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$10 off Any Full Size Cake @ The Cheesecake Shop


Received another Cheesecake Shop flyer in my weekly junk mail.

Purchase any pick up any full size cake from RRP $29.95 and receive $10 off the RRP

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The Cheesecake Shop

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    Never tried TCS. Are they any good?

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      I find they taste like sugar & chemicals. Stopped eating Cheese Cake Shop about 20 years ago. But considering its still pretty hard to get a decent cheesecake anywhere, they are kind of the only option.

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        not sure if it's just me, but coles cheesecake is quite tasty

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          Definitely not just you - they've stepped up their cheesecake game 😋

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          Not just you, two people like them.

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          Agreed. Their new York baked cheesecake is amazing. My go to now.

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          My favorite at Coles is their Ultimate Apple Pie for $10, heat it to nice and crispy in your oven (I like to go 10 min over the recommended cooking time but ymmv) and serve with Connoisseur vanilla ice-cream. Best thing I've ever eaten no joke.

        • Yeah, it's very surprisingly true. Bought both a cheesecake and one of the chocolate cakes they sell (which is also pretty decent) for $8 each for my birthday. Everyone ate the cheesecake and the chocolate cake didn't get touched. Now I have a spare chocolate cake that needs to be used up somehow but it still ended up way cheaper than buying from Cheesecake shop.

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            @AreYouAWiiizard: Avoid the Coles chocolate slab cake. It's pretty bad. But step over your own mother to taste their Belgian chocolate gateau cake. It's probably the best cake I've had in years. $16, well worth it. People always ask where I got it. They get a shock when I tell them it's from Coles.

      • -2

        Cuz bought one, we had it and noticed was tad fuzzy, probably a display cake. It tasted alright, but I aint finishing no hairy cheesecake

      • Exactly, I think the only reason they are still around is cause they are literally everywhere…

      • Costco has nice cheesecakes, if you're lucky enough to live near one.

      • +1

        There are many asian bakerys that sell decent cheesecake like Breadtop. If you live in south Brisbane I can send you a few just text me. I find the TCS is way to sweet. Cannot believe people think it is ok. It is just full of sugar…

        • I'd like a list of some good cheesecake shops in South Bris

    • -5

      Are they any good?

      Yes, if you like the taste of sugar & chemicals.

      • +10

        Literally everything we all eat are chemicals.

        • Did I say they weren't?

    • +2

      They are amazing. Although last time I had one was probably 3 yrs ago. So many different options. I would put them on par with Michel's patisserie for cakes, (but not Michel's cheesecakes, TCS does far better ones).

    • Not a cheesecake, but TCS's Fruit Flan is amazeballs.

  • Not valid at my local store

    • +1

      Anyone else having issues? If so, I’ll edit it to just Tuart Hill, WA only.

      • +1

        Same code I have received in my area (QLD 4126)

      • +2

        Not working anymore, even Tuart Hill says invalid.

  • What do people recommend for RRP~30$?

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      Nothing they sell ! Not good cakes IMO & I love cheesecake. If anyone wants an opinion of someone that's tried a lot of cheesecakes (Sydney only, sorry) these guys make amazing cheesecakes:-


      • well surely there's a cake for 30 tahts not cheesecake?

        • Dunno, but in my experience they are on par Michel's Patisserie

        • Haven't bought one for a few years but their carrot cake was usually very good then.

      • +3

        Compared to the various from-frozen cheesecakes from the supermarket Cheesecake Shop is pretty heavenly IMO.

        • Cheesecake Shop isn't fresh it's thawed

      • Also a HUGE cheesecake fan and if you're in Sydney @lolitsme , check out Pattison's bakery at Barangaroo. They have a burnt caramel cheesecake that I think is absolutely the best I've bought anywhere.

    • +2

      I ate their black forest a long time ago, it was nice

      • +1

        Their Black Forest cake was nice, a long time ago. Then they stopped putting actual cherries in the cakes, and substituted cherry-flavoured jam. Haven't been back since.

    • +1

      Lemon merengue pie is tasty

  • +4

    They aren’t creative with their promo codes are they? :-)

    • +7

      Neither is my description. Basically a copy paste of the previous deal

  • Got one for mordialloc Vic as well. Will fish it out of the recycle bin in the morning and post if different.

    For what its worth id never get another cake from the Mordi store though. The last had ants within the syrup topping on the cheese cake. Price and taste wise Costco just down the road is much better.

    Feel sorry for these franchise owners though.

  • Anyone really still buying cake from CCH? Those Asian bakery ones like breadtop etc are soo much nicer. Still quite surprised they can survive this long.

    • BonBons anyone?

      • Love BonBons.

        • +1

          Wasn't he the lead singer of Duran Duran?

          • +2

            @jv: Nah he was the singer for ACDC.

    • Their mudcake and lemon meringue are decent but we don't have much choice out our way.

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    Their blueberry cheesecake is the best

  • How can you get the discount without the physical voucher?

    • Ordering online.

      • +4

        The coupon code "5191OFF" is not valid.

        Doesn't work for me.

  • +3

    Last time there was someone arguing with the store person about this offer, they wouldn't let him redeem it without physically handing in the original offer.

    • +2

      Exactly this. Theyre pretty annoying to deal with in store without a voucher. A headsup to anyone wanting to go in store. They might just refuse your order if you dont have the physical voucher. Theyre tight like that lol

    • +2

      I just received this email from The Cheesecake Shop Warwick,

      Subject: Cake

      Hello Nathan,

      Thank you for the online order.
      Please come in store with the voucher you have redeemed.

      The cheesecake Shop Warwick.

      • +2

        Hello Nathan,

        That sucks!


      • Did you face any issues on pick-up? (Assuming you don't have the voucher)…

        • +4

          They wouldn't reply to my emails so I called them up and his wife yelled at me saying "so where's your voucher then". Ended up getting the cake, but it was missing a lot of the chocolate you would usually get on top of the black forest cake.

          • @nmcc08: Ohhh.. That's so not cool…

            I placed an order for the Black Forest one as well yesterday.. No confirmation emails till now… Will see what happens..

          • +1

            @nmcc08: I wouldn't have bothered with collecting it. If they want to be such tightarses about it, you are better off spending your money at a store that actually respects your business.

            • @t25: Just tried to get one showing the photo and they wouldn't accept to. Suggest ordering online if you want the $10 off

  • +3

    I've been on a real Cheesecake Shop kick recently, have some every week.
    I smashed out a half size in 2 days.
    They do quarter pieces for $10, half for $20, full for $30, and slices (varying in size) for $2 or $4.
    Sometimes the quarter pieces are reduced to clear for $5.
    So you can try the $2 slices to find what you like. Obviously a full cake is a lot.

    Baked is way better than continental.

  • Tried to order online from different stores but the code is not valid.

  • +2

    Can never go back to normal cheesecakes after trying the Japanese cheesecakes in Osaka. So fluffy and jiggly!

    • -3

      after trying the Japanese cheesecakes

      Are they the ones with the seaweed base?

    • I found a recipe…

  • -1

    Should try Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake…

    • -2

      Are they matcha good?

    • +1

      I like Uncle Testu's but that's because it's closer to sponge cake than it is cheesecake.

    • If you think Uncle Tetsu's cheesecakes are good, I will not trust anything else you have to say about food.

  • +2

    I really miss their old selection of cakes about… 5 years ago? So many better options then.

  • +3

    Not surprised they need to distribute $10 off coupons to try and sell their horrendous defrosted cakes.

    • Erm, pretty sure they say it's baked in store. Where is the proof that it's defrosted?

      • Had one for my birthday on 28th Dec, was still frozen when it was picked up.

        Another time an online order wasn't recieved at a store and they offered to pull one out of the freezer for us on pick up.

  • +2

    Not cheesecake, but Aldi’s rectangular Tiramisu and Choc Fudge cakes are amazing! Around $7 too

    • -1

      have to try

      • +1

        Located in the fridge section near the custard deserts and cheese etc.

  • +1

    I tried a couple different shops around Sydney. None are valid.

    Although Baulkham Hills Has $10 off from the negotiator app. Other stores may have it too.

  • +2

    Can't go wrong with a caramel mud cake.

  • Cheesecake from Cheesecake shop is so sweet I can't handle it :)

  • Their Lemon Meringue is very coconutty…not a fan at all.

  • +1

    Comparing to Costco's cheesecakes, Cheesecake Shop's cheesecakes are way much more expensive and smaller! Also I like the taste of Costco's cheesecakes. Waiting for them to do the white chocolate cheesecake again at my local Costco.

    • I've never seen the white choc cheesecake at my Costco! We've tried every flavour they've had out but that's only been strawberry, mango, choc hazelnut and salted caramel.

      They used to change the flavours up but lately I feel like they've only had salted caramel for the last two years.

  • The code is working for the Warwick store online in Perth, thanks OP.

  • This was not accepted at my local

    • Works online at the Southport store if you're near there

  • +1

    Bought a big ol mudcake for my birthday party on Friday, thanks!

  • @ Those who have ordered online: did u get an order confirmation? I placed my order on Wednesday to collect today evening but I haven't got any emails till now..

    • +1

      Nvm… Picked up with no issues.. Thanks OP!!! 😊

  • +2

    interestingly the cheesecake shop have an extensive "whistleblower policy"



  • +3

    Hi guys just a tip: Use code ONLINE!

    I presented the screenshot of the code in-store but the staff member wanted a physical copy if not an email of the code. So on their website select the correct store you're purchasing from, apply promo and pay online to get the discount.

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