[BF] Free $2000 Grant for Homeowners of Bushfire Destroyed Homes @ NAB (Existing Customers)


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"An important announcement for customers impacted by the ongoing bushfire crisis:

NAB customers who have lost their homes can immediately access a $2000 grant to assist with their urgent needs such as food, clothing and temporary accommodation.

These funds will be deposited directly into customer accounts as early as next business day.

We have set up a dedicated phone line for those needing assistance. Please call us on 1300 683 106 to find out how to immediately access these grants.

This is part of a $1 Million Disaster Relief Fund that NAB has today announced to help people affected by fires across Australia.

NAB employees who have had to evacuate their homes can also access a $1000 grant.

Other measures available to assist customers include:

  • Suspending home loan repayments

  • Credit card and personal loan relief

  • Support to manage regional and agri banking facilities

  • We have made NAB’s Employee counselling and assistance program available to all affected customers

We’d again like to thank all our employees who are serving as volunteer fire fighters in this difficult time. NAB offers unlimited paid leave to emergency service volunteers, in addition to all other leave entitlements, and we thank them for their brave service - especially as some of them are themselves personally impacted by these fires.

Our Chief Customer Officer, Mike Baird, has been in regular contact with our bankers and staff on the ground in affected areas and today said:

“I have heard the grief in our bankers’ voices as they grapple with making sure our colleagues are safe and, at the same time, are dealing with the impact more broadly on their own communities.

There are horrific tales of lost homes, lost livelihoods and, most tragically, lost loved ones. Many families and businesses face an uncertain future and we want to do all we can.

Customers in need of support should visit their local branch or call our NAB Assist team on 1300 683 106.

In addition, any Australians who wish to donate to help Australian Red Cross’ support efforts in these communities can do so at any NAB Branch across Australia or by logging into NAB Internet Banking.”

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    I wonder about these one event things - what about someone whose house burns down in other circumstances (through no fault of their own)? Are they less deserving just because their event isn't newsworthy?

    • +2 votes

      No but that’s the world we live in. This is a business taking advantage of the circumstances

    • +13 votes

      Natural disasters are different.

      Simply look around the world at the big disasters, the only way a community or country recovers is through aid from either their country, or another country.

      A house burning down because their heater was faulty does not really deserve anything special outside their insurance in my opinion, especially as the owner has a lot of control over the risks.

      Having a whole community burn down from a natural disaster that had no way of mitigating risk needs special help in my opinion.

      • +10 votes

        So where do you draw the line? How will NAB? I just find it very tricky ethically.

        A town where all the houses are burnt down?

        One house destroyed in a town?

        One house built in a known bushfire prone and exposed area, with great preparation (tanks, sprays, cleared land)?

        Same house but with no preparation, bush up close to the house?

        A house burnt down due to a 'normal' fire starting next door (not a bushfire)?

        Someone that burns their own house down deliberately? The answer to that is obviously no, but you would only know that after a long time - after they've been found guilty. What if it turns out they're innocent? Are they less deserving of this immediate help?

        Any other type of house loss? Flood? Storm? Truck driving off the road into your house (unlikely to lose everything though)?

        Then you get people that have no insurance. Lost everything. You see them occasionally on TV. Do we help them or say 'well, I paid out all these years for insurance!'

        Classic three little pigs isn't it? :-)

        • +5 votes

          The line is whatever NAB wants it to be, nobody is demanding anything extra from NAB.

          I'm not sure why you are trying to complicate things, we always have assistance during natural disasters, as do other countries, are you saying you think this is good or bad?


          Life does not need to be complicated. I’m always grateful for kindness given by others.


          NAB are a private business using its money.

          I would be more concerned with what ScoMo will do in reaction to this idiocy. The federal government has no role in firefighting despite this media beat up, so the only thing he can do is splash around an enormous amount of taxpayer money after the fact.
          And remember, the government doesn’t have its own money, it must take it from taxpayers.


          It is up to NAB to draw the line. It is its money.
          Personally good on them making sure their loan customers don’t end up in an even more difficult situation. Any criticism of this from anyone else demanding free stuff is pretty ordinary to tell the truth.


        Call me cynical


        Some people chose to live in rural areas where they want a forest view, they wanted to live away from the city smoke on large acerages.

        With that lifestyle come many advantages and some risks, fire being one of the risks.

        Take insurance, build some safeguards and move on.

        It's the same as those who have a waterfront property year around and rent it on Airbnb, but when floods happen require federal and state assistance time and time again.


