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[iOS] Free: CityMaps2Go Pro Offline Map (Free Premium Account IAP Too)


Google Play and Apple iTunes has CityMaps2Go Pro Offline Maps for free when you apply promo code PROSUPP in app.

Sign up at the following link, enter promo code, then download the app and sign in:


Enjoy guys!

City Maps 2Go Pro or Premium Offline Maps Free (Was $19.99/$26.99) @ Google Play Store

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  • Nope. Previous post was for Android only. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/512099

  • Can definitely vouch for this app. I've constantly used this for travelling and it's been the best app to plan travels and see what's around and use as a city map when you have no data.

    • How does it compare to Here?

      • CityMaps2Go is more suited for pre-planned attractions,sites and finding things on the go. Where to shop, eat, visit etc, pin places where you want to go etc.. HERE We Go is more turn by turn directions.

  • thanks worked me on android

  • I’m confused. I already had an earlier version installed and now have 2. CityMaps2Go Pro (old) and this one CityMaps2Go (new - with promo code applied). Which one should I use?

    • You'll get there

    • I opened the version downloaded in recent deal and opened menu and clicked 'Redeem a code, then entered PREMSUPP and activated the premium version.

      • Sorry, I did the same. When I wrote ‘which one should I use’ I meant, which version of the app should I use for offline navigation moving forward (as I now have both installed). Keen to remove one so when I do need it (next year or so), I don’t have to think twice.

    • good question, does anyone have advice on this?

  • Can someone explain how the standard vs. pro version works and what the differences are?

    Reason I ask is because I installed the Pro version a couple of years ago and then they released an "update" and told me to use the new version - which was just the standard version.

    • I am confused by the naming (and potential re-naming) of all the versions too.
      According to the current F.A.Q. on the website;
      You have access to an unlimited amount of map downloads in the Pro Version and if you have bought the Pro or Premium in-app-purchase in the free version. The free version offers 1 free map download.
      But I can recall being able to download more than 1 map with the free version before I upgraded.

      I asked a similar question in the other post regarding the difference between Pro and Premium and haven't received a useful answer, unless you consider "Go to the website and look" helpful ;-)

      If anyone can find an official link that deals with the differences between versions I would appreciate it.

      • Glad I'm not the only one!

        Not official as such but found these details within the app itself: https://imgur.com/uN0Nx6X

        • Ok thanks for confirming, but that table seems to contradict what some others are reporting and experiencing with regard to "Premium" upgrades showing as "Lite" and still allowing you to pay to upgrade to "Pro".

          Some further digging found some entries in their blog that seem to indicate that "Premium" appears to have been (or possibly still is) a subscription based model at some point.

          I am still confused, but I give up…
          I just applied both "pro" and "premium" free codes on the desktop website, so either way I am hopefully covered

  • I have had the premium version for ages (since the old premium app), and have no regrets. Amazing app if no phone signal is available as well

  • +11 votes

    how does this compare to google maps?

  • I downloaded the app from App Store & joined yesterday using the sign up link mentioned in comments of previous deal.
    Used code PREMSUPP.
    Now when I am logged in and go to Settings, it shows this CityMaps2GoLite Version: 15.2.1
    Shouldn't it say Premium Version ?

  • Well, after registration with code it says
    Congratulations! You are now a CityMaps2Go PREMIUM user!

    And in App store, the Pro version still ask to pay money.
    And the premium app shows it's a lite version.

  • Looks like I'm not the only one that's confused about this app.

    Seems like there is THREE versions of this app - standard, pro and premium.

    Not sure what the premium is about but from what I gathered, the free version only allows you to download one free map (at a time maybe?) and the pro is unlimited map downloads.

    Happy to be corrected here.

    • Found some more info. There are indeed 3 version and here is the comparison: https://imgur.com/uN0Nx6X

      • Thanks: That is the first actual comparison I have seen.

        It's still confusing though, since it seems if install the "Standard" version and you upgrade directly to "Premium" (and bypass "Pro") it will show as "Lite" and allow you to pay for the "Pro" upgrade ?!?

        Where did you find that table?
        Can you please link to the URL rather than a screenshot picture?

        • It's in the app itself.

          If you go to the "Profile" tab at the bottom, there is a green banner at the bottom. Click on that and scroll to the left to see the other versions explained.

