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Seagate 16TB HDD Exos X16 7200 RPM 512e/4kn SATA 6GB/s 256MB $633.18 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Features & details
Industry's first 16TB drive
Standard Model FastFormat (512e/4Kn)
Helium sealed-drive design delivers lower total cost of ownership through lower power and weight
Digital environmental sensors to monitor internal drive conditions for optimal operation and performance
Proven enterprise-class reliability backed by a 2.5M-hr MTBF rating

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  • +2

    Man that's a lot of data to loose in one hit!

    • +2

      Get 2 then and Raid1 them

    • +4

      How does one loose data?

      • +5

        Not tight enough

      • Requires shaking

      • How does one loose data what?

        • +1

          No, that was the whole question.

  • Is this a mis-price? It's cheaper than the 12TB on the same page. A 16TB Ironwolf Pro costs just under $1k.

  • I just can't bring myself to trust helium yet. Even if just for the postal service.

    • …why?

      • No matter what you do, gases always leak, even if very slowly. To my mind, the longevity of the tech is not yet proven

    • +1

      I have a thing against using Helium for hard drives (and balloons). It’s a precious resource with finite capacity on earth. Using it for hard drives seems wasteful

  • Fantastic price! I've been getting the WD 14tb from Amazon. They come on special every few months for $600. This might be the last of the better hardware drives from Seagate. News is they'll be using SMR (Shingled) for their 20tb and over.

    • -1

      They can't really use SMR for any non-archive drives. The random write performance is just too much, and the drives get trashed. There was a good article on using the old 8tb archives in a nas. It wasn't pretty - they dropped like flies!

      All of the new large drives should be using AMR, and in Seagate's case I think it's HAMR?

  • Very tempting price. Nice find OP.

  • +1

    My adult movie collection is maxing out my 8TB drive and with everything going to 4K I may need to upgrade. lol

    • I have a 100TB RAID 6 array in a Unraid server for my collection. Plenty of room for 4K content.

  • Anyone able to purchase more than one?

    • Does the tax go up even more if it's over $1000 for the total in international sales? Only 5 in stock but even buy one per order if you are worried about it.

  • -1

    Over $40 per tb. No thanks.

    • +1

      Where the (profanity) are you getting your numbers from? That's a damn good price.

      • +2

        2x 8TB works out a bit cheaper.

      • -1

        $665.58 / 16 = $41.60 per terabyte

        Recent WD Elements 8TB desktop drive $206.52 (yes I know it's a different product) or $25.82 per TB. The 16TB drive is 61% more expensive per TB than the 8TB drives.

        You could get 3 x 8TB (24TB) for the price of 1 x 16TB seagate drive.

        Is the 16TB still a damn good price? Depends on your situation if you have limited drive bays and you need high capacity storage. For most people, I would lean towards no at the current time of writing this post.

        • +2

          Not really fair to compare those drives and you lose warranty when you shuck the drive you linked. That drive is a white label as well. Compare it to a 8tb deal of the WD reds or seagate ironwolf/exos and it'd be far more of a reasonable price difference.

          • @Cannix: +1 for helpful comment and correct use of 'lose'.

          • @Cannix: Isn't Red > White?

            • @congo: Where did I imply otherwise? Of course the reds are better. My point was the link Raima posted was for a white drive, and he should've been comparing this seagate against atleast a WD red or Seagate ironwolf/exos drive.

  • +1

    yea. if it was SSD id bite :)

    • +1

      You couldn't afford the SSD version, it's for Nigerian Princes only.

  • +3

    $639.93 now!

    • Yea, i was lucky enough to cancel my amazon US orders and order again from amazon AU to save $30 (ordered two). Good to see them fix their prices to be in line with amazon US listing. Also got a month of prime this way which i can use for other shit.

    • +1

      $637.69 now

    • $635.13 now

  • If you ever had to deal with large numbers of those supposedly reliable enterprise HDDs and SSDs you know that 2.5M hours MTBF is likely next year.

    Put these drives into RAID1 or UnRAID, don't even think about RAID5, 6 or similar.

  • +1

    For any future reference, i've had two of these hard drives DOA now. Amazon US ship them so carelessly it would take a miracle for you to receive a working one. Do not bother. It will only end in disappointment and wasted time (and resources).

    They must literally ship these and claim them on insurance immediately because they know they aren't arriving working.

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