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Lucky Oreo Lunar New Year Tin 388g $8.88 (Was $15) @ Woolworths [in-Store]


Want to start the Lunar New Year on a lucky note?

Then buy the 2020 OREO LUNAR NEW YEAR TIN, weighing 388g from Woolworths for a lucky $8.88!

FYI, 8 is a lucky number in Chinese 8-)

This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2020

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    in before somebody says "luck is a not bargain" or "Ozbargain not Ozluck".

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    LoL New Year Tin

    • what's the unit price? compared to oreos in normal packaging?

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    Plot twist - These aren't an attempt at diverse marketing but are just parallel imported from China for cheap and they're selling them at a huge profit.

    Dons on tin foil hat

    • Woolies state these are product of China.

      I've certainly eaten more in my stays in China than I've ever eaten here - mainly because they are cheaper there.

    • parallel imported from China for cheap??
      Hardly a parallel import, but a specialty line. The normal Oreo stock sold by Woolies is product of Indonesia.
      Cheaper/100g for us to buy those in the packet.

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    Would've been better for $8.88 for 888g rather than 388g. How is 388g lucky…

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      Maybe the tin weighs 500g😉

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    Wtf is this.

    As a Chinese person, I can't help but feel this is a total scam. We don't eat Oreos for Chinese New Year.

    They even priced it at $8.88, What. The. F***.

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      Oreo pushing big in China and CNY has been a big part of their marketing strategy for the last 5 years

      I certainly eat more Oreos every year in China than I do here!

      (EDIT: because they have a crazy range of flavours)

      • Interesting business strategy!

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      100 years ago, Santa use to be green but Coca Cola started promotions that turned him red.

      In Japan, people buy KFC for their Christmas dinner.

      Why do we consume so much chocolate at Easter?

    • We don't eat Oreos for Chinese New Year.

      It's marketed as a gift for giving at CNY. Much cheaper to buy Oreos in packets if you want them.

      You don't need to forgo your traditional foods! Why would you want to do that?

      It's produced in & imported from China.

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      Don't worry - available dearer elsewhere - if you object to paying the reduced price of $8.88😉

      But it doesn't seem you will be falling for this marketing.

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      Don't blame Woolies, they are just taking advantage of how superstitious the Chinese are

    • Each year, there is an enormous amount of marketing around CNY, usually using 8 in the price or discount. CNY Deals

      First time I remember a complaint about a CNY price reduction!!

      Contact Woolies if you find their pricing culturally objectionable.

    • Does your grandma stash her cash / jewellery in tin ?

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        Only if its a Royal Dansk one ;)

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    Woolworths was also selling 'Kitkat Mandarin Orange Flavour 8 pack' for Lunar New Year

  • $22 +$8.99 deivery on eBay!
    $31.99 doesn't sound so lucky😉

  • Woolies Normal price for Oreos is $1.09/100g. These are $2.29/100g.

    • Paying for limited edition is my best guess

      • Paying for specialty tin.
        Biscuits don't seem to be limited edition. Both are imported from Indonesia / China.

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    Should have done a discount on baby formula then these scammers would be happier

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    Made in China

    Stopped reading this deal further & exit in haste

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      As pointed out a few times & stated by Woolies!
      Usual stock in Woolies is from Indonesia.
      I've eaten Oreos in China. Were quite Yummy😋

      • The Indonesia ones are better though as they’re vegan. The ingredient that makes them not vegan isn’t Halal. It’s possible to get Chinese halal ones, but it isn’t guaranteed like the Indo ones.

        • Last ones I ate - were in China years ago.

  • New style sewing kit tin

  • -1

    one day, they'll sell fresh Durian for $8.88 each

  • omg the tinned oreo are so expensive! No deal for me : (

    Giving this as a gift may look a bit foo cheap….Would rather to give a $15 Lindor Chocolate tin. 😂

  • +1

    Should have made it 888g.

  • $5 in my local Woolies today.