      This will come out of marketing , yes it's PR.
      It's free money so I up voted


      One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.

      One house fire is a statistic, a million is a tragedy.

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    In-laws house was burnt down (completely levelled with nothing left). They are customers of NAB with savings and transactions accounts through them for years. Called the number and were told no as if only applied to home loan customers. No mention of this in the terms and conditions.

    It’s a nice gesture but falsely advertised and wouldn’t actually apply to a lot of their “customers” who are affected and need the support.

    • +3 votes

      Just wow… that really sucks.

    • +2 votes

      So the offer is only for people with a NAB home loan who have had their house burnt down .

      Really a small token @# ing gesture as how many people will qualify is tiny !

    • +1 vote

      They'll pay out home loan customers and then jack up their interest to offset their extremely lovely gesture and good will

    • +1 vote

      Hi all,

      The fund is in addition to existing financial relief measures available to customers affected by bushfire. You can find out more about at http://nab.com.au/disaster

      You can also give NAB Assist a call on 1300 135 323 if you'd like to discuss assistance on your credit card, personal loan or home loan repayments as well.

      • +8 votes

        The above link doesn't mention anything about the funds only being available to home loan customers?


          Other measures available to assist customers include:
          Suspending home loan repayments

        • +2 votes

          I believe NAB may be updating their criteria - I’ll keep you updated.

        • +2 votes

          The criteria has been updated and the grant will be opened to all current NAB customers who have lost their home. regardless on whether they have a home loan or not.

    • +3 votes

      That is really sad and shows that the help is also in their own interest - help people with homeloans (so they can pay back the homeloan). Assistance should be available for everyone who is affected. It's still help and a good intention … but very targeted.

    • +4 votes

      Well otherwise everyone gets money. I have an account with every bank. I don't have a home loan with every bank

      • +2 votes

        You still need to also have your house burnt down, which hasn't happened to everyone (yet).


        Whilst this is fair enough, they didn’t mention this in the Facebook post and thus should honour what they said.

        Also remember according to the post they have already set aside $1 million and allocated it to disaster relief. That million would provide this $2k payout to 500 people. So far about 1 thousand homes have burnt down - and only a portion of those would be NAB customers. Since the funds have been allocated, give them to those who need it rather than selecting only a handful of relevant customers who it may apply to.

        • +1 vote

          NAB gives alot of home loans, not to mention have to also go to alot of nab employees in rural towns. If you need support, begging a bank won't help your cause. Thousands of homes have been evacuated. It wouldn't make sense for a bank or any business to give back more money than they made from a customer. Home loan customers get charged on average 1-2k interest every month.


            @sunnyc: Or if they are the only bank to do it, it makes their loans seem more attractive… making it cheap advertising and farming goodwill.

    • +4 votes

      Customers that have a savings account and thinking they will get free money is wishful thinking.

    • +1 vote

      Copy and paste from the FB page: "Hi James, you don't need to have a home loan with NAB to be eligible, though there are some criteria for the grant. If you have been impacted by the fires please contact our dedicated team at 1300 683 106 (open 8am-8pm; Mon-Fri and 9am-1pm; Sat) to see how we can help. ^DM"

      • +3 votes

        They have been saying this for the last hour yet the phone team were not saying the same thing. They are closed now and will have to try again tomorrow. Maybe they can get their story straight between them this time.

      • -3 votes

        you work for NAB?

    • +3 votes

      NAB $2000 is mostly disingenuous. They offer that amount to refinance new customers over anyway.


      From what I remembered this 2000 is only applied to Nab home loan customers however you don't HAVE TO have a home loan with NAB for assistance. We have had meeting in the last few days on how to help/ assist/ guides customers who are affected. I believe the bank will wholeheartedly support customers in any possible ways such as allow overdraft, waive late payment fee…


      Hope your in-laws got insurance, that's the important thing. It's a slow process but that's all you need.

    • +1 vote

      After some stuff around and calling back again on Saturday morning, I’m pleased to say that NAB have honoured the grant and payed the $2k to my in laws. Could have definitely been handled better but none the less appreciative for the grant money and it will make a difference to them and others who have nothing left.

      I have revoked my downvote. Mods if there is a way for me to upvote now that would be appreciated.

  • +3 votes

    Chief Customer Officer, Mike Baird, has been in regular contact with our bankers and staff on the ground in affected areas and today said.

    Our former Premier?

