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Acer Aspire 5 (14" i3-10110U/8GB/128GB SSD) $598 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Not as cheap as last time, but a good price for it.

Showing up at $850 elsewhere online.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Would anyone know if the hard drive is upgradable?

    • The “Hard Drive” is a Kingston NVMe 128GB SSD.

      It has an empty slot for a standard 2.5" drive.

      You can upgrade either way.

      See the prior thread @

      • only weird thing (and i havent looked into it yet) if you install the 2.5inch the bios can see it but not the OS. I'm wondering if it needs to be in AHCI mode for that.. anyway haven't explored why yet .. but can confirm the above.

        • Did you format it? Maybe check disk management.

          • @obit11: naa doesnt show up in there … i'd have to fire myself from my job if i didnt know that bit hehe also tried a different SSD, just keep in mind there are ribbons involved (going across the top of the SSD as well as connecting SSD to mobo) and it's best to not remove and add too many times, if you break one of the ribbons it'll render one side of the laptop useless.. just my advice (eventhough they provide the HDD caddy and the actual install is straightforward).

            havent tried ahci because the OS wont boot if i change it so assuming i'd need to re-install and test. havent had the time .. or i could just ask their support.

            anywho.. if you get an NVMe thats 1tb id recommend replacing the 128gig and not messing about with the SSD if your not comfortable with how it goes in…

            • @scud70: I put in a cheap spare 240gb sata ssd in mine day one and its been there thru at least 2 bios revisions.

              I didnt even format the ssd, just kept the data on there.

              Adding the 2.5 was a bit fiddly but I mean if you're like in any way competant with any IT work then this isnt an issue… I used to replace screens and other nonsense.

              • @tonyjzx: well then that makes it even weirder that its not working… will definitely have to put some time into it to see what the deal is and if i need to contant their support. I've updated the bios .. first thing i did :)

                just saying for those who aren't super technical that it can be done .. not super difficult but with ribbons involved i'd limit how many times id do that.. (i.e. do it once and try not to touch it again hehe)

                • @scud70: The ribbon cable is probably what's the issue. its not clampning down on right>

                  WHat I would suggest is you get on it pronto. Dont leave this as a-ok as its still under warrranty.

                  If it clearly is a sata fault then you need a new board, unless of course you never intend to use 2.5…

                  I think its also typical of Acer where they just throw in a sata cage like in a bag and no instructions and let people at it… and not even a real service manual.

                  At least Lenovo HP put the cage inside the unit so you cant lose it AND they have instruction PDFs.

                  • @tonyjzx: maybe, if that was the case i woulda thought the bios wouldnt see it either which it does… will have to check it out further :)

                    i do agree with the no instructions thing.. but i paid even less than this soooo yeh cant complain too much.. and its for my daughter who is fine with it

    • It is hard to tell. I bought 2x Lenovo laptops, new and expecting upgrades.
      The versions here in Australia sometimes don't allow upgrades so I can use them but not as close as I wished.
      By having SSD not necessary means a 2.5 drive. It can be a soldered memory chip.

      This model has a 128GB SSD I am almost 100% it is one of those soldered memory chip.
      Yeah yeah, you will see people telling you, videos on YouTube, but when you buy it, it is a totally different history.
      Anyways, be careful coz you can end like me without being able to upgrade de SSD and even memory.

  • I'm looking for a lightweight (sub 1.5kg) laptop with USB-C charging port, and RAM upgradable. There's a Lenovo T470s on eBay - 2nd hand with more than 1 year warranty left with the price of ariund $550. Any suggestions for me?