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$10 off Any Full Size Cake @ The Cheesecake Shop


Received a flyer in my weekly junk mail.

Purchase any pick up any full size cake from RRP $29.95 and receive $10 off the RRP.

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The Cheesecake Shop
The Cheesecake Shop

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    My one was stolen hahah.

    • Hmm… I think mine was too, I did not get this in the mail, would have been super handy

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    It says.

    "Only to be used once"

    Is it a unique code?

  • Don't think this is just for Tuart Hill, works online for the Bill Creek store, all the way until payment stage

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    Code working for Brisbane stores

  • Excludes vegan cakes. 🙁

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      Pretty sure cheescake contains dairy….

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        Cheesecake is the name of the shop, they sell other cakes too.

        • What's the point in being called cheescake when they sell muffins and sandwiches.

          • @Zedsdeadbabyzedsdead: Mqybe started small and then decided to add other things after the franchise grew.

          • @Zedsdeadbabyzedsdead: I don't know. Why do Australian supermarkets sell imported foods? Not very Australian indeed.

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    Amazed this chain is still in business, they felt dated 20 yrs ago

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      Still alive and kickin…keeping up with the times. Used to be $20 avg cakes.. And the now avg $40 and seems smaller. Isnt that the modern times.. More for less.

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      I understand what you're saying and somewhat agree, but CS make excellent cakes. Even at Woolworths a cake can be $20+ and would only be rated average-to-good. Cheesecake is difficult to make too, I've tried a number of recipes and they've turned out pretty bad, and expensive failures as the ingredients therein are not cheap. And they aren't a staple (lol for the vast majority) but a feel good treat and people tend to dip deeper into pockets for that. Thomas Cook employees may disagree.

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        people underestimate the cost of a cake
        especially when they use the vastly inferior coles cakes as a measuring stick

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          Love me a $4 chocolate mud cake

          • +1

            @k-rokfm: Warm a slice up in the microwave and add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream…. It's hard to top that!

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              @Jetsom: i use the same trick for fruit cake. its poor mans / out of season plum pudding ! :)

          • @k-rokfm: To resist buying it to often I wait for then to be marked down more than 50%. Keeps my purchase down to about 4 times a year that way.

        • "I can buy a frozen Sara Lee cheesecake for $2 on special most weeks, why does a [much larger, made with better quality ingredients and tastes much better] Cheesecake Shop cheesecake cost $30?"

          • @mubd1234: Your not comparing like for like.

            This deal is $10 off, so the $30 RRP cheesecake will come to $20 on sale with the code.

            Now compare to Sara Lee cheesecake on sale for $2 compared to Cheesecake Shop Cheesecake on sale for $20.

            Answer: Because the Cheesecake Shop Cheesecake is 10x better than the Sara Lee Cheesecake.

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              @Crownanchor: My comment is in quotation marks. It's making fun of those people who wonder why a Cheesecake Shop cheesecake costs $30.

      • Try using a pressure cooker like an instant pot, made an unbelievable NY style cheesecake.

      • +1

        Not all CS produce excellent quality. My local ones ive complained twice for giving me bone dry mudcake from the fridge.

        20 mins away another CS which i go to if i have to produces quality ones.

        Fortunately there are other options rather than CS around my area although we arent talking $40 cakes any more…$60 you get almost twice the size
        real choc eg. death by choc, jaffa, mars bar cakes etc. Cakes that keep diabetes doctors in business.

    • Same menu from 20 years ago…

      • It has changed and its not the same. THeyve added some newer cakes and refurbished some of the older ones with newer ingredients. Inflation has really not been kind either. Used to be able to get a decent cake for $25 from CS in late 2007.

  • whats the best thing to buy around $29.95? also how does it compare to woolworths mud cake?

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      I'm a self-confessed chocaholic and there's no such thing as bad mudcake; just better ones. Woolie's is good but the Cheesecake Shop is an order of magnitude above. Looks prettier and the taste explodes in your mouth. This of course being my subjective opinion - as taste is. I used to work at a place near the local Cheesecake Shop and the company bought us our choice for our birthday, so to answer your other question, again subjectively, I always went for the French Vanilla cheesecake. Simple (like me) but dreamy (not like me).

      • +2

        ^ this guy going to the cheesecake shop and buying a mudcake… :)

        cheesecake is bestcake and there's plenty of great cheesecakes to choose from .. haven't been there for 15 or so years though!

      • -3

        Anything chocolate flavoured that isn't a chocolate bar/block is bland, doesn't really taste like chocolate, and therefore best avoided.

    • Baked marble cheesecake.

  • +7

    My birthday tomorrow. Might get me a cake :d

    • +1

      Was thinking the same thing LOL

      • +1

        That it was p3t0r's birthday?

    • +2

      Happy birthday 🎂

    • mine in 2 days, yay!

      if only I had someone to share a cake with…

  • Thank you so much for posting this. It is much needed at this time of the year for my family. Cheers

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    Lol its my bday today gonna buy myself one hahhaha

    Finding checkout extremely slow

    • Happy birthday 🎂

    • +2

      I am finding it extremely slow too. Appears that they have kept the internet speed/experience of twenty years ago as well. Goes with the 90s feel!