          • @nickxau: Thanks, I appreciate the explanation.
            Not a criticism of you but rather the app, since as I said above that still doesn't explain why after upgrading to "Premium" it would show as "Lite" ?!?

            Ah, anyways I give up…

            • @oz-dave: I think it's a design/wording issue.

              If you upgraded from the lite version it will still say lite but the option to upgrade to premium (green banner) is gone and you can download unlimited maps.

              Similar to if you upgraded from the pro version - nothing to indicate it's the premium version but banner advertising upgrade to premium shows. One you chose to "restore purchase" the green banner will be gone.

              The above applies to iOS only.

        • It’s on the app. Just click upgrade to Pro.

  • Does is support Carplay?

    • I think this app can’t even navigate

      • I was wondering the same as I couldn't get it to navigate as well. So the feature isn't available, right?

      • Doesn't look like it can navigate. If you are wanting something that can navigate without using data and free, try maps.me app. I've used it overseas with no data and works wonders.

  • So what is the promo code for i this not already free I don't have any of the apps so confused what I need here.

    • The free version has ads (and perhaps a limit on maps you can download). The promo code gets you the premium version, so no ads and unlimited(?) map downloads

  • Lite version is FREE in AppStore WITHOUT the CODE.

  • +2 votes

    Here are the differences between the 3 versions:

  • I thought once you signup with the code, both platforms be premium?

  • Used it while i was overseas in asia. Worked perfectly for me for 8 different countries with offline maps

  • Can this do navigation with public transport.

  • What can this do while Google maps can’t?

  • If you have not used Ulmon CityMaps2Go Apps before, do this:

    1. Sign up at the following link:

    2. Enter promo code:

    3. Download the App:

    4. Sign in using your email and password from Step 1

    5. DONE, open / re-open the App and it will now be Premium*.

    If you have used Ulmon CityMaps2Go Apps before, do this:

    1. Sign in at the following link:

    2. Enter promo code:

    3. DONE, open / re-open the App and it will now be Premium*.

    -* If a green advertising banner for the Premium service is shown at the bottom of the App, it hasn't worked.

    • What happeens is it still doesn’t work. Says code redeemed.

      • Hmm..
        Looks like even though it says Lite version, it does allow to download more than one map, so not the Lite version anymore.
        However, I am a bit confused now about the use. Looks like navigation is not possible, it's like a digital copy of a paper map with the facility to show the current location.
        and of course, its offline.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP! Redeemed and downloaded. Hopefully will come in handy at some stage!

  • Cheers OP

  • shame theres nop GPS function

  • How does this compare to Maps.me ?? I just downloaded this app to compare and it looks good. My only issue is I said only use Location whilst using the app but it is still using my location…anyone else get that?

    • Did you close the app fully or do you still have it running in the background?

      • I rarely fully close my apps but strangely enough that seemed to do the trick (*edited spelling mistake).

        The other thing I forgot to mention is that this app doesn't give you directions from your current location to another location, which Maps.me does do.

    • Maps.me is better. I don’t bother with this one.

  • Couldn’t find any menu in app for redeem the voucher code. Where is it? Have registered on the website with the code but still got ads in app even if login in to app.

  • OP, please change ‘Go to Deal’ link to signup promo page link. This will stop people downloading the app and creating an account before doing the registration where the promo code is entered - you cannot enter promo code via the app.

    basic version - 1 offline map download
    Pro version - unlimited offline map download & no adds
    Premium - pro version + better future support.

  • Code doesn’t work anymore, please change to expired

  • Yep.
    code: PREMSUPP not found

  • PREMSUPP not working anymore. PROSUPP worked.

  • Yes, PROSUPP works. Once Pro version is downloaded it includes an offer to upgrade to the Super version at 50% discount. I didn’t bother looking to see the cost. Upgrade offer ends Friday.

  • it seems the server not working, as cannot download via App store in iphone

  • downloaded and deleted, can't find any use if i can use google map.

  • I don't see the point.

    Maps.me works perfectly and does exactly what you expect it to do with zero data use when travelling. Just download the region you are travelling to beforehand. And maps are undated all the time.

    This one has by all accounts 3 different versions, and confusion of current users as to what constitutes "pro" vs "premium" vs "standard".

    And if I need easy routing, Google Maps.

    What's the point? Can anyone sell me on this app, because I don't understand the 300 plus votes.

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