  • +8 votes

    Just switch your home loan to another bank and U get the same amount in cashback

  • -1 vote

    We should levy the multinational companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft that have used our country for years without contributing to our society. The money they should have paid in a “fair” system would have been enough to significantly increase our funding for firefighting and pay for all the damage. I bet they get away with some 50k token gesture if anything!!


      You can never tax the huge multinationals . Look at how France is going trying to implement something with the backlash of the US government attacking them . Same unofficial warning to any country that tries .


        Everyone in Australia worries about what would happen if we weren’t allies of the US. I bet no one has ever worried about what would happen if Australia wasn’t an ally of the US.


        You can tax them on revenue, but it's pissing in the wind to try and tax their profits.

    • -1 vote

      what do u mean without contributing to society? i'd say our society would be vastly different without these companies.

      why would they pay more tax than they have to so the govt can blow it on stupid stuff when they can keep it and continue their R&D so we get better products that actually do help.


      Google, Apple and Microsoft that have used our country for years without contributing to our society.

      Go ahead, try to go an entire week without searching for anything on Google, looking for directions to anywhere on Google Maps, checking your Gmail/Outlook.com account, using any device running Windows, Mac OS/iOS or Android, an Apple device or any Apple service like iCloud/Apple Music/iMessage/iTunes Store.

      Then come back and talk to us about "using without contributing anything".

      These companies, and I am no fan of any of them, literally run the Western world; for better or worse. Without their infrastructure, products and services, you can kiss modern business and technology goodbye because there is no competition on the horizon to replace their combined footprint and market presence. Making our country a more hostile environment to do business in for them only hurts the lowly consumer and struggling small businesses in the long-run, as we'd be paying even more than our already record-high regional prices for access to their products and services.

      The only way you win against multi-national technology conglomerates is buying opting out of their way of life.

  • +1 vote

    This is a great initiative by NAB. All Aussie banks should be doing at least the below 2 things:

    Suspending home loan repayments

    Credit card and personal loan relief

    They should also be doing MORE, much more considering how much profits they are making each year.

    As for our PM, seriously cannot believe he was even voted in, the country is a sorry bunch of idiots and hopefully now people realise.

  • +6 votes

    Amazing how some posts work like magnets for idiots.

  • -1 vote

    Homeowners of Bushfire Destroyed Homes @ NAB (Existing Customers)

    This is a targeted deal.


    Banks being banks…. only for HL customers but don’t say it

  • +2 votes

    How good are the banks, for the people. /s

  • +1 vote

    This is just another marketing trick taking advantage on unfortunate souls. Telstra starts the initiatives, then Optus. Nab starts from banking side, other big banks follows surely.

    One starts, others just copy and paste.


    Think comments might need disabling here lol… A company tries to offer some help and it turns into a politics thread.

    Edit: the comment about it only applying to home loans / being difficult to access is something though… Don't advertise it if you don't want to pay out NAB.

  • +1 vote

    $2000? , $1M?

    “There are horrific tales of lost homes, lost livelihoods and, most tragically, lost loved ones. Many families and businesses face an uncertain future and we want to do all we can”

    I’m sure it’s not all


    A great help for those people.


    Thank you NAB!


    The banks should also withhold mortgage repayment for those affected, at least until they could get back on their feet. Surely their billions profit could help

  • +1 vote

    "NAB customers who have lost their homes can immediately access a $2000 grant to assist with their urgent needs such as food, clothing and temporary accommodation."

    "NAB employees who have had to evacuate their homes can also access a $1000 grant."

    Huge fan of any relief coming to anyone in need but good luck if you're an employee, seems a little rough

  • +1 vote

    Wow, scanning this thread I see this PR exercise is working. A million dollars to NAB is like me donating 20 cents. Perhaps start with fully writing-off genuinely affected people's mortgages, or fund a fire fighting plane, or ten.



      NAB net profit plummets to $4.7 billion, bank cuts dividend again

      • +1 vote

        Thank you for proving my point. Based on that profit figure I actually did the numbers. To put this offer into perspective, if I had $1000 in the bank, it's me offering 21 cents and then only to those who I already profit from.


      If I were in the very unfortunate situation of having lost my home &was confronted with uncertainty, I would greatly welcome suspension of home loan repayments & loan relief. When you have lost everything, this gift can mean taking much-needed pressure off peoples minds amid great stress. It allows people some breathing room to get back on their feet.

      I am not a fan of banks but I sure hope effected people get any help they need.

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