    • way tooo slow.. :(

    • +1

      Thanks everyone I ended up settling for a coles mud lol checkout was not working for me

  • expensive for thawed out pre-made frozen cakes

    • +5

      They are not frozen. My cousin used to work there and all the cakes are made from scratch.

      I am a baker and usually find most store bought desserts quite disappointing but the CS have always had amazing cakes at great prices.

      • -4

        they are not made on site

        they're made 'off-site' at a factory, where it's stored overnight in a huge cool-room (near zero temp, with some cakes freezing).

        Stores then have to thaw them out in warmer coolrooms

      • I used to work there too. Whilst the cakes are baked fresh on site, they are almost straightaway stuffed into “chillers” so that they can get away with saying they aren’t frozen. And only thawed out as stock needs supply. Then the cakes are “dressed” and iced before being put out in those fancy shelves.

        Most of the cakes that you buy were made at least a week in advance and up to 2 months.

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    Not expert in cake but cakes are much larger and cheaper at Costco if you have their membership

    • +1

      they do.. not many options though.
      $23 for I think 2kg black forest cake.

      • Big fan of the black forest (even though I hate cherrys) and also really like their tuxedo cake

    • +4

      Here's all the Costco cakes and prices:

  • Thanks OP.

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    Are these fresh though? The different flavours appear to be the same stodgy base with a different glaze. Probably made off-premises, or frozen then unfrozen. They always looked cheaply made so I've avoided them.

    There's a couple exception I'm sure. But in general?

    • +1

      The last time I bought a birthday cake, I was told to leave it out for a couple of hours before consumption. This led me to believe the cake was frozen.

      • Or it was refrigerated and tastes better at room temperature.

      • +5

        I am a baker and can tell you it is best to leave any cake outside to stand for at least 30 mins before serving for it to tase the best.

        My cousin used to work at the cheesecake shop. Their cakes are not frozen.

        • Fair enough! I did not know that it is ideal to leave a cake outside for a little while before eating it.

    • Why not look at their website before making assumptions and how did you work out they use the same base for multiple flavours?

      In general everything you said is totally incorrect.

      From their website….

      The Cheesecake Shop is an established franchise system in the retail bakery industry. The Cheesecake Shop lays claim to a twenty-year food safety record and an enviable history of serving our valued customers with quality and affordable cakes and desserts. The Cheesecake Shop manufactures locally at each site from scratch ingredients (in the main) to ensure product freshness.

      • -1

        Thanks. It's some comfort although it says nothing about freezing etc. I imagine they are keeping a bit of stock on standby rather than constantly making cakes throughout the day. And I stand by the different flavours appear to be the same stodgy base with a different glaze.

        • Sounds like you need to get a job there so you can be done with the conspiracy theories once and for all

  • This is great news. New shop opened at my local centre about a year ago. They sell their cakes by the quarter and by the slice too. Often great for a quick bite after a coffee.

  • +2

    I've got a major issue with this deal:

    I don't know which one to choose :(

    • I wonder if they let you try samples, would suck to be invested in a whole cheesecake only to find you don't really like the one you get

      • Exactly.

        They need half n half, like pizzas - or better yet, a cheesecake made up of one slice of each flavour, then not only would it look cool but everyone at the gathering could have the flavour they like! You listening Cheesecake Shop?? Pure genius (C) (TM) Intellectual property blah blah

  • I have been buying canes from TCCS since last few years and have found them especially good. Their fresh cream cakes are not easily available at most places and have nice soft sponge😋!! TCCS are much better value for money compared to the tiny ones sold for $ 30-35 at stores like bread top. I suggest you all to try their fresh cream cakes!!

  • +3

    Those living close proximity to the Baulkham Hills, Guildford, Auburn, and Carlton stores, you can print out and use these coupons from the Negotiator Magazine! :D
    Baulkham Hills - http://www.nmags.com/Hills/chow/3926
    Guildford, Auburn - http://www.nmags.com/Parramatta/chow/5643
    Carlton - http://www.nmags.com/st-george/chow/5967

  • I used the code, paid online and picked the cake up at the Bull Creek store. The lady at the store asked me to hand over the voucher and was not happy when I said I didn't have it. This was despite the fact that I had already settled the payment and everything online. She even asked if I could go back and drop it off because they need the voucher for some reason. Don't think I will be returning there!

    • +4

      Should’ve asked if she’d rather refund you the money so you can buy the cake somewhere else. No where on the voucher does it say you need to present the card upon pick up for online orders.

    • +1

      The code is the same oz wide, tell her she's dreaming.

  • Have they changed something? You can only order a cake 2 day from the day of ordering when you do it online…

    • also the staff at the counter are extremely rude and will refuse you unless you have a voucher on hand

      • +1

        Makes me want to buy one, and if they make a big fuss, tell them explicitly to cancel the order. I work around the corner from the Cheesecake shop so no problems regarding time/parking for me.

  • Just picked up my 3rd cake 😂

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