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[Back Order] Philips Airfryer Daily HD9216/81 $99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest Ever Price from Amazon AU.

Ships from and sold by Amazon AU.

Healthy frying with Rapid Air technology
Unique design for delicious and low-fat cooking results Fast and Easy
Manually adjustable time and temperature control
Easy to clean and creates less smell than normal fryers Tasty and Versatile
With the Airfryer you can fry, grill, roast and even bake

Note: If you order on backorder, you can cancel your order before it's dispatched (you aren't charged until shipment). In the case of changing your mind or finding something better before this ships.

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  • +1

    Usually ships 1-3 months…
    Good price though.

    • +1

      You can get it just in time for Easter. In the meantime, you can fill up on Hot Cross Buns that are already in stores.

  • +1

    is it just me or does it not mention the L capacity anywhere

    • Can't find it even on philips website: (800 g maybe?)

      seems to be an old model

      • +3

        yeah no one mentions it anywhere, really weird. I find my 3L one too small, 800g sounds horrendous. Mine fits 4 pieces of frozen fish and nothing else, so this would not fit much

    • after googling the model i'm still none the wiser. I did find a page saying it's a discontinued model

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      • +4

        based on that info i personally wouldn't buy this, having 3L for 2 ppl makes it quite difficult already.

        • +1

          Agree completely. I have the Kmart 3.2L one and ended up getting a 7L to compliment it.

          • @Arcticfox: Which model 7L? Is it the Kmart one?

            • +1

              @Togsy: Nah I got the 7L one on ebay. The brand is Maxkon and it only cost $119.00 delivered.
              80% of family meals get done in the airfryers nowadays. We love them.

              • @Arcticfox: Which recipes?

                • +1

                  @zeggie: Off the top of my head I've cooked:
                  - Pork belly (crackling to perfection)
                  - Roast chicken / chicken drumsticks/thighs/breast
                  - Corned beef
                  - Roast lamb
                  - Hotdog frankfurts (with melted cheese)
                  - Steak / Lamb chops
                  - Fish fingers
                  - Meat pies
                  - Hot chips / shoestring fries
                  - Baked potatoes

                  That's just what I can think of now…

                  • @Arcticfox: Didn't realise it was so versatile. I've only done chips in mine haha. I'll have to give pork belly a crack this week.

                    • +1

                      @zeggie: Until I got mine, I couldn't ever get it right. Now, I struggle to make a bad one.

                      Quick instruction:

                      • Make sure to check size, has to fit flat on the bottom - I only ever do it in my more square shaped 7L airfryer
                      • Dab the skin with paper towel to remove excess moisture, makes the crackling better IMO
                      • Score the skin
                      • Spray a light layer with olive oil
                      • Coat skin with decent amount of salt, not crazy amount but don't be sparse either
                      • Preheat for 3 minutes @ 180C
                      • Cook for 45 minutes @ 180C
                      • Put back in for 15 minutes @ 200C (add more time if required - but I never do)
                      • Rest for 5-10 minutes


              • +1

                @Arcticfox: Chef here for over 12 years. I have air fryers, 3l and 7l. I haven't turned my oven on in over 4 months. Everything gets done in the air fryer, one of the most convenient tools I've used in the house.

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    • I own one it's about 800g can barely hold 1kg chips

      • +1

        1kg of chips would serve quite a few people I’d think?

      • are you piling them high or what? usually do 1 layer in my 3L one and that is like 1/3rd of a 1kg bag of frozen fries

      • +4

        Maybe put 200g less, might fit better

  • Good deal. I had to pay almost that much just for the variety basket accessory- https://www.amazon.com.au/s?k=philips+variety+basket

  • According to Philips product page, only sold on Amazon and bigw. Bigw sells it for $199

  • +1

    1-3 month to dispatch is a killer though..

  • Looks like the first gen machine that I have.
    Great appliance. Been using this for many many years on a regular basis. I think I paid over $200 for it so this is a great price

  • +4

    I bought this from a previous deal on here from eBay KG Electronics it is small but it's a awesome cooker.
    ive done everything from frozen food's to full roasts. eggs breads.
    highly recommend

    • Egg bread- please do tell more.

      • +1

        dip bread in egg wash and fry

        • +2

          Always called this French toast haha

        • Isn't that French Toast?

        • Wash?

          • @fufufu: milk mixed with egg. Or water, sometimes.

    • Egg bread…lol. French toast?

  • Looks good

  • Big enough to do some crispy cheese balls(4:46). Looks like 800g basket is somehow a 3L machine.

  • invest in a toaster oven, it's more versatile

  • also if I have something bigger to cook I pull the basket out and sit the food in the bottom or in a silver tray in the base of it

  • How many L is this?

    Trying to compare it to the Kmart one

    • About 800g

      • What's the kmart one in g? I can't see it

        • 3.2 LITRES - $69.00 @Kmart

          A huge difference. This Philips one is tiny and a waste of time. The $99 price tag is a ripoff.

  • I bought the huge Aldi air fryer but the fan speed was similar to my oven. Returned it less than a month

    • An Air Fryer is just an miniaturised convection (fan-forced) oven, it's effective but it's bulky, has limited purpose and is redundant with access to a convection oven.

      The advantage most families might find is not having to turn the oven on, possibly saving electricity and avoiding heating the house up for smaller batches of food.

      • It cooks a lot faster than a regular oven because it's smaller.
        The caveat is that it can't cook a lot at once

        • +2

          Cooks faster, virtually no pre heating needed, cooks things all around, oil and grease drips off food entirely into the base below rather than cooking the food in a tray with tinfoil in the juices.

