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50% off Selected Items With Code @ Garmin Australia


I just grabbed a Fenix 6 RRP $1249 for $624.50

Mod update Jan 9 11:30am: Received official request from Garmin to remove code (which has expired).

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  • Code not valid

  • +1

    "The code you entered is not valid" - midway through checkout, good luck to those who ordered.

  • And with the code not working……….I'll buy a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt :P

    • The Hammerhead Karoo is pretty good, have you considered that?

      • I have never heard of it. But my google search has begun!

  • +1

    Code not valid anymore…

  • Boo, missed out

  • yep, couldn't finish checkout…

  • +5

    Even at half price, I couldn't justify buying the things I dreamed about having/

    • +5

      Same. Got Gary V playing in my head 'stop buying dumb s**t'

    • +3

      Same here…. then it expired and I'm still not sure if I feel gutted or relieved.

  • +9

    code doesnt work, thankyou. just saved my bank balance by $700+

  • -1

    everything works fine if you take your time, site is slow, just checked out with no issues after having country issues and others.

    Just let it sit there until the next page loaded and finished checkout.

    • I got to the payment page but my only option was the credit card button that turned my cursor into a cross. Cart has now gone back to full price :(

  • The code you entered is not valid

  • Not working, I get; “ The code you entered is not valid”

  • Spewing, took too long picking a band colour and missed out. Interesting to hear if orders that went through get honoured

  • Darn, I practically saw this after it was posted. I had the Fenix 6 Pro Solar in the cart and couldn't decide between Drivesmart 55 or 65, then decided on 55. I should have just checked out and purchased ASAP.

    • What's better about 55?

  • +2

    Almost bought something… Seriously don't need anything but when you see 50% off its tempting and the possibility that it's a code that's not meant to be applicable to everything

  • +1

    Yup I had it all in there, I dicked around and now the code isn't valid. Booo.

  • +6

    $700 saved!

    • Sweet!

    • +1

      only $299 here, for not buying anything

  • +5

    Same, had a few in the cart but couldn't make up my mind. Knew it was limited time and a Garmin would've been perfect checking my heart rate knowing I only had a few minutes to buy a Garmin.

  • the code seems to just take the price of tax off the total

  • +3

    Suspect there will be lots of order cancellations from Garmin…

    • i got no confirmation email but card charged.

  • +1

    would be nice to know where we got the code from in case there is another ?
    missed out as well

  • Had it in my cart refreshed the page after 2 mins discount gone :( You snooze you lose what an awesome price for the 6x pro

  • +2

    I think someone stuffed up. Most likely was supposed to be 50$ off sitewide not 50%

  • I bought a Jr Fit 2, but given how quickly the code was canned, very much doubting it will be shipped.

  • Cheers OP, put an order in for the Fenix 6 sapphire. Hoping it gets honoured but doubtful

  • +5

    Expect cancellation, OP should have kept this to himself

    • +6

      Where's your OzBargain spirit?

      • He is from Melbourne 😛

        • Lol, well was I right?

  • +5

    someone at Garmin gonna get an asskicking.
    'I said $50 off not 50%"

  • Wouldn't ship the Instinct Tactical to Australia, tried to price match at Johnny Appleseed, code had expired by the time the chat guy tried it!!! DAMN IT!

  • It worked for Varia lights, Vector 3 powermeter pedals, HRM-dual, even their 360 camera

    • It worked for everything literally, but not anymore

      • There were a few things I added to cart which it didn't work for, when the code was still valid.

  • +2

    I got order email and credit card showing pending charge. Hope they honour it for those that got in before the cutoff.

    • Me too, I actually was procrastinating but just completed the checkout for fēnix® 6X Pro Solar
      Titanium Carbon Gray DLC with Black Band for $774.50. Here’s hoping it gets honored.

  • Oh wow!!!!!!

    • +19

      There is always one that …

    • +21

      Why did you call them?

      • +3


      • +8

        I imagine they missed out ordering so were trying to see what the go was. But agree calling up is never going to help in pricing errors

        • +13

          "Hi there I'm just trying to use the 50% off voucher that was clearly leaked by mistake on OzBargain and it isn't working"

      • he wants to be that one "cool" in the group

  • +1

    every order will be cancelled don't worry

  • +1

    How do I sign up to be a friend/family?
    Thanks OP - can I please be your friend? :D

  • +1

    I’m an idiot. Added both 42mm and 47mm to cart. Walked to JB to try them on. Decided on 47mm. Code expired 😑

    • -1

      but did you walk out of JB with the 47mm still on your wrist? :P

      nah, all will be cancelled. see above.

    • +2

      Should have price matched it in JB

      • They didnt have the Saphires or I would have :|

  • +17

    I can just imagine the sequence of events at Garmin HQ:

    1. Marketing team: "Ooooh, look, we can we use discount codes! Let's send some out to people!"
    2. Junior Marketing team member who's a bit IT savy: "Should we check with IT to see if these codes can be shared?"
    3. Marketing team: "Nah, it'll be fine. Worst case, it'll be good a promotion opportunity."
    4. Moments later…the website goes insane. Orders by the thousands.
    5. IT/Web team: "WTF!? Who started sending these bloody generic codes out?!"
    6. Warehouse: "Where the flap did all these orders come from?!"
    7. Front Office: "Our support lines just went nuts! What gives?!"
    8. Finance: "Ok, who the hell is going to cancel all these orders?!"
    9. Marketing team: "Great job everyone. High-fives all around."
    • +5

      1 0. Head office: "Oh, well. We better hand out $250 dollar vouchers like Bunnings. We should try to keep our reputation and show a gesture of goodwill. On second thought, we're Garmin, so no.

      • +16

        1 1. Oz bargainer:" they have broken the law. let's complain to the ACCC and write bad reviews on productreview.com."

  • Cracker deal, Probably a good thing I didn't buy.

    • +2

      Someone probably bought 30 of them

      • I can see the profit already

  • +1

    So many peeps willing to drop $700 on a watch! :O

    I don't get it. But I'm only a runner I suppose.

    • You are running man.

      Not just any runner

    • +4

      I agree, people going "WOW THIS WATCH FOR ONLY $650"

      Are they listening to themselves? $650 was literally what a decent phone cost like 4 years ago

      • +5

        Times change, tech adapts, features improve, expectations heighten, society evolves, materialism rises, salaries aren't the same as 4 years ago.

        You were willing to spend $400 on a vacuum cleaner not long ago. I wouldn't. To each their own.

      • It’s ozbargain, they will all be on ebay / fb marketplace in the next week.

  • dam, I missed it

    • what did you miss?

  • Daaaaaaamn! I was about to buy a new fitness watch!

    • you would have been disappointed anyway. as stated in one of the above comments, they will be cancelling all orders that used the discount code.

      • Listen, Bose also said they would cancel all orders but changed their mind so you never know.

        However, I bet there has to be 1-4 idiots who wanted to make a quick profit so bought 10+ of an item forcing Garmin to cancel all orders.

        • +1

          Hopefully they cancel the greedy bastards then let the people who just ordered something for themselves (like me) get their orders.

          • @gaz3342: I was close to ordering something, but man I couldn't justify to myself paying such a crazy amount for a watch (I'll admit that they do look really nice though)

            • @BarginGrabber: I do triathlons so kinda need a fancy watch, I already have a Garmin Fenix 5s (half price from Rebel) and have been eyeing up their HRM-Tri for a while so just nabbed that, $100 instead of $200.

              Fingers crossed it goes through!

              • @gaz3342: Yeah, thats fair enough. You'll definitely get your moneys worth out of that watch

                I just workout and play a bit of basketball for fun, so doesn't make sense for me to pay like $200-300+ for one.

          • @gaz3342: And how do you distinguish one from the other? 1 item is ok but 2 is greedy? 2 items are ok but 3 is greedy? It's going to be all or nothing when it comes to cancellations.

            • -1

              @Kotchi: I would make my own judgement, perhaps a one unit per person allowance.

        • I think the max number of products it applied to in your cart was 2. I put in the Vivomove HR and 2 different watch bands to compare side-by-side with the watch and only one of the watch bands was discounted.
          That being said, I'm assuming you could do multiple orders if you wanted to cheat the system.

          Hopefully they honour or do something nice for people that weren't trying to just make a profit (I wanted a nice little present for my wife).

  • +4

    I like how just wearing a fitness watch instantly makes me fitter

    • +1

      Active watch , active watch… doing absolutely nothing with my active watch, active watch

  • +2

    I'm just glad I didn't buy anything, it would've been another TGG 75" TV refund wait all over again. Damn TGG

  • -1

    SWD-50OFF-WCN not working, bad luck

    • +6


      • +3

        Worked for me!

        Thanks Mike

        • anything i can do to help

  • +2

    So devo. Hope they honour it as I purchased a watch within the first 10 minutes by true ozb luck! Been waiting for a sale to get the missus a replacement instead of getting a 5S plus which were on clearance last year prior to the successor.

    Seriously hope they honour the 'early' orders.
    It would 100% make her a marathon runner.

    • Maybe just buy one then. It's worth it for cost-benefit of not having other health issues?

    • Define "early" order? Too many people thinking Garmin should honour their order but some other category of order (like late orders / multiple items). Any line drawn in the sand on what to honour is arbitrary and going to upset someone.

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