and why senior career experts in fire fighting are saying we need our own.

                  Fed has a significant role to play. And it does not need to be a layer anyone on the ground need talk too.

                  • @Tuba: I do drought and natural disaster response. I work across local, state and federal governments. The ADF and AFP are not set up to do this. i am astonished you are so free with your opinion about something you clearly know little about, including that some ADF personnel are the same as ambos and fireys and most importantly in this situation, rural fire services. That is like saying a neurosurgeon is the same as an obstetrician.

                    The ADF would be most suited to help with evacuations and logistics planning. I would not be keen to throw troops into fire fighting.
                    But emote away by all means.

                    This is how the feds asserting for themselves a major coordination role would play out. And now it will happen, unfortunately.

                    Currently The State Disaster Coordination Centre is operational 24/7 and is set up to handle any Requests For Assistance coming up from the ground the regional response can’t handle itself. This usually involves tasking from other regions, state agencies or in extremis other states and territories. The ADF role is usually aviation transport of supplies if needed.

                    This is currently working as planned, but media hysteria has encouraged the PM to insert himself more than he should. The media are doing it because they think it will harmScoMo, which it will and I personally don’t care about, but it will also result in changes to disaster management that will ultimately reduce our ability to rapidly respond, because the natural response of any politician blamed for doing nothing is to, well do something, or at least be seen to be doing so. The vulture media don’t give a shit about that, and are whipping up a fire storm.

                    Anyway, currently The initial morning briefing by the state agencies would happen about 6. This is so the politicians can do the morning shows.
                    The day’s formal briefing for all the responding agencies from local government up, chaired by the state premier or the emergency services minister happens around 9. The federal EMA, ADF (usually aviation) and any liaisons from the other states and territories will be in attendance. Sometimes the PM might be invited if in town. This is repeated in the afternoon to meet evening news cycles. there will be subsequent parallel senior staff meetings throughout the day by the responding agencies and liaisons where tasking for the day’s needs and implementing the premier’s orders happens. This is all focused on helping each agencies’ doers on the ground do their thing.

                    This is how a “coordination” role for the feds would play out. They would probably have a meeting at 9 and push the state meeting back, if not take it over, delaying actions. They would be a bigger “disaster response” division in EMA with its own bureaucracy. Junior elements would arrive at the state disaster coordination centre like a flock of seagulls doing what seagulls do. A lot of noise and dropping shit everywhere in their eagerness to be seen to be on the ball and get promoted. None will have a direct role in disaster response.

                    A parallel existing coordination centre in Canberra would shift from observing and preparing for the recovery phase (eg financial assistance) to operationalise into a response role. this means it would have to get bigger too. But ultimately it does not directly employ responders so it will have rely heavily on reporting. These reports will have to be compiled by the relevant state being “coordinated”, and if in the particular disaster response there is a role and participation of other states and territories, they will be required to provide their own reports to the national crew. these reports from relevant states will then be rewritten and compiled into a single report from the National coordination centre (and would seem to be developed there). I expect it will then report up to a new series of meetings for the PM or federal disaster minister (it’s Littleproud if wondering, who also has drought and water) to chair. The federal politicians will also want this to fit into the media cycle, interfering with the timing of state arrangements. It will also need to be seen to be doing stuff, which will require outfits like ADF to expand its capability in areas it does not currently have a lot of capacity. Changing its role incidently. Not a good idea IMHO.

                    It won’t help.

                    PS, by its nature, disaster response does not gear up in drought events (drought is about income losses and expenses, not destruction of infrastructure). A seperate process operates for drought, although I would not be surprised if a process similar to DRFA happens in the future for drought, similar to the arrangements in the seventies and eighties.

                    • +1 vote

                      @entropysbane: Federal government has a role in fire fighting, through funding. Have they been fulfilling their responsibilities?:
                      It is perfectly reasonable for Australian public to expect federal support to crisis management; ranging from policy to funding.
                      Also, ADF used to have full time fire fighters. I believe that role has been removed from the organisation. It may exist in reserves, but I don't know. Federal government could consider rebuilding the capability and use the staff in assisting states as required.

                      • @g1: Yes they have. So? The current brouhaha isn’t about federal funding via the DRFA. It is about an Alinskyist political pile on. Notice how much the Premiers and state emergency services ministers are keeping their heads down in comparison.
                        Scomo will of course end up using this opportunity to expand the role of the federal government. Your taxes at work, in this case duplication and interference.

                        The ADF still have fire fighters. Not the same as a rural fire service though.

                        • +1 vote

                          @entropysbane: They have? Have a read of the article. Federal government has consistently failed to keep the funding flowing. Now that there is media attention, well federal government needs a PR boost so now they input funds.

                          NSW premier is not saying anything about the fact that one of her ministers said that PM deserved what he got in terms of feedback during his recent visit. She also said nothing about poor federal communication this morning, which was commented on by the commissioner. The political play is also in not adding to the dialogue, intentionally.

                          I just checked, you are correct, RAAF do still advertise for fire fighters, so it seems that ADF still have fire fighters. Some air fields have had RAAF fire fighters removed. Federal government could be deploying them RAAF fire fighters (if there were sufficient numbers to ramp up) to particular areas, with state liaison. They have training in protecting buildings.