          Probably way better for electricity too over a big oven.

          Try sausages in a convection oven where the bottom is still white when they're down as it was touching the tray, then compare to an air fryer where they're golden all around.

  • +2

    Usually dispatched within 1 to 3 months. Made to order ?

  • Got this from a previous deal for $150 so this is a good price.

    However it gets really smokey towards the end of cooking process, which my previous generic branded one does not do? Any advice here?

    • Yep, I take mine outside whenever I want to use it :)

      • Mine never did. Is it absolutely caked in grease?

  • +1

    Best thing I've bought. I recently learnt that hard "boiled" eggs can be done in airfyers. Life saver.

  • +3

    It says out of stock on here but the website shows it as available for me?

  • +2

    I had this in black from a previous deal.
    Never let us down and was used for probably a solid 2-3 years almost every day.

    One issue with it is that it's a bitch to clean as the holes in the mesh were really small so dirt built up and got caked in and the base had annoying little crevaces that built up too.

    I got a bigger Kogan one that's digital recently and I actually prefer it - cleaning only involves steeping it in hot water and then running the parts under a tap with some pressure.

    • +1

      You can get the non stick pan/tray insert. Much easier to clean especially if you dont wanna put it in a dishwasher.

      I am one of the very earliest airfryer adopters, bought it around 2010 when I was still a college student. It has moved to 3 countries with me and now I got 2 kids and we still use it a few times a week. It is perfect for singles and small families when you dont have/dont wanna use the big ass oven and just wanna get some quick snacks. Store sold frozen fries also come out much better in an airfryer compared to a convection oven.

      I have been kind of hoping it would stop working so that I can upgrade to the new n bigger one. But unfortunately our unit just wont give up after so many years. Sigh.

      I would recommend it to anyone who have young kids. It is probably the most healthy way to cook some low fat chips and nuggets and the kids love them.

    • Curious about which one you have. I'm always sceptical about Kogan, never bought anything from them that I've found to be a 'quality' product… but keen to hear which you have

    • +1

      Totally agree with your comment. Everything is positive except cleaning part, it is really a PIA to the point that I am now using an aluminium foil as inner layer on the mesh for small cooks which reduces the air circulation.

      I owned a digital airfryer before but it bit the dust after only 2 years of using. Somehow the heat cooked up the digital control board inside and now I will stick with manual control version like this model.

      • Great minds @kutovat - I also put foil in, but I used it under the mesh and sitting on the bottom part so the grease dripped on that to avoid cleaning the bottom. I still had to clean the mesh though so maybe I should've done it your way!
        Took a second to cut it to the right size but it's definitely an improvement!
        I was always worried it might catch fire or something one day… lol.

        @lolitsme - I got the "Kogan 10L Digital Multifunction Air Fryer" for $119.99.
        So far, I can't fault it other than a slightly annoying lid mechanism that means you have to click it into place to hold it upright like a really oldschool car bonnet.

        I can't comment on the reliability as I've only had it 6 months but I do like it and like the digital bit - the Philips one was manual and I always needed to turn on the light to see the dials!
        I sound about 90 with that comment but there you go… :)

  • The Kmart ones seem to get good reviews and bigger? Why is this Philips so much more popular?

    • Marketing

    • Coz it works well…

      • Better than the bigger, cheaper Kmart one?

  • How practical is it to carry it on a luggage for business travel?

    • Check in luggage definitely, is it cabin size? Not sure. Maybe try it with one at Kmart. Don't worry about weird looks from bystanders.

    • +1

      Would love to see the conversation with airport security when this one went through the scanner. Gold.

      • "Sir, could you explain why you need to carry this on board"
        "Coz I'm hungry"

  • I waited 6 months to get mine around $158 delivered stacking Myer codes, great machine for a single.

    Cooks thick assuages like a dream.

  • Got an air fryer from a previous ozbargain deal…. Cost $75 delivered for a similar size. It's white with green bits on the handle.

    Anyway, the point of my post is this. Don't bother. It's really just a small oven that takes up unnecessary room in your kitchen.

    Unlike your main oven, this one will take ages to cook your food.

    To cut a long story short: it's a small oven. If you've got an oven already, don't buy another.

    • +2

      Bollocks, my Phillips cooks frozen pies in 30 minutes with no preheating involved and that's just one example.

      • Wow, 30 mins for cooking is too long me.

    • Yeah maybe you got a shit one?

      I chuck breaded chicken in for 14 minutes flat and they come out perfect.
      Same time for sausages and they're golden brown all the way around.

      No preheating, nothing….

      Sounds like you got a different product altogether.

      • which one u got?

        • If you're asking me - this one in the OP and also a Kogan 3L digital one.

  • +1

    Yes it is like an oven, except it's smaller and more energy efficient for smaller batches.

  • Kmart now sell a 5.3kg air fryer for $89…and it is good just like their $69 model.

  • +1

    Kogan have their 5.2L airfryer down to $79 from $149 (doesn't say it's discounted so maybe permanent price?).

    Has good reviews and recommended by Choice.


  • Bought one from Goodguys and it's a great little appliance. Highly recommend doing fried chicken.

  • +1

    why are these suddenly so popular on ozbargain and constantly being posted and going out of stock?

    • +1

      Because I, like many here, suffer from FOMO? 🤷‍♂️

  • Available again, still on backorder (1-3 months dispatch). Thanks to agalea101

    • Gone again?

      • Yep, marked expired.

        • Dang. Thanks for the update.

  • +1

    Available again for backorder.

  • Mine from the original order was shipped today, much faster than expected!