                          Federal government could also assist with preventative measures such as emission reductions. Fire fuel management is limited when the country is so dry ( there is a whole other topic there too about why the federal government is doing a poor job of managing water resources and why there are no desalination plants or additional water storage being built for water managed by the federal government, as less pure seasonal rain reliance for farming would lead to more water for the environment) and hot.

                    • @entropysbane: Actually, you said Fed doesnt have Police, or Ambos, or Fireys… I pointed out they have all 3. Youre just typing word salads. I never said what they could or should do. None of the rest of that word salad addresses the money.

                      250 million on his own plane to jaunt about the planet, when they already had a functioning plane. It wasnt necessary, and to be fair I dont care about his plane, we aint so broke we couldnt do both. But if you an only do one, and we did do just one, then Im sure Australia prefers Sky Cranes. Im comparing priorities and attitudes toward our money, and allocations of said money. His plane with facility for 100 people to sleep laying down, a must have in their eyes, versus 6 or 7 Air Cranes, you and he are implying are unnecessary. Derisively scoffing in the process with little flippant remarks like once every 10 years.

                      250 million is 6 or 7 Air Cranes of our very own like Elvis. Oh, it could well and truly be maintained by the ADF and fire services. Lets not pretend they are untrainable, or incapable. Lets not pretend we dont co ordinate the leased versions when they are here now, its not new, only they are ours, not leased changes. Why are you pretending we cant manage such things, when we already do? I hope you are paid well for your waffles.

                      My comment re reporting layers was your assertion it adds beauracracy, the money for choppers, and their maintenance requires nothing that anyone at a local RFS has to worry about. The same people that co-ordinate the leased machines now, could simply continue to do so, with our own units. We could even lease more when needed in years like this one.

                      This wasnt hard… but Im sure you can spin it into another waffle.

                      Choppers, not planes, that govco said is too expensive to buy our own. Big sky cranes like Elvis, have directly saved lives as they are so scalpel like in their response capability. We already know their benefits. We already lease 5 or so most years if available… sometimes they arent, this last bit is very important. Predictions by fire services experts in Aus is that will become more normal. There is more often than not more and more overlap between fire seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres. The northern hemisphere owners of the units we need, need them longer and longer each year, making them not available to us.

                      Every 10 years? Votes? Well youre done then. Thats political speech right there. These machines are insurance, not a prop. They are purchased in hopes they will NEVER be used. But of course, they will be. As to your time distance between fires… Its every couple of years in one state or another in which they would be very handy. 2009, 2012 (2 fires lasting more than 40 days), 2013 Blue Mtns, 2015, 2019, thats 5 bushfire seasons of significance in 10 years. The in between years were not bushfire free either.

                      Lets not pretend we only get the Air Cranes here in that one in 10 years (as per your assertion). We try to get them for every fire season, but its becoming harder to get them released to us. As I said, seasonal overlap is more often now.

                      Anything you say in regards its cost, is measured against the cost of his very comfortable new plane. 6 Air cranes cost less than his one unnecessary plane, Google it, it made headlines in about September. 250 million dollars to replace an existing plane that was merely inconvenient, yet served his predecessors well enough. A sky crane fire fighting ready is estimated at $40 million.

                      The subject, our own sky cranes, has been on the radar for at least a decade.

                  • @Tuba: My personal opinion regarding the planes is that is a reactive response where a proactive plan in living active forest management should be a priority . Reduce the intensity of the fires that inevitably happen anyway.
                    But there are few votes in that, and it is a hard slog to do against nimbies and a coterie of misguided environmentalists opposed to hazard reduction burning, grazing in state forests and the maintenance of fire trails, firebreaks and trees about houses etc. And foresters and forest management costs money for little visibility.

                    Planes have their place, and are certainly sexy. Thus votes. And really cool for fireys to be in charge of. Bit hard to justify having lots of them around for the big fires that happen every ten years or so.

                    • @entropysbane: It isn’t the not the nimbies and environmentalists that are causing the problem it is Governments taking money out of services so they can make artificial surpluses or put money into things like the war memorial. This disaster has been forecast for months. When the country gets hotter the burn off period gets shorter. You can only burn off when the conditions are right and you have the equipment, and personnel, to do it safely. Volunteer services are not designed to be in use for months at a time. Using the excuse this is a “state” problem and “in the constitution” is ludicrous. It is time the Federal Government stepped up and ran a coordinating role across the entire Nation, I’ve yet to hear anyone in the States tell the PM to back out of their territory. Funnily enough, even the Federal Government is beginning to realise how important that is to the Australian populace. However, they still can’t resist running an ad for the LNP using the ADF as a prop.

                      • @try2bhelpful: Sigh, it was too late this winter to control burn because it was too dry. It has to be done in select areas every year, rotate through a five year program. You don’t leave it till you know you will have a bad year. That means every winter there will be a bit of smoke about. Voters don’t like it.

                        The Victorian and NSW premiers are keeping their heads down. Let scoMo take all the heat. That is obvious.
                        Yes the ad was stupid, it is just making the hole bigger. But it isn’t about it being a state “problem” it is a state role, teh states have the capacity and the feds don’t have the capability. Right at this moment there are fireys from other states and territories helping out, even ones form overseas. The feds weren’t needed to enable that to happen.
                        But that does not change the fact the capability of the feds to do something meaningful in comparison to state government resources. I am really curious what it is exactly you think they can do? Actually I am not, I am dealing with an armchair warrior.

                        Too many people, including yourself it seem, think the feds can do something meaningful when in truth all they can really do is throw a lot of Other Peoples’ Money around once the recovery phase starts. At most they can pre announce it, but most of it won’t actually physically flow until people are ready to start applying.

                        Must go, it’s my turn to rotate on.

      • That's the thing…I want a PM who would visit with genuine empathy and readiness to help - not just as a PR stunt with handshakes for the camera, saying predetermined things. Imagine genuinely interacting with others without a camera needing to be on you. He should have done this earlier and instead of going on a holiday.

        • The PM tried, but the residents turned nasty as we all saw.

          • @whooah1979: You think he was showing real empathy? You must think the Razzies are a genuine acting award.

            • @try2bhelpful: I’m confident that the PM is able to express a range of emotions just like any other human.

              • +1 vote

                @whooah1979: He may or may not be a sociopath. Grabbing someone's hand when they don't want to give it to you is not ok! Yet he went ahead and did that.

                The better question is whether Australians want a PM that is genuinely sympathetic.

                The people who are angry at the PM have a right to have their emotions. If from what they see he has failed in his role then he needs to know, he is in his role to lead the country in line with national interest. Having this many bushfires is not in the national interest.

                I am not talking about him doing media visits right now. I mean him leading, assisting states where federal government can (and yes it is within the official role of federal government to provide funding and assistance to states). He could put a lot more effort in to assisting states in preparing for bushfire season. He could assist the states with assets (federal government already does that with state infrastructure projects).

                Fire fighting may be states' responsibility but federal government also has a role (more than just co-ordination). The role can expand if the federal government chose to. The federal government does have a responsibility for water management. The government could be managing water resources differently, and minimising the dry conditions.

                His media statements do not show that he really understands how difficult the situation is for large groups of Australians. As a PM it is within his responsibility to listen to people of Australia, and hear their feedback.

                Also, has he been telling people what help is actually available from federal government? Has he been letting people know how to access it? He is doing very little in extending the olive branch, and a lot of image management. He is not a plumber who needs to decide if he takes on an extra job on Friday. He is the PM of a country, which carries a very different level of responsibility.

      • Well said Thommo.

        The media is always looking for faults in people - seriously even if he was here, there's only so much he could do. Give the man a break.

    • -5 votes

      He was at the bushfires today, buddy.

    • So who's more important Mr Morrison, India or Australia?

    • Is Morrison a scum bag? Absolutely. Is he evil? Absolutely. Is he callous? Absolutely.

      Does he need to be physically present within Australia in order to deal with this emergency? Absolutely not. In fact, seeing the way he interacts with those who are currently suffering - him being as far away as possible seems like a good thing.

      The only benefit of him being in Australia is symbolic - and I would sincerely hope that most Australians are intelligent enough to realise that's not a rational reason to cancel anything. Then again, the majority voted to put Morrison in charge, so that hope is probably misplaced…

      • When we had the disastrous fires here in Canberra in 2003, losing 4 people and about 500 houses, John Howard immediately cut short his holiday and did not turn it into media scrum.

        Morrison is a lowlife. As stated, he does not need to be here as he is just a figurehead for the ruling party, but he should be here to show support for the people he lording over in this current situation.

        It is farcical that celebs and sports people raised money before the government did anything.

        I would equate our government response to this as appalling as the George Bush response to the hurricane.

        Anyway, you get the government you deserve….As he was actually voted in.

  • This is a pretty targeted deal, seems like companies (NAB, AGL) are getting some free advertising here today.

    • Yes, targeted at NAB customers who have been directly impacted by the tragic bushfire. Seems fair to me.

    • I think we can spare a deal to bring awareness to any Ozbargainers that may be affected by the fires.

      • Maybe its just me but ozbargain would be the least thing on my mind if I was affected by the fires…

        then having to scroll through pages to find "bushfire deals"….

        I personally think it would be better taken off the deal pages and setting up a separate section under the "Pages" bar - so everything can be found under a separate section? But not sure it's ozBargain's responsibility…

        • Yep, my parents were in the market for a new TV but considering our bush property near Mansfield could be up in smoke tomorrow, mum was saying she's not exactly in a shopping mood right now.

    • +7 votes

      Yep, 2 NAB posts by L platers. Not suss at all

    • I agree its free advertising.

      I think it's a great thing companies are helping meet the costs for our RFS volunteers doing their best to keep Australia safe. Every little bit helps.

      But doesn't mean I'm personally going to sign up to these companies plans because of this kind gesture.

      • Technically not "free" as it actually costs them something :)

        If it is providing practical help for their customers then I don't have an issue with it no matter what the framing is.

  • What is NAB's fossil fuel investment portfolio